Another Media Psyop? The Ancient Statues ISIS Supposedly Destroyed Were All FAKE

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Anyone who doesn’t know who funded, trained, armed and essentially created ISIS at this point needs to please do some research and wake up.

They are essentially like little toys being scooted around on the giant world Risk game board for the purpose of spreading fear and reshaping the Middle East in the way the empire-building nations of the West (including Israel) sees fit.

The story on RT begins:

The ancient statues that Islamic State militants smashed in Mosul on camera last month have been proved to be exact replicas of precious artifacts of Iraqi heritage. The real masterpieces of antiquity are said to be in Baghdad.

“They were copies. The originals are all here,” Baghdad’s museum director told Germany’s Deutsche Welle.

The head of the antiquity department in Iraq’s cultural heritage authority, Fawzye al-Mahdi, also told the German broadcaster that “none” of the artifacts “were originals.”

This, experts say, explains why in a video that shows the destruction statues crumble so easily.

“The reason they crumble so easily is that they’re made of plaster. You can see iron bars inside,” Mark Altaweel of the Institute of Archaeology at University College, London said to Channel 4.

So the whole story, complete with dramatic video, was about replicas…

That didn’t stop another wash of mainstream media attention given to the idea that ISIS the almighty and powerful was tromping the countryside, destroying precious, ancient, irreplaceable 2700-year-old artifacts and robbing the world of them forever.

The Diplomat: ISIS Is Destroying Priceless Artifacts. Here’s How to Stop Them.

The Daily Beast: ISIS Destroys Biblical Artifacts in Iraq

None of these outlets has posted a new story that I could find correcting their previous information about how these items were just fakes and the 2700-year-old irreplaceable items were actually totally replaceable replicas.

CNN really went to town whipping people up in a frenzy over it, complete with replay after replay of the video of the fakes being destroyed in dramatic fashion, sometimes slow motion, in multiple stories throughout the last few weeks:

Video shows ISIS militants destroying antiquities in Iraq

ISIS militants destroy antiquities with sledgehammer

Artifact destruction a security issue

Why ISIS destroys antiquities

So, now that it has come to light that these were simply fakes, where is CNN’s story about how they were simply fakes?

I just did a search and couldn’t seem to find it.

Guess all those ill-informed CNN viewers have absolutely no idea what really happened since they barely even get one side of the news to begin with; they only know that they should be more upset and shaking in their boots and afraid of the wrath of ISIS with every passing day…

Then again, CNN is the same channel that insisted ISIS is able to lure women with the magical powers of Nutella and kittens… for real.

Yeah, well, at least some of us weren’t buying the ISIS beheading videos either.

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  • So is their threat to anyone across the pond from them.

  • Joe Lizak

    Since the goal of the west is to destroy infrastructure of Iraq and Syria I thought the smashing of cultural statues was for real. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s fake though.

    • davee

      I think it’s more about this than anything. Quatar-Turkey gas pipeline that Bashar Assad was being difficult about….

      • Joe Lizak

        Yes…good point. With so much shit going on over there it’s hard sometimes to keep your eye on the ball and remember what the real reason the west and Israel are there. Control of oil and gas, and the continuation of the petro dollar.

    • If you look closely, you will see that our interest in destroying their infrastructure is tied to their intention in abandoning the petrodollar.

  • Greg Burton

    Well, of course, the Zionists who’ve created and are running ISIS are going to try and distract you from the real agenda: their Satanic New World Order, using false flag terrorism to expropriate our stuff, while subordinating the planet to their pederastic, hereditary blood-line, destroying the ecclesiastical institutions of the world, their artifacts, the religions that came about as a reaction to the horrific practices of ancient Satanic secret societies that dominated antiquity.

  • RockyMtSpirit

    I gots a gut feeling that this news story is BS.
    People, please research the destruction of ancient Buddhist sites in Afghanistan carried out by “Al-Cada” and the “Tallyban”.
    Why would the destruction of ancient Assyrian sites in Iraq, be faked?
    ISIS has beheaded hostages, Christians, and executed gay males by throwing them off buildings, not to mention other horrible events, so why would they fake destroying ancient Assyrian sites in Iraq?
    Can the ISIS state, actually afford to replicate ancient artifacts, for the propaganda benefits?
    This is BS!

    • Rivenburg

      if they REALLY were priceless they would have sold them.
      This IS an attempted duplication of the Bamiyan Buddha’s destruction, THAT move changed the minds of Europe’s citizens concerning their participation in the invasion of Afganiland.