As We Inch Toward Socialism, Poverty Becomes The Rule, Not The Exception

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In areas where socialist policies, such as high taxes and major wealth redistribution take place, poverty is taking a hold. As the United States inches closer to socialism in terms of policy, poverty is becoming more prevalent. The only thing that communism and socialism apply equally to everyone is poverty, and according to doctors in the UK, it’s becoming the rule, not the exception.

Let’s take a look at the socialist UK overseas. Nearly one in three children in the UK (a total of four million) live in poverty. It’s a statistic that perhaps many people find shocking, but they shouldn’t. They just don’t understand that the complete control of the UK economy by the government is hampering the ability of civilians to earn money. It’s easy for the government to earn money – they simply steal it. Of course, civilians cannot just take things from others.But it’s becoming a concern for doctors, and driving up the cost of healthcare causing, even more, government interference.

Poverty makes children sick and those living in the most deprived areas have far worse health outcomes than children from the most affluent. They are more likely to be overweight or obese, suffer from asthma, have poorly managed diabetes and experience mental health problems. Infant mortality is more than twice as high in the lowest socio-economic groups compared with the highest groups. Comments from more than 250 pediatricians across the UK on the impact of poverty on child health were gathered as part of a survey by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG). It certainly highlights the issue of poverty, but it won’t be blaming the stranglehold of government regulations and taxation.

The solution, according to the government and socialists, is to tax earners more, to try to give to those on the bottom a little crumb. This then puts those who are already living paycheck to paycheck below the poverty line. Then in efforts to combat even more poverty created by those taxes, the government will take even more from those who are doing well and try to help the newly created poor people, who were doing fine just fine until the government got involved. It’s a vicious cycle and one that most can’t even see. Take Los Angeles, for example. The homeless rate rose 25% in only one year, and it isn’t expected to get any better next year. Inflation, regulations, and taxes all contribute to the inability to afford housing, even with a job. Then, of course, all of that contributes to the massive increase in poverty and homelessness.

Progressives routinely deplore the “affordable housing crisis” in American cities. In cities such as New York and Los Angeles, about 20 to 25 percent of low-income renters are spending more than half their incomes just on housing. But it is the very laws that Progressives favor—land-use policies, zoning codes, and building codes—that ratchet up housing costs, stand in the way of alternative housing options, and confine poor people to ghetto neighborhoods. Historically, when they have been free to do so, poor people have happily disregarded the ideals of political humanitarians and found their own ways to cut housing costs, even in bustling cities with tight housing markets. –FEE

If progressives truly cared about the poor, they would get off their backs. While the problem of poverty is a direct result of government interference, the UK, and most of the United States are blind to this fact. Venezuela is a perfect example of the failures of socialism. The few failures of capitalism are much preferable to the few successes of socialism, and it’s becoming impossible to ignore. In fact, in 2015, the poverty rate in the United States was 1% higher than it was in 2007, the year before the recession.

But the one thing that the government and its managerial aid workers will never do is just get out of the way and let poor people do the things that poor people naturally do, and always have done, to scratch by. Government anti-poverty programs are a classic case of the therapeutic state setting out to treat disorders created by the state itself. Urban poverty as we know it is, in fact, exclusively a creature of state intervention in consensual economic dealings. –FEE

Is this finally enough? Have we had enough of the effects of too much government? Or will people keep going to the polls demanding higher taxes, more laws, and more regulations? Imagine how affluent more would be if they were allowed to keep their whole paycheck.

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  • Mike

    and when they run out of other peoples’ money to throw around it all comes tumbling down. As it always has and always will in socialist economic systems and government.

    • huntress

      Well said. Socialism has failed EVERY single time it has been tried.

      • Oboehner

        Won’t be socialism, it will be fascism.

        • Communism and fascism are the two tines of socialism.

          • Steve Rusk

            Communism and fascism are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, fascism is the corporate state, total domination by the economic might of the ruling oligarchy. We’re almost there.

          • I am pleased to find someone who understands that, which is demonstrated by the Diamond Chart and the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

          • Oboehner

            One is far left (socialism) the other far right (fascism). Socialism always turns to fascism as true socialism is just a fantasy.

          • Your first sentence is spot on. Your second one indicates a refusal to recognize that the entire left-right spectrum is socialistic authoritarianism.

          • Steve Rusk

            You are speaking of how dualism is used as a control method within the republic. The majority of the political spectrum exists outside of this republic and is not represented here at all.

          • I didn’t say a thing about dualism. There isn’t any on the left-right spectrum used in the two-party system.

          • Steve Rusk

            The two party system is dualism within a closed system like a republic. A single party system which offers a choice between two representatives from within the same party is simply a totalitarian democracy. A republic requires dualism to maintain the illusion of democracy.

          • Ignorance of the difference is the only reason why republics get called democracies. Where did you get this dualism thing from?

          • Steve Rusk

            This ignorance is by design, use of the term “Democracy” is an intentional misdirection. Any one who understands how a republic actually works would be disgusted. Nobody in authority is going to tell you it’s like a jail, they will praise it instead.

            There are a bunch of dualisms, I’m not all that familiar with most of them and some of the philosophy gets pretty deep. In this case I’m referring to some basic psychology, the tendency of the human mind to oversimplify, to think in terms such as black and white, hot and cold, good and evil, until we of course get to Right and Left paradigm being used to politically confuse us. It’s very effective, people can be taught to think in these terms, most of the people in this country are unable to see beyond this simplistic illusion that’s been laid out for them. “Everything you need is right here in the republic”. Most people are unaware there’s even political spectrum outside of the republic so it would never occur to them to look there for answers.

          • You will discover how lousy you are at thinking in dualisms when you start writing computer programs.

          • Steve Rusk

            I said I’m not that familiar with them, it’s not something I think about every day. I once read a college textbook that covered the political aspects of it’s use in detail, but it’s been a while and now I’m rusty. What I’m referring to is strategies designed to split public opinion, to create the illusion that there is a huge difference between two political parties when in most respects they are virtually identical. The political choices in our republic are actually very limited, but the illusion that it is all encompassing must be maintained.

            My son does computer programing, I believe I’ll introduce him to the concept of dualism he might manage it better. Thanks for the idea.

          • He won’t have any more idea what you are talking about than I do. But he will be able to tell you what happens when a computer instruction is coded incorrectly, nothing.

