Article Claims Elite Plan to Escape to Mars, Leave 99% of Us on “Dying, Warring Planet”

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Forget underground bunkers. That’s not good enough. If Armageddon comes, it is now being posited the one percent plans to run away to Mars.

Newsweek put out an article this week claiming that the new commercial space projects by billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are actually about an escape hatch for the wealthy elite one percent who plan to escape to Mars and leave the rest of us “to suffer on a dying, warring planet.”

The space travel companies say they are creating a way for the human species to endure by populating other planets. But the bottom line is that only the wealthy will have the means to move to Mars. Musk’s target ticket price is $500,000 a person in 2015 dollars, and that’s just to get there. Imagine the new outfits you’ll have to buy to go with that space helmet.

While it is true only the truly wealthy will be able to afford space flight with companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin, what’s funny about it is people’s responses.

Most react they are just happy to know the elite will be blasting off to another planet.

In response to the story, Matt on the Crisis Forums wrote:

I’m not so sure the world “sucks”; it just so happens to be in the hands of a tiny group of people who are doing their best to make it suck for us. I think with a few minor changes the world could actually be a really awesome place for everyone.

…to which Tazweiss responded:

If the 1% all go to Mars the rest of us might be able to create a better world here.

It’s a sad statement on society to note that people’s immediate reaction to the first commercial space flight available ever wasn’t to be bummed they can’t afford to go to Mars; it was to be excited about the fact that the wealthy elite might leave Earth en masse and go somewhere so far away, it takes roughly seven months to get there.

The comment winner goes to Farmer Sean:

“Haha!  We screwed up the Earth for the rest of you, so have fun cleaning up the mess!”

*They fly to Mars*

“Hey, which cargo hold has the menial workers?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, where are the people who are going to build our luxurious space palaces, grow our food and give us manicures?”

“I think….  I think we have to do all of that by ourselves.”





Nah, they’ll probably promise a few “lucky” poor people free passage to Mars via a “work program” that will turn into literal slavery once they get there. Good luck escaping Mars.

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  • Mike

    If they truly want to go, then let them go now and never return. earth will be better without the elite that has screwed it up.

    • They aren’t going anywhere because they can’t… but I still wish they would try for the rest of us, lol!

      • Mike

        lol, they have been investing a lot of money in the mars project and of course in underground bunkers. I guess they have a backup plan.

        • Dan Iel

          An even better idea would be to pack all the elite onto a roomy rocket, packed with all the world nukes, sent straight to Mars to see if it would terraform it as well. Would finally get rid of all the filth in our planet at least!

  • WeeSee
    • Joe sChmoe

      If they could only figure out how to get there without traveling at 186,000 miles a second for 1,400 years, life would be peachy.

    • That is a collection of NASA lies and computer graphics in my opinion.

  • Joe sChmoe

    It will not happen in their or their children’s lifetime.
    Mars is uninhabitable and we cannot travel there.
    Even if the insane elitists could go there, they would simply create another dying, warring planet.

    • sunshine

      That’s what they tell us. Would we really know for sure? I remember Eisenhower’s granddaughter coming out and talking about the elites trying to recruit her for a moon colony, and she basically said it IS happening, and has been for a long time. I believe Mars was mentioned as being either next for colonization or already in the very early stages of it.

  • They wish to keep your mind occupied “out there” so you won’t go poking around what we already live on in my opinion(which is an enormous plane). I think they are hiding something big and I think it is habitable land here on Earth.

    • sunshine

      That’s really interesting…where do you think that may be? Do you mean like, a hollow Earth type thing?

