Anti-Trump Riots Erupt in the Bay Area

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“Not my president! Not my president!” chanted anti-Trump rioters in Berkley, California as they light flares and storm the streets.

Riots erupted in Berkley, San Jose and Oakland shortly after the announcement of Donald Trump as president-elect. Rioters are breaking into stores, vandalizing cars and shooting flares.

One woman in Oakland was hit by a car on Highway 24 just after midnight and has suffered serious injuries after the fact.  When she pulled over to the right shoulder, she was surrounded by anti-Trump rioters, who vandalized her car and broke the back window, according to CHP officers.

“All I could think of is this is somebody’s daughter — and the fact that it came from this action on the freeway,” said a woman who witnessed the incident. “I just want everybody to be okay. We need to stick together at a time like this.”

The 12th street BART station was closed due to rioters. Officers appeared on the scene in full riot gear, including helmets, gas masks and extended batons. Rioters set fires, primarily in trash cans, lining Telegraph Ave. and Broadway between 10th and 27th streets.

The riots continued until about 3 a.m. when firefighters were seen putting out the last of the fires.

Protests were also seen in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco State University students are planning a protest on Wednesday at 4 p.m.

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  • Maddog

    Just as I predicted. Elect Trump – Civil War. Elect Hildabeast – World War. Your choice.

    • Red Tick Alert

      It’s just a few libtards and…. don’t fret so much.

      • Maddog

        We’ll see. Oh, have you heard, they are dumping truckloads of sand around Trump Towers in NY as we speak.

        • M_111

          That was yesterday, and the sans is IN the trucks still. Catch up.

          • Maddog

            Obviously your info is bad. Talked with a friend (eye witness) today.

        • Red Tick Alert

          No I didn’t know –

          Cool, we can have a beach party in celebration and to honour Trump.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Thats like predicting the sun will rise.
      Plus all we have to do now is plant the idea into the liberals that secession will benefit them and it’s game over.

      • Maddog

        Here ya go. See your prediction came true too.

        • Razedbywolvs

          That happened before Trumps victory. Mar 3, 2016 to be exact.

    • robert


      • robert


  • Mike

    bring it snowflakes, I have plenty of lead to pass out you freaking cry babies. We were already stuck with your failure of a president for 8 years. DEAL WITH IT.

    • M_111

      Yeah, but now we have to pass background checks to buy it haha. Totally considering moving now if we can find jobs out of if this state. We were both not born in CA, time to go back.

      • Maddog

        It was time to leave 20 years ago.

      • Mike

        yep, but you can always buy your ammo out of state. But better to move out of commiefornia.

        • Maddog

          They have been, however I have watched the ATF here in Reno take pictures of their license plates and then pull them over when crossing the boarder back into The People’s Republic of Californication.

          • Mike

            That’s why you don’t shop at gun shows and go back into cali.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Can i come with you?

  • Jonn

    Well, it is Oakland, after all. The sound of gunfire is as common as the sound of birds chirping in other cities.

    But I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Once they hear that pot is now legal there, everything should mellow out.

  • GomeznSA

    Reminds me of all of the rioting done by conservatives after barry got elected – oh wait……………………

  • g.johnon

    and there you have it my friends, in a nutshell….liberals.

  • Bibliophilist

    Clinton and the liberals – today’s biggest losers on the planet.

  • M_111

    I live in the Bay Area and it’s just the libtards, mostly Hispanic and white guilt college kids who barely pay taxes and some people on the Gravy Train (who barely pay taxes). You don’t see mass hysteria in black communities.

  • scm111

    Remember how these same liberal leeches respond when we said that in 2008? They’re afraid their welfare’s going to dry up.

  • SP_88

    What a bunch of sore losers. These crybabies didn’t get their way, so now they are going to go around and destroy other people’s stuff. Way to go losers. Show the world what you think by setting trash cans on fire and vandalizing property. Idiots.
    Where were all the riots and chaos when Obama was elected? Twice. Oh, that’s right, we’re not a bunch of babies who throw a temper tantrum when we don’t get what we want. We don’t go around destroying other people’s property when our candidate doesn’t win.
    Hillary lost the election because she was a very dishonest criminal who did not take her position as Secretary of State seriously. She broke the law. She used a private, unsecured e-mail server to send and receive classified information. And she lied about it. And she destroyed evidence. And this is just one of many instances where she has done something that is illegal, immoral and has resulted in a breach of national security, loss of life and has destroyed the lives of many people. And all of it was either for personal gain or to obscure her illegal activities and prevent her from being held accountable. She has a thirty year track record of scandal after scandal and systemic corruption.
    She runs a very corrupt “charity” organization that she leeches off of. Only about 5% of the hundreds of millions of dollars that is donated to the Clinton Foundation ever ends up being given to a charitable cause. The rest of it is used to finance the Clinton’s lavish lifestyle and personal endeavors. And that certainly cannot be legal. But she gets away with it because she has friends in high places. The corruption of the Clinton family is epic.
    By contrast, Donald Trump has not been involved in any of the corrupt and convoluted political controversies that are endemic to Washington elitists. And while he may not be a perfect person, he certainly isn’t as thoroughly corrupt as even the least corrupt politician in America. He is a political outsider. And that is why he is so popular among Americans who are sick and tired of the constant corruption and self enrichment of these politicians.
    Whether or not he turns out to be a good president who does what he promised remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, nothing he could do would be worse than all the things Hillary had promised to do.
    And if any of these mentally disturbed, communist revolutionaries had bothered to actually read about her and learn how corrupt she is, they might not be so enthusiastic about supporting her. Of course there will always be some who are willing to sell out their principles for a bag of crack or a balloon full of dope.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if these people are just doing this because they were paid to. They probably don’t care who the president is, as long as they get to make some money for smashing and burning stuff.
    The leftists who have infected the democrat party are desperate to create the appearance that there are a lot of unhappy voters who really wanted Hillary to win. But they are in the minority. There are actually very few people who supported Hillary. The appearance of many supporters was all smoke and mirrors, just like this phony outrage. It’s all fake, just like this small group of whiny little babies trying to give the appearance of a large group of unhappy voters. And by going around and vandalizing property, these genetic defectives have shown the world just what a bunch of immature little babies they are. And their criminal actions are not going to change anything. They can cry and whine about it all they want, but it’s not going to change a thing. Do these babies think that somehow their temper tantrum is suddenly going to change the result of the election? It’s not. Get over it. Deal with it.
    These idiots should be happy. Because now the country might actually stop speeding over the cliff.
    Of course every single thing that happens from now on will be blamed on Trump, but none of these people will stop to consider that Hillary would have done much worse. But we should keep in mind that that’s exactly what we voted for. We voted to stop Hillary from doing what she said she would do. So no matter what Trump does, remember how bad Hillary would have been based on her own words.

  • Deki Smokton

    why so much confusion? I had a GREAT day


    Have you seen who lives there? If so, YOU shouldn’t be surprised by this!!!


    That’s NO riot! The babysitters Union just went on strike!!! No babysitters,
    THIS is what happens!!!