          • Steve Rusk

            I did a little roaming around the internet exploring “dualisms”, I had no idea there were so many nor that they could get so arcane. I’ve been from stuff that will put you to sleep if you stay on the page too long, into others that were shear lunacy. I doesn’t help that there isn’t a good explanation available on the internet, most merely refer to some form of dualism. Even my Webster’s college dictionary wasn’t much help, my mistake was thinking some of these dualisms had more in common with one another that talking about 2 things or two parts of something real or imagined.

            There seems to be as many political dualisms as there are religious ones and then there are others still. Anyhow the review refreshed my memory, the dualism I am referring to is the creation of an artificial schism (Right/Left) within the populace of the republic, splitting it in half. A single group with common values is difficult to impossible to manipulate, divide it into two parts, then one group can be used against the other.

          • That schism is easily healed once people discover that they test in the upper quadrant of the Diamond Chart following a pass at the Advocates test.

          • Steve Rusk

            That “schism” exists by design, a critical part of the republic, it’s not something that “heals”.

            I took your test, it’s just a draw for a Libertarian propaganda site. I’m not at all impressed with the test results, the responses were very limited, certainly not enough for any kind of legitimate evaluation. The damn thing accused me of being a F****** Liberal.

          • You are probably lucky that they don’t use the label communist.

          • Steve Rusk

            I’m no damn commie either.

          • That is the left end of the left-right political spectrum.
            So which test places you where you think you are?

          • Steve Rusk

            Tell me about the political spectrum. What is it’s most prominent feature?

          • It depends on which political spectrum you are talking about. If it is the left-right one, it is homogenous, so it doesn’t have a prominent feature. If it is the Diamond Chart, its most prominent feature is being two-dimensional.
            Since almost everyone has their own concept of a political spectrum, it is a matter of subjective perception, regardless. The Diamond Chart is the only one I have seen that scores an actual test, based on two specific variables.

          • Steve Rusk

            The most prominent feature of the political spectrum is the “Center”, from there you venture into either the Right or the Left. This republic we are in is but a segment of the actual political spectrum and is currently moving to the Right, away from the Center. When on the Right you gauge position by observing the financial concentration, it’s pretty bad these days, we’re way, way over there:


            Everyone is confused about the political spectrum, that’s the way it works here, if there was understanding things would change. That’s not what a republic is all about, for most people in the republic this confusion is a required state of mind.

            I’ve seen the diamond chart and if the test I took is what provides the score you’re talking about it’s meaningless as well, they’re both simply propaganda, intended to disorient and confuse.

          • Again, what non-propagandistic scale do you use?

          • Steve Rusk

            What’s propagandistic about the spectrum I presented? You dispute there being a center?

          • My scale is propaganda, but yours could never be.
            Are you a crooked judge in real life?
            There is always a center, they are seldom prominent.
            You are quibbling over your own adjectives?

          • Steve Rusk

            I simply took your Right/Left spectrum and added a Center, it’s your Diamond Scale I’m suspicious of perhaps you should explain how it works.

          • It is really quite simple, having started out as the Nolan Chart in the early 70’s, created by the founder of the Libertarian Party, David Nolan. It is simply an X-Y graph with personal freedom on the X axis and economic freedom on the Y.
            Marshall Fritz tilted the chart counterclockwise by 45 degrees, which made the left-right paradigm horizontal. He then wrote the quiz and put it out on two sides of a business card, launching the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.
            Both are dead now, but the Advocates for Self-Government, which was founded by Fritz, lives on to promote the philosophy that Nolan has originated.
            Their major project is Operation Politically Homeless which is used in public venues. Individuals are given a copy of the test, and their results are marked on a poster of the Diamond Chart. In several outings, they have discovered that the majority of testees wind up in the upper quadrant, heavily so in the libertarian corner.

          • Steve Rusk

            The test is designed for use within the republic, it tests only for approved opinions, all points of view from outside the republic are ignored. How is an evaluation based on information that limited with essentially guided responses representative of anything? It lacks credibility.

            I’m a little fuzzy on some of the Libertarian dogma, correct me if I wrong, but doesn’t Libertarianism advocate a minimal government with more direct control by the ruling oligarchy and their corporations?

          • You are bit more than fuzzy. There is no dogma.
            Libertarianism advocates complete individual freedom couple with personal responsibility for one’s actions.
            This excludes anything but self-government, as the name of the organization, Advocates for Self-Government clearly indicates.
            The only “dogma” that might exist for libertarians would be the NAP, or non-aggression principle, which prohibits any form of aggression being used to govern an individual who hasn’t initiated it. Aggression is most of what civil government does.

          • Steve Rusk

            Yes, I’ve read all of that, NAP included, it all sounds very high minded and I agree with much of it, however the republic has many similar claims which don’t work. So far I have found nothing about how the Libertarians intend to address the current sicknesses in our society nor how they would deal with the powerful few who would manipulate and misuse your doctrines.

            Big government was supposed to be about keeping the oligarchy in check, it has failed miserably. How do Libertarians intend to do this with so much less government? The Libertarian claim seems to be once we’re in control, things will get better, which is what all the political movements say. I see no real plan.

          • Again, we wouldn’t need all that much government if each individual governed themselves. Since 99% of the federal government is unconstitutional under the literal interpretation that the founders intended, there would be no bureaucrats to muck things up.

          • Steve Rusk

            Each individual, particularly the powerful could govern themselves now or at least exercise some restraint, they don’t.

            “literal interpretation”? The Constitution was never meant to be taken literally, that’s why there is a Supreme Court to do the manipulating. It’s the blueprint for the republic, it’s intended to be malleable, that’s why the Bill of Rights can be the most ignored and abused part of it.

            “there would be no bureaucrats to muck things up.” There would still be the oligarchy, those bureaucrats mucking things up are doing so under the direction of the oligarchy. That’s who pays the lobbyists, most of our government for the last couple of decades are actually the oligarchy. Our government is composed of mostly millionaires and billionaires these days and they aren’t at all shy about protecting their own interests.

            The Conservatives have a plan, they want the ACA gone and to dismantle the few remaining restraints on the oligarchy. The Neoliberals are clueless these days, they just want to continue as if everything were hunky dory and their policies had nothing to do with the present disaster. Probably worse than no plan. Then there’s the Libertarians, a patchwork of Conservative and Liberal doctrine from within the republic that’s completely untested and are a group with no plan that I can find. No one but me seems to speak for the Center these days. Then you have the Socialists and Communists, they have a plan. They would begin immediate redistribution of the wealth and things would dramatically improve for most people. That would give them a very strong foothold, the Socialists aren’t that bad, but the Commies are right there behind them and they scare me almost as much as the republic.

            The oligarchy just doesn’t seem to care that the American Empire is in collapse and are escalating their rate of theft from the American economy when they should be strengthening the society which supports and fights for them.

