Art Of The Deal Coauthor Says Trump Will Resign By End Of The Year: “Presidency Is Effectively Over… The Circle Is Closing At Blinding Speed”

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Tony Schwartz, the man who co-authored Art of the Deal with Donald Trump in 1987, now says that the President will likely resign before the end of the year.

In a series of Tweets earlier this week Schwartz showed his disdain for the President and echoed the sentiments of top Democrats who have claimed that Trump will either be impeached or voluntarily step away from the Presidency:

There seems to be a renewed interest from Democrats who are actively working on articles of impeachment that could lead to the President’s removal from office. And though such a move would require a majority vote in the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate, it appears that many Congressional Republicans are now publicly speaking out against the President, suggesting that such a measure could have legs.

Coupled with an”independent” investigation targeting the President as well as members of his administration and former business partners, it is becoming ever more likely that, as Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robery Kiyosaki recently noted, they are going to find something.

While author Tony Schwartz has an obvious beef to pick with the President and may simply be pandering to the liberal left, the pressure being put on Trump could force him to resign in order to avoid impeachment and/or criminal charges, whether real or imagined.

The war to take out Trump’s closest lieutenants has been raging since before he was even sworn in and will continue until the goals of The Deep State have been accomplished.

As Brandon Smith of Alt Market has warned, Donald Trump may well be first used as a scapegoat by the elite in order to usher in the next phase of crisis and a reorganization of the global order:

I have been warning since long before the election that Trump’s presidency would be the perfect vehicle for central banks and international financiers to divert blame for the economic crisis that would inevitably explode once the Fed moved firmly into interest rate hikes. Every indication since my initial prediction shows that this is the case.

The media was building the foundation of the narrative from the moment Trump won the election. Bloomberg was quick to publish its rather hilariously skewed propaganda on the matter, asserting that Trump was lucky to inherit an economy in ascendance and recovery because of the fiscal ingenuity of Barack Obama. This is of course utter nonsense. Obama and the Fed have created a zombie economy rotting from the inside out, nothing more. But, as Bloomberg noted rightly, any downturn within the system will indeed be blamed on the Trump administration.

Fortune Magazine, adding to the narrative, outlined the view that the initial stock rally surrounding Trump’s election win was merely setting the stage for a surprise market crash.

I continue to go one further than the mainstream media and say that the Trump administration is a giant cement shoe designed (deliberately) to drag conservatives and conservative principles down into the abyss as we are blamed by association for the financial calamity that will occur on Trump’s watch.

If Smith is correct, and all signs seem to be pointing to such a scenario, Trump will blamed for what will likely be the most epic financial collapse in world history. Once those goals are accomplished, a push to remove him from office may become reality.

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  • magatastic

    no way! a lib talking crap about trump! yeah right, crawl back into your world of wishful thinking!

    • Margie Gwaltney

      . He says we are far right wackos. Ask yourself if you feel like one of those. I surely don’t. I feel like a sound moderate person and one of the many that elected Mr. Trump.

      • Far right is accurate, wachos is not.

        • Judithnford


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    • Margie Gwaltney

      I agree 100%.

    • ProudAmerican

      Actually this is a pivotal lesson for “the people”—Grievances cannot be redressed at the ballot box, soap box, or jury box…

      • The Sheeple have spoken in a Chorus “We are all Individuals”, “Resistence is Futile”.

        • ProudAmerican

          Sadly… a high probability outcome.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          We are all individuals. . . the smallest Minority is the Individual

          Pathetic that I have to explain it to you.

          • If you don’t understand this, you’re an immature kidiot.

          • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Projection is not a virtue.

      • Annajblalock

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  • Yarbles

    Sounds like long speculation and Demturd butthurt like the kind we have been getting from the likes of Maxine Waters for the most part, but young Brandon Smith knows what he is talking about.

    Things that make you go Hmmm.

  • Tommy p

    Pure Bullshit
    Great way to lose YOR Credibility Sheeple!

    • Smarty

      I think they’re just reporting on the possibility/insanity of it, not actually agreeing with the prediction…..

      • Tommy p

        I hope so….

  • deerflyguy

    If the dems get their way and drive Trump out of office, this country will have destroyed itself from within! Blood will flow on the streets and there will be no way for this country to survive!

    • Smarty

      It will always survive…. It may just be a little short on liberals after the dust settles…

    • gabe

      “this country will have destroyed itself from within!” That has been the lefts game plan for decades.

      • Elaine.Benes, II

        This once great Country has already been destroyed from within by those running this show and the “useful idiots” they place into positions of power through their fake elections and their ownership of the US Congress. They have absolute control of the narrative through their infiltration of the mainstream press and media, the public education indoctrination centers, and the entertainment industry, and trillion dollars PR/Propaganda campaigns. Left Wingers, Right Wingers, Nazis, Antifas, Pro-Whatevers, Anti-Whatevers, Trumps, Obamas, Black Lives Matter, the KKK, cults, Terrorism, Killer Cops, Cop Killers, Mass Shootings, The Whatever Rights Movement, etc., all created by them and perpetuated by countless more useful idiot mindless followers in the herd who do the dirty work for them. All anyone really has to do is watch the characters and scripted fakery all over MSM news, including that of our reality show star Presidental figurehead, to figure this out.

        • gabe

          I can agree with that.

        • straight shooter

          Thank you.

          • Elaine.Benes, II

            Thank YOU! Just trying to shoot it straight…

    • lee ho fook

      that’s exactly what this dog and pony show is all about…the Talmuds thought their gal Hil was no contest and they can’t get over losing ( even though Donald has been swamped with Zios forever) Jewish Soros (Greek name)is dividing the US with fake bullshite like BLM and now this crap

  • dav1bg

    Seems a little pissed at trump.


