Are Black Friday Riots A Preview Of The Civil Unrest That Is Coming When Society Breaks Down?

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If Americans will trample one another just to save a few dollars on a television, what will they do when society breaks down and the survival of their families is at stake?  Once in a while an event comes along that gives us a peek into what life could be like when the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is stripped away.  For example, when Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey there was rampant looting and within days people were digging around in supermarket dumpsters looking for food.  Sadly, “Black Friday” also gives us a look at how crazed the American people can be when given the opportunity.  This year was no exception.  Once again we saw large crowds of frenzied shoppers push, shove, scratch, claw, bite and trample one another just to save a few bucks on cheap foreign-made goods.  And of course most retailers seem to be encouraging this type of behavior.  Most of them actually want people frothing at the mouth and willing to fight one another to buy their goods.  But is this kind of “me first” mentality really something that we want to foster as a society?  If people are willing to riot to save money on a cell phone, what would they be willing to do to feed their families?  Are the Black Friday riots a very small preview of the civil unrest that is coming when society eventually breaks down?

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving was not really a commercial holiday.  It was a time to get together with family and friends, eat turkey and express thanks for the blessings that we have been given.

But in recent years Black Friday has started to become even a bigger event than Thanksgiving itself.

Millions of Americans have become convinced that it is fun to wait in long lines outside retail stores in freezing cold weather in the middle of the night to spend money that they do not have on things that they do not need.

And of course very, very few “Black Friday deals” are actually made in America.  So these frenzied shoppers are actually killing American jobs and destroying the U.S. economy as well.

The absurdity of Black Friday was summed up very well recently in a statement that has already been retweeted on Twitter more than 1,000 times

“Black Friday: because only in America people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.”

It has gotten to the point where it is now expected that there will be mini-riots all over the country early on Black Friday morning each year.  The following are a few examples of the craziness that we saw this year…

-“Fights break out when stores open on Black Friday

-“Black Friday madness at Georgia Wal-Mart

-“Black Friday Frenzy: 2 Run Down in Washington, Man Pulls Gun in Texas

-“Black Friday 2012: Rush at Victoria’s Secret Pink at Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kan.

-“Black Friday Shopping Hysteria From Around The Country [PHOTOS]

-“Disturbance leads to scare at Westroads Mall

-“Teens In Custody After Woodland Mall Fight

-“Boy Robbed During Black Friday Shopping At Arundel Mills

-“Shoppers Were So Obsessed With Black Friday Deals They Left Their Infants Unattended

Fortunately, many Americans are starting to get fed up with Black Friday.  In fact, one activist named Mark Dice actually went out and heckled Black Friday shoppers this year.  I found the following You Tube video to be very funny, and I think most of you will too…

In the end, it is not that big of a deal that people want to fight with one another to save 50 dollars on a cell phone.

But this kind of extreme selfishness and desperation could become a massive problem someday if society breaks down and suddenly millions of extremely selfish and desperate people are scrambling for survival.

With each passing day our economy is getting even weaker, and the next wave of the economic collapse is rapidly approaching.  What are people going to do when the next spike in unemployment hits us and nobody can find work?

To get an idea of where things are headed, just look at Europe.  In both Greece and Spain the unemployment rate is over 25 percent and civil unrest has become almost a constant problem in both of those countries.

So what kind of riots will we see in the United States when the economy gets much worse than it is now?

Already there are signs of social decay all around us, and most Americans are completely unprepared for what will happen if a major disaster or emergency does strike.

Sadly, the reality is that most Americans live on a month to month basis.  Most families do not have any emergency savings to speak of, and one recent poll found that 55 percent of all Americans only have enough food in their homes to survive for three days or less.

To me, that is an absolutely insane number.

We just came through a summer of extreme drought and global food supplies have dropped to a 40 year low.  Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and the global financial system could fall apart at any time.  Most of us just assume that there will always be huge amounts of very cheap food available to us, but unfortunately that simply is not a safe assumption.  The following is from a recent article in the Guardian

Evan Fraser, author of Empires of Food and a geography lecturer at Guelph University in Ontario, Canada, says: “For six of the last 11 years the world has consumed more food than it has grown. We do not have any buffer and are running down reserves. Our stocks are very low and if we have a dry winter and a poor rice harvest we could see a major food crisis across the board.”

“Even if things do not boil over this year, by next summer we’ll have used up this buffer and consumers in the poorer parts of the world will once again be exposed to the effects of anything that hurts production.”

When I watch my fellow Americans trample one another to get a deal on a television or a video game, it makes me wonder what they would be willing to do if they went to the store someday and all the food was gone.

Desperate people do desperate things, and someday if there was a major economic breakdown in the United States I think the level of desperation in this country would be extremely frightening.

So what do you think?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse.