          • What would be the purpose in creating any document if they don’t mean what they say?
            If those in charge won’t do what they said they would do, what is the point in worrying about what they say the documents mean?

          • Steve Rusk

            The republic is a tool of empire, it maintains it’s existence by the use of institutional lies and other deceptions to create an illusion, if they told the truth they would have no following.

            “If those in charge won’t do what they said they would do, what is the point in worrying about what they say the documents mean?”
            That’s where having a government with some transparency and a media actually capable of informing the citizens would make the difference. None of the political parties approved to operate within the republic have expressed any intention of addressing these basic issues let alone the other major problems, those waiting in the wings do have a plan. The problem is that those currently running the show will very likely wreck the game before they would relinquish control. That’s what all those nuclear weapons are for, the end game.

          • Which is why I am an anarchist before I am an optimistic Constitutionalist. If any government can’t follow its own rules, what is the benefit in having them or it?

          • Steve Rusk

            The problem is that the public doesn’t understand what a republic is, we are taught what Democracy is, why aren’t we educated on how our republic works? The obvious answer, we wouldn’t like it. Our government is still following it’s own rules, this republic is currently operating within design parameters. There are no restrictions on it’s movement to the Right, only movement to the Left is curtailed. That’s the problem now, Liberals are extremely effective, Neoliberals even more so.

            When this republic was set up some of the founding fathers attempted to make adjustments to it which they thought would make it more stable. For example, Jefferson tirelessly championed for “Freedom of the Press”. Decades later as he observed the fruits of his labor, bitterly disappointed he noted that those who didn’t read the newspapers knew more about what was going on in this country than those who did.

          • It is a shame that you are ignorant of TM 2000-25.

          • Steve Rusk

            I’ve heard of it before, even encountered quotes from it. This is a long document, is there something in particular you would like to call my attention to in it? I haven’t made it all of the way through it yet, so far it’s simply appears to be an indoctrination program with it’s assorted supporting propaganda.

          • You would never have understood it enough to pass the test and be inducted.

          • Steve Rusk

            I’m still reading it, I understand quite well what it’s saying and also that it’s purpose is quite clearly to indoctrinate a susceptible group. It comes with abundant reinforcement and they are not a bit afraid to lie. I hope you’re not one of those people who think they’re “Free”.

          • Just as one person’s freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist, one person’s truth is another person’s lies.
            That document was removed from use by FDR because it would have sabotaged his conversion of a constitutional republic into a democratic oligarchy. It is all completely trackable to things written by the same men who ratified the Declaration of Independence and wrote and ratified the Constitution. It was the War Department’s way of making certain that our military people knew what they were fighting for, which is totally different from what the Department of Defense was created for, which was to work towards world hegemony. Freedom is not free, but it always costs less than believing and living a lie. Those who fight for a government should know what they are fighting for, and that is as spot on a description of what our soldiers were fighting for, at the time, as has ever been taught to them.

          • Steve Rusk

            I see so many who embrace the deceptions used against them, warm, sweet lies are too often preferable to the cold, hard truth. I’m still reading and researching this paper, I suspect it was one of several that were censored because they compared very unfavorably with Nazi propaganda of the time and our government didn’t want to deal with an accusation of that nature.

            On the subject of “Freedom”. We are a society designed to support a ruling oligarchy. From early childhood we are conditioned to believe this is a mutually beneficial arrangement and the capitalists frequently tell us just how “Free” we are. However, if they keep all of the money from this arrangement that makes us their slaves.

          • Designed and programmed are totally different ways of doing things. More will be learned about the founders’ views of democracy by reading what they wrote than by reading contemporaneous dictionary definitions.

          • Steve Rusk

            “Designed and programed”, most ideologies do that to some degree. I’m more concerned with deceived into compliance which is what the republic is about. I’m familiar with some of the writings of the founding fathers, the words of hypocrites are always contradictory. However, my last post was in reference to the contents of TM 2000-25.

            TM 2000-25 is a very interesting document, I’m glad you brought it to my attention. It’s purpose, meaning and authenticity is highly questioned. I’ve seen it called a work of treason, required reading for patriots, as well as being a design for indoctrination. Some conservatives say it was made to damage their movement. While they seem to agree with much of it’s content, they say some of the subjects disclosed are matters for private discussion, not public display.

            One of the contentions is that no accurate copies of the document still exist, I have 3 copies of it open on my computer, one appears to be a copy of an actual pamphlet. Both of the other copies are formated differently from the booklet and one of them appears to have had some alterations although I can’t tell what difference it actually makes. I doubt that I will ever have time to do a serious side by side analysis, these documents are just to large and I have other commitments. If you really like this paper you might want to verify that your copy is true to the original. Below is a link to the booklet.


          • kkkkkkkkkkkk

          • Steve Rusk

            Key board problems? Try a Dell, I threw my HP away for doing that.

          • It is Disqus’ increasingly dysfunctional software. Dell buys the cheapest components it can find in bulk. Most HP problems are increasingly coming from Windows 10 adoption.

          • Steve Rusk

            Yeah, I’ve been having problems with Disqus too, it’s usually something weird and not always repeated, that makes difficult to pin down. The biggest problem was that sometimes my post would disappear when I entered it, lately I’m dealing with a lag as I try to type. As to the keyboards, they’re all cheap these days, generally I have a bad attitude toward HP because they screwed me over with a bad hard drive a few years ago, acted like they were going to make it right, then put me off and didn’t . The HP keyboard I recently discarded was gift, looked pretty nice but after about a month it developed a “stutter” in several of it’s keys. It wasn’t being used with Windows, I run Linix.

          • I can tell it is Disqus because it is usually a redirect to a reply that goes to a screen shot from Star Trek as an error message. I’ve also noticed that many of my posts on Disqus either appear some time later or not at all.
            I was running Ubuntu 17.04 on an old HP Pavilion 9500 until it went into a BIOS loop after the last update. I went and bought an Acer Chromebook instead of messing with it, since the problem was probably caused by an impossible-to-find appropriate driver for the Nvidia chip in it. The driver that Nvidia provides for that computer crashes Ubuntu. I’m willing to tolerate Google’s general spookiness in return for the best stability I have found in any laptop.

          • Steve Rusk

            I’m about due for a new computer, this one this one’s about 6 years old and just can’t keep up any more, frequently needs something tweaked to compensate. Not sure when the next version of Linix is due out, I’ll probably make the change then.

