As if ‘American Sniper’ Wasn’t Already Propaganda Enough, Now It’s Being Used to Promote Gun Control

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The film American Sniper centering around Chris Kyle has done a lot of what it was intended to do as a piece of good ‘ol American cinematic propaganda. It has worked to further divide Americans, keep them pointing at each other instead of the oligarchy running things, and sold them lies about not only Kyle himself, but more importantly, about the American war machine.

Activist Post’s Brandon Turbeville does a great job of succinctly breaking this divide down:

Of course, the American oligarchy via its mouthpiece mainstream media has firmly attempted to draw the battle lines – If you like Chris Kyle and American Sniper then you are firmly in the camp that supports the troops, loves your country, and opposes terrorism. If you do not view Kyle as a hero, then you are clearly in the camp made up of pinko-commies, socialists, and terrorist sympathizers.

And, of course, if you don’t think Chris Kyle was a hero, then you hate the troops.

It’s all a big game of divide and conquer and the people running things never change tactics because it works so well.

Of course, the hateful comments about how dare Turbeville have an opinion on glamorized killing no matter what side it is on drew all kinds of ire aimed at him in the comments section THEREBY PROVING HIS POINT.

One comment I found particularly interesting (after the commenter told Brandon to go “F yourself with a cactus”) went, “WE as Americans (the policeman of the world) are in the same predicament as American policeman in our streets, used, abused and MADE TO ANGER THOSE UNDER THEIR POWER. it’s a game those with YOUR IQ cant seem to catch onto. SO, until you mind actually functions, perhaps its YOU who should withhold comment.”

Yeah! Go America, the “policeman of the world,” but also, screw your First Amendment right to free speech!

And they just keep us fighting with each other, the 0.001 percent pushing the buttons of the other 99.999 percent. (Who, by the way, declared Americans “the policeman of the world” in the first place, do you think? Oh wait, we aren’t supposed to look at the man behind the curtain, I forgot, sorry.)

See how that works, all nice and neat? You either love the troops (and glorified murder no matter who is pulling the trigger) or you are an anti-American communist terrorist sympathizer who isn’t allowed to have an opinion on what your country does in your name.

All these people are walking around parroting what George W. Bush said after 9/11: “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.”

No grey area here at all with American Sniper, especially not regarding someone who Turbeville points out “was not a hero. Chris Kyle was a murderer. He was also a war profiteer and a liar.” No, we don’t have room for facts here… please move along.

Anti-war activist and veteran himself Adam Kokesh began his review of the film with, “The recent movie American Sniper takes you to a place called ‘Amero Fantasy Land’ where violent thugs, murderers, serial killers, can be heroes. They can be good people. They can be heroes just trying to protect you. Where the government can do no wrong. Where the military exists to keep us free and every war ever fought by the American government is entirely just and righteous…”

But who cares about the details!! Or even the First Amendment right to freedom of speech! Again, WAR! War war WAR! We need to justify MORE BANKER WARS! MORE ELITE WARS! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

There hasn’t been a time in my lifetime America hasn’t been involved in either outright war or the behind-the-scenes coups/psyops/false flag type stuff to drive more outright war. The puppet masters pulling all the strings realize that people get weary after so many years of being told why we have to constantly be at war, and that every once in a while they have to trot out a “hero” in order to get people back on board the agenda bus, to get people to wave those little American flags once again. And it works every time.

American Sniper is an official blockbuster at this point. People rushed in droves to see it. It’s already been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. (Zero Dark Thirty, anyone?)

Movies like this one only prove that propaganda and brainwashing work.

Well now, on top of everything else, The New York Times is pushing a gun control agenda with the film, too.

NYT’s Gail Collins wrote a piece on the “Things we can learn from American Sniper” which begins by explaining that Chris Kyle walking around the house in the final scene of the film holding a handgun and jokingly pointing it at his wife Taya telling her to, “drop them drawers.” Collins states that this is “insane behavior” by virtually any standard and that the whole movie celebrates gun culture…

Cue the broad brush they like to paint everyone with. You know where this is going.

