AR-15 Defense Weapon: New York Resident Scares the Hell out of Intruders

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AR-15 Defense Weapon

As the mainstream media continues to label weapons such as the AR-15 “Assault Weapons”, this story of a New York resident proves that such weapons serve a greater purpose, SELF-DEFENSE.

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  • HA! In your face, you gun grabbing scum!

  • Cody

    AR-15 is far better than the Mini-14. Mini has to much kick and damn hard to hit anything.

    Both shoot the same round but not equal on the battlefield.

    • Truthhound

      Totally agree. The Mini-14 is over weight and suffers from poor build quality. Any Mil Spec AR-15 beats it hands down and is a far better home defense and general purpose rifle.

  • The Arizona Patriot

    A .223 has a kick, LMAO. Try a M-14 not a mini 14. That might give ya a little kick. I have used a M-14 in combat, but a M-16, M-4, or any other .223 you can keep em. A .30 cal will get the job done. In this coming war you will want to kill not just wound, get a .30 cal. 308 3006 7.63×39 any will do better than a damm .223

    • Cody


      Will do.

    • Freedoms glroy

      I once thought like you, “oh a 556 is a pussy round, it sucks, the gun was made for a woman” I fough in Iraq, did two tours over in that sand pit, second tour I bought a M1A1 it’s grate and all love the beast it shoots grate and accurate, but it’s crap for clearing houses, and a AK is a good survivalist/militia gun, needs little cleaning, hi cap mag, easy to brake down… But shoots for shit and speed reloads for shit to, same with the M1A1, I built a AR15 looks just like the over sized papper wight I used in Iraq, shoots grate can still hit a target open sights at 500yards, can speed reload in less then 7 seconds, and clear building, barely no recoil. What I’m trying to say is carrying a M14 is like carrying a rock, grate in combat for accuracy but you need to get there first, and a AK might be your weapon of choce but the thing is a peace of shit unless you throw $1000+ dollars at it to make it do what my AR does already wich I built for less then $$800… I hope your not one of those 1911 guys becuse your already a lost cause if that’s the case

  • leo bruski

    im glad they are both ok but this shows you how important the 2nd ammendment really is.just think if he had a mag lock and loaded.those intruders would have been dealt with in a more appropriate fashion

  • buttcrackofdoom

    OMFG! he could have KILLED the poor guy who only had a BB gun!…. a good lesson for those two douches….use a BB gun, go to JAIL, or better yet…..HELL.

  • ncjoe

    I can’t believe you fools think an AR-15 is an appropraite home defense weapon. On second thought, I can beleive it because you are fools. The AR-15 roung does not stop at the walls of the home. You are just as likely to kill an innocent bystander as teh bad guy when you start blasting away with an AR-15, especially sense most of you fools have no better sense than to not stop firing until the magazine in empty, be it a 10 or 100 round magazine. Damn fools.

    • Anonymous

      Fool, If you actually knew anything about the ballistics of the 5.56 or 223 cal. you would know that the high velocity rounds won’t penetrate walls as bad as most handgun rounds will

      • Montana Rancher

        I’m not sure what you mean by “not as badly” but most common hand guns will penetrate through 3 rooms worth of Sheetrock, same with .223’s and OO buck shotgun loads. See this:

        For home defense where you need to control over penetration try shotgun field loads in 8 shot lead. Pull the shot out, pound it flat and reload. Not only will you get faster pattern spread but less penetration and potential bystanders. You lose some kill power but that is why you have a pump.

    • Dave

      “…especially sense* most of you fools have no better sense than to not stop firing until the magazine in empty, be it a 10 or 100 round magazine. ”

      Thats a pretty poor assumption you have there. Show me ONE case of home defense where the victim (that would be the person whose home was broken into, NOT the intruder who ended up getting killed that you lib-tards keep enabling) who ended up using 100 rounds in defense. Just one.

    • Patriot247365

      suuuure FOOL – there are always loads of “innocent bystanders” hanging around home invasions.

      “We just can’t stop firing.” Yeah MORON we all duct tape our trigger fingers to the trigger.

      Put down your crack pipe, and you need to stick with slingshots and frozen jello rounds OK?

      bye TROLLLLLL

    • ncjoe_stalker

      hey joe, rhymes with homo, gth, we aint interested in the opinion of any anti americans, that goes with your homo leader obama, f u all

    • Mark

      Don’t want it to stop at the wall that way I can take out chicken shit fools like you. Your nothing but a TROLL here, would love to meet up with your ass as this forum does’nt hit back. I OWN THE OTHER HAND DO…

    • boone

      I want my AR-15 to penetrate vehicles and walls.
      During an ambush, me and my teams will leave nobody alive.
      For home defense I will use everything in my bag of tricks.

    • pdxr13

      This is totally wrong. .223 62gr, esp with hunting bullets, is not a very good house-material penetrator.

      If a person is afraid of this, aim low, at the pelvis. Misses go into the floor behind them, hits go below body armor and rapidly “stop” humans.

      AR-15, and even a tax-stamped short-barreled M-4, is perfectly adequate for in-house distances (out to 75M, really). This is a job where physical fitness and alertness matters more than what weapon.

      Locked-up and unloaded guns are disappointingly slow to get out and working. This is a job for a pistol on your body.


  • Blacksmith

    Nothing says “Welcome to my home” like my Benelli M-4.

    • Patriot247365

      Wish I had an M4. I’ll have to settle for an 870 Mag. But I do have a surefire light on it and speed stock. Intruders and nwo suicidal “last mission” gun grabbers:

      BYOBB – Bring Your Own Body Bag… them = :(( & me = :))

  • Cnsay

    Notice that reporter used the term “semi-automatic rifle”. If it had been used to kill several bystanders on the street it would have been an “assault weapon”.

  • The Arizona Patriot

    I have also used that B. M4 in combat, great shotgun and my choice for house clearing operations. As for the AR, they make some great stuff for it but when its all said and done a .223 round was designed to wound not as a killer like the garand 30-06 or .308 M14 But I would prefer you armed with a AR15 than not armed at all.