          • A new platform of Ubuntu, one of the most popular distros, comes out twice a year, in april and october. The current one is 17.04, with 17 meaning 2017, and 04 meaning april. The next one will be 17.10, due in october. I don’t know if or when I’ll get around to the report, because I may not live long enough to get around to everything on the list ahead of it, but it is in my bookmarks.

          • Steve Rusk

            There are some differences between the history of your document and the Industrial Commission Report, TM 2000-25 was printed for public distribution and nobody knows who ordered it’s destruction and why is a matter of conjecture. The Industrial Commission Report was made by Congressional order for internal government use and was never intended to reach the public. After review of the Final Report, Congress disbanded the committee and then ordered the destruction of the documents as well as all notes and materials generated by the committee. This is in the Congressional record, it’s public. One committee member hid his material and another more extensive copy was misfiled, eventually to be found decades later.

            You have the opportunity here to look into the shadows of our society, a very dark area no one else was ever supposed to ever get a look at.

            I not only read your document, I researched it as well. You should at least look at this one, you might actually learn something. I’m still researching the Final Report, all of the information on this is fairly recent to the internet. I only knew about the document from some excerpts in a book published in the 1950s, it then disappeared from public access until only recently.

          • I did a Google search on “TM 2000-25” and the first 9 of 10 hits gave the identity of its creator. Most of them explained why FDR had it pulled and destroyed.

          • Steve Rusk

            The identity of the creator of TM 2000-25 or the man who had it published wasn’t a mystery.

            “Shortly after the “bank
            holiday” in 1933, orders from the FDR White House suddenly demanded
            without explanation that all copies of this book be withdrawn from the
            Government Printing Office and the Army posts, to be suppressed and

            This is everywhere, yes. Is it accurate? I don’t know, there is no evidence that it is, but I won’t argue that the White House and FDR knew about it. The reason’s for the recall are all speculative, unless you have links to some historical documentation that I was unable to find.

            In any case the content of TM 2000-25 pales in comparison to that of the 1915 Industrial Commission’s Final Report. Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong with the Final Report?

          • Again, it is at the end of a long line of reading, and I can’t tell you that there is anything wrong with it until and if I get around to reading it. There is more than enough nefarious texts around to keep anyone busy, and priorities must be maintained.

          • Steve Rusk

            I’ll grant you that you should know about “nefarious texts”, the only people who seem to approve of TM 2000-25 are the target audience.

          • Steve Rusk

            A few tidbits from the 1915 Industrial Commission Final Report. The link is below.

            “Almost without exception the employees of large corporations are unorganized, as a result of the active and aggressive ‘non-union’ policy of the corporation managements”, the commission continued: Our Rockefellers, Morgans, Fricks, Vanderbilts and Astors can do no wrong because all effective action and direct responsibility is shifted from them to executive officials…”

            In addition, the commission found, the Morgans, Rockefellers, and their allies were controlling the thoughts of Americans and their lives. through monopoly ownership of influence, the press expressed monopoly’s policies. Moreover, Wall Street was increasingly controlling public education, as well as colleges, universities, professors and preachers through gifts, endowments and foundations.

            The report continued: “The domination by the men in whose hands the final control of a large part of American industry rests is not limited to their employees, but is being rapidly extended to control the education and ‘social service’ of the Nation. This control is being rapidly extended largely through the creation of enormous privately managed funds for indefinite purposes, hereinafter designated as “foundations” by the endowment of colleges and universities, by contributions to private charities as well as through controlling and influencing the public press…

            “Incapable of being spent in any legitimate manner, these fortunes are burdens, which can only be squandered, hoarded, put into so-called ‘benefactions’ which for the most part constitute a menace to the State, or put back into the industrial machine to pile up ever increasing mountains of gold. We have, according to income tax returns, forty-four families with an income of $1,000,000 or more, whose members perform little or no useful service, but whose aggregate incomes, totaling at the very least fifty millions a year, are the equivalent to the earnings of 100,000 wage earners at the average rate of $500.”


          • Steve Rusk

            What happened to your kkkkk?

            There’s a difference, I’ve encountered casual mention of the document and random quotes, those never gave me a clear picture as to what it was it actually was. I see quotes and comments about similar stuff all the time, I don’t chase them all down, it’s not really practical, there are too many which can’t be found. However, you presented me with an accurate title and opportunity to examine it as part of our dialog. Thank you

          • TM 2000-25 has produced the text since the World Wide Web came to be. It is now mirrored all over the Web. You never got a clear picture because you never focused on it. Time to start operating the lens on your obscurator.

          • Steve Rusk

            TM 2000-25 is all over the web, so is everything else, can’t read them all. This is just another indoctrination booklet, do you know how many of them have been made in the 20th Century? This one stands out only because it has a lot of interesting controversy.

          • Steve Rusk

            I have an offering for you, I’ve been looking for this document for decades, 1915 Industrial Commission to Congress. Just a few years ago it was nowhere to be found on the internet, now it’s all over it, took them long enough. Here’s a little bit of what it’s about:

            The commission itself was established in the wake of mounting conflict and violence in American labor relations and especially as a result of the dynamiting in 1910 of the Los Angeles Times Building by two labor union officials. In 1911, soon after confessions were rendered in the Tiimes bombing, a group of persons, predominantly social reformers connected with the Survey magazine, petitioned President William Howard Taft to create a federal commission to study industrial relations in the U.S. In response to the President’s call to Congress in the Sate of the Union message of 1912, Congress established, in August of that year, a tripartite Commission on Industrial Relations composed of nine members representing employers, employees, and the public.


          • Oboehner

            I disagree, fascism is more appropriate. Check the symbol on the back of a dime.

          • Which dime, there are many?

          • Oboehner

            Do You know what the symbol is and what it means?

          • No, because I don’t know which dime you are referring to.

          • There are several discrete symbols on the back of the dime I looked at. Which one are you specifically addressing?

          • Oboehner

            Dead center on the back.

          • The torch?

          • Oboehner


          • That is what is in the dead center of the back of the dime that I looked at. Either side of it are some kind of plants.

          • Oboehner
          • That looks like a much older dime than the one I looked at. What was its mint year?

          • Oboehner

            Google Images – “State of the Union Address” Then look on either side of the flag in the background.

        • Al Bollinger

          Right, its not a soft dose of socialism which worries me too much. And in third world and developing countries what reasonable option is there to improve the general collective welfare……..Its fascism that bothers me…..And I see all too much of it all around me……….

      • Except the current time, but its time will come.

