Anti-Gun Cops Think They Are The “Only Ones” Who Have The Right To Guns

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If you thought politics in America could not get more ridiculous, have no fear: because of the “thin blue line,” we keep hearing so much about, some police demand to be the “only ones” with guns. It’s like history never happened and democide doesn’t exist. But what’s also startling is that “top cops” are proving that they are subject to the whims of the political elite.

The “thin blue line” (some of them) think they are similar to politicians – better and “more equal” than the rest of us, and they have a new website which proves it. Now, before this goes too far and this is labeled as “anti-cop”, let’s preface this by saying that not all cops are going to disarm American civilians. But it’s also safe to say, that those who don’t “enforce the law” (disarmament included) will not be eating or feeding their families either when that time comes since the cops’ paychecks are funded by the stolen tax dollars of those who will be disarmed. That lack of a paycheck is going to make this decision-making process for a cop rather difficult. For all those who have said “the cops would never disarm us,” your bluff has been called (again).

“We’re trying as best we can as a law enforcement community to make it work so that citizens can express their 2nd Amendment rights,” former Dallas Police Chief David Brown said almost a year ago in response to armed protesters. “But it’s increasingly challenging when people have AR-15s slung over their shoulder and they’re in a crowd. We don’t know who the good guy is versus the bad guy when everyone starts shooting.” But Brown has an awfully short memory. He doesn’t seem to recall the time when Texas cops didn’t have a problem distinguishing who needed to be stopped (and who was helping them stop him.) He conveniently forgot the time when college students retrieved their rifles and pinned down the UT Austin sniper, some even risking their own lives. And if not being in uniform is too much for his guys to handle, they’re endangering the lives not just of citizens, but of plainclothes police and state and federal agents who may be at a breaking violence scene as well. The mental gymnastics employed by Brown in that short statement makes it seem like he’s all for peaceful people arming themselves. But his disingenuous words were meant to bring about more gun control, not less.

As of the beginning of 2017, cops do support gun rights over more gun control by a 3-1 margin. Although that’s slightly more comforting, it won’t matter much if the laws tighten. We all had better hope that “thin blue line” breaks down if gun confiscation becomes a real possibility. This isn’t boding well for the overall trust of law enforcement when these “top cops” come out with ridiculous statements like they are the only humans who deserve the right to self-defense.

Brown makes it pretty clear that he isn’t a fan of the “oh-so-scary” AR-15, and reminds us of it in his comment. He didn’t tiptoe around the issue like some assume, he all but told us he’s better, just not smart enough to handle armed civilians. And up goes the website to back up these cops’ claims – that they get more rights more than the rest of us. According to their own website:

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Navy combat veteran and NASA astronaut Captain Mark Kelly, the Co-Founders of the gun violence prevention organization Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS), today joined with law enforcement leaders from across the country to announce the Advisory Committee of a new national effort, the “Law Enforcement Coalition for Common Sense,” to urge our country’s elected leaders to reduce gun violence and oppose irresponsible laws that pose a threat to public safety. The coalition brings together law enforcement officials from across the country who are committed to urging our elected leaders to enact responsible change that respects the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans, helps keep guns out of the wrong hands, and saves lives.

The website even quotes anti-gun cops hell bent on the destruction of the right to keep and bear arms as if it’s somehow making these LEOs look good. “During my 47-year career in law enforcement, I’ve seen how responsible, trained professionals can use firearms to save innocent lives, and what can happen when guns fall into the hands of dangerous people who want to inflict harm on our communities,” said Charles H. Ramsey, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner.

“I’m proud to join Congresswoman Giffords, Captain Kelly and my fellow law enforcement leaders in this important fight because we need more than just thoughts and prayers to protect our nation’s law enforcement officials and communities. We need commonsense, responsible solutions.”

That quote seems a little over the top considering the facts aren’t on Ramsey’s side. In 2016, 140 cops were killed in the line of duty. But by comparison, cops killed 957 people in 2016 and almost 25 dogs owned by civilians every single day. Of course, it isn’t acceptable the police officers are being killed, but it’s also not acceptable that cops find it necessary to slaughter civilians either. And one should be looking at the straight data, rather than an emotionally charged argument when determining if cops have the right to be bullies and shoot first while asking questions later. We certainly don’t get that right.

But whether it’s liked or not, cops are government employees, and their job is to enforce the law, and many of those cops are actively seeking to make sure that the law says you cannot be armed. With so many civilians who proudly boast “thin blue line” stickers and flags, it’s hard to understand why so many top cops want those same people disarmed. It seems like this is political suicide for the police, especially considering the “thin blue line” supporters are made up of “patriots.”