      • I believe in the hollow Earth for sure but I with this one I think of volcanic activity that would melt antarctic ice and leave bare ground visible + the lush plant life a volcano supports and then I consider the circular/elliptical track that the sun travels above us on the flat Earth model because as you know I believe we live on an extended, vast plane and not a sphere.. DEFINITELY NOT A SPHERE, just ask and I’ll explain(anybody reading this). Since the sun moves across the southern hemiplane much faster than the northern hemiplane which is the reason for a much shorter dusk and dawn in the southern hemiplane than the northern hemiplane that means that it traverses a much larger area overhead much faster than it does in the north. Since I believe we are surrounded by a huge ice wall that the masons tell everybody is Antarctica and at one point beyond this ice wall there is a huge plateau called “Rockefeller Plateau” and what is on that plateau is not be known by us useless eaters. All nations even chipped in and signed the antarctic treaty which states that no person from any of the signed nations can ever go there and no natural resources are to be claimed and extracted… gee, what could THAT be all about? Why are all antarctica tours the only way to see it, why are regular people not allowed to explore it? Ya’ know, in the series, “Game of Thrones” the people of the kingdoms all were afraid of the “wildlings” coming over the ice wall. You know that a lot of these guys who produce and direct these series/films in hollywood are masons and they put their mason symbols and crap in the stuff they produce and direct so that is just a thought I had that is pure speculation with zero evidence(evidence would be forbidden to acquire to prove this one wrong, just so you know), not a hardcore belief of mine or anything however I do fully believe the Earth is flat because physical evidence doesn’t lie.

        • Chris

          Is the sun flat too? What about Jupiter? If the Earth is flat then everything else has to be too, right? What you are suggesting is that the entire universe is 2 dimensional, yet life on earth experiences everything in 3 dimensions. Your theory, to remain credible, has to remain consistent from the top all the way down.

          • The sun sure looks round to me but does the Earth look round to you? Jupiter is round? Cool! Can I see? CGI graphics and paintings don’t count though. What I am suggesting is flat plane just like I typed.

        • sunshine

          Wow! That is fascinating! OK so, if we really are flat, what’s the universe like if we’re not on a ball in space? And didn’t the Nazis go down to Antarctica because of something like that? Ultima Thule maybe?

          How are the snakes?? 🙂

          • Well it is not that large(according to the bible) and heavenly bodies like the sun and moon are much smaller and much closer than they say they are too.

            The snakes are doing great, I am about to order another expensive cage but this one will be the last one for a while and I’ve said that before but this time I mean it, lol! Now I will have 2 very large and 1 large snake + the 2 small ball pythons(I love the little ones too, they get scared easily though and sometimes I forget that and scare them by accident and they roll up into a ball). We decided to get even another cage(in about a year) to stack on top of the one I am about to order and install a divider in it and put both ball pythons on that so I will have 2 small cages divided on top of a larger cage in my living room and the big ones have their own room which makes feeding much easier than it is now.

          • sunshine

            Aww I can’t imagine how cute they’d be all rolled up in a ball! Is that why they’re called ball pythons?

            That makes sense….it really does seem like everything they tell us is a lie, doesn’t it?

          • It is not Paranoia

            You seem interested, I like it. If you want, check this out – there’s all you need to know. If you get suddenly banned for no reason, don’t worry, just use this (enter The forum is being attacked and users get banned…I guess to discourage them.

            And if this is too much for you, consider this – the man behind this – Eric Dubay – is totally being attacked all the time, threatened and having his facebook accounts and groups hijacked and deleted. Well, I don’t believe this stuff happens to lunatics who try to convince people of some stupid shit.

            Don’t be a pussy, challenge your beliefs! :))

            WE LIVE A LIE.

            Have a nice day.

          • That is the BEST flat earth resource on the internet! Great post and reference!

          • It is not Paranoia

            More important – this is the only TRUE resource on the internet I believe.
            Eric has a list of shills and people in the flat earth movement who spread false information to discourage newcomers, be sure to check that out.

            I just feel that he’s right. And he’s the one furthest down the rabbit hole.

            But make your on mind on that, don’t listen to me.

          • I’ve been following Eric for more than 5 years BEFORE he ever covered the flat earth conspiracy so I already had a great amount of respect for him for a while. I read every single atlanteanconspiracy article and they are some of the best and well researched out there on ANY forbidden topic. Eric sticks with facts, that is why I always read his stuff and I was not even aware of a flat earth conspiracy until Eric told me about it so he is the ONLY one I get my info from.