    What’s this doing in SHTF? If I needed this type of garbage I’d read the NY Times.

  • If he is true to his word, his last stupid act was to sign the Anti-Russia Sanctions bill, he abdicated his power and bowed down to the Mafia “Russian Collusion” Blackmail.
    However, let’s examine a few facts about Trump:
    1) He hired illegals for 40yrs. that he is in business.
    2) He is best friends with the Clintons (at his second wedding), Epstein and a few other disgusting individuals.
    3) He pledged allegiance to the CIA in his first 2 weeks in office (uncalled for and unrequested).
    4) Bombed the Syrian Army 3 times and downed a Jet (not a mistake) in support of CIASIS. But did not attack Russia’s Hezbollah terrorists (which bomb Israel).
    5) Failed to overturn the Corporations “we don’t pay for healthcare no more” Bill and any & all attempts to deport illegals in mass or Shut Down Corporations Hiring Them.
    6) Signed the Anti-Russia Sanctions Bill.
    Do you still think Trump is anti-Globalists ? If you thought he would uproot this rotten tree, you’re an idiot.
    Revolution Now !

    • Smarty

      The reasons you’ve stated are why I didn’t vote. He was installed to calm the restless natives, and it worked. It will take a year or two until they realize they’ve been duped. In that time, a lot will happen. IF they decide to take him out sooner (impeach or resign), then they will have accomplished what they set out to do (buy time/divide and conquer/or civil unrest). If anyone steps back and looks at this whole charade, it’s obvious in the first two seconds. His relationship with the C’s and E-pedo are true giveaways….

      I WANT to believe he’s for real, but common sense forces me to look at all the facts…..

      • New headlines “Facts Trump Trump !”, heh.
        Time to pay the price for freedom once again.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Hell yeah.

  • tonye

    Civil War baby…. Maxine better hide…

  • Bruce David

    Someone take this poor piece of vegetable out and dispose of it [humanely, of course]…I’m tired of deluded democrats and their never-ending rants. I have an island we can send them to. It is the same one Peter Pan visited.

  • Upperthoughts

    Schwartz is basically a in the closet worthless punk who misses gay Obama so much he is virtually in tears everyday.
    Most likely by his looks a molester of kids.

    • If you can tell that much from a tiny thumbnail photo, you are writing the wrong things in the wrong place. You should be working for the FBI.

      • Maybe he does- or the CIA perhaps?

        • The CIA doesn’t investigate crimes, they just commit and get away with them.

          • Smarty

            Well spoken !

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Wonder how much Hillary and the DNC paid (((Schwartz))) for his twitterstorm against The Donald? Typical loony left, trying to meme something into existence. (((Schwartz))) is probably pissed that he’s never had another writing gig that paid as well as being The Donald’s co-author. Most people who list their occupation as “writer” on their tax forms (assuming they pay taxes, that is) are living at sub-poverty level most of the time and working at McDunghills while they wait for that first six-figure advance that ain’t gonna happen.

  • BikeIce

    This “co-author” is an idiot. There are no grounds what so ever for “impeachment…..dream on lib boy! I have no doubt he will not resign…..he has far too much integrity to bail out just because a bunch of loony lefties don’t like,er hate him.

  • Tony Schwartz ? An Italian Jew ? Where did they find this piece of antifa ?

  • Jeri Brace

    Donald Trump is like a 3 yr old with sticks of dynamite in his hands. Trump needs to be removed before he does something stupid.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Have a Kleenex ~

  • txtomt

    Pres. Trump will never resign and not only that but he will be elected for a second term!!!

  • navre12

    Most Americans looked at the 2016 Presidential dance and realized that their was and remains no difference between the two leading 2016 candidates, Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush. They are just a continuation of the power elites control of American politics on the Federal Level; They are interchangeable candidates and they existed only to create a facade that Americans have a choice.

    Bernie was shut down by the powers in the DNC and the powers in the RNC attempted to shut down Trump but failed at the last minute mostly due to Steve Bannon’s able steering of the Trump campaign.

    Unfortunately, Trump’s huge ego and his desire to remain President is demonstrating his willingness to jettison what brought him to the Presidency in order to stay in the Presidency. This will not end well as his promised agenda is already falling by the wayside.

    The CIA, Wall Street,the Globalists and their Pit bulls in the Main Stream Media will not let Trump prevail and they know his ego is his Achilles Heel.

  • renee ciccioni

    I am glad to get rid of such nonsense, but the Democrats need to get smart because their base isn’t taking shit from them that’s why Bernie Sanders did way better than Hilary , because we aren’t going to take shit from one of their big business corporate pieces of self serving crap either.

  • lee ho fook

    who are the worst “racists” on the planet…you got it…THE JEWS!! What group is destroying all life on the earth (EXCEPT THEIR OWN)…yup, the TALMUDISTS…are we awake YET?

  • TrevorD

    It`s so amazing that certain humans are convinced that they have the power to see into the future when actually it is just a hope.

    • Freespirit

      OR Fear

  • DKHayek

    Ok.. Mr Schwartz.. (German, maybe Natzi heritage?) — anyway who cares — maybe you have a grudge against Mr. T — Maybe you got a raw deal? Maybe you need to read this book ‘The Art of the Deal’ — SO are you about to write a new book, maybe with your own ideas?? So far, I don’t think your ideas would be a good read..

  • Talcum X

    Another liberal idiot poisoned by tribalism.

  • IQ140

    Nothing but a steaming pile of BS.

  • Buster Frankenstein

    DJ Trump was elected by the American people and if he is forced out by the subversives Americans have only one other choice “Look Out” Snowflakes.

  • Obama’s son


  • Elaine.Benes, II

    Thank you uh-huh!