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  • Ken, Megapolis

    One comes here as a prepper/conspiracy theorist not to buy guns LOL
    However, if I may make an observation gentlemen. I am convinced that despite being illegal gun ownership is at an all time high in the U.K. So is the smoking of pungent skunk weed by people who rightly or wrongly believe cannabis consumption to be a ‘vaccination’ against cancer.
    It is observed that whatever Big Business and Big Gubmint try to sell us, we have an uncanny knack of doing the opposite.
    For example I advise youngsters to go straight into the job market and not bother with Uni and all the debt you will be burdened with. For the 1st 40 years of my life I believed in education despite my own Master’s Degree leaving me with call centres, shops on minimum wage and fast food restaurants.
    I also believe that an aggressive vaccine policy will produce a madness in people’s brains which the sufferer cannot snap out of. Therefore there will be further school and cinema shootings worldwide.
    I do not believe that guns are the answer. But if left with no choice, make me a good price.
    So help me God.

    • Rj

      Nice words, you are right on the money. Vaccines are evil and against all wisdom.

      • Ken, Megapolis

        Hi Romeo Juliet. I am nearly 52. I have not had a vaccine since age 18, cholera and typhoid to visit India LOL. Nearly everyone I have spoken to is convinced the flu vaccine made them ill with a terribly tickly hack cough which will not fully disappear until May.
        If you work for the NHS the vaccine is compulsory. Other employers offer it for free but when offered to me I just LOL “You know me better than that.”
        Had a bad sore throat this week but otherwise nowt serious.
        Chin up👍🏼

      • Vaccines are unnecessary if you haven’t starved your immune system into nothing.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ


    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      I’ve never heard of a cannabis vaccine against cancer. I’d like more information, please

      • Ken, Megapolis

        Hi Reverend my good Sir. As of yet Medical Science is unable to offer a vaccine against cancer. However, what a lot of us do is try our best to reduce the odds of succumbing to such a dreaded killer.
        We try our hardest to give up smoking, drinking and eating junk food. Good luck if you too are fighting the good fight. I come against cancer in Jesus’ name.
        Forgive my abruptness but I got alarmed that Alternative Media is promoting cannabis as a cure for cancer without checking facts.
        I myself doubt if a vaccine against cancer can ever be discovered. I view cancer as a final outcome of decades, yes DECADES of wrong living.
        I once again call for a complete prohibition of substances that enslave.
        I welcome cannabis but purely for RECREATIONAL reasons.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Soooo, COME AND TAKE THEM, piggies.

  • Rj

    That’s why cops get shot trying to force people to be sheep. A tool is a tool and handled differently depending on the sanity. Ban cars? They seem to be becoming the new weapon of choice. Cops deserve what they get when they will not vet the bad ones out. Guns are here to stay.

    • They are here to stay only if we can, as Franklin told the woman, keep the republic.

    • roger

      come and take them, oinkerz

  • GAZOO2

    Armed patriots in America outnumber the police by a hundred to one.

    • But law enforcement is on their side.

      • GAZOO2

        Who’s side ?

        • The cop’s, of course!

          • GAZOO2

            Oh, you’re saying the 100 million armed patriots are on the side of the cops. Not if the cops try to take their guns.

          • No, I’m saying that the law enforcement agencies are on the side of those who work for them. In most places the thin blue line is more impermeable than Trump’s wall would be. The police officers in my state can count on patriots to stand with them because the patriots will be their first refuge should they need a posse. In an assembly of any size, there are going to be more non-LEOs carrying than LEOs present. It is legal to open carry into almost any government office here except federal, schools, and courtrooms.

          • GAZOO2

            I give up.

          • Congratulations on becoming a full-fledged sheeple.

          • GAZOO2

            I meant I give up trying to understand you. I think you’re writing from the inside of an insane assylum.

          • Have you ever heard of Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis?

          • GAZOO2

            Groan… I’ll try to find a minute to look it up.

          • It isn’t an it, but a he, and he was murdered in an insane asylum he wound up in because none of his colleagues would believe his theories about contagion during his life. His theories are now proven fact. His life is an object lesson in why I don’t really care if anyone else comprehends reality or not.

          • GAZOO2

            You’re too much.

          • It is better than being too little.

