Aspartame in Milk Without a Label? Big Dairy Petitions FDA For Approval

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aspartame in milk

Two powerful dairy organizations, The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to allow aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to be added milk and other dairy products without a label.

The FDA currently allows the dairy industry to use “nutritive sweeteners” including sugar and high fructose corn syrup in many of their products. Nutritive sweeteners are defined as sweeteners with calories.

This petition officially seeks to amend the standard of identification for milk, cream, and 17 other dairy products like yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, and others to provide for the use of any “safe and suitable sweetener” on the market

They claim that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners would promote healthy eating and is good for school children.

According to the FDA notice issued this week:

IDFA and NMPF state that the proposed amendments would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products. They state that lower-calorie flavored milk would particularly benefit school children who, according to IDFA and NMPF, are more inclined to drink flavored milk than unflavored milk at school.

Although the FDA considers aspartame to be a “safe and suitable” sweetener, a recent Yale University study appears to directly challenge the claim that aspartame would reduce obesity. In fact, the study concluded just the opposite, that artificial sweeteners actually contributed to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

The IDFA and NMPF argue “that the proposed amendments to the milk standard of identity would promote honesty and fair dealing in the marketplace” yet they don’t want changes to the labels on dairy products.

Accordingly, the petitioners state that milk flavored with non-nutritive sweeteners should be labeled as milk without further claims so that consumers can “more easily identify its overall nutritional value.”

It’s unclear how consumers can more easily identify the overall nutritional value of milk products that are flavored with non-nutritive sweeteners without labels.

Quoting Section 130.10 of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990, the dairy giants claim a new label is not required because sugar is added to milk without labeling it, and “the modified food is not inferior in performance” and “‘reduced calorie’ (labels) are not attractive to children” so marketing as such is of no benefit or detriment.

The FDA has opened public comments until May 21 for anyone interested to “submit comments, data, and information concerning the need for, and the appropriateness of, amending the standard of identity for milk and the additional dairy standards.”

To submit a formal comment or send data to the FDA concerning adding aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to milk products CLICK HERE.

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    • LooTz

      Common people lets abolish the FDA once and for all, please help and sign my petition. I have family members sick with cancer who cannot get the treatment they want because it is not approved by the FDA. Chemo is the only option ? Really ? I don’t know about you but I do not need someone to tell me what is safe and what is not to put in my body. It is my body the only piece of property I was born with so lets protect our property people. We need to put an end to the FDA’s Godlike powers and lets get some competition in the certification of drug studies. Lets see some studies not on some natural medication that can me found on our spice racks. I rather hear multiple opinions then this totalitarian construct called the FDA. Sign the petition and help get rid of the FDA or at least reduce their powers to just a suggestive type of media with no iron curtain. If I get cancer I want Hemp Oil, I want the Gerson Clinic, I want blood ozonation, ETC. There is only one answer, the FDA needs to go.

  • Anonymous

    If milk contains aspartame naturally, then no labeling is needed, but if man has to add it, then it must be labeled.
    So simple, right?

  • RickE.

    Well hell, we already have cesium in our milk, what’s one more toxin??

    • Dooki

      Not a very bright thing to say. Points out the flaw of cynicism as people’s only tool of moral discernment.

      Yes, it makes a huge difference. You can taste aspertame as a burning sensation in your tongue and in back of your throat.

      Neither cesium not aspartame work immediately. Both are long term systemic poisons. You’ll be twice as poisoned in the end, and you’ll suffer more than twice as much.

  • Mark Shemanski

    I am against this because I am one of the many migraine people who eating or drinking food with aspartaine get sick to their stomach and get a migraine from it. They have to label it so we know what to avoid. This is not healthy.

    • Laura

      I have an allergy to aspartame as well and by not notifying us as the consumer what is in these products…. Then I say we sue the FDA for allowing stupidity to slip through and make them accountable for their actions. If I get sick with migraines due to something being slipped into something I don’t know about …. Well I am sure there are many lawyers ready to make them accountable for my suffering ! This is ridiculous . Obviously some that have never experienced a SEVERE MIGRAINE!

      • Jean

        Sue them u[p close and personal with .45 to the skull, or a blade through their heart.
        Tolerate and bow, scrape, and die on your knees.

        How f*cking dumb ARE people? (And how many are for sale, anyway? Don’t they eat and drink the same foods? Are they all suicidal, or just stooooopid?)