So now they’ll use the movie as a double-edged sword. All the people who watch it and “rah rah” for the oligarchy’s military-industrial war apparatus will be the same people painted as “insane” parts of the “gun culture” here at home.

You see? No one wins this game. The best propaganda always has multiple uses, I guess.

Speaking of, one of the best propaganda campaigns to date is “Support our Troops,” hands down. If you know what these wars are, that they are utter b.s. banker wars based on lies and empire building with a healthy dose of terror to take away our freedom here at home, well then that automatically gets conflated with you not supporting the troops who, as war criminal Henry Kissinger once noted, the puppet masters running the show view as dogs, view as mere pawns for foreign policy.

It’s clever. Very very clever…

Now for the comments section attacks. Seeing as how no one is allowed to have an opinion on this film unless that opinion comes from someone who is so pro-American WAR they poop American flags, just realize that whatever hate-filled drivel gets posted in the comment section below will be ignored unless it turns into threats, which will be deleted. This ultimately isn’t about supporting our troops, but just keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

See whatever you want to here, but no one is going to “win” this one…except the bankers and oligarchs running this scientific dictatorship into the ground.

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  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    As far as I can tell, the movie celebrates ignorant treason.

    • Hp B

      And murder porn.

      • disqus_3BrONUAJno

        Any time that an innocent person’s life is ended by an act of murder committed in violation of constitutional provisions that were enacted to prevent such actions from occurring, that is obscene.

  • RebelPatriot

    I was also threatened by a “brave warrior” from Virginia. The evil American mentality that if you don’t agree with me or us I’m gonna mess you up.
    Read George Washington’s farewell letter to learn about the idea America was supposed to be. That is the America I mourn, I do not recognize my own country anymore.

  • Gordon Klock

    It’s sad how so many people can be whipped into a narrow-minded frenzy, leading to their own eventual destruction by the unremitting parade of clever lies, & false accusations put out by the MSM.
    ( why does it still have any credibility left ?)

    • RebelPatriot

      Fluoridation, medication, programming, just to name a few.

    • Rick E.

      Stupidity and believing what one wants to believe are primary reasons why there are still viewers that actually believe what they are listening to on the MSM.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    American Sniper makes the assumption that Iraq was directly responsible for the 9/11 attacks. AS is for people who still haven’t realised that 9/11 was an inside job.

    • Lou


      Chris could have shot a LOT more BIG TARGET “terrorists” on wall street, London and Paris.

  • Mark

    “No banker left behind…”

  • jf

    why is Chris Kyle labeled a murderer for killing the enemy, and the soldiers that he protects (though they kill too) are not ??

    • RebelPatriot

      Invading countries to loot and murder for profit is not heroic. Tell me, why were Chris and the rest of them invading Iraq? Everything the invasion was based on was a lie. Instead of admitting that it was a horrible lie and a mistake, the people involved just keep it going. Calling them savages and that they deserve to be murdered in their own country by invaders. I can’t believe the rest of the planet hasn’t gotten together and retaliated against the war machine of the US. May be someday they will.

      • jf

        soldiers fight where they are told to fight… if you want to label anyone a murderer, then you must look at those that sent them. Bush and your precious Obama must bear that label. And those in congress that voted to go to war, they too share in it.

        • RebelPatriot

          That’s probably what the SS said.

          • jf

            great way for you to avoid what I said about Obama, you should write for CNN

          • RebelPatriot

            I am neither democrat or republican. I never voted for the Muslim jihadist or warmonger McCain. I have never watched the Clinton news network either. Libertarian Independent if you want to label.

          • jf

            for what ever reason our soldiers are there to simply imply that they are murderers is in itself unjust… You just lay blame where it is the US gov’t is the one that sent them there, they in turn do what they are trained to do. And to compare them with SS troops is also unfair as the SS troops rounded up innocent women and children to go to death camps. The people killed by Chris Kyle were DIRECTLY involved with trying to kill American soldiers.

          • RebelPatriot

            So in your logic, if another country invades this nation we don’t have the right to fight the invaders or we will be called terrorists or savages? Invading a nation doesn’t give anyone the right or licence to murder. Sorry but this was a volunteer gig, not a draft.

