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Humor: Anti Government Phobia: Study Says Fear of the Government is a Recognizable Mental Illness; Recommends Afflicted be Committed to Mental Institution

Mac Slavo
The Daily Sheeple
February 9th, 2012

A disturbing piece was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. In it is a study that claims people who are anti-government or believe in conspiracies around the government are suffering from a condition called Anti-Government Phobia (AGP). Meaning that anyone who has a distaste for the government, the way it operates, its polices and believes there is a particular force behind it, must be mentally ill. The implications here are frightening, if you feel the government is doing something that will harm you and that it is a part of a bigger plan, you are sick. Thus the government can respond as though you are a a threat.

This is what the study actually claims:

“This study conclusively demonstrates that unfounded fear of government is a recognizable mental illness, closely related to paranoid schizophrenia. Anti-Government Phobia (AGP) differs from most mental illnesses, however, in that it is highly infectious and has an acute onset. Symptoms include extreme suspiciousness, conspiracy-mongering, delusional thought patterns, staunch “us against them” mentality, withdrawal from reality, and often religious fanaticism.”

The study also gave a suggestion on how to deal with someone who is considered to have Anti-Government Phobia:

“Having the patient committed to a qualified mental health institution is the best option for family and loved ones. For this reason, all psychiatrists and family physicians should be provided with educational materials which will help them recognize the various symptoms and warning signs accompanying onset.”

Source: Maoist Rebel News via BreitbartTV

You can read the original details of the [faux?] study here.

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  • Grandpaspeaks

    No comment.

  • Calligrl

    This is my dad to a T. He is now practically homeless and so obsessed that he can’t function in society and he does not abuse drugs. Please read the article more indepthly. When I read the study I got chills and felt faint because of memories of living with a father who slowly deteriorated. It started with him chasing government spies in our attic when I was a teenager and that turned into religious fatancism and now he is so distrustful of groups or anything official, he cannot hold down a steady job. He has five children so we all help support him but it’s been a daily battle for us. This study gave me some peace and resolution. we’ve been trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with him for 20 years and how it came about so acutely out of nowhere! There are sentences in that study that literally I’ve said out loud when trying to explain to family friends professionals etc. what is wrong with him.

    • Gnarly Carly

      Anyone who can’t see that our Govt. is corrupt to the core should be committed. What do the Fema Camps, the Body Bags, Executive Orders, Martial Law, Cameras at every damn intersection, Blanketing the sky and the air we breathe with highly toxic chemicals and biological weapons on a global basis, Fake News Events and Staged Shootings, Lies, Lies, Lies, High Treason, Murder, Fraudulent Wars, Selling guns to the Mexican Cartel for drugs, and the fact that Fema has bought up enough ammo to kill every person on earth mean to you?
      If that doesn’t raise the threat level a little, then you are brain dead. The Govt. is not your friend, Al Qaeda is the CIA, the Israelis did 911
      Those are facts and can all be proven. Wake up.

    • Gnarly Carly

      That is a little extreme, but as far as trusting the government who has repeatedly lied thru their teeth about everything, you would be a fool to do so. They are not on your side. Wake up.

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