Attacks On The Second Amendment – What Is There To Fear?

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Most people own guns because they’re afraid. Before you jump, hear me out.

If you have a weapon for “defense,” you are afraid of an offense. Self-defense is the fear of an offense against oneself. Whether the fear is burglary, robbery, rape, assault, or murder, the gun defends. If one did not fear these offenses, one would not need to defend against them. The idea that one can struggle against offense without a gun is moot. Since guns exist, there is no reason to struggle against offense without one.

Self-defense can also be against widespread oppression and persecution. Every human being ought to fear groupthink. As an individual, I ought to fear slavish adoption of or to behavioral standards. For example, the idea that “community benefit” outweighs my own desires. I ought to fear the taking of my private property for the common good. I ought to fear communism. For another example, I ought to fear being singled out for being different. I ought to fear an angry crowd gathering at my doorstep. I ought to fear persecution for who I am. Finally, I ought to fear tyranny. I ought to fear the historical evidence against a powerful central government. I ought to fear the police state. I ought to fear fascism.

The gun is the greatest equalizer against all these fears.

True, the gun is also, in the wrong hands, a creator of megalomania. Psychotics bent upon their own destruction sometimes use the gun for mass murder. Desperate criminals use the gun to relieve their poverty by stealing private property. Organized criminals (mafia, cartel, or gang) use the gun to force their ways. Tyrants use the gun to force other humans to submit to their will. None of this is reasonable by any means. However, the solution is not to ban the gun. The solution is to equalize against the gun with the gun. A bad guy with a gun is either stopped or slowed by a good guy with a gun. Thugs are conquered when a citizenry is armed and active. When an individual is well-armed, enslavement becomes much harder. When an entire community is well-armed, enslavement is almost impossible.

Michael Moore says that Caucasian (white) ownership of guns indicates racism. Michael Moore has a bodyguard. Michael Moore owns a gun. Michael Moore is afraid. He proves the case that we own guns because we are afraid. His own astonishment at owning a gun possibly causes him to call himself racist. However, rather than bash him, I applaud him. For I would rather that Moore exercise his constitutional right and be a hypocrite. I do not wish to see any person voluntarily disarm themselves in order to make a point. On the other hand, Michael Moore is a menace to society because he is a fascist. Moore would use his gun to force the rest of us to submit to his type of enslavement. What can you say about a man who mourns Hugo Chavez? Or who really admires Karl Marx?

But Michael Moore is small pumpkins. Let’s talk about what’s really frightening. Let’s talk about why we really need guns. First, the unending threat of Islamic sharia, “submit or die.” Second, the continuing rise of the American police state, “submit or be whisked away.” TSA: “Sir, we’re going to have to detain you for 25 hours.” Have we forgotten about certain provisions of the NDAA? Third, gangs are expanding. The truth is, our permissive society is creating monsters. Fourth, the Mexican cartels are out of control and spilling into Texas. The Rio Grande border has become one of the most dangerous places in America. These and other very real threats cause fear and panic. These things will not disappear by wishing them away. These things will not cease to exist by ignoring them. These things will need to be addressed and remedied. Meantime, the best method to turn back the threat is with the great equalizer. The best method to curtail fear is to own a firearm.

This brings me to the real reason why guns frighten liberals. The sight of a gun reminds them that the world is not the utopia for which they pine. The sight of a gun is a slap in the face. A gun reminds that the world is ugly, violent, harsh, oppressive, hostile, and tyrannical. Liberals cannot tolerate this reality. They see only the light at the end of the tunnel, their new age of enlightenment. They believe that if only people would think like they do, the world would change. Well, duh!

But because it takes a world mindset change to achieve utopia, liberals become fascists. They force their ideas down people’s gullets, and ridicule those who oppose. They must take control of the mechanics of government to effect these changes. They must seize the means of protection against these changes. They must, above all things, seize guns.

Meanwhile, the bullies, criminals, psychos, and tyrants of this world smile on. While the liberal is busy snatching at legal gun ownership, the maniacs lick their lips. They salivate in anticipation of disarmament. They can’t wait to pounce for profit, power, lust, even genocide. For this reason, the liberal is the greatest threat to life and liberty.

