Anti-Trump Riots Erupt in the Bay Area

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“Not my president! Not my president!” chanted anti-Trump rioters in Berkley, California as they light flares and storm the streets.

Riots erupted in Berkley, San Jose and Oakland shortly after the announcement of Donald Trump as president-elect. Rioters are breaking into stores, vandalizing cars and shooting flares.

One woman in Oakland was hit by a car on Highway 24 just after midnight and has suffered serious injuries after the fact.  When she pulled over to the right shoulder, she was surrounded by anti-Trump rioters, who vandalized her car and broke the back window, according to CHP officers.

“All I could think of is this is somebody’s daughter — and the fact that it came from this action on the freeway,” said a woman who witnessed the incident. “I just want everybody to be okay. We need to stick together at a time like this.”

The 12th street BART station was closed due to rioters. Officers appeared on the scene in full riot gear, including helmets, gas masks and extended batons. Rioters set fires, primarily in trash cans, lining Telegraph Ave. and Broadway between 10th and 27th streets.

The riots continued until about 3 a.m. when firefighters were seen putting out the last of the fires.

Protests were also seen in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco State University students are planning a protest on Wednesday at 4 p.m.

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