        • Anonymous

          FYI: You sound like a psychopath. Not saying you are one, but you are doing a great impression.

          • Jean

            These people are like the Reavers of Firefly.
            Unfortunately, to resist, one must get one’s hands dirty.
            To be flip: I’m not a psychopath, but I play one on TV.

            Long version:
            these people are taxing us to death at the same time they are devaluing our money. They are shifting jobs overseas, because the costs ehre are too high – and small businesses can’t even start up because of those economic barriers to entry.
            These people are poisoning us, in food, drugs, polluted water. Every time We the People try to make a POSITIVE change, it is corrupted in implementation, if we succeed. And now, our right to peacefully assemble, to petiition the government or redress of grievances, and to protect ourselves against harm are all being stolen.

            What, you want me to be Gandhi? Forget it. PEaceful change through moral action only affects those who ARE MORAL. The enemy we face is not even literally human; they only have that biology, they dno’t have that mind. They ARE psychopathic. To be honorable and moral in engaging them is foolish at best, and likely fatal. so, if that’s your definition of psychopath, I can’t understand why you’d call me one. I’m reacting to what I’ve been thrust into, not looking to START the fight – only to finish what’s been started (and started before I was born, BTW.)

    • Anonymous

      I also get migraines from aspartame

  • Henriette Matthijssen

    Aspertame causes brain damage, not what children needs.

  • Anonymous

    Dick Cheney is known to be responsible and behind the campaign of aspartame poisoning of the public.

    Cow’s milk is so poison today and the cows and calves are also very cruelly tortured in factory farming. All that is going into your system – antibiotics, artifical sugar from candy (farmers are feeding them candy due to the economy), pesticides, flouridated water, and whatever other junk they feed them. Goat milk is closer to human biology and easier to digest and clean – and there are quite a few humane goat farmers out there. Factory farming is terrible for the run-off agricultural water and waste, pesticides, and displacement of so many other natural resources, life and de-forestation of so many precious Indigenous and Original People all over the world and in our own original, native lands. Corn and soy overfarming just to feed the cattle in South America is also abuse to our planet.

    The mainstream dairy industry is so corrupt. Say NO to aspartame and their agenda

    • Anonymous

      I Agree

    • vanceco

      you lost me at flouridated water. sorry.

      • Jean

        The study on which water flouridation was based did not examine the causes. It found a relation between certain salts (not water-soluble) in the local water, and good teeth. From there, it was “determined” that by putting an ionic compound based on flouride into the drinking water, and pushing toothpaste with the same, that we’d ALL have better teeth.
        I don’t know for certain one way or the other – but I DO know that Flourine, like Chlorine, is TOXIC TO HUMANS. And I know that the flouridation of our water uses Aluminum refinement waste products, IE Toxic Waste. I’d suggest you look into the chemistry, as I have a gut feel that it can easily do more harm than good – something like Chemotherapy. We poison the body HOPING that we’ll kill the cancer cells faster than the rest of the body.
        For those icnlined towards chemistry, the basics are: Flouride is a Family 7 element, meaning it wants to gain one electron in its outer shell. It’s HIGHLY reactive, and corrosive. It supposedly helps calcium bond to the teeth, though I do not know the mechanism – but it effecively makes the surface of the tooth “sticky”. Sounds like it strips elements from the teeth, similar to when you get braces: they react somethign with your teeth to make small holes, then apply glue to the teeth and the metal brace; the glue fills the holes, and you have a bond.
        If anyone knows the specific biochemistry and can explain better, I’d love to hear.

    • Dooki

      Not Chaney. The other one.

      Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense under Bush. He was also the chairman of G.D. Searle, the company that held the patent to Aspartame just before President Ronald Reagan appointed Rumsfeld to run the FDA. Rumsfeld’s first official act as head of the FDA was to approve Aspartame for human consumption.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Well said Anonymous! I stand beside you, you dude with attitude;-)
    My 1st observation was the play on the word ‘nutritive’. I honestly can’t remember hearing this word before but please dear friends, get suspicious of anyone who cannot call the spade the spade it is.
    Secondly, aspartame is an excitotoxin which does its dirty work by killing braincells. No I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Just heed this warning. Thankyou.
    Next word ‘sweetener’, not directed at my sharp tongue LOL but roaring dairy industry profits LOL. Excitotoxins give the brain a tiny nicotine/heroine/cocaine like high and it wears off long before the blood sugar, itself alone an issue, has stabilized, leading to depression. In simple parlance, the food is now addictive and you unconsciously crave it. Result? Step on the scales and find out:-/
    Summary:- if the food wasn’t recognized by your Grandmother, forget it.