The liberal permits the Islamic radical to “free speech” while beating down opposition. The liberal permits communists to “free assembly” while tearing apart the Tea Party. The liberal permits atheists to mock peaceful religion. The liberal permits unreasonable search and seizure in the name of “security.” The liberal worries about the poor criminal, and protects him by grabbing guns.

Why is the liberal so? What causes the liberal to feel so superior, to act so elite?

First, there is a deep mistrust, even hatred, for Christianity. The history of bloody Christianity is trotted out time and again as a bludgeon. Witch trials, Inquisition, Crusades, internecine war, Papal States, anti-Semitism. These are hefty tools in the liberal arsenal (note irony). Yet, is the history of Islam less violent? Sharia, master racism, world domination by caliphate, terrorism, abuse of women. What causes the liberal to for one moment defend Islam? Is the legacy of communism kind and peaceful? Marx established the precepts of no private property, no right to family, and no religion. Marxism is a violent theft of persons and things for use by a collective entity. Overthrow, execution, starvation, gulags, militarism, not to mention terrible economics. What is the appeal of communism either in theory or practice? Why should liberals for one moment approach communist thought?

In both cases, pro-Islam and pro-communism, there is a deep aversion to capitalism. The acquisition of wealth by white people, and the protection thereof, is the liberal thorn. Therefore, to the so-called soft-hearted liberal, Muslims are targets of white Christians. Muslims are treated to a fleecy comforter, while jihad is virtually dismissed. Communists are also treated as victims, and liberals run to their rescue. Meanwhile, the misery of communism is explained away as “not real communism.”

Liberals are the perfect weapon by which monsters take over society. In the name of compassion, the liberal tolerates the seething hatred of “the oppressed.” They act as if playing nice with those who harbor hatred will cause spiritual conversion. But the liberal is playing with fire. For tolerance of hatred causes it to manifest, not to be erased.

Second, there is the age-old and satanic hatred of the Jews. Here, the liberal merely joins the enemies of mankind in every form. Nazis, Muslim terrorists, Stalinists, the KKK, medieval Christianity. These are the Jew-haters. At various times, they have blamed the Jews for everything. Poor economy? It’s the Jewish bankers. Missing babies? It’s the Jewish Passover. Rotting culture? It’s the Jewish entertainment industry. And what has the pogrom against Jews accomplished? The establishment of tyrannical states in Europe and Asia.

Why then does the liberal join in the persecution of this minority people? Because the liberal believes that the Jews are an aggressor people. But if liberalism believes this, why are many Jews liberals? Because, unbelievably, they blame themselves for world affairs. Though it hurts their own people, even themselves, they join in Jewish persecution. How do I know this? I was once a Jewish liberal.

Now, I am a Jewish ultra-conservative. Consider me to be like Barry Goldwater. Consider me to be the Jewish Joe McCarthy. I despise liberalism and communism, but I love my people. And because I love my people, I am an evangelist for conservatism. For conservatism is the defender of capitalism. Why is that important? Because it is Karl Marx who said that capitalism is the same as Judaism. And if so, I am a defender of both. But if not, I am a defender of my people against the hatred it implies. Because Marx and most communists believe Judaism is the founder of all the world’s ills. Why then did Hitler, the so-called anti-communist, also hate Judaism and the Jews? For the same reason!

Marxism is a master racism based on “superior” ideology, i.e., blaming capitalism. Nazism is a master racism based on “superior” genetics, i.e., blaming primarily the Jews. They share the same root, hatred of the Jews, though they claim to be mortally opposed. Islam precedes both, with a similar perspective. Islam is a master racism based on “superior” theology, i.e., blaming Jews and Christians.

Why hate the Jews at all? There are six known reasons. The solution for my people has been to assimilate, that is, to blend in and to be left alone. One can readily see that assimilation has for a long time been a Jewish goal. The liberal is the perfect example of this assimilation gone wrong. For instead of being proud, they fear their own Judaism. But they cannot become Muslim or Nazis. These they consider “right-wing” enemies. Thus, fearing the “right-wing” (as they see it), my people lean left, sometimes far left.