          • jf

            if we are invaded, the invaders can call us whatever they want. There is a difference between killing and murder.. Obviously you never served to know that volunteer service members must still follow orders

  • Tom

    In the Adam Kokesh review of American Sniper he mentions the theory that the CIA killed Chris Kyle. Certainly possible, but what’s the motive? And why is the CIA the only suspect?

    Chris Kyle founded the company Craft International, a security or mercenary outfit (whichever term you prefer). The company’s death’s head logo can be seen on Kyle’s hat in many photos of him. It is also seen on the hats, jackets, and backpack of the men who actually planted the bomb at the Boston Marathon (not the hapless patsies we’re supposed to think did it). If you want a motive for someone to whack Kyle other than the official PTSD story, consider the possibility that Kyle’s company was approached to plant the bomb, Kyle found his conscience and said no, but by then he knew too much. With Kyle out of the way, a couple of his employees took the job anyway.

    Look at the photos of the blown-up backpack, and the Craft International logo is clearly visible. Facial recognition software can easily identify the man photographed wearing the backpack before the bombing, then fleeing the scene without the pack after the bombing. If Kyle’s murder isn’t connected somehow to this, I’d be surprised.

  • NS

    I never saw this movie. I don’t watch Hollywood garbage.
    What’s it about and why does it have people so upset?

    • 191145

      Go see it, and make up your own mind .

  • Lou

    “If you want a motive for someone to whack Kyle other than the official PTSD story, consider the possibility that Kyle’s company was approached to plant the bomb, Kyle found his conscience and said no, but by then he knew too much. With Kyle out of the way, a couple of his employees took the job anyway.”

    Yes but the bomb he was asked to plant was FAKE. Chris smelled a RAT and said NO. The creeps organizing the Boston False Flag were afraid Chris MIGHT blow the whistle and made sure this did not happen.

    The whole Boston farce was a DRILL; no one died (except Chris, the older brother, a policeman, two FBI Agents who were murdered after the event and an innocent witness who was murdered) or had a limb blown off. Both bombs were FAKE; just like much of our “government”. Now they are fixing to convict a totally innocent kid who was told by his CIA handlers to walk around the finish line with a backpack on.

    It is a GREAT thing he wore the backpack OVER ONE SHOULDER demonstrating it could not have weighed over a pound or two.…0…1ac.1.61.img..3.20.1332.a3722KOr2hk.

  • Gordon Klock

    Am I to assume the Christian jihadists are Dominionists? ( a seriously draconian form of fundamentalist Christianity, very militant & scary…)

  • way2inform

    I saw this the other night with my gf and future father and mother in law. Knowing full well the truth i had a hard time biting my tongue (both her brother and step brother are in the military). I know they are true sheep my future father/mother in law, but to hear the comments after the movie on the car ride home i just had to shake my head. The feeling of utter isolation i feel is driving me crazy. Family and friends around me, all buy it all, the bullshit.

    • Sandra Johnson

      I no longer go to movies and rarely do I ever watch tv. I intuitively knew everything was wrong my entire life. I spent my life shaking my head in disgust and confusion from the time I was a small child at how others behave.

      I knew by the time I turned 40 that someone would begin to listen to what I was trying to help them understand. But, it hasn’t changed yet. At least not where my family and life long friends were concerned. The isolation became even more intense when I began to face the blatancy of the perversion in this world. Perhaps, I had lost all hope in man kind. I thought this for a long time. Until, I came to understand that most of the “people” in this world are not the same as the minority of us who are enlightened enough to yearn for more compassion and appreciation in this life.