    • Jean

      “Nutritive” is a real word, and has been around; it means you can get nutrition (of any kind) from it. Sugar, for example, gives energy. Also destroys the blood vessels and ultimately will kill you.
      We really need to break up these megalithic comanies. Ma Bell wasn’t this bad (nor American Steel, nor Carnegie’s enterprises, nor the other “Robber Barons,” who WANTED people to buy and use their services and goods, and thus often kept the prices LOW comparatively. That was the whole POINT: Own the entire process, soup to nuts: from the coal mines to the ore mines to the factories to the shipping lines to the distributors, the WHOLE THING was internally priced and cost-efficient. That was the POINT of the monopolies, to enrich the owners through USE. Think about that envy the next time you look at how expensive everything is – and now, realize it only SOUNDS contradictory, because all the laws against Monopolies and Trusts have turned out to be barriers to entry – so there won’t BE a new Sears, or Macy’s or JCPenney, or Epsteins – Can’t make the start-up costs necessary to meet all the regulations! Can’t even do that with a Butcher shop, for f*ck sakes! Now, the beast devours: But no one goes after Walmart; no one goes after Monsanto as a trust, or Verizon/AT&T/Sprint as a Trust, and even Microsoft – who has kept Apple alive, mind – is not being prosecuted enough for being an effective de facto monopoly on the operating system. Plenty of “too large to fail” industries that are really too fat to stand… so they roll in the government subsidies. Effing FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS need government Subsidies? GE pays NEGATIVE taxes? Verizon, too? SERIOUSLY? While we pay 33% in RAW TAXES, plus when you do the math, it’s like 50%!!! Fuel, food, excise, property, FCC on phones, income (that’s about 33%), 25% on capital gains (selling stocks, taking retirement monies)… Where’s MY incentive to do anything BUT start shooting? Gasoline and bullets are CHEAP, especially if you get the bullets from the dead Corporate Kleptocracy Cartel enforcers…
      Just saying.)

  • Ken, your UK friend

    BTW Here’s a lighter hearted link to the surprise subject of camel milk:- Not tried it myself but provided its wholesome, you may like it.

    • Jean

      HEH {Evil grin} I wonder… Did they milk the wrong kind of camel? 😉

  • What about people like my husband who are allergic to Aspertame??? What do they do? I guess they’ll have to stop drinking milk.

  • ManCavePatriot

    All brought to you by the wonderful people who gave us ‘agent orange’. The elite think that all us ‘eaters’ should be eradicated, so in their sick minds they are doing us a BIG favor by poisoning us as in the days of Noah before the flood.

  • C

    Nutrasweet raises blood pressure and blood sugar despite having no calories. It promotes obesity by that higher blood sugar levels and is therefore not suitable or safe or diabetics and especially not for children. It is also a GMO=genetically modified organism.

  • The Hermit

    In the time it takes to post a comment you can go to the website at the bottom of the article and send a message to your alleged representative voicing your opinion on this.

    • Jean

      Unless the message results in replacement of saif representative, I have little hope.
      I’ve tried that route, fo course. Get a nice form-letter response – in one case, thanking me for SUPPORT of a measure I said to REJECT. Unless you sign the message with their blood, it’s pointless – Tyranny of the Majority (polls) is STILL tyranny. That’s why we aren’t supposed to have a Democracy, but a Republic. Also why we aren’t supposed to elect our Senators. and why the Electoral College was not BOUND to vote for those the citizens voted for – they were to take the citizen’s vote as a direction, but to decide for themselves what was MOST important. (All of these restrictions have been removed, BTW, and we won’t even discuss the gerrymandering of districts to ensure corruption eternally.)

  • jess

    considering that aspartame sends my heart into tachycardia, i guess ill have to go vegan now? This is crazy. If you add something to a food you need to label it!

  • Stephanie Broussard

    Why in the world do they even want to add aspartame to milk? The world has made it this long without adding sweeteners to milk. We deserve to know and choose what we put in our bodies for nourishment.

  • Anonymous

    1: The petition is not about “Milk”. It is about “Chocolate Milk”, “Strawberry Milk”, and the like.

