Another Heavily Publicized Random Mass Shooting, More Calls to Rewrite the 2nd Amendment

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While people like writer Dean Obeidallah over at The Daily Beast are calling for “political hardball” in regard to gun control, writing, “Anyone else tired of the same old bullshit we see after every gun-shooting spree?” and our congresspeople are busy introducing more anti-gun legislation every chance they get, yet another highly publicized mass shooting just occurred in Las Vegas.

The LA Times is reporting:

Five people were dead Sunday after a man and a woman ambushed two police officers at a Las Vegas pizzeria and then stormed a nearby Wal-Mart, where police said they killed themselves after a gun battle with officers.

An unidentified woman, described as a Wal-Mart customer, was also found dead inside the store just inside the door.

No motive for the tag-team attack is known, police said, although witnesses said at least one of the suspects shouted remarks about the arrival of a “revolution” and alluded to some kind of war.

Apparently one of the shooters, described as “a tall, thin, middle-aged white man in military-style clothing…with a small gun in his hand,” entered the Walmart shouting, “The revolution is about to start.”

This now makes four highly publicized shootings in the last two weeks, including those in Georgia, Seattle, and Santa Barbara, California.

People who share Obeidallah’s sentiment are banging the anti-gun drums as furiously as they can at this point.“It’s the real world where over 30 people are murdered with guns every day in the United States,” he wrote earlier today, admonishing politicians for not doing enough to halt the public’s gun access and generally painting people who stand up for the 2nd Amendment as cold, heartless bastards who care more about that gun access than a child’s life.

Never mind that he isn’t calling to ban, for random example, vehicles, which kill three times more people a year than the stat he cited. Nearly 35,000 motor-vehicle related deaths occurred in 2012 alone in this country.

Never mind that he isn’t calling to ban correctly prescribed, FDA-approved pharmaceuticals which kill on average more than 280 people a day in this country — more than 100,000 people a year and that is a conservative estimate. (Pharmaceuticals like the psychotropic variety featured in many of these mass shootings, including the recent ones in Santa Barbara (xanax), Georgia (alprazolam), and Seattle (prozac and risperdal), by the way.)

Never mind that a gun by itself can’t kill a person anyway. A gun kills someone when in the hands of a criminal who chooses to use it illegally. That’s because a criminal is not someone who follows laws.

(Yes, it really is that simple.)

Check out the picture from the LA Times story I mentioned above. Here’s a screen cap for critical analysis purposes:


These two guys are what the police look like in our country now.

It leaves you asking yourself what the hell happened in this country.


These officers look nothing like the quintessential cops of yesteryear. That’s because the American Barney Fifes of 50 years ago no longer exist.

Now our police are more like camouflaged soldiers straight off the battlefield in Afghanistan.

The only difference is that little yellow word “police” emblazoned on the back of the guy on the left. If his back didn’t say that, the average citizen might not even realize these guys were police.

Today more than 90% of towns with 50,000 people or more have SWAT teams. Our police departments aren’t just armed with guns, but with drones equipped with less lethal weapons like rubber bullets and tasers (which can still kill), armored personnel carriers, Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Trucks, and even small town forces have purchased Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles through Department of Defense military surplus programs.

If we take away guns from the citizens, the only people left who will have those guns are America’s now highly militarized police (state) officers like those in the picture above and, because again they do not follow laws, criminals who will still get them regardless of laws (the same way they do now).

Obeidallah is now calling for an all-out rewriting of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

I’m not saying repeal it, but take a page from the pro-gun lobby who for 20-plus years preached, wrote academic papers, held seminars, etc., to support the then-radical notion that the Second Amendment bestowed a personal right to own a gun, thus making it more challenging to enact laws that restrict access to them. Of course, the Second Amendment says no such thing. (source)

Quick history lesson. When the founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment, what were they ultimately trying to protect people from anyway?

The average convenience store robber or home burglar?

A random crazy person who shoots up a public place in such a manner that no amount of laws could have possibly stopped it anyway because if someone wants to hurt a whole bunch of people that badly, he or she will find a way?


The founding fathers were ultimately concerned with an oppressive, runaway tyrannical government — something all these anti-gun arguments consistently fail to mention.

That’s why they wrote, “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” and they didn’t write, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall be infringed any time some random crazy person commits some random crazy act of violence with a gun.”

*UPDATE: Before we go rewriting the 2nd Amendment, consider this*
The Las Vegas Review-Journal is currently reporting, “One unconfirmed report is that the two exchanged gunfire with a citizen who was carrying a concealed weapon, and that one of the shooters was injured.” [emphasis added]

H/T: Justin OB

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  • Mark

    NOT including war, in the 20th century governments killed about ⅓ BILLION of their own citizens.

    Governments’ crimes against humanity dwarf all private crime.

    Governments should not be allowed to have or use weapons denied to citizens.

    • matism

      Well said. And at least now, these two LVMPD pigs will no longer be able to do so.

      • Thomas Parker

        You OK? I had a thought that you were Jerad.

        • matism

          Not hardly. Those two were turned away, and never even got on the Bundy property. In spite of what ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers are claiming.