      Like the many things I could see so plainly that others could not see, I saw that the only way thru this is to walk alone. This means to walk in your own authority in the belief that how it is, is not how it should be. While I look at the facebook pages of the many “friends” I see that what the majority of people I have known most of my life are either completely possessed by dark entitles or they are zombies/clones/half breeds whatever that makes them completely useless to the betterment of mankind. While they run to the movies, go shopping, get high on gambling at the casinos or get lost in doing their daily chore list I can’t help but think how fake it all is. I see posts from some friends every few weeks showing their tickets to the next concert or talk show. Wondering the entire time if they ever stop to think about what is happening around them in this big ole’ world. But, they don’t and they never have and the majority of them never will. I think we who are spirit filled beings..don’t misunderstand me, I’m not speaking about getting saved here. I’m talking about having a soul..period. That is what it means to me to be spirit filled. I didn’t need to get my head dunked to achieve that. I came built that have you I would think with your posting. Not all of us will survive in the physical body what is about to happen, what is already happening but will get worse before it’s all said and done. But, only those of us with souls will be here when it’s all over with. Don’t let the isolation beat you down. You can not convince them and spending all your time trying to find the words to make them understand will only waste your precious time to grow and learn how to connect more to what some call God. I personally do not believe we speak with God thru this level but rather we speak to our true selves the one that has projected it’s thoughts and a spark of it’s own essence to be here at this time. It is that which speaks to the eternal being we refer to as the creator. You will have to release those people you love to walk the path that will take you thru these coming times. Because, trying to save them will only cost you (perhaps your life, but I believe life is eternal so to clarify I think it’s best to say this..) the opportunity to do what you came to do at this time. Best Wishes!

      • way2inform

        Thank you! I need to find and be around more enlightened friends in this world sooner than later. If only i had the brains, time and money to enroll in intellectual studies such as psychology, philosophy and quantum mechanics. It would be fun to sit around a theorize metaphysical existentialism with the like minded. I’m letting the isolation get me down (even though i have been in a solid relationship for the past 5 years) The more i learn about how this world operates the more ill i feel. Do i drink myself to death? Or do i go out and strive for that real estate license i know will be good for nothing soon. Do i write the novel that’s itching the back of my skull, or do i go bowling and have beers with one of my buddies after work and hope tomorrow s hangover doesn’t come to soon…. it’s like i’m mourning the death of the earth and or myself already. And im only 29! Grief.
        My gf got a prescription for anti depressants a while back and during a rocky time after weeks of bickering and sadness i told her to hand me a few. I only took them
        That one time because of my firm stance against big pharma, but all i could hear in my head before during and after swallowing them down was the last line of 1984 : I love big brother… oh what a wreck