    • Al Bollinger

      You mean like in Norway and Sweden and Denmark and Finland and so many others, including Uruguay and Ecuador and Chile….? Maybe you better take another look at all the quality of life comparative stats………

      • Mike

        Let’s see, sweden is overrun by muslims, so socialism has failed, uruguay and ecuador are 3rd world countries so socialism has failed, chile is a 3rd world hell hole, so socialism has failed, norway and denmark not to sure about. London failed muslim infestation france muslim infestation failed, germany muslim infestation failed. spain, failed, and many more, so you and yours are on the losing end of that one bub.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Too many in the cart,and all they do is scream at those pulling the cart, to pull harder. Socialism in a nutshell.

    • G’ma G

      Let’s not forget that the people running government and sucking off the rest of us are the loudest screamers.

      • You absolutely got that right! But apparently too many people do forget. Or likely just don’t have the critical-thinking skills to figure it out…

        And that is the reason the kind of twisted double-speak elitist propaganda blathered in this article, and among too many ignorant commenters succeeds in convincing other people that “greed is good”, and capitalism is the only real utopia.

        For a few maybe. But for the rest of us it’s dystopia, and it ain’t The People’s fault that there is such a self-serving oligarchic minority cleaning out the cookie jar with one hand while blaming anything that ain’t “free-for-all” corporate global trade with the other.

        Good luck all you money-grubbing saps on getting your amerikan dream if the likes of Trump continue to run things. It’s called a “pyramid scheme” because there’s only so much room at the top. If everyone got rich it’d be what really is the concept of socialism…

        Best if we just dropped the whole monetary banking bullshit system altogether. Like Gene Roddenberry tried to tell us beginning with the original Star Trek…

        Check this out:

        And here:

        And here (just to name a couple)

      • That’s why they can keep all the ignorants convinced that they are right and necessary.

      • They have to maintain our sponsorship.

    • slk5
    • Steve Rusk

      Boy have they got you bamboozled, In case you haven’t noticed, the oligarchy are the ones riding in the cart cracking the whip. As a society we are conditioned to believe this is a mutually beneficial relationship and the capitalists frequently tell us just how “Free” we are. But when they keep all of the money from this arrangement that makes you their slave.

  • Poverty is the gauge as we descend into neo-feudalism.

  • Lewie Paine

    ‘…inches closer to socialism…’
    Last time I checked, all 10 planks of the communist manifesto had been implemented in US policy.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    It’s so much easier to control people whose thoughts and actions are necessarily dominated by the repetitive, time consuming and exhaustive task of basic living. The killing off of the middle class hasn’t been accidental and it isn’t ending anytime soon. If the elites get their way, we will all become bottom feeders.

    • Clementine

      Well said!

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s was in the grip of severe poverty and despair…then along came Mr. Magic Mustache who promised salvation. As history shows, a hungry and desperate people will listen to almost anything that promises a way out of their misery. We are in danger of going down that road again…only, this time, the ones preaching salvation will be (((shitlibs))).

      • People seem to know what it means “there is more than one way to skin a cat”, except when it comes to solving the problems of social and economic inequality and injustice. How curious that is…

        It’s like when John Lennon said, “Give Peace A Chance”, and he’s still being laughed at today.

        Even though no one has has ever really given peace a chance…

        It’s the same thing here. Hitler and others like Trump, Clinton, pretty much anyone who has ever had more money and/or power than they need, are so busy demonizing the rest of us out of their self-serving greed, that it becomes easy to discount ever giving a real humane solution any hope of succeeding.

        What happens that always screws it up like that is also a time-proven adage: “Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely”

        Obviously the power elite want to keep their status-quo in place. And obviously because they already do, they own the media. And obviously they own the narrative as a result.

        Wake up. Read Orwell for cripes sake. Then look around. Socialism is NOT the problem (and may not be the solution, but). It’s corporate Fascism that is the real problem.

        Don’t forget who Hitler took on as his only ally?

        • Peace is not as profitable to the racketeers as war is.
          Smedley Butler knew all about it from the inside.

          • Steve Rusk

            Can’t have all those weapons lying around until they reach their expiration date, that would be very bad for business. Use them promptly and then order some more.

          • Weapons don’t have an expiration date, but they don’t earn a profit after they are sold to the end user.

          • Steve Rusk

            Weapons reach a point when they are no longer “fresh” enough to be reliable, even become dangerous to those who would use them or they become obsolete. Not something you want happening to your stockpiles. As a businessman you don’t want a situation where there is a significant overstock either, it drives down profits. Their use must be encouraged, lobbying has proven very effective for that.

            Perhaps you’ve noticed America’s current strategy of losing the weapons we are unable to use up quickly enough? If we can’t expend them rapidly enough to maintain profitability, then give them to someone who will. ISIS is doing very well these days, even has Blackwater trained leadership in addition to American weapons.



          • We don’t lose anything. We abandon them to supply the civil wars that we create after we attack otherwise functional societies. This serves to provide the “terrorists” with the means to commit their “terror” so we can have an excuse to revisit the situation and refan the flames and perpetuate the cycle that will guarantee that we will be able to “lose” some more highly profitable materiel for the benefit of the Carlyle Group holders.

      • Hitler didn’t promise salvation. He promised vengeance.

        • Phil_Ossifer

          Both concepts look a lot alike to a hungry, desperate people who need to blame someone or something for their plight. What he was selling was the idea that if we exact vengeance upon Das Juden then somehow all your problems will go away. This obviously is not true but to a hungry people reduced to clutching at straws it gives them a ray of hope that, maybe, we actually CAN do something about our problems. A bedrock principle of propaganda and social manipulation is to identify (or create) an enemy, demonize him and blame everything bad on him that you can. Think of Emmanuel Goldstein in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

          • Eric Arthur Blair saw the failure of socialism from the inside and it became the reason why he took up a pseudonym and started writing some of the most convincing arguments against collectivism ever penned in english.

    • Howard Beale

      You are exactly right. Governments don’t create social programs to help society, but rather to control society.

    • And that is aided and abetted by many whose reach exceeds their grasp who just keep grasping with their credit cards in hand. Those who live within their means derive two benefits, left over money on payday and the piece of mind that comes from not chasing the brass ring. The whole purpose of driving us into a frenzy is the reconciliation that will come when we are peasants in neo-feudalism.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Yep. So much for the Goddamn Amerikan Dream I (born in 66) grew up hearing about and watched my Grandparents and Parents have. I did things the way I learned from them, like worked extra hard and saved money. It’s poverty fucking central over here. No more savings and the harder I work, the harder I get fucked. Pay the rent and the bills and necessities of life and it’s all gone. No Amazon Prime members in my household…but had I taken the easy way out I would be AND I would be able to shop there as well. I know many folks who said fuck being a tax debtor working slave who get government checks for whatev and they are far better off than I ever will be. I don’t care anymore. Either way sucks and I think I will start drinking again although I am not sure how well drinking will go now that I am awake. Although i am not sure I want to be awake anymore either.

