Another Fast and Furious: Confidential Email Proves Hillary Clinton Supplied Al-Qaida with Weapons through Benghazi Embassy!

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A confidential intelligence email obtained by True Pundit provides proof that President Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton created a secret and illegal alliance between the United States and a faction of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization to ultimately assassinate Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi and distribute weapons to Middle Eastern terror groups, intelligence sources confirm.

The March 2011 email, sent to Clinton’s private email server from intelligence consultant and long-time confidant Sidney Blumenthal, provides devastating overt and covert revelations of how the United States, under Clinton’s Dept. of State, secretly violated a number of domestic and international laws by colluding with foreign governments and the terrorist organization and its leaders to conduct rogue foreign policy. The information in the email, coupled with corroboration and background from intelligence sources, highlight egregious political and legally questionable abuses including:

*Clinton directly aligned and allied with Al-Qaeda and its fanatics to overthrow, assassinate Gaddafi.

*Clinton directly armed and commissioned known terrorists and sworn foes with weapons in Libya, a direct violation of UN Security Council resolution 1973, which called for a complete arms embargo on Libya.

*Clinton and Obama together financed Al-Qaeda to overthrow Libyan government and stockpile weapons, including tanks and heavy artillery, which were ultimately shipped from Libya to terror factions in Syria and elsewhere.

*According to intelligence sources, many of the weapons supplied to Al-Qaeda factions were believed to have be used against Americans in the Sept. 11 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs. Stevens is the first U.S. ambassador killed in an attack since Adolph Dubs was killed in 1979.

But the United States didn’t act alone. Using the public guise of humanitarian intervention in Libya to prevent a massacre by the Gaddafi regime, Britain, France and Egypt acted with the U.S. to train and arm Al-Qaeda to assassinate Gaddafi and stockpile weapons to eventually ship to Syrian. Also, the United Nations and several key NATO countries, including the U.S., also assisted this rebel regime with air strikes. Gaddafi was eventually assassinated on Oct. 20, 2011 at the hands of the Libyan rebels, less than six months after Blumenthal’s email.

Blumenthal’s detailed intelligence briefing highlights a list of weapons commissioned by the U.S. the Libyan “rebels” had stockpiled in Benghazi for the plot against Gaddafi.

These knowledgeable sources add that the insurgents have the following weapons stockpiled in Benghazi:

82 and 120 mm. mortars;

GPZ type machine guns;

12.7mm. machine guns mounted on 4×4 vehicles;

some anti-aircraft batteries type ZSU 23/2 and 23/4 as well as Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems (MANPADS) type SAM7;

some tanks type T-72;

Possibly some fixed wing aircraft, and

some light transport/medium helicopters.

A seemingly endless supply of AK47 assault rifles and ammunition (even for systems ZSU 23/4 and 23/2).

Blumental likewise details that French, British and Egyptian Special Forces troops were training the rebels inside of western Egypt and in the western suburbs of Benghazi. He likewise acknowledges that the foreign “troops are overseeing the transfer of weapons and supplies to the rebels,” a direct violation of international law and UN resolutions.

Blumenthal’s descriptions are heavy with Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and pinpoint a key liaison between the United States and the rebel army: General Abdelfateh Younis, then-commander of the rebel forces. According to Blumenthal, Younis was working with French diplomats and intelligence officers in Egypt. According to sources, Younis was also engaged in planning strategy with British and U.S intelligence operatives and the primary lynch pin to the United States’ anti-Gaddafi operation in Libya.

Blumenthal’s intelligence report mentions security officials feared Al-Qaeda could gain a strong foothold in Libya post-Gaddafi, absent swift intervention by the the U.S, Britian, France or Egypt. He fails to mention, or perhaps even realize however, that Al-Qaeda had already done just that.

According to intelligence sources, Younis was a native from the Haribi tribe, the dominant tribe in northeast Libya, and the one that directly overlaps with al Qaeda. Intelligence sources confirm Younis, who held the rank of General and later Minister of Interior in Libya, was also a senior military official in Al-Qaeda. When Clinton traveled to France to meet the Libyan rebels at a low-key summit with French President Sarkozy, she met Libyan opposition leader Mahmoud Jibril, a close associate of Younis’ and fellow native of the Haribi tribe. Both men served as ministers under Qaddafi and both, again, have definitive Al-Qaeda links, according to intelligence.