          • Thomas Parker

            It’s not important, but you might wanna check your facts. Jerad was interviewed by a local TV newscrew. He was asked to leave the Bundy ranch after revealing that he was a felon.

          • matism

            Yes indeedy, he WAS “interviewed” by that local TV news crew. And that is what they “reported”. However, they never bothered to check what he said. If they had, they would have found that he and his wife were TURNED AWAY before ever setting foot on Bundy property.

            But then some things are just WAY too difficult for “journalists” to do these days. Especially when the result might not fit their world view…

          • Thomas Parker

            I am basing my information from Jerad himself. Where does your info come from? Not important.

          • Mark

            Rabbis Yitzhak Ginzburg and Yaakov Yosef endorse Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro’s 2009 book endorsing the killing of babies and children, adding “It is
            permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not
            responsible for [threatening Israel]. If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or
            has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”


          • matism

            So you believe Jerad, eh? Then do you also believe he was right in the REST of what he said?

            My info comes from the people who were AT THE SITE, recognized the trouble this pair would cause, asked them to leave, and REPORTED THAT back when the FedPigs were still on site. WELL BEFORE the recent festivities.

          • Mark

            “If we see that a Gentile’s life is in danger, we should not save him.” (Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Avodah Kochavim, 10:1)

            …and so they dumped this dying man off their property without even calling an ambulance:


            Connect the dots:

            (1) what Chabad teaches about killing Gentiles &

            (2) what the Chabadniks did—they dumped a dying man off their
            property, a man who had celebrated Purim with them. They didn’t call an
            ambulance. They let the Gentile die, EXACTLY as their Master Race creed

        • Mark
  • Wayne Downey

    It appears the cops were targeted, most likely because of their over reaching assertiveness actions and brutal tactics against the general populace. NO problem with that happening. And maybe the guy at Walmart screwed them in some way. Illegal searches happen in Walmart on a daily bases. So once again, no problem there. If they wanted to kill innocent people, they had more than enough opportunity to do so but did not. Just put 2 and 2 together. Don’t listen to the cops, they are going to lie about the situation to cover up their wrong doings. Oh and by the way, guns did not kill anyone here, PEOPLE DID!

    • Justin OB

      2 maniacs went on a killing spree which ended in a suicide mission. 1 citizen with a concealed weapon prevented these 2 scumbags from killing more people just minding their own business. Crazy people exist. Thats not going to change. The thing that I hope doesnt change is sane people being able to defend themselves against crazy people legally. Either way society is being divided between law enforcement and citizens. Its going in a bad direction unfortunately.

    • Thomas Parker

      The guy at Wal-Mart pulled out a gun and was killed by Amanda.

  • Justin OB

    A citizen with a concealed carry weapon ended this rampage. That wasnt mentioned in my local msm propaganda rag. Not a military style assault team of cops.

  • Janet Huelett

    The media now asserts that if more than 1 person is killed, it is a mass shooting. The media will say anything to forward their agenda.

    • Thomas Parker

      I believe four is the magic number.

  • Andy

    Hopefully our conservative politicians will keep the wolves off our backs , but if they don’t they will be judged along with the leftist socialists that are trying to disarm us and take away what little freedom we have left , when the 2nd does happen , folks if ya’ll did keep up with the anti-gun ya’ll know that we almost had a revolution if the bill had passed , quite a few conservatives came forward and even expressed this . We are in a downward spiral in this nation , we have an administration that wants to destroy our nation , along with some of his communist allies in the House and Senate , most of the folks that call for gun control are these communists , most of them are Democrats but there are also some RINO’S with them , until the government really turns around and tries to do something truly right about all of these killings that are mostly perpetrated by mentally unstable people , then no other recourse will do any good , but this is not to happen , because they want all the guns , nothing else will do for them . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

    • Thomas Parker

      Andy, I don’t think you could farther off the rails. “…we have an administration that wants to destroy our nation , along with some of his communist allies in the House and Senate,,,” You do realize that you’re insane, doncha.

  • mnyama

    Im sorry about the shooting but I need and will keep my two guns. I’m a single woman who lives alone. I do not expect help from the police. I doubt highly seriously any criminal will give back their guns if needed. They’d just watch as we do.

  • ccc

    These people who shoot people randomly are under illuminati Hypnotize just like the JFK shooter.

    The illuminati are trying to force the public to accept taking their guns away is good by continuously pumping out hypnotize shooters that randomly kills people.

    There is nothing communist there. This is the New World Order in action.

    The left & right non-sense are created by the NWO in the first place.