      • Could you succinctly define what the American dream means to you? Like George Carlin used to say, you have to be asleep to believe it.

        • Elaine.Benes, II

          Carlin was right about all of it. I was asleep all right and, as it turns out NO ONE was actually living The American Dream because my Parents still don’t “own” the home they “bought” over 40 years ago and my 74 y/o Dad (who is now also awake) who has a Masters Degree works 2 unskilled P/T jobs. I don’t know what I thought it was, something about if you work hard and take care of your own you can go places in life, you could have shit and do shit and own shit and be somebody. Whatever I THOUGHT it was, when I used to believe in such fairy tales, it was definitely put out there as something attainable 40 years ago. At least for the youth of today, it’s not even put “out there” as a thing they can strive for.

          • Now that allodial titles are all but extinct, it is impossible to own any piece of real estate. I have never had anything that could be considered an American dream aside from the possibility that all of my fellow Americans could be as educated and knowledgeable in this country’s traditions, history, and law, as I, if not more so.
            My most important right is, as Justice Louis Brandeis put it, the right to be left alone, and it is routinely contravened.

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            I wish everyone would care enough to know about our Country’s history etc., but i have noticed most people who are not awake and aware are comfortable where they’re at and don’t want to hear the truth, much less seek it, and of course many will even vehemently deny and argue against truth when presented with it. This does not stop me from speaking it when called for, but it has alienated me from certain people, and that’s ok too. And you are right, we will never again be “left alone”, which is the most sacred right a person can have. And it is being trampled on and impeded upon in ways I never could have imagined, and I would guess that it is going to get worse. Sometimes i wonder how long it will be before they start randomly stopping us in the street or at the grocery store asking to see our driver’s license or “ID” cards…or require us to show them when making a purchase even when paying with cash…wonder when they will start randomly showing up at our homes requesting to see ID’s, conduct random searches of the property, or check the “welfare” of our children or pets. We are no longer protected by the Constitution and are treated horribly, laughed at, or otherwise mocked when we assert our “Constitutional Rights” to a Cop or other Agent of the State. They are not gonna be leaving anyone alone, esp. not those of us who wish to be.

          • Most of the reasons that I decided to spend the rest of my life in Wyoming is tied to the reluctance of people here to tolerate invasions of their privacy. Unfortunately our governor’s lip prints are on the federal government’s buttocks along with those of our federal senators, and especially our new congresscritter, Liz Cheney (yeah, that Cheney), who carpetbagged her way into the house like daddy did. She’ll probably be working on the Oval Office next. The first thing she did to make the newspapers when she moved here was to violate the residence requirement for a resident fishing license. When a JD makes a stupid mistake like that… I gave up carrying my driver’s license long ago, so I seldom remember it when it is time to stock up on pseudoepinephrine for my allergies.
            The upside is that the county where I settled has 14 registered guns per capita and a CLEO sheriff that has no tolerance for federal incursion. There is enough secession sentiment here to make us the first if and when the time comes, and there are enough natural resources here to build true independence on. If they get a Constitutional Convention, smart money is on winding up with no rights mentioned and a pseudomilitary dictatorship. We are about to be living in interesting times.

  • Clementine

    It’s simple economics… if the government would stay out of it things would reach equilibrium naturally, but that is in no way what the government wants… they want subjugation caused by dependence.

    • “It’s simple economics”

      That would be funny if so many people weren’t suffering…

      “if the government would stay out of it things”

      And that with all the self-serving greed in the world? I’m not defending our self-serving greedy government you understand. I just hesitate to blame problems on inanimate things like political institutions. I tend to believe it’s the people within them that screw it all up for the majority of us…

      I just can’t figure out why so many people foolishly don’t seem to agree with that.

      Personally I like the Gene Roddenberry model…

      • Which was remarkably Marxist.

      • G’ma G

        Government is run by living people who are not inanimate. I blame the problems on the people.

    • How could the government stay out of something that wouldn’t exist in its current form without them?

  • SP_88

    “And the few failures of capitalism are much preferable to the few successes of socialism”. Socialism had a few successes? When? Where? I call bullshit on that claim. But I get the point.
    A free market (capitalism) is certainly preferable to a socialist market strangled by government. Whenever you place government regulations in the way of an otherwise free market, you give an unfair advantage to one party while screwing over the other party. It never works out.
    The cause of all these problems (the state) will never be the solution, unless they simply get out of the way and leave people alone. The state can only make things worse. And by the time people realize this, they will be so impoverished and oppressed that they will be unable to do anything about it.
    It’s a lot like waiting until the government takes away all our guns before we decide to fight for our gun rights. At that point we will be unable to fight for anything.
    Socialism and it’s inevitable result, communism, need to be beaten back into oblivion. And the people need to be taught that these things are a cancer that needs to be purged from existence. Otherwise they will believe the propaganda that is being spread throughout our schools and colleges and people will be fooled into believing that socialism and communism have some sort of benefit to society. They most certainly do not.
    The only people who benefit from these cancers are the already wealthy aristocrats who use these evil forms of government to further enrich themselves at the expense of the people who eventually become dirt poor.
    Socialism and communism claim to be all for equality. And that is the only truth about them. But what they don’t tell you is, everyone becomes equally impoverished. Everyone but the handful of wealthy aristocrats, that is.
    And along with that wealth comes absolute power and control over the impoverished masses. Poor people have zero ability to fight against an extremely wealthy and well armed ruling class.
    It’s better to fight back against this while we still have the ability to do so. Don’t wait until we are disarmed and driven to poverty before deciding that we need to act. Because by then it will be too late.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Socialism and Communism have had wonderful successes if your define success as the destruction of economies and totalitarian enslavement of people. Karl Marx was the biggest mass murderer in history. That might not have been what he wanted to happen but that’s exactly what his philosophies caused.

      • It has nothing to do with the system and everything to do with the luring addictions of power and wealth.

