As Early as 2016, Robot Cops Will Be Patrolling Your Streets… No, Seriously

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Editor’s Note: As The Free Thought Project says below, this is no laughing matter in Police State U.S.A…. Although, by that picture, you could have fooled us.


By 2016, there will likely be a 6-foot tall police robot patrolling the streets and handing out parking tickets. The Telebot, developed by Florida International University’s Discovery Lab, has been field-tested and is undergoing final tune up.

With a swiveling head and dexterous fingers, the humanoid robot is controlled remotely by a person wearing an Oculus Rift headset and motion-tracking vest, arm bands, and gloves. The voice of the remote operator is transmitted through the robot to the unfortunate citizen on the receiving end.

The menacing look of Telebot is no accident. Its design is one “…that can intimidate and display a sense of authority.”

Justification for this (let’s just say it) Robocop, is couched in appeals to sympathy, to help disabled officers and veterans “get back on the job.” The reality is that it introduces another level of intimidation to the increasingly militarized police state and brings us one step closer to a dystopian future where autonomous robots carry out law enforcement.

As robots become more agile, we may see an increase of an armed robotic police presence. But even when companies can meet all the technological demands of an autonomous, armed police force, there’ll still be social and political hurdles. What happens if a police robot malfunctions and harms someone, for example?” – How Police Robots Work

If a human police officer can get away with killing so easily, as The Free Thought Project continually documents, what would this mean for the robot officer?

A fully autonomous robot officer is already in the works. The Knightscope K5 does not wield weapons but serves as a total surveillance machine for cops or private clients. It has facial recognition and scans 1,500 license plates per minute, captures audio and 360-degree video, tests the air for chemicals, and maps its surroundings with 3D radar and laser. It can learn to distinguish “suspicious activities” from normal activities.

When the K5 puts all this data together and detects what it perceives as trouble, it alerts local authorities. In a few years, this Dalek-like robot will be recording people’s actions and conversations in public places all over.

Robots have been used for years to detonate or disable bombs. Nothing controversial there. But police robots are increasingly being developed for use against people. Large remote-controlled robots are now fitted with arms that can breach doors or hold live weapons.

In a display of just how badly things can go, in 2011 a police robot burned down a mobile home after triple-warhead gas grenades were fired into the home instead of flameless grenades.

The danger from police robots is not only ground-based. The Skunk Riot Control Copter is designed to “control unruly crowds” by firing up to 20 paintball or pepper spray rounds per minute from each of its four barrels. It also features strobe lights and lasers to dazzle the would-be protester, and, of course, the full range of surveillance capability to monitor the crowds.

The militarization and robotization of police state USA is related to a Department of Defense (DoD) program starting in 1997 that transfers excess military equipment to police departments, to help them fight the immoral war on drugs. DoD has already given police more than $5.1 billion worth of military equipment.

The Department of Homeland Security is part of the game too, giving grants to police departments for advanced tactical hardware to help fight those freedom-hating terrorists. Only, the government now treats its own citizens as terrorists. Peaceful protesters fill the lenses and microphones and crosshairs of robot police.

In these troubling times, we can turn to satire for some relief. The Onion sums it up nicely: New Law Enforcement Robot Can Wield Excessive Force Of 5 Human Officers

Unfortunately for the citizens of Police State USA, this is no laughing matter.

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  • “Its design is one “…that can intimidate and display a sense of authority.””

    From “protect and serve” to “intimidate and confiscate,” I guess insert chant of USA USA USA here?

    • it is the USA, not the usA. It is the corporate democracy and not the Constitutional Republic that is vomiting itself upon the people.

      Lawyers create controversy for profit. If people get murdered , poisoned, kidnapped, tortured in the process,,,oh well…’s all about the loot.

  • Chantal_Designer

    So, how long will it take for the idiot cops to realize that THEIR numbers are up & won’t be long until they’re redundant..??

  • Smarty

    They just look like walking speed bumps to me….

  • Rick E.

    These look to be excellent target practice for those that have full metal jacketed ammo!

  • Joe Lizak

    This article is BS. The only “robots” I see is the DARPA robots built in Boston that looks like a dog with 4 legs, trot around and can’t be knocked over. They will probably be great for carrying weapons around on a battle field sort of like a mule. Now this stupid article is trying to tell me this 3PO can “write tickets”? What are you kidding me? I don’t believe a word of it. If it is true it’s time for the American people to just say no. Not in our town.

    • Smarty

      Actually Joe, I’d guess that it’s all or mostly true. This POS probably has an on board printer to print tickets using it’s eye ball scanners and it’s probably capable of putting a ticket under a windshield wiper. This shit is coming, like it or not. Will the people “just say no” like you said? I sure hope so. I’m proud to be one of the first. NO.
      There may be great opportunity here as well. If the non sheep among us start using these things for target practice, “they” will get the idea fast. No can be a spoken word, or a high velocity lead word. It’s meaning is universal.
      I wonder what the scrap value on one of these things is? (Guess we’ll have to wait for the hunting season to open to find out).

      • Johnny Ray

        Or maybe it will just mail you a ticket if they can’t figure out the windshield wiper thing. If one of these things calls me “citizen” me and my dog both are peeing on its leg.

        Anyway it’s nothing a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range can’t take care of.

      • Joe Lizak

        If you damage one of these robots then it’s ten years in jail, just like they are trying to pass a bill of ten years in jail if you buy or wear body armor. As long as we taxpayers are buying the robots then it makes no sense to destroy them. We need to change the people from within. Starting with our elected Police Chief and Sheriff.

  • Johnny Ray

    Now I have to go watch that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he fought that robot to come up with some strategies.

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    You’d be better off to refine your head shots into eyehole shots. I’m really surprised that the designers have been foolish enough to anthropomorphise these robots.

  • Brian Smith

    Why don’t you just obey the laws and not have to worry about robots or the police. In fact, if you don’t like the laws made, maybe lobby the politicians writing them to change the laws?

    • Frederikahere

      Go back to sleep. Nothing to see here…

  • blubaljim

    Lock n load my fellow patriots, for Mad Max is just around the bend.

  • M Fr Nch

    Any programming done on these and will be modified. it will start as theirs and can easily be made ours in a matter of hours.
    I love it when the enemy brings the weapons to the field for me.