According to intelligence, Jibril is also known in extremist circles as Mustafa Abdul Jalil; Abdul-Jalil Arabic: مصطفى عبد الجليل; Abdul-Jelil; Abd-al-Jalil; Abdel-Jalil; Abdeljalil; and frequently but erroneously as Abud Al Jeleil. He served as the interim Prime Minister of Libya from the time of Blumenthal’s email through Oct. 2011. He is still alive. However, Younis was killed in action in 2011, just prior to Gaddafi.

Ironically, the U.S. was cutting secret deals to commission Al-Qaeda to remove Gaddafi and move weapons at the same time Obama was trumpeting the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden who was reportedly killed on May 2, 2011, the exact time frame the U.S. was freelancing the terror group for its own benefit.

Obama touts death of Al-Qaeda leader, while secretly commissioning the terror group to do U.S. bidding in Libya (above)

Blumenthal’s detailed list of military hardware compiled by the rebels to Clinton is dated March, 2011. The confidential email listing such weapons largely contradicts public testimony where Clinton swore the U.S. had no role in running guns and weapons to Syrian rebels or any other faction. One such example was in January 2013. Sen. Rand Paul asked Clinton whether the U.S. was involved in the shipping of weapons from Libya to any other country. Paul’s questioning hinged on his belief that weapons from Libya ultimately ended up in the hands of Syrian rebels who later joined with al Qaeda in Iraq to form ISIS. Their exchange is noteworthy now more than ever.

The Bush approach was to use the presence of Al-Qaeda as a reason, or the carrot, for direct military attack or meddling in the Middle East. The Obama and Clinton method, however, is now clear: Use and pay Al-Qaeda to secretly overthrow independent governments, and then partition or plunder the countries to your liking, regardless of domestic and international law. Perhaps now a clearer picture of what the United States was doing in Benghazi is beginning to come into focus. But, given the violent American-hating population of northeast Libya that was being secretly armed by U.S. coffers, the utter foolishness of the Obama administration was to actually believe that these weapons would not be turned against those who provided them. That changed on Sept. 11, 2011. Perhaps if the Benghazi attacks never happened, this story may have never been written and no one would have know what Clinton was illegally spearheading in Libya.

Read the full, now Unclassified email, below (click to enlarge):


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  • Rick E.

    So which is it? Al Qaida is an enemy or an ally? SUPPOSEDLY they did 911. But we will never know for sure.
    BUT, Hang the bitch for treason!

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      She should be hung in public, too – just to make sure it’s not faked.

    • Mollie Norris

      Mohammad Ata, whose undamaged passport was found at ground zero, was an Egyptian citizen who was a Mossad agent, according to his father.(28 pages) The “Israeli Art Student’s Project” rented space on the 91st floor of the WTC filled with 1000Mw wireless switches. Mossad agents who had set up video equipment to film “the event” were dancing in the street on 9/11. They drove a van with a graphic of an airliner flying into the WTC, and were arrested by a New Jersey cop later in the morning. The van blew up, but the officer describes it in a youtube video. There are also videos of the “Israeli Art Students'” workspace and the dancing Mossad agents.
      An associate of HW Bush was interviewed shortly after the attack, before there was any info available, and told reporters Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was responsible.
      Excellent referenced info on 9/11 http://www.wanttoknowdotinfo/911information

      (replace the dot with a .)

      • Mollie Norris

        Al Qaeda and Black Muslims were Arab Nazis who fought with Hitler’s troops in North Africa during WWII. The US funded Al Qaeda to fight Russian communists in the ME; Hillary has a youtube interview on this.

  • Mike

    hang them both for treason.

  • ExecutorOffice

    Bumper Sticker: You can trust the government, just ask the Indians.

    • Puddintain

      Yep. They know what’s best.

  • D3f3nd3r

    Aiding and abetting the enemy? Or, is there a subtle distinction in that they’re not the enemy when they’re doing your dirty work? Once they turn your weapons on you, though, I guess they become the enemy again. It’s too convoluted to discern. But, a couple of things are coming clear in the last few days. First, Hillary clearly committed perjury (lying to Congress, again) and other high crimes (both domestic and international) in relation to these antics. Second, by sending $400,000,000 to Iran, Obama gave material support to a known sponsor of terrorism (and, by proxy, to terrorists themselves). We know this because both he and Kerry admitted that they understood that some of this money could go to terrorist organizations. This is also a crime. Let’s see how quickly the MSM jumps on this and demands answers. What? Don’t hold my breath?

  • It is not Paranoia

    Now I want her as a president.

  • Err Amerika

    Um, Bush overthrew the independent government of Iraq.