        If the whole world adopted the Mouseketeers Club model tomorrow. By the end of the first month (if not the first week), there would be a Trump or a Clinton trying to take it over for their own benefit and mucking it up for everyone else…

      • SP_88

        People who get a taste of power will do whatever it takes to keep it, and get more of it. And they will pervert any system of government to do it, whether it’s socialism, democracy, a republic, or whatever.
        Capitalism often gets a bad rap because of what’s going on in America now. But this isn’t true capitalism. It’s fascism with a capitalist front face. It’s been perverted by greedy corporations and bureaucrats who have changed the rules to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of us.
        Socialism and communism are simply a form of government that does away with any notion of freedom, and they attempt to make everyone equally impoverished so they can sit in the lap of luxury and decide who gets what.
        In the end, nobody gets anything and people starve to death because the government won’t even allow people to grow food to feed themselves with.

      • When did Karl Marx personally commit a single murder?
        Advocating destruction and actually doing it are two totally different things, as Madonna could tell you.

    • You clearly haven’t studied socialism. Pure socialism is about as government free as you can get, in the way you are thinking of it. The people own production, not the rich or the government. Government is only needed to help organize and distribute resources, etc.. The people however are in charge. You would rather have it always in the control of the 1%? Or even less people than that in reality…

      Not me, and not the majority of the world’s population. If we could ever have a real democracy, capitalism would be the first thing to go. Maybe even the whole monetary system to boot.

      Open minds work so much better than closed ones…

      • Phil_Ossifer

        There is no such thing as a “pure” social and economic philosophy in the practical sense. Under “pure” Communism there is no government. Under “pure” socialism everyone automatically works for the common good voluntarily. Obviously neither will work in the real world in which most of us live (not too sure about you, though). There’s this annoying little thing called “human nature” that always has other ideas about Utopian systems.

        • Since communism is an economic theory, why would it need a country, let alone a government?

      • If the people are in charge, why do they always wind up losing everything?

        • Phil_Ossifer

          To quote the late, great Rev. George Carlin of the Church of The Forbidden Truth: “It’s a big club…and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in The Big Club.”

          • At least he had probably been invited, but then, most of the 7 words you can’t say on television are routinely said there, now. There are large numbers of people who know what club members do and benefit from doing so without dragging themselves down to that level. Carlin was one of them.

      • SP_88

        Perhaps that’s true in theory, but in practice it never ends up working out. Every socialist government so far has failed. And the problem is when the government has the power to distribute resources. In order for them to distribute resources, they have to take the resources away from someone so they can redistribute them to others. That might be great for the people receiving them, but not so much for the ones who are losing them.
        Socialism attempts to make everyone equal. Everyone is supposed to get an equal share of resources. It sounds good on paper, but in reality it doesn’t work. You can’t just make everyone equal. Some people will always have more than others. And you can’t just take from some people and give it to others.
        Socialists are great until they run out of other people’s money.

  • Freespirit

    If you wish to know what the UNITED STaTES will look like in 5 years, MAX, look for SURE, to Venezuela, OR as the worst possibility, Syria

    • It is already worse than Venezuela, we just have more competent thieves running things than they do. The militia will make itself known long before the tyrants drag us down to Syria.

      • Freespirit

        You’re probably right 🙂

  • csfurious

    Usury and central banks are the cause of all economic problems.

    • As they say, “Money is the root of all evil”…

      • Oboehner

        Watched it, good stuff.

    • Islam is the the only one of the three Abrahamic religions that enforces the biblical prohibition of usury. America attacked Iraq and Libya because their leaders were working towards gold-backed currency.
      Onegram solves the problem of speculation by backing every onegram with a gram of gold, sold without interest or debt. Add that backing to the security of blockchain and it will, eventually, bury bitcoin, which is nothing but electronic tulips.

  • Larry

    Thanks to nigger oslobbo and libturds in general, America has gone to shit. Even with the 2 million jobs added since Trump’s inauguration, there are 94 million working age people unemployed in America, even after subtracting for the disabled, etc… How do you spell, “We are fucked?”

    • Do you even know if that is true when they report job growth? With respect to how they measure employment/unemployment for the numbers they give? Or what those jobs are, how much they pay, if they are part-time, have benefits, etc.

      I mean at the same time I bet you’d say you don’t trust your government to tell the truth if it was about something else…

      Jeez. You are the logic to why robots CAN do what most people do. Robots don’t “think”. And don’t need to. They get “programmed”.

      Huh? Get it?

      Do you even understand how money and banking came to be and why? Clearly not. That would involve some critical-thinking. Very un-robotic…

      • Larry

        I clearly know and understand far more than you ever will. Congratulations you are yet another babbling worthless bucket of shit merely running your stupid whining mouth. Why don’t you take a quick break; go fuck yourself and die. In the interim, get off drugs and have your head examined…..ASSHOLE !!!

        • When did you break out of the loonie bin?

          • Larry

            Likely a lot earlier than you did !!!

          • I didn’t break out, I learned how to mooch the system.

          • Larry

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          • Which only proves that you are an ignorant one.

          • Larry

            What it proves is that you’re a piece of shit.

          • You’d only know that because you are eating it.

          • Larry

            Keep running your mouth. I’ll see to it you are killed.

          • You are probably too ignorant to recognize that you just committed a felony in public. Bring it on.

          • Larry

            You are absolutely FAR too ignorant to grasp that NO, I have not but if you think otherwise, go ahead and contact law enforcement, you stupid pathetic groveling asshole. Perhaps law enforcement will recognize what a sick fuck-wit you are; do all of society a favor and cart you away to the booby hatch never to antagonize society again. And remember what I have stated previously…. YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT !!!

          • I don’t have to contact law enforcement since you are giving prima facie testimony in a public venue that will be mirrored across the Internet. All you are doing is admitting your crime and providing a motive that indicates insanity.
            If you weren’t a coward, you’d be in custody already.

          • Larry

            If you weren’t a coward you’d put your physical location on this comment board and stop hiding behind a fake disqus name. And your last statement really makes a lot of sense…. moron !

          • It is the name that Disqus assigned me, so how can it be fake? 572 Adams Street in Denver, Colorado

          • Larry

            I should have known a worthless, raggedy ass libturd in the fruitcake town of Denver. Say your good-byes !!!

          • I’ll say them after you are introduced to the FBI agent and the federal prosecutor who will be able to act as eyewitnesses at your trial for attempting to carry out terroristic threats made in the public domain, as they lead you away.

          • Larry

            Until then, you worthless, illiterate piece of shit… you really should learn to spell. As for your claims of public threats…. you really are a sick delusional fuck-up, all the way, aren’t you?

          • I spell better than you punctuate, but you’ll have plenty of time to improve your grammar if you actually attempt to carry out your threat.