    2: Without a Label” is misleading. Aspartame or any other sweetener would be in the ingredients list on the back of the package.

    • Jean

      So, I followed the link to the petition at the FDA site (By the NMPF and IDFA).
      Did you read what’s said, instead of just the title? They want to CHANGE THE DEFINITION OF MILK. Period, full stop. The “flavored Milk” item in the title is just to throw you off.
      Exceprted for public service:
      The IDFA and NMPF jointly submitted a citizen petition (Ref. 1) on March 16, 2009, requesting that FDA amend the standard of identity in part 131 (21 CFR part 131) for milk (§ 131.110). Specifically, the petition requests that FDA amend § 131.110(c)(2) to allow the use of “any safe and suitable” sweetener in optional characterizing flavoring ingredients used in milk. [1] The petition also requests that FDA similarly amend the standards of identity for 17 other milk and cream products. Those standards (hereinafter referred to as the “additional dairy standards”) are as follows: Acidified milk (§ 131.111), cultured milk (§ 131.112), sweetened condensed milk (§ 131.120), nonfat dry milk (§ 131.125), nonfat dry milk fortified with vitamins A and D (§ 131.127), evaporated milk (§ 131.130), dry cream (§ 131.149), heavy cream (§ 131.150), light cream (§ 131.155), light whipping cream (§ 131.157), sour cream (§ 131.160), acidified sour cream (§ 131.162), eggnog (§ 131.170), half-and-half (§ 131.180), yogurt (§ 131.200), lowfat yogurt (§ 131.203), and nonfat yogurt (§ 131.206). The petition asks that the standards of identity for these products be amended to provide for the use of any safe and suitable sweetener in the optional ingredients. [2]
      I bolded the relevant portion, and underlined what you’ve alluded to, and I’m sorry – you’re incorrect. It’s a Red Herring thrown in to disguise what is actually being done. If it only applied to flavored milk, it wouldn’t matter much – but it also applies to cream cheese, sour cream, all varieties of milk, condensed milk, sweetened milk, etc, etc, etc. The petition is about the fundamental identity of MILK, and the associated items, all made from MILK. It’s not just Nestle Quick in the bottle, it’s Breakstone’s Sour Cream, too. IF they decide to put in Nutrasweet in their sour cream.
      It’s unnatural (and toxic) foodstuffs. And there should be clear notification of which foods have that cr@p in them, so intelligent people can avoid them. (Not that all of them will, either, nor will all the dolts and imbeciles eat the corrupted garbage, but one could hope…)

      • Jean

        Ok, the HTML code didn’t print out. 🙁

        BOLDED was:
        requesting that FDA amend the standard of identity in part 131 (21 CFR part 131) for milk (§ 131.110).

        Underlined was:
        allow the use of “any safe and suitable” sweetener in optional characterizing flavoring ingredients used in milk.

        And the point I’m trying to red-flag is, if you add rust for it’s “characteristic flavor,” it’s still an additive, and while Iron has nutrtive value – is necessary for red blood cells – eating rust isn’t something we generally want to do. But the petition is to allow them to CLAIM it’s “just a flavoring,” like a rub on a barbecued steak. You can run your steak in vaseline, but do you want to eat that?
        Well, _I_ don’t.

    • Dooki

      Wrong. You are misleading.

      Included in the list is sweetened milk. As in Borden’s Brand Sweetened Milk. ALERT WARNIGN:



      And no, Aspartame is not listed in the ingredients list.

      Read it and weep, deceitful one.

  • anon

    This is a funny website, as the commenters are the ones who seem like sheep. Seems like you’re all literate – you’ve posted comments essentially spelled correctly. However, childish arguments, wild off-topic swings have no place in a serious debate if you ever want to be taken seriously.

    As the poster above stated – this isn’t about “milk” – its about flavored milks that are already sweetened with both simple and complex sugars, and the industry’s desire to replace some of those sugars and complex sugars with artificial ones. No label means they don’t want to put a giant label on the new lower calorie chocolate milk saying “now contains aspartame!”. There’s no way they’d ever be able to skirt FDA regs on ingredients lists.

    You all seem like literate people – just learn to slow down, take a breath, and read whole articles before you start in with the sky is falling/we are all gonna die nonsense. And if you still feel that way after reading completely, then please, voice your opinions in a thoughtful manner that makes you look like an adult.