          • It is not Paranoia

            Well than you’re more informed than I am I guess! That’s great! Hey if you’d like to change some heretic opinions, write me at 🙂

            Since I can’t post at IFERS, I kinda miss talking about these things…you know the earth, firmament and stuff…

            have a nice day!

          • Cool! Will do!

          • Yes, they are ball pythons because they roll up in a ball as a defense. They can bite too but their bite is laughable so in my opinion they are just about defenseless. They make GREAT pets, they are very docile and easy to take care of and they will live 25years so it is a long-term commitment, my retics will live to around 40(my female is just about 3 now).

            Yeah, I just think about how much effort they put behind keeping our minds in outer space so there has to be a reason for it. This video right here explains a good bit of what I believe, it’s 49minutes long but well worth it and I may have linked to it before.

          • sunshine

            Thanks, from just the first few seconds I don’t think I’ve seen it before…I will definitely check it out!

          • Gary

            I’ve always liked the song by Don McLean – American Pie. As I have grown older, I believe it may be some sort of “revelation of the method”.

            One of the verses is “Oh, and there we were all in one place – A generation lost in space – With no time left to start again”. I’ve often wondered if this verse refers to the space lies, and the collective time wasted on the space nonsense.

          • I just downloaded a version with lyrics so I will check it out! Thanks!

          • It is not Paranoia

            Are you from IFERS? I see your flat comments here all the time 🙂 Which is GOOD!!

          • I tried to be but was banned, lol! I am a lurker though. I am sure glad you chimed in because when other people that don’t know each other start supporting the same thing it REALLY makes people think, IMO, so thanks for that!

    • WeeSee
      • Damn, that is SUPER interesting… thanks!

        • WeeSee

          yeah your welcome now you know what the war is all about that ISIS ISIL crap is all phantoms the US government are behind all Terrorist attacks

          Operation North–woods use for
          Operation Star-gate
          Operation desert storm
          Operation Rolling Thunder
          and so on…

        • WeeSee

          your welcome i do a lot of reading and research as possible

  • NonYo Business

    Lol… So stupid.
    When the elite leave, there will be peace.

    • I know, right? Like they don’t know they are causing what they are causing.

  • SP_88

    Good riddance! When are they leaving? The sooner the better.

    • RE

      dON’T FORGET TO TAKE kIM k and Snookie.

      • SP_88

        Does Honey Boo Boo have to go too?

  • Carolyn Lee

    They will have robots to do everything for them, until the robots rebel and eliminate the inferior and useless humans.

  • Gabriel Zang

    If we launch a kickstarter we can gladly take the burden and pay for their one way tickets 😀 We’ll kickstart’em the heck out of planet Earth 😀

  • mirageseekr

    Considering they haven’t made it to the moon yet the only thing we will see is some photoshopped postcards from “mars”.

  • sam

    A Rich man told me he had a underGround bunker then he said he Would survive when then World fellapart. I laught at him outloud told him good get in it. I will Weld your bunker Door shut And plug your Air Vents. He quit bragging about his Bunker to me.

  • gabbygall

    Ben Elton wrote about this in his novel STARK (short for Star Ark). The hyper wealthy build a Star Ark and escape a dying planet, but when they all get up there they realise the people that they are with are those they hated when back on earth.

  • Dennis Savage

    Dec 1, 2014 – The Van Allen belts were the first discovery of the space age, … Publication: D. N. Baker, et al., “An impenetrable barrier to ultrarelativistic electrons in the Van Allen radiation belts,” … Would the shielding on their ship have been suffient? …. This is precisely why the Russians abandoned their quest for the …
    NASA Admits They Can’t Send Humans Through The Van Allen … youtube
    Humans can not get through the radiation belts, or the glass ceiling, or whatever that thing is … NASA Admits …