        • Sandra Johnson

          My heart goes out to you because I know what you are feeling. Just know that what you are experiencing is a common reaction and that this too shall pass. When I reached that point I knew that I had to stop looking at the problem and begin to search for solutions. I had the full run of emotions like fear, hopelessness, frustration and more. I had spent a life time aware that the world we live in is corrupt but was able to just ignore it and distract myself. I was literally thrown into facing it full on and like you was completely unprepared, as to what I could do about it. How could I save those I love and our planet? It felt like I was the only one that could see it all and I was too insignificant to do anything to stop it or change it. So, why had I been led to face it all if I were incapable of doing anything about it?! Because I had been visited by a being at 5 years old I had already been searching for the esoteric truths of life. My mother had taken us to church only a few times as a child. She was a Christian but church really didn’t fit her so she didn’t push us into that scene. However, by the time I was 7 or 8 I had begun going to various churches with school friends only to walk away feeling frustrated. I could see the contradictions in the teachings. By the time I was a young teen I had given up on finding any answers in the church. My parents moved us to Alaska where I was a sophomore in high school. Bored with school I was intrigued to find that they had a class in World Religions. It would replace my history requirement and this excited me to see what the other religions of the world had to offer. Strangely I was the only student in that class. My teacher decided to take advantage of the hour and had me coming into class only on Fridays, giving me a book list to read and write on and then take it in on Friday and discuss what I had found with her. Anchorage had an open campus and the class landed in the perfect place on my schedule. I had that class, an hour of study hall and lunch back to back in the middle of the day. I made friends with the students that oversaw the sign in sheet in study hall and they agreed to sign me in each day so I wouldn’t have to go. For almost 3 hours each day I went around the city on the bus where I found locals to talk to. An old Eskimo man was on that bus every day and he and I sparked a friendship. He would tell me about their beliefs and this exposed me to my first indigenous tribe teachings. Thru my early adulthood I turned to books about spiritual and ufo experiencers. Whitley Strieber scared the daylights out of me, but I read every book he had. Throughout my childhood I had always heard gruff growling type voices in the late night hours. Our homes were always haunted it seemed. Strange things were always happening where ever we lived. Had I been abducted and didn’t know it? I had a lot of questions and there seemed to be no concrete evidence of anything ever happening. Later I began looking into the New Age teachings. Self empowerment became the theme and my goal. After all of those years searching for answers, still nothing really seemed to be the answer. Nothing really seemed to give me true peace. I had prayed to Jesus, meditated like Buddha, used Reikki etc etc etc. But, I felt no more enlightened then I had at 5 years old about what was really happening and how to help myself and others find their way to living a life of inner peace. Once had met a man who had seen Bush shapeshift on 2 occassions while being President’s man and my own daughter having seen one up close and personal I felt even more afraid and angry. I learned that there were demons (if you want to call them that) were real and that they were in control of this world. For most of my life I had denied the existence of any such notion as demons and goblins and the like. To acknowledge them meant they could possibly harm me and others. At least that was my reasoning for more than 40 years of my life. No longer could I deny that as a fact of life. And I was terrified and depressed by it all. So, what could I do?! I had many conversations with myself and often had great insight without knowing how I were capable of having such insight. Until one day I was driving down the Interstate on a long run and was caught up in the middle of an argument with “myself”. I was speaking out loud and hearing the answers inside my head. I had lost my son to what was ruled suicide but was an obvious homicide. I thought OMG I have snapped completely! Here I am having an argument with myself and people must think I’m crazy as they drive by seeing me talking to myself! Who the hell am I talking to?! And that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. There was an answer that I knew had not come from my own mind. It came back saying there are many of us that you speak with. Well, I yanked my car off onto the upcoming exit and found a place to pull over so I could catch my breath. Over the span of 20 years I had been to a few psychics. Some would tell me that they would love to read for me but that they were instructed not to. Because I already knew everything that they would tell me. I had to learn how to listen. Others had often remarked at how I came with an enterouge of beings that were always with me. They would see large groups of beings who were with me to assist me and protect me. I never knew they were there. Even though I had learned early in life to follow the inner guidance. At 21 I was living in L.A. and had hooked up with some of my cousins friends. One group lived in a huge mansion in the South Pasadena area. They rented their home out occassional for movies to be shot there. The couple were in the mid 40’s at the time and had been in a number of porns. I was young, blond, curvy with big green eyes and considered to be very attractive. Suddenly I was being invited to every party that they had. I met a lot of men from the music industry, the porn industry, the pro football industry. They were trying to find the niche’ to pull me into their group. I was offered to do an album as a back up singer by a man that I won’t name. I had been invited to work as an extra in a few movies. I had been invited to the parties with the proballers. One night while in my bed I suddenly saw that if I stayed I would be find success but at a cost that was greater than I was willing to pay. I called my mother the next day and told her I have had enough I want to come home. She flew in the next day and we drove home a few days later. I met a man just before I turned 25 when I had returned from living in Wyoming and working on a dude ranch I had run away to get away from a dangerous relationship with an ex Honduran Military Police Officer. The man I met upon my return became my husband in 6 weeks. 