Artificial Intelligence To Revolutionize Medicine; Do Away With Doctors

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Artificial Intelligence is coming a long way fast at making obsolete many professions considered “untouchable” by the advancement of technology. Now doctors and dentists are feeling the the pressure as A.I. is more present in hospitals and universities today.

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Chinese Robot Dentist Is First to Fit Implants in Patient’s Mouth Without Any Human Involvement

New AI Can Diagnose Alzheimer’s 10 Years Before Human Doctors

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  • Phil_Ossifer

    There was so much outright bullshit in this video it’s hard to know where to start. I’ll just leave it at this: if there really was such a thing as “free energy” it couldn’t be suppressed; it would already be out there in use. The simple fact is, this “free energy is being suppressed by Big Oil” crap is one of the more idiotic conspiracy theories being promulgated by hucksters and technical ignoramuses. Ditto Atrificial Intelligence. Yes, Ai-based robotic medicine is possible and if rapidly becoming more widespread. But, do robots exist in a vacuum? Who designs, builds, programs, supervises and maintains them? People do. This fear of technology is irrational. Now, fear this technology being misused by people is justified…but, fear of the technology itself? Ridiculous.

    • shift

      Hey, which is more likely?

      Earth is flat


      Guy in cave defeated Norad on 09?11/2001

      • MarkovDeBeeste

        Or Hillary admitting that people didn’t vote for her because they didn’t like her.

  • darkhorse

    OBAMACARE has done away with doctors…most have left the profession….

  • Aesop

    Farcical nonsense.
    If this is all you’ve got, don’t post it.
    It’s pure hype and tripe.

  • newsens

    Putting in the implant is only half the job. Firstly, a human has to remove the old tooth and prepare the socket for the implant. Secondly, when the implant has been inserted, a human must measure and prepare the jaw to receive the new crown that fits onto the implant.

  • Steven Woeste

    I think your estimate about the robot paying for itself in 5 years is not accurate. First, you assume you can charge the same price for services during the entire payoff time, and that won’t be true, especially when competition gets going, with other robot-staffed dental practices (the more robots, the more prices are driven down). Also, during the payoff period, even if it’s just 5 years, there will be advances and improvements in the dental robots, where new models will do the procedures faster, more precisely, and cheaper, than the old robots. That will also drive prices down. Other things, like provisions in whatever contract you sign to get the robot, will require you to upgrade the robot from time to time; new programming, new attachments, servicing, etc. Those are all added costs to the purchase price. And what about insurance? That’s a mighty expensive piece of equipment, and insurance for it won’t be cheap. And what if people just stop coming for the more expensive procedures (like implants) that the robot is best at generating profits for? People will do without medical care when they can’t afford it (especially when they can’t get insurance), so hard economic times make for fewer patients, and less revenue.