    And finally, to the person with the vegan comment – you can’t be serious right?

    • Anonymous

      awesome- period

    • Jean

      Why do they NOT want to put this on the label?
      think case law: You don’t need to put Aspartame on the label, in big fancy letters.
      Next, you don’t need to put Rat Poison on it, either – after all, Aspartame didn’t require a label!
      (Guilty of reductio ad absurdem, I concede, but trying to make a point. It opens the door to other “additives” NOT being listed – such as, say, Prozac, which is in our water supply, as is Estrogen, as are xenoestrogenic compounds like phthalates, as is fertilizer, as is weed killer, etc, etc, etc. The “Cesium” comment above is NOT A JOKE, it’s REAl, and it IS radioactive. )
      How many people READ food labels? (I do.) How many people read a EULA before using software? (I did – once. Told me all I ever needed to know – they can do, or not do, anything, and you have to sit there and take it.)

      As for the Vegan comment: You DO know that Vegans don’t eat ANYTHING from an animal, right? So dropping milk, yogurt, cheese, effectively is a vegan diet. (Meat also has to go; fish is contaminated with mercury when caught wild, and you DO NOT want to know what farmed fish are fed; and the meat will contain the aspartame, too, and possible even eggs are contaminated in the same way. Ask a mother why she’s not supposed to drink while nursing a child; it’s because the alcohol will be passed to the baby. If it’s true there, it’s true here – and women have lost their children to the state for “child endangerment” of doing drugs and drinking while nursing. Even if they weren’t doing those during pregnancy. )
      As for “ingredient lists,” you DO know that you don’t need to list certain ingredients, right? If they account for less than some percantage of the product – I think it was 2%, but don’t quote me – it doesn’t require a specific listing. MSG, for example, can be part of “NATURAL flavors.” Not even Natural AND artificial,” but NATURAL.
      Just like corn can be GMO and isn’t listed that way; or soy, or canola, or alfalfa, or sugar beets.

      The problem at this point is, the sky IS falling, and the almighty Government says it’s raining… But don’t we all notice that rain is awful warm, and comes in long streams instead of droplets? (“Don’t tell me it’s raining…”)

    • Dooki

      That’s exactly what they’ve done. Go dip a spoon into a new can of Borden’s Brand Sweetened Milk. You won’t mind because Aspartame is not listed in the ingredients. Go on, try it. I’ll give you five minutes.

      You back? Geez, where do you think that burning sensation in the back of your throat comes from. Could it be.. formaldehyde? maybe methanol? ANYONE KNOW WHAT THAT THIRD INGREDIENT OF ASPERTAME TASTES LIKE?

      .. heh heh, Betcha it burns. At least a little.


  • stalker

    @anon…your married to ncjoe arent ya..

  • Anon

    Who needs a nuke when you’ve got control of the food and water supply?

  • Alice Hattenbrun

    NO – Do not put aspartame in without labeling — for heavens sake, some of us avoid that for a purpose !!!

  • People who are educated on the potential dangers of aspartame specifically avoid all products containing this chemical. I’m one of these people and would be horrified if this was passed. People have the right to know what they’re consuming and that includes GMOs!

  • Cindy Semrau

    Aspartame causes cancer.



  • Chris

    Me and my kids are HIGHLY allergic to that aspertane stuff. As I’m sure many other people are. Let one of us consume that crap and get sick or die from it and see who we sue. Not just the milk company we got it from but the FDA for allowing them to put that in the milk and NOT lable it.!!!

  • FDA lets see, they must be stoned and stupid, with as many that are allergic to this awful stuff that has no other purpose than to make people ill, has to be stopped in putting this product in anything that is edible. And the facts have been proven that it is a health hazard. I quit drinking it long time ago but use a little to cook with, Why do they think we want more unhealthy products put into anything is beyond Humane

  • Casey Heinzism

    I love drinking milk and eating dairy products.. Aspartame is not safe for me and many others.. It brings migraines, psychotic episodes and seizures.. and for anyone who has any pets that also may consume dairy products it will kill cats and dogs. So you want to give this to children? Aspartame is over used already its in diet pops, diet teas, diet jellos, hidden inside outer artificial sweetners .. small amounts is safe.. But the amount of diary products many Americans consume on a regular basis.. Aspartame is not safe.. Cancers and kidney stones and issues are gonna show up all over.. and not just in adults. Please, At least label every diary product that has aspartame in it.. So people like me can continue to enjoy them. And not have to worry is this item going to give me a seizure? They make it out for people who have reactions to aspartame to be very rare it is very very common most just have no idea that is the cause. I have watched it turn great children into horrible monster and when its out of their system become great children again. Do we really want to do this to our children, each other and adults? ..Do you want to risk bringing psychotic episodes to people who do not have a psychotic disorder? That is what aspartame does to many people. Please, keep that artificial sweetener stuff out of our dairy items, and stick to sugar, and honey if you must sweeten it.