Do you understand? My people, the Jews, are afraid that their persecution and genocide is coming… again. And they somehow believe that turning left is the path to survival. Somehow they have been led to believe that conservatism is their enemy. Somehow they have been led to believe that guns are their enemy.

Our motto is “Never again!” One would think that most Jews would therefore decide to be heavily-armed. Israel is a good example of the heavily-armed Jew. And see now how the world views the heavily-armed Jew. For though Israel defends itself, the UN, the Arabs, and the communists attack Israel. The state of Israel, they say, is misappropriated and illegitimate. They say Israel has no right to exist because the land belongs to someone else. You can already guess what I think.

The idea of Jews with guns also brings up the issue of the Holocaust. Would the Holocaust have been possible if Jews were armed? Regardless of your reply, the connection I’m drawing is to the present day. Will a military coup of the United States be possible if the citizenry are armed? The answer is, very unlikely. Drones or no drones, the military is outgunned and outmanned.

Some have questioned whether the Second Amendment permits such resistance. The permission to defend against a military coup is NOT in the Second Amendment. It is in the Third Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, and the Fifth Amendment. The Second Amendment merely states a fact, the natural right to be armed.

Why do I speak with such “paranoia”? Guess.

The Jew, among all people, ought to be the greatest defender of gun ownership. That is why you will not find a more staunch advocate and ally than me. Guns, to me, are only a reminder of fear, and the need to defend against evil. I believe in the right of every citizen, the well-regulated militia, to own a firearm. I believe “well-regulated” means the imposition of proper discipline and training.

Now, I want to warn you against agreeing to any concessions. I oppose “grandfathering” because that is a communist trick. Grandfathering relieves your natural right in exchange for a government grant. I oppose “waivers” or “exemptions” for military or police. If we accept this notion, it means military and police are of some different citizenry. It means they are of elite rather than of the people. I oppose the “universal background check” because it reminds me of the Jewish badge. For the same reason, I oppose the “mental health check” before buying guns or ammo.

In general, I oppose the Obama administration because I believe they are communist. Therefore, whatever they say, no matter how pious, is a Marxist dialectic. That is, an argument meant to bring about an inevitable historical conclusion. In the matter of guns, the dialectic is that gun ownership holds back the proletariat.

We live in a world of great threats. Individualism is under attack from all fronts. Freedom of religion is under attack by Islam, atheism, and courts. Freedom of speech is under attack as hate crime, racism, and conspiracy theory. Freedom to prosper is under attack from communism, criminals, and government. All we have is our freedom to defend ourselves. That now is coming under attack. It is no wonder we are afraid. It is no wonder we are stockpiling guns.

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  • jimbo

    Guns are tools. Same as a knife,hammer,ax,or hoe etc. In the wrong hands they are all dangerous. That said who decides whose hands are the wrong hands. No one can decide that because no one knows. Not me,not government or police. Right wing groups are being singled out because of fear. Our rights our guns. Good or bad they are the equalizer. Do not let the fear control you. Do not submit. Stand proud in your freedom. It came from and will be defended by patriots with weapons. If I can’t live free I’ll die trying. I’ve had it good so far that said I’ll deal with living hard if I have to! Kentucky Constitutionalist out.

  • roman

    One bit of info. I never hear stated is that historically, the decline of the feudal system in Europe in coincident with the invention of firearms. If there was ever a society with elites it was the feudal system.

    The invention and later improvement of firearms leveled the playing field between peasents and knights. Firearms were an equalizer. If one wanted to do the research one could argue that FIREARMS=EQUALITY .

    • Row Weil

      Very interesting point, there!

  • ncjoe

    Why don’t you idiots scream just as loud about infringements upon freedon of religion, specifically, the right to be free of religion. Oh, I know, because you are delusional and worship your guns. You have to be delusional to be a religionist of any sort since no religion stand critical analysis. So, your delusion is carried over into your wourship of your firearms. Your firearms are not the only hting that stands between you and tyranny. If you think that, you are delusional and have seen “Red Dawn” too many times. The only thing that stands between you and tyrrany is military and police personal not following any tyrranical orders. You people amaze. I am 54 and have had and still have a very good life in the US. I have ther same rights and freedoms I have always had. You people truly are delusional or have nothing of value to do with your life. You scare me because you will be the cause of me losing rights and freedoms I currently enjoy and are the reason I have a stockpile of wepons and ammo.