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  • Perhaps the SINGLE, GREATEST quote of the 20th Century (made by a very wise, tenacious Attorney General, at the JUSTICE Dept., under JFK – his brother, Bobby Kennedy:

    ““A revolution is coming — a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough — But a revolution is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability” – RFK

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    Sure, Sirhan had a gun in his hand. But, here’s a FACT: NOT ONE of his shots hit RFK. So, whose shots did (hit RFK)?

    There definitely was another shooter: RFK assassination witness says FBI covered up fact there was a SECOND gunman [His name was Thane Eugene Cesar, and he worked for Lockheed Martin, and lives in the Phillipines, now]
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  • BubbleUp


    …on sale??!!

    …Zombie sprint!!

  • We constantly hear people in the “alternative” media talking about the PROBLEMS. Ever hear anyone talking about the SOLUTIONS?

    Getting your money out of any TBTF Bank is ONE thing that you can do. However, there are many, many other things that we all can do, too!

    Here are just a few:
    1) BOYCOTT – learn this concept well, and EMPLOY IT – against those enslaving you!
    2) THINK for yourself. TURN OFF the IDIOT-BOX (TV) OR THROW IT AWAY!
    3) QUESTION all ‘authority’ (Big Business/Government, Big Religion, Big Media, etc.)
    4) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT!
    5) USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Avoid using credit, debit, and customer loyalty cards
    6) Bank at a local credit union!
    7) VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! (What do you support, with your time, money, and energy?)
    8) Contact your Representatives on critical issues: such as “END THE FED!”
    9) Re-read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It isn’t about hunting. It’s about government tyranny, and protecting yourself from it!
    10)Buy (products) Made in U.S.A. Buy Christmas gifts that are MADE IN U.S.A.! Preferably locally.
    11)Invest in precious metals, primarily SILVER (and gold) bullion (coins, rounds, or bars).
    12)Buy ORGANIC food! Support your local Organic Farmer, food store or Co-op!
    13)Start your own garden using NON-GMO, non-hybrid seeds!
    14)Pray or meditate – reduce your stress! Stress weakens your immune system – your last defense against disease! Try a hot tub, or a hot bath! RELAX! As John Lennon said: “There are no problems – only solutions!”
    15)Read a book, you know, an actual book! Open your mind! Read: THE WORLD ORDER, by Eustace Mullins. Or, BLOOD, MONEY, AND POWER, By Barr McLellan.
    16)Exercise your brain muscle!
    17)Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient or other music you thoroughly enjoy!
    19)Take a high quality daily multivitamin!


  • Homer

    It is coming soon. We will be shooting people like those standing in line and not for defense, but for food.

  • Homer

    An online friend lived in a country in which the entire society melted down. She was the daughter of a very intelligent, but very silly professor who spread his DNA all over the world. He advice was to stay put and have plenty of bullets. Only shoot if you need to. Also never go to a farm alone or with your family. Many had been found murdered at farms throughout her country. Have a sizable group.

  • anony2012

    read proverbs 3:5-6
    what are the weak, ill, elderly, widowed, and children to do, if they have no one around to help them prep? preppers = survival of the fittest.
    not everyone is able to leave a populated area, etc.
    everyone has a different scenario.
    i’m just going to do the best i can and the Lord is in charge, so i simply will be at peace.

  • Mariposa de Oro

    Did anyone notice the one bit of campssion in the photo at the top of this story? A blonde woman is on the floor but someone (on the left side of the photo) is offering a hand to her. This is a good thing. :o)

  • CuriousGeorge

    There is no more to say about this than its very sad.

  • Nexus789

    I am glad I am not in the US. The thought of basic services being off for days and the consequences are unthinkable. Over 90% of the population lives on a daily basis and seems to take basic services for granted.

    In any of our cities there are only a couple of weeks supply of foodstuffs. This assumes that there is no panic buying and cold chilled foods are still chilled.

  • aldol

    the US may be on the way to be another South Africa

    after apartheid.
    i.e.: chronic crime, corruption, endless crises

    the only possible alternative I can think of is break up similar to what Yugoslavia or

    Czechoslovakia did

  • But who is setting the example? I recall before 2007 banks were scurrying around looking for high risk lenders so they could bundle mortgages as securities, make a killing for themselves and leave everyone else the bill.
    These kinds of stores also want to hire as many as they can fir as little hours as they can give them. Alk fir a tax cut for themselves.
    Once again you have uneducated victims, propagandized by advertisers. People do not need or want the goods. A false frenzy has been created. Only two kinds of people shop Black Friday. People loking for riots and people who believe this is a deal.
    Black Friday wastes resources and causes crime.

  • Some people behave like animals.

    • SKIP

      We call them muslims and blacks.

  • jon

    Right on! Every black friday I get a little uneasy seeing how people behave for things that are not needed for their survival,I can only imagine what they will do when their kids tell them they are hungry and they have no food because they have not prepared for the situation.
    Of course they will not blame themselves, they will blame the hoarders or some other bogeyman.