Are Americans Readying for Civil War?

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Last week I received a cryptic message in my inbox.

“How much ammo do you have stock piled?”

I replied, “I don’t have enough. I saw an article California is considering an ammunition purchasing license. Is that part of the national plan?”

I love shooting. If I could spend every day at the range, I would. In the last month I’ve seen the shelves at the gun shop go bare in the AR department. I have seen stacks of ammo, but either the supply line is there and the ammo is being restocked, or the purchases at my local gun shop are not as high as in other parts of Utah.

“Not that I know of…… But A LOT of people are now talking civil war as well… So wait and see….”

I suspect the ammo is being quickly restocked. Facebook posts circulated around the Christmas holiday indicated one small Utah seller distributed more than 100,000 rounds in a single weekly order with one buyer taking 70,000 rounds to distribute among friends. The LA times reported that more than 3 ½ years of magazines were sold in one 72 hour period by Brownell’s, a top supplier of firearm accessories.

“Consumer demand has been “unprecedented” recently, according to a statement attributed to company President Pete Brownell on gun owner forum” (2)

According to the Business Insider, both gun and ammunition sales are through the roof. “This year had already been a boon for gun sales. According to the FBI’s website, there were 16.8 million background checks for gun ownership through the end of November. That’s the most since 1998, when FBI began tracking the number of background checks.” (8)
America has voted with its wallet against Dianne Feinstein’s proposed ban, but…continued…

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  • just me

    I only have enough ammo for the first 1,000 people who try to break into my home. I may have to ask them to line up, single-file, to make my ammo last longer. (How many perps can a .22 bullet go thru??)

    • Jean

      Supposedly, 0-1. Skull shots are essential: The skull can stop a .22, but get the bullet in in a soft spot, it riccochets inside and turns the brain into swiss cheeses.
      OTOH, Reagen was shot twice at close range with a .22, and the Secret Service had to throw him into a car – he wasnted to go after the gunman. (Same incident Brady was crippled in.)

      Better to use aerososl and the .22 as a lighter or trigger: shoot the aerosol can, make it pop and burn…

      Body armor won’t even notice a .22, though – you’d need at least a .22 LR / .223 (Nato 5.56?) and then use a rifle, unless it’s an unarmored target.

      • Jean

        Oh, and still aiming at unarmored spots – not sure that was clear…

    • SKIP

      ONE PER BULLET at a cost of about 7 cents each.

  • Ken

    use the 22 to get what they have to start with

  • Ken

    one good thing about a 223 or ak. im sure the government has the same thing.

  • Ken

    they tested the american people on Katrina but it wont hold now that we know how the government really is.

  • bopper

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone stocks up on ammo and they say they will shoot anyone who tries to take their guns. I hear this almost every damn day and I don’t believe .05% of you rambo’s wannbe’s will shoot a fed or police officer and the rest of you bubba’s will bend over and take it. The smart choice would be to plan on leaving Amerika. You can renounce in another country that has more freedom than the US. Currently their are 15 countries in this world that have more freedom than the US.

    The system is rotten to the core and voting won’t change a thing. Our society is so corrupt, nothing short of a civil war will change it and thats only a reset. I seriously believe the average spineless, heartless, sheeple will do more than bitch and bark. The sheeple get the government they deserve and this is only the hug and kiss phase. The real fun should hit in the next 10-15 years.

  • SKIP

    One good thing about blacks is that they riot at the drop of a hat (or welfare check) and they will be the first to begin fighting da gubmint (as usual, biting the hand that feeds them) and then we Whites get involved.

    • Jean

      Why should “we” get involved?
      Let them kill each other. If the military is involved, even better: pick off the stragglers.

      The enemy of my enemy is still target practice.

  • hal9000

    it doesn’t matter if you have a gun or don’t have a gun or any bullets or anything. when it all starts, there’ll be plenty of everything laying on the ground.