25 years later I was finally able to make some sense of a lot of things I won’t go into right now. My children were both highly gifted and had very high moral standards. Standards that exceeded even my own and mine were high as it was. They were also pulled into things involving the black projects. My son never spoke to me about any of it. But, he spoke to my daughter about it. My daughter had been having what she thought were terrible dreams. Until she met people who were from her dreams who shared the exact same dreams and dreams of seeing my daughter. It’s been a very long and difficult road for her. She became conscious of what was happening and she made it clear that she was done doing their dirty work. The backlash to that has began slowly. She would find a job and then get fired for no reason. She was constantly finding herself in relationships that would become dangerous to her. Over time she couldn’t even get a job and every person she met was more insane then the one before. If you don’t comply then you won’t enjoy the benefits of employment, relationships or any sense of what we consider a normal life. Normal is not a good thing because it means that one is in compliance with the evil system in place. Her battles began before she was even aware that there was a battle. I know this makes it all sound like even more reason to forget it all and go back to what you were doing before your awareness was initiated. I believe the reason that we are awakening to it all now is so that we will connect with our inner being. That we open communications with those who have walked beside us each step of our lives. To be patient and find our faith that we are being led thru a maze to our salvation. Like Affinity News said, things really got ramped up when 9/11 began. The dark ones have an agenda but you and I along with countless others, are not alone in this world. It isn’t up to me to stop what is happening. It is up to us to see the truth and to follow those inner nudges about where and when to move. It’s my opinion that we each have a job here. Being that I have always been the counselor it is my place to help others thru the emotional roller coaster of this battle. It is not my place to fix anyone, but rather to help them learn to forgive themselves and to trust their inner guidance. I have no answers for anyone, those answers can only be found within. What I can do is to help others to listen to their own inner conversations by allowing them to speak about them with someone else without judgement and with total acceptance. We all question what is my purpose in life? Why am I here? We all want to be a hero because we are taught by our society that a hero saves the world. And the world is in deed in need of saving. But, what we often are not taught is that even a hero does not do it all alone. We each play a small part in this game of life. A true hero does what must be done not because he has no fear but in spite of his fears he goes forth with what he must do to help everyone. I went thru the list of things I could do to help the world. Should I march in Washington? No, because what is happening must happen. For something new to be allowed to happen the old must first be broken away and shattered until nothing is left. There are beings that are not earthly humans or in any type of physical body that are also on both sides of this battle. You ask what should you do now. Do you go to school, do you continue your daily job and go have a few beers with your friends after work. I can tell you from my own experience and others that I have spoken to that one can not continue on the path that they were on prior to seeing the truth about our situation. In time all ties that you have to your old life will fall away. Your friends and family will push you away or you will push them away because you no longer fit. I will say that this will be a time that will help you figure out that being alone does not have to be a lonely experience. You say that you are engaged and that makes me question what your future wife thinks about it all. Does she just feel sorry for you or does she really understand based on her own experiences? If she is only feeling sad that you are having such a tough time with this big ugly world, then perhaps she is not there with you for any other reason than to cripple your development. I have come to understand that the dark energies will use whoever they can to hold those of us who are aware down. When Obama was first elected into his presidentship I heard clearly and distinctly the word “Antichrist” 3 times in a row. I didn’t believe in an Antichrist when I heard that word. But, I also didn’t know that the Antichrist is not really a person, it’s more like a time frame. I know that my reply has been all over the map here. I have had a few interruptions while trying to write this. I guess my point is that do what you must do to learn how to trust your inner guidance. My own has taken me places that I honestly never wanted to go. But hindsight has always proven that I made the right choice each step of the way. Trust that there is something bigger than us that has total awareness of the big picture and will protect you if you will allow yourself to heed it’s warnings and take it’s guidance. Make the hard decisions that you may be avoiding because you don’t want to be considered as crazy or delusional. Jesus’ message was highly distorted in the biblical teachings. Perhaps, you could begin with learning more about the life of the man who in my opinion was one of the greatest prophets in history. Research on the old indigenous tribes teachings. Research others who were able to find enlightenment. Be wary of the authors or other researchers opinions and the disinformation that is found rampant in everything. Listen to your bodies reaction to everything you see, hear or read. The bodies senses are how the spiritual body communicate best. Pay close attention to how you feel when you are investigating things. If you read something and are trying to decide if it is truth or fiction notice how you your body is behaving. If you begin to have an overall feeling of fatigue and ache then consider what you have been reading. If you’re stomach begins to act up then think about what belief you just took on based on what you have just heard in a video or read about. Pat attention to how others treat you when you figured something out, even when you didn’t share it with anyone. I have found many attacks come when I have recently learned a new thing that helped empower me. Developing yourself into a higher functioning being is not going to fit with keeping your life in a normal status. You can have a great job, a home loan and a new car in the driveway and will find that you are no more at peace within than you were prior to acquiring that life style. It’s the American dream that is the furthest from our true divine nature. It’s built on materialism rather than spiritualism. Pray for answers and guidance, pray for divine truth above all else. Best Wishes to you!