          • Jas

            That would be a bloodbath as homes of police and judges would be attacked by patriots… they are going to march in the streets and throw rocks at tanks? lol

          • GAZOO2

            I’m prepared to fight to the death and I suspect so are many others.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Lawfully Armed American citizens enjoy a minimum 3,200% numerical advantage over both the military and police, combined. This advantage potentially reaches 3,600%.

      as a group, these lawfully armed Americans possess enough weapons to arm every man woman and child in the country.

      • It is a good thing that civilians are better shots than those in uniform, on average. Police officers have the highest rate of accidental shootings and suicides of any group in the country.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          We should encourage more of that.

          • The accidental shootings and suicides?

          • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

            Suicides ,always.

            Accidental shootings only when they accidentally shoot each other.

        • Dellawtsai

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        • archer

          We should’ve kept the rope too.

          • When you’ve got a gun, why hang yourself?

          • archer

            The rope is for murdering perps.

          • Or, at least for those convicted thereof, with absolutely no compensation for those who were murdered by the state who were found to be innocent afterwards.

      • GAZOO2

        I stand corrected.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          My math might be a little bit off.

          Last time I checked the numbers, there were between 80 and 90 million lawfully Armed Americans.
          There are approximately 2.5 million in the US Military.
          There are approximately 300,000 sworn officers in America.

          • The private citizens are better armed and more well-regulated than most of the LEOs. The military thinks they are bad-ass when they are just ignorant traitors.

          • Gil G

            If American “heroes” try to take down the police and military then I’ll really be warming up the popcorn.

          • GAZOO2

            Shut the fuck up you turd munching jackass. If you watch the documentary “Innocents Betrayed ” on YouTube you will become slightly less retarded.

          • GAZOO2

            Most of them are with us. I met a guy who got out of the Army and said refusing unlawful orders was a jot topic among the troops he interacted with. The NWO has their work cut out for them. They can only do to us what they can convince us to do to ourselves.

          • juskom95

            In theory, yes, but when it comes to losing their paycheck? Nope.

            See it won’t be an all-out confiscation, but more of a ‘soft,’ confiscation, done over time and in bits.

            Gun owners will be classified as ‘terrorists,’ or those suffering from ‘mental illness,’ and the officers will respond. While they may be uneasy about responding, they will realize that if they say ‘No,’ their career is at an end. No department would hire them after that, so they will comply. They will follow orders because their financial welfare depends on it.

          • GAZOO2

            We’ll have to convince them it’s better to be unemployed than a traitor.

          • juskom95

            Look to CA, NY and IL to see how that actually plays out. These states already have draconian gun laws, actively enforced.

          • GAZOO2

            So be it. Civil War it is. Although it’s entirely possible those states can come to their senses. Especially once it becomes widely acknowledged that most of these mass shooting get are completely fake hoaxes in which nobody died.

          • Bill the eighth

            You better not include Illinois in your list of States with draconian gun laws. Illinois now is Shall issue, there were never any restrictions on the AR or standard magazines. We still have the FOID, but that is good for ten years now. Illinois is no where near as bad a NY, MD, CA, CO, CT.

          • juskom95

            Just ignore that pesky FOID, right?
            I mean nothing says “Freedom,” like an permit being required to own ammunition, or a mandatory waiting period . . .

            It is draconian, just a different way of screwing you.

          • Bill the eighth

            Yes, just like the permission you need every time you buy a firearm. Or the permit you need in most States to carry a gun or even have one in your car.

            All firearm laws are draconian, Illinois is just not as bad as other States like you claimed.

          • juskom95

            1-Only from an FFL
            2-Most stated actually do not require permits for open carry

            I know you’re trying to defend your state, but I see this fro IL people all the time. You run around shouting “The FOID isn’t bad, it is just like . . .” but in the end, your state is the problem and those idiots like yourself who defend the laws are contributing to it.

            Goodbye fudd.

          • Bill the eighth

            I am not “defending my State”. Why morons like you who seem to think they are superior to everyone else insist on putting words in other people’s mouth’s? You know, lying. You are nothing but a pedantic imbecile, arguing with someone who is far more pro-gun and has done more for gun rights than you will ever even think about.

            I didn’t defend the FOID moron, I am against it and have been working with the ISRA to get it eliminated. We have gotten them to increase the renewal from four years to ten. That would be called progress, next step is to do away with it entirely. We also got CCW passed, while fools like you were whining it would never happen. Well, we did it.

            Soviet Cook county and Chicago are still a problem, but we will continue the fight until the communists are defeated.