    • Abe

      Hang them while there at it.

  • RockyMtn1776

    I have always thought Ambassador Stevens either knew or suspected we were illegally gun running into Syria. This is another reason Obama is forced to protect Killary, both of them are in this up to their necks in not only the action but also the massive cover-up. This is treason at it’s height yet these two are going to get away with it. The FBI won’t prosecute , our elected officials in both political parties are corrupt and worthless, and not enough American citizens care enough to do anything about it if they even know. The downhill slide into a banana republic continues until we reach a true Fascist/Communist nation that has been the goal of many for years.

    • Kacy Stroud

      Thank You, Rocky you sharing that Ambassador Stevens knew or suspected that we were illegally gun running into Syria ..
      I never understood why he was allowed to be killed a long with all the others as well as our Marines ..

      That is very possible to believe,maybe this is why ” Hilary said in a post article to Obama ‘ If I go down Obama, You will go down with me ” … I didn’t understand what she meant by that remark or what she had on Obama but this could be the connection .. Obama has been behind a lot of BS here lately when it comes to him being partial to the Islamic’s /Muslim’s / Syrian’s, he just gave Billions to Iran and made up some cockamain story about us owing it to them … Between Obama and Hilary they have ever intention of destroying our Nation, our Freedom’s, our Free Speech, Every Dang thing..,

      • RockyMtn1776

        If we go down the tube into the trash heap of history, it won’t be without a fight. There are millions of Americans who will fight until the end to save our nation. It’s almost 50-50 now, those who want little govt. involvement and those who want cradle to grave welfare with their every need taken care of by government. It’s going to get ugly by the time the dust clears. REAL ugly !

        • Kacy Stroud

          Ya I agree its just exactly like those 2 movies on ” RED DAWN ” the USA being invaded by troopers coming in by parachute and also by land with military vehicles rounding up US citizens into Camps .. The thing is and I can’t stress this Enough but everything that is happening is predicted to happen through Biblical prophecies God’s word. Sure many people will dispute this and deny that there is any validity to the Bible but it comes down to their own Spiritual Ignorance of God’s Truth.. That book is more accurate as far as what’s happening in the WORLD and our Nation than any other book in existence, but yet people will still balk at it which this is also mentioned in the bible in the New Testament … I just know this that what is happening in the
          WORLD has been predicted through prophecies of God’s word and it’s safe to say that it’s an ” HOLY WAR ” between
          HEAVEN and HELL , SATAN and GOD, SAINTS and DEMONS, GOOD VS EVIL, the SAVED and the LOST, …

          People will be judged by their actions and words (ALL) including myself to the point where we’ll either be spared of what’s coming or perish with those that chose to live
          IMMORAL COWARDLY lives as ” SINNERS ” … (The Rapture – ‘ in a twinkling of an eye ‘ people will vanish from the FACE of the EARTH, MATTHEW 24:17+)

          There are MANY that claim to be CHRISTIANS but GOD says that you will know them by their FRUITS (ACTIONS) so if you claim to be ONE, than WALK the Walk, because GOD is watching to see if you’re just another COWARD that goes around like the WORLD does and LIES,CHEATS,STEALS,LUST, having SEX outside of marriage and Worldly possessions all the things that the World does on a Consistent basis …

          As God’s created people were not suppose to live as the WORLD does, who cares about the ‘ RICH and IGNORANT ‘ they won’t be able to buy their way into HEAVEN or BRIBE GOD on JUDGEMENT DAY …

          I often wonder why those that are ‘ MILLIONAIRES ‘ want to ‘ BILLIONAIRES ‘ you’d think this would satisfy them to ‘ Have It All ‘ but ” NO ” they want to make every body ” MISERABLE ” and totally become their “SLAVES”.

          They want to be ” THE KINGS of the WORLD ” and have
          US ALL Becken to their every need just like those of the
          ROMAN EMPIRE, EGYPT, so many other Kingdoms before US ..

          That’s what this ONE WORLD ORDER is ‘ ALL ‘ about a long with the ONE WORLD RELIGION that POOP FRANCIS talks about …

          These Elite people call it ‘ New World Order ‘ there’s nothing new about it, it’s the same BS that has happened down through the Centuries where the so called Educated and Important people of their TIME wanted to ‘RULE ‘ over the PEOPLE and the WORLD and be Treated as someone SPECIAL as Self appointed KING & QUEENS ..

          The only KING that I will ever BOW down to will be
          ” KING ” JESUS because that’s what he is : The King