    • JenB

      Joe – No one is forcing you to be religious…NO ONE. You are so selfish that in order for you to be “free from religion” you insist that religion be eliminated completely. Guess what, that infringes on other people’s rights to practice their religion freely. Your “rights” end when they infringe on someone else’s.
      Is anyone forcing you to attend church? NO. Is anyone forcing you to believe in God? NO. Is anyone forcing you to pray? NO. So what is there for anyone to be screaming about with regard to you being free from religion? Not a damn thing. I am not religious at all. I don’t attend church. Guess what, I have yet, in my 40 years of life, have been forced to attend church by anyone. I have yet to have a government official come to my door and say “time to go to church.” Not once….EVER.
      When you are being dragged to church against your will, maybe we will start screaming for your right to be free from religion. Until then, you have no point. Your entire post is drivel and irrational. You are suggesting that you are being forced to be religious when that is clearly not the case. Driving by a church will not harm you in any way. The existence of a church will not mean that you have to attend church. Just like a baseball field at the park will not force you to play baseball. You have the right to not play baseball….ever. Other people praying around you will not harm you in any way. While people are praying, you could be blowing your nose or thinking about what to have for dinner. That prayer will not affect you at all. If you think it will, then you have much bigger things to worry about…such as your mental health.
      I suggest that you seek professional help for your irrational fear of religion. You clearly are paranoid that religion is somehow being forced on you, when there is absolutely no evidence to support that.

      • agmand

        Jen, don’t waste your time on an OBVIOUS troll …
        Put your time and effort to MEANINGFUL, good use.

      • Orwellian States

        Ignore Joe. He shows up on Survivalblog all the time with the same crap. Just wants to be different and grab attention. He might be one of Dear Leader’s internet “warriors.”

    • Kulafarmer

      Wow, joe your an idiot on this forum as well! At least your consistent.

    • tayronachan

      @ncjoe, No one here worships their guns. That would be like worshiping a fishing pole. Why should you be scared of people that own guns? You own guns, and i’m not worried that you will run amok. I might disagree with some of what you are saying, but I recognize your right to speak your mind. What has most people worried here, I think are bills like the NDAA and The Patriot Act. Where will that end? While you might trust our federal gov, most people don’t. And that is healthy for our republic. respectfully

  • agmand

    ANY encroachment on your right to bear arms is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
    Watch this woman, a constitutional scholar, lawyers, philosopher and logician explain:

  • Anonymous

    Most of the Banksters are Jews, and AIPAC could get America into WW3. They knew in advance of 9/11 too.

  • Red Scare

    ncjoe, I probably along with most others here, worship the one and only God of Abraham and Moses, along with his Son, Jesus Christ. I daresay few people worship guns like you think. I have yet to see anyone worship a Kalashnikov but I’ve seen thousands worshiping God. First Commandment.

  • tayronachan

    All very good points. A good read. thx

  • this was a very well wtitten article that gave credence to my thoughts & feelings on this subject. these articles are meant to forge our energies into a dynamic movement. we must become as an army of individuals to defeat the plan of the Federal gov’t. to disarm us. the Founding Fathers meant for us to do so. it makes no difference whether we are in the majority or the minority- the right to protect ourselves comes not only from our constitution but from whatever higher power you believe in even if yhat power is mother nature herself. i fear that soon now our Supreme Court will swing far to the left & all our 2nd amend. gains will be lost. how do we stand together as a strong cohesive movement if such an event takes place? each day the task seems more & more unattainable. i have 2 questions spurred by this article- is our military truly outgunned & outmanned by those of us in this 2nd amend. movement? are there any statistics to back this up? we can’t say we outgun them just because each of us has 10 AR’s for each of us can only shoot 1 gun at a time! what are the odds that pro 2nd amend. citizens will indeed stand when the time comes? thank you for all you do toward this great effort. we are indeed standing at a crossroad in the history of our nation.