Another Hole at Another Pole: Weird “Hole” Photographed on Mars’ South Pole, NASA Has No Idea What It Is

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Earlier today, NASA released this image from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that purports to show a circular indention near the south pole of the Red Planet.


While NASA says it might be an impact crater, they admit they don’t actually know what it is or what caused it.

“Craters in icy terrain are modified by processes that flatten and change them in such a manner that it is hard to say for sure if it had an impact origin,” NASA notes.

The shadowy lines shown in the picture were not explained either.

Normally we don’t get to see Mars’ south pole because of ice cover.


What’s interesting about it is that it’s another hole at yet another pole.

On an aside, these are also NASA photos:

Saturn’s north pole


Jupiter’s south pole


Jupiter moon Europa’s south pole (something missing there?)


Venus’ south pole (cloud vortex)


Noticing a pattern here?

North pole of Neptune (cloud cover)


Well how about this one:

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 4.48.58 AM

Notice anything there?

Yet another hole.

Just how many more years will NASA feign ignorance at what these are?

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