          • Larry

            Oh, so now, it’s if I attempt…. where as several posts back it was going to be purely on the basis of my responses to your mindless blather. You really ought to simply confess that you are a thoroughly sick fuck-up and have no life other than trying to pick fights with people who post comments on comment boards. This is of course typical of the average worthless fuck-up in a shit-hole like Denver. Doubtless you have so much time on your hands because you’re a government and tax payer scamming low-life. I’d probably be quite accurate to conclude that you spent most of your adult life in the same mental institution you presently occupy. As world events evolve, the day is not at all far away that those of us who have a decidedly right leaning bent, will eliminate all of you worthless wing-nuts… hopefully in the most painful and graphic way imaginable. You deserve absolutely nothing better. NOW, run along and make good on your threats to call out the government thugs and once they have finished wetting their pants in a fit of laughter that sorry, worthless pieces of shit like you still pervade America, they will likely point their government issued hand guns at you and do the rest of the world a favor. Until then, I’ll sincerely hope that you contract a horrific, terminal illness and painfully began to rot to the death you so very well deserve !!!

          • Does that mean you are wussing out like I figured you would? That’s okay, you’ll be easier to find if you stay on your couch wherever you dream your dreams of righteous indignation. I don’t have to call out the thugs, you already did, by way of posting terroristic threats on a well-monitored public group. If they feel that your threats were credible, you will hear from them. If not, you’ll just join a large group of incredibly ignorant keyboard commandos that dwell in a world they they think is afraid of them. We aren’t.

          • Larry

            So now I’m a wuss and these looming consequences are “Conditional.” Right…. and as I have stated again and again; you are a sorry, full of shit, nobody with nothing better to do than attack other’s postings on comment boards because you just cannot bear the raw truth that you are a truly worthless, insignificant nobody whom has never accomplished anything worthwhile in your life and likely only survive and exists because you are a liberal piece of shit being taken care of at the behest of people whom work, pay taxes and make loads of other contributions while you layabout in your Mum’s basement smoking hash, sucking dicks and mouthing off with your grossly misspelled comments on internet boards. Why don’t you just go overdose on heroin or your other drugs of choice and do the world a favor by DYING ? You’re obviously a sick, crazed drug addicted inferior mongrel; so get on with it already !!!

          • If you had bothered to do ANY research into me, you would know that my mother has been dead for longer than you demonstrate a chronological age of.

          • Larry

            She likely took one look at you and committed suicide !

          • She took an awful long time to do it, 30+ years.
            For now, since you have demonstrated that your understanding of timelines is pretty flaky, when are you going to be committing a murder in Denver? If that time passes, we will know beyond doubt that you are a wuss. Are you even shaving yet?

          • Larry

            The reason you believe you have such clever answers for everything is clearly because you have spent your life being a welfare sucking worthless dead-beat. The day is not at all far off that all of us whom have spent a lifetime making a contribution will determine that the time is right to simply wholesale eliminate all of you worthless, good-for-nothing whiners and welfare cases. When we do, you can rest assured you will be expeditiously eliminated at which time you will go to Hell where you decidedly belong. Rest assured, I have noted your Denver address. Likely your neighbors whom you claim are federal big shots will join me in helping rid creation of such a worthless piece of shit as yourself.

          • I have never drawn a single penny of entitlements.
            Rest assured that I won’t been there if you aren’t on your way there, because I haven’t been there since 1975.

          • I’ll put up a banner on the north side of the house that says “Here, Larry” so you won’t get lost.

          • Are you having a hard time finding a map with Colorado on it?
            I provided a transcript of all of your threats to my neighbors, the FBI agent and federal prosecutor, and they are working on getting a picture of you to distribute to the neighborhood watch members so they’ll be able to give you an appropriate welcome if and when you arrive. It is very handy that there is a plethora of federal correctional facilities in Colorado to put your chickenbutt in.

          • What, you can’t do it yourself?

      • The reporting agencies routinely report statistics based on industrial and societal standards that the politicians, bureaucrats, and politicos spin to their own purposes. Whenever you have any doubt, can be counted on to present the true picture with accuracy and truth.

  • Howard Beale

    As we inch towards Socialism? We’ve been in a full sprint towards it for years now. The U.S. is more socialist/communist than capitalist. Nearly 50 million Americans need government assistance to eat. We’re just circling the drain with our entitlements.

    • slk5

      and the sad thing is, many of those wouldn’t be, if they weren’t so lazy, and corrupt!!!

    • Steve Rusk

      The oligarchy is shipping the jobs out of the country because it’s more profitable for them and the “entitlements” are rapidly disappearing. Won’t be long until the 1% have every penny in the economy.

      • Fortunately they don’t already have the gold and silver that some of us do.

        • Steve Rusk

          When everything is circling the bowl, that gold and silver will only get you so far. On the bright side, when the shit hits the fan those metals are certain to outlast their usefulness.

          • Gold and silver will get me as far as gold and silver have ever gotten anyone. How far will your devalued currency and non-functioning plastic cards get you when no one will accept them in payment?

        • Steve Rusk

          Once our species is circling the bowl, that gold and silver will only take you so far. On the bright side, after it hits the fan those metals are certain to outlast their usefulness.

  • slk5

    socialism or any spin of it, makes everyone equal…….ly poor!!!

  • Guido FL

    As long as America is the policeman of the world, taxes will only increase as more wars are engaged ! Not to mention health care becoming an entitlement which will break our economy !

    • Oboehner

      “Healthcare” which is little more than putting people on drugs for everything real of manufactured. Quackery on tax dollars.

  • Steve Rusk

    It’s socialism for the rich, the reason America has so much financial concentration is because all the good the jobs are being shipped overseas. How about if we used some of the money to create jobs instead of letting the oligarchy buy billion dollar yachts and put it in secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, etc. Our highway system is falling apart, 50% of our bridges are at the end of their design life expectancy, the collapses will begin soon. Our water systems are poisoning us. Our power grid was designed a century ago and has the band aids to prove it. The jobs of the future are leaving this country because we don’t have an internet that will support them. It’s not like there’s nothing that needs done here.

    Millions of Americans have no jobs and no income and that number is growing, something needs to be done. Will it be a “Final solution”?

  • EnjoyzCoffee

    This may not be a popular thing to say, but I think this is designed to do just exactly what it is doing… killing millions upon millions of people. The ultimate goal for these socialists is globalism. The elite globalists want death on a mass scale for all us peons because we’re consuming “their” planet’s resources. They see us like farmers see locusts, a pest to be eradicated. They are like Nazi’s on a global scale. Line you up, take you out, take all you had. Next.

    • Fortunately they are vastly outnumbered and they cluster together into places where we can take out dozens at a time, if we decide to.