            GFY, it is you who is the FUDD, making idiotic comments on subjects you know less than nothing about. Illinois is not a haven of gun rights yet, but, as I clearly stated in my original post, it is not as bad ignorant fools like you make it out to be. It is certainly no where near as bad as CA, NY, CT, CO, MD, etc.

          • Then why do so many of them act like traitors?
            Treason is defined in the Constitution at Article 3, Section 3, as consisting “only in levying War against (the United States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
            All members of the American military take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (and to) bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”
            When the military is committed to foreign actions without a declaration of war by Congress, as required by Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution, that is a violation of the Constitution, arguably the action of domestic enemies.
            When a member of the military participates in an unconstitutional foreign military deployment, s/he violates both the Constitution and his/her oath to “support and defend” it, giving “aid and comfort” to it’s “domestic enemies,” committing treason by the definition given by the Constitution.

          • GAZOO2

            Yea, lots of stuff is unconstitutional. Like all gun and drug laws and many government agencies.

          • dav1bg

            I think that the military NWO will have a hard time getting our children, who are in the military, to shoot their parents. Because in reality that is exactly what they would be doing.
            An ounce of prevention, maybe we all should get more involved with our government? Run for something? I’d vote for you.

          • GAZOO2

            Really !? Wow, thanks, that’s very gratifying to hear. I’m more of a visionary than politician. I created a system of campaign finance reform that will theoretically compel politicians to be honest.

          • At least 90% of the federal government, based on a literal reading of the Declaration and the Constitution.

          • Jas

            Many?? All ‘agencies’ are unconstitutional

          • Jas

            Try refusing an ‘unlawful order’ on the battlefield…you know, the place where they have the right to shoot you for refusing to follow orders….tiny little catch 22….

          • GAZOO2

            In Vietnam it was called fraging.

  • Jim

    I have absolutely zero respect for Mark Kelly, the do as I say, not as I do person. He acts like his s**t doesn’t stink.

  • Robert Hinton

    There are thugs and criminals. BLM is a puppet group used for domestic terrorism and race dividing tactics. However, the very term ‘thin blue line’ denotes cover-ups and corruption from within. How many people have been thin blue lined? Who knows really. But we do know crime labs falsify data and have been caught(who knows how many that do this haven’t been caught) just like any thin blue line policeman would do to protect the status quo. Who protects all the corrupt government officials? Who protects and enforces the corrupt courts? Who protects and enforces all the laws, statutes, ordinances, taxes, orders, policies, and so on? There needs to be accountability from everyone at all times. This is all by design, to divide and create chaos amongst the masses. Tribalism at its finest(or worst depending on how you look at it). This us vs them, red team vs blue team, left vs right is compartmentalisation. Social engineering to keep us in check and distracted from what is really happening in this time. There is a spiritual aspect to all of this madness, infiltration, subversion and comparmentalisation. There is still a way to escape truly. Not some man made infiltrated religion but God’s James 1:27 KJV. There is still some light and truth in this world and safety in Jesus Christ alone. Not the false religions(hindu, buddha, islam, ect) or false sects of so-called “christianity” but the true Body of Christ. Jesus, God come in the flesh is Lord and the only way.

    • It would only take one constitutional sheriff to dispel all of the federal thuggery in any county like it has been checked in the one I live in.

  • SP_88

    These cops are putting their name on policies that will turn the people against them. It will be difficult to tell the good cops from the bad ones. This anti-gun stance will not be popular among the people who support the police, especially the patriots.
    Do these foolish police officers not realize that an armed citizenry actually makes them safer? There will be times when having an armed citizen/s around will save the life or lives of police officers who have been caught off guard by heavily armed criminals. It’s happened before. It will happen again.
    So go ahead, push your anti-gun agenda. But don’t say you weren’t warned that you’d be shooting yourselves in the foot. Figuratively.
    And this is besides the point, because this is our God given right, and no police officers, politicians or anyone else has the right to infringe on it. Period.
    It’s obvious that none of these idiots ever took the time to read the Constitution or the any of our founding documents. These people don’t have a clue about the laws and rights they have already violated, and intend to continue violating with more illegal laws and policies.
    These people should be arrested and charged with treason. And it doesn’t matter if they didn’t know they were breaking the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It’s no excuse for us, it damn sure shouldn’t be an excuse for those who’s job it is to enforce the law or create the law.