  • ThePatriotMuckraker

    Are we supposed to feel bad for these paramilitary cops? Honestly,
    I don’t care about them, or their families. 500 innocent people killed by cops
    in 2013 “had families.” These “standing armies” called “police
    forces” consider Americans a threat (FACT), and share information with DHS,
    FEMA, NSA, FBI, CIA, and any other unconstitutional alphabet organizations
    (FACT.) Countless other abuses by these sanctioned thugs of the state and we
    are supposed blame guns and feel bad for them. Ask anyone in those NYC “stop
    & frisked” zones if they are living in America. Boo, hoo for the pigs. And,
    anyone ratting out Americans because they hate the government is not only a
    stupid (American was built on hating overbearing governemnt), but a good German
    traitor. And, no amount of: baseball, flags and apple pie will buy back your
    American soul 😉

  • Thomas Parker

    From the Facebook page of Jerad Miller :”We can hope for peace. We must, however, prepare for war. We face an enemy that is not only well funded, but who believe they fight for freedom and justice. Those of us who know the truth and dare speak it, know that the enemy we face are indeed our brothers. Even though they share the same masters as we all do. They fail to recognize the chains that bind them. To stop this oppression, I fear, can only be accomplished with bloodshed. May the best men of our beloved nation stand and fight tyranny, without fear and without regret. May we stand proud as free men instead of kneeling as slaves. May we offer our children a free and just world with our blood, sweat and tears as payment. Let our wives and lovers take vengeance upon our enemies in our absence. We cannot fail in this endeavor of Liberty, if we do we risk leaving our orphaned children to the will of tyrants. We, cannot with good conscience leave this fight to our children, because the longer we wait, our enemies become better equipped and recruit more mercenaries of death, willing to do a tyrants bidding without question. I know you are fearful, as am I. We certainly stand before a great and powerful enemy. I, however would rather die fighting for freedom, than live on my knees as a slave. Let it be known to our children’s children that free men stood fast before a tyrants wrath and were found victorious because we stood together. That we all cast aside our petty differences and united under the banner of Liberty and Truth. May future generations look back upon this time in history with awe and gratitude, for our courage to face tyranny, so that they could live happy and free.”
    Jerad is no longer with us. He was killed by his wife Amanda Miller after the newlyweds murdered three people, including two police officers. Amanda, sadly, killed herself soon after. They had recently partied at the Cliven Bundy ranch, but were asked to leave because he was a felon. I don’t think anyone doubted that this was the act of a modern “patriot.” He was gun obsessed and liked all sorts of rightwing-nut websites. Wouldn’t surprise me to learn he posted here on occasion. Anybody know him? One question, y’all. Was he just insane or just over-committed?

  • Thomas Parker

    No, I think you are misinformed. It was a man killed.

  • hvaiallverden

    How f…. convinient, huh and even a “conspiracy nutt” and even wurse a “patriot”.
    Jupp, it must be that, right.

    Its a parralell to why isnt atesim attaced when some gruop of claimed ateits lighted a Gay person for the funn of it, and why.
    Then all ateists are crasy, arent they.
    The logic displayed is, hehe, moronic.
    This is math at high level, or was it the opositt, and this type of MSM rethoric is equally idiotic as why are people afraid of sharks, when sea snakes klls several thousands, while sarks kills a handfull every year, and even people up where I live is woried about the great white shark.
    The stupidity is epidiemic.
    And biblical is size.

    Despite the graveness, this is utter bollocs and they and we all know it, fatcs and whatever there is and even nuttaleric reactions kills More people and why isnt nuttproducts then banned, americans. The morons is imune to facts, forgett that, what I will highlight is what They will do with this drivel afterward, hunt down anyone, thats not mashing with the rest.
    Consentration camps, or sorry sorry, learning facilitys, to learn how to think in the terms They want.
    Where have we read about this type of gov. before, anyone.

    The ziotruds are panicing.
    I have just promissed people to even escalet everything even further, into the realms of reality, even the morons havent a f… clue about.
    Where is the intellectuall supremacy, huh.
    It was never there, its all based on Lies, and the rotten to their core, the cheep prestitutes of the MSM.
    Just follow me, and that becomes glearingly obvious.


    • Thomas Parker

      Hey dipshit, you spelled a word correctly, seventh word, first line “a.” Congrats.

  • Thomas Parker

    OK, Mosquito, whatever you say.

  • Thomas Parker

    Little Mosquito, I am more than just a common troll. I am superintendent for the Pacific Northwest for ECOMCON. I set policy on how troll attacks are to be made. You fuckers are causing a lota headaches for me. That little stunt in Las Vegas Sunday caused me a real beat down by the Chairman himself! You fucking assholes, why did you run into a Wal-Mart for fucks-sake? You know a lotta the people who shop there carry, right. And so that poor smuck Amanda shot now has children that are wards of the State. Sloppy, sloppy. You know what’ll happen if we have to use the military on you? No lawyer, no Miranda, straight to execution-and we won’t ask you how you want it done. Rope, only (it’s considered to be the most sustainable method and don’t worry, you will be
    composted). You guys need to do a better job policing your nut cases.

    • Mark

      “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order.
      They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever… their material abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews…”
      Abraham Foxbrunner.
      Habad: The Hasidism of Schneur Zalman of Lyady. Northvale NJ: Jason Aronson Inc., 1983. Pp. 108-109.

  • Harvey817

    Any anti gun idiots out there willingbto admit how many gun laws were broken inthis dispicable shooting? How mentally challenged are these people to think that another law would stop any gun crimes? It is not about guns. IT IS ABOUT CONTROLLING THE CITIZENS AND FORCING TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT ON THE PEASANTS!