  • Anonymous

    If you are going to take something natural and add artificial CHEMICALS to any product for consumption, then I want to know about it and have the right to choose whether or not I want to purchase it! I do not want chemicals hidden in something like milk that I buy to feed my family! Unacceptable not to include it on the label!

  • Anonymous

    Well…. Once vegetarian now vegan!!!!! Defiantly refuse to consume aspartame as I have done for along time now why would I drink it in milk ..they are the ones that are losing.. So many of us will stop using the things they are contaminating so why aren’t they thinking of that if they were just fair and not evil then they would make more money in the end because we wouldn’t have to stop eating or drinking things … Makes no sense that’s why it’s obviously Something bigger going on. Maybe the end of the world!!!!

  • Susan


  • Not a fan

    This is crazy! Doesn’t matter what this stuff does or doesn’t do to us. As long as you establish a particular taste for a child now they will go on comparing everything else they eat/drink to that for the rest of their life. I really hope these organizations that are suppose to “protect consumers” actually do their job because until now they have dropped the ball on so much. The average consumer cannot stand against these types of major organizations and the FDA seems to be doing more to look after the interest of these groups rather than people like us that end up paying (monetary or health wise).

    • Not a fan

      also there is MSG in about 80% of foods we eat and can have over 50 different names. This stuff makes you want to eat more and it’s in almost all processes food that isn’t put in front of you in it’s original form. I don’t know how many people know about that.

      • Dooki

        What you don’t seem to know is that MSG and Aspertame are not equal.

        If memory serves me, MSG originally was synthesized from food. It was already a natural food product.

        The origin of Aspartame has been scrubbed off internet resources. I remember the story because I read about it in the 90’s. You may not be ready for this, but gird your loins, you’re just not going to believe it.

        Aspartame is a food-grade “dilute” of aspartic acid.

        Aspartic acid was discovered to have extreme sweetnes as a result of chemical weapons research during the Carter Administration. Aspartic acid was being evaluated as a chemical weapon. It was part of President Jimmy Carter’s vision in regard chemical weapons: He wanted to eliminate all US chemical weapons and replace them with “binary” chemical weapons. The binary aspect was that the chemicals would co-exist in the delivered cannister until the cannister (artillery shell, aerial bomb) was enroute to the target, when the two ingredients would mix in flight and become a deadly weapon mix by the time the cannister burst on the target.

        Aspartic acid had a promising quality: it was safe to store like any industrial chemical, but if heated to over 85 degrees F, it would decompose chemically into a deadly soup of chemicals. Some of the chemicals were Methanol (wood alcohol) and formaldehyde. There is another chemical, phenylalanine, which is not known to be toxic but which is known to harm the blood-brain barrier. It’s an ideal thing if you’re trying to kill someone, because the blood-brain barrier protects the human brian from poisons, like formaldehyde.

        The current story about the origin of Apartame is that it was discovered during some benevolent form of research, like finding a cure for ulcers. That is not true. The above story is true. Aspartic acid was ** accidentally ** found to be sweet as a result of weapons research. It was meant to be a chemical weapon.


  • Dooki

    FYI all,

    Aspertame is now (8/25/2013) present in Borden’s Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.

    Aspertame is NOT listed in the ingredients.


  • Dooki

    The following is a list of food affected by the proposal. If the proposal passes, the following foods will have Aspartame added as an ingredient but Aspartame will not be listed as an ingredient.

    Acidified milk
    Cultured Milk
    Sweetened Condensed Milk
    Nonfat Dry Milk
    Nonfat Dry Milk fortified with vitamins A and D
    Evaporated Milk
    Dry Cream
    Heavy Cream
    Light Cream
    Light Whipping Cream
    Sour Cream
    Acidified Sour Cream
    Lowfat Yogurt
    Nonfat Yogurt