    • Cops shouldn’t be putting their names on any policy besides the Bill of Rights. That is the premise that moved Stewart Rhodes to found Oath Keepers. Anyone who truly believes in the enforcement of the Bill of Rights has no excuse if they fail to support Oath Keepers.

      • SP_88


  • GomeznSA

    Look at the political leanings of those high ranking cops – and who hired them, and you will find the answer as to ‘why’ they are pushing the leftist agenda. No big mystery.

    • Why are there not enough CLEOs to arrest them for violating their oaths?

      • Phil_Ossifer

        Apparently violating one’s oath of office (and a commissioned police officer/sheriff’s deputy/constable, etc., holds public office) is not an actionable offense in and of itself. Virtually every LEO is in violation of his oath of office in some way or another so where do we start?

    • jimmy joe

      “political leanings” don’t mean diddly squat!! When the Amerikan citizen is disarmed, the entire big, corrupt govt benefits, NOT JUST THE DEMOCANS!!!

  • Cracker122049

    They will bring the fight to the legal citizens no matter what the legal citizens do. These treasonous bastards , meaning all law enforcement both state county,city , state and federal along with the alphabet soup fools will bring the fight right to your door step when told to do so. Ever wonder why all these so called constitutional sheriffs and police captains are so quite for the most part? A cop is a cop and what really bothers them is they know that more and more people are seeing them for what they are and not the and not the horse shit we have always been fed! Why do you think all the military gear has been given to these traitors to use against us, its right in your face if you simply open your eye’s! The second amendment was written in very simple English and the fucking lawyers have bastardized every single word in it to suit their own agendas. Shall not be infringed if fairly simple to comprehend but not for them.

  • huntress

    Yes, of course,….the do as i say, not as i do crowd. Same hypocrits as mikey blunderhead bloomberg along with every other dumbocrap and their armed security telling the rest of us,…no guns for you, only for me. Sorry egomaniacs, my 2nd amendment is from God. You do not tell me tell what i can and cannot have to defend myself and my family, so stfu!

  • jimmy joe

    Absolutely agree! Its funny how alex jones’ real colors are shining through, as well. He tries to convince people he is all about the Constitution, libertarian, yea right. How many other sheeple just like him twist themselves into pretzels to go along with his plans is hilarious!! I think he is making this police state in which we live, EVEN WORSE!! Sending love bombs to Syria because he loves the people so much that, 1st of all, refuses to accept into the republic after his terrorists displace them, not only with the love bombs, but by supporting isis with military grade weapons and not-so love bombs, and killing innocent civilians while they are doing it!! Ridiculous!! Jones and the rest of his minions don’t even see the irony of this??

  • oldjake

    I have no doubt whatsoever there were at least 957 individuals deserving of being bagged by the cops. It isn’t very many in a country of 330 million.
    If the police are ever crazy enough to try to disarm America, I would also venture half of them would be tagged and bagged by sundown the first day. It isn’t going to happen.

  • Another appeal to authority argument.

  • juskom95

    Unfortunately while most officers are indeed pro-gun, when it comes to choosing their paycheck/retirement/benefits and enforcing anti-gun laws, or even gun confiscation, they will choose the paycheck first. They will be exempt from those laws, so they personally can rationalize it.

    Too many will lack integrity, and we already see this in the heavy anti-gun states.

  • freefall

    The role of the police is to enforce the laws handed down by the politicians and those who control them. When those making the laws are allowed to be above them (Hillary is an example) it’s just a matter of time before the enforcers also deem themselves to be above these same laws.

    It’s time to face the fact that the order-follower is really one of the lowest of creatures as they trade their conscience for compliance. And now they use force to make us do the same thing.

    Thoreau had it right:
    “THE MASS of men serve the State thus, not as men mainly, but as
    machines, with their bodies. They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers,
    constables, posse comitatus, etc. In most cases there is no free exercise
    whatever of the judgment or of the moral sense; but they put themselves on a
    level with wood and earth and stones; and wooden men can perhaps be
    manufactured that will serve the purpose as well. Such command no more
    respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the same sort of worth
    only as horses and dogs. Yet such as these even are commonly esteemed good

    Others—as most legislators, politicians, lawyers, ministers, and office-holders—serve the State chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they are as likely to serve the devil, without intending it,
    as God.

    A very few,as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men,
    serve the State with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for
    the most part; and they are commonly treated as enemies by it.”

  • Wee Willie Wacko

    These cops need to be removed from their jobs immediately, as it shows that they are on a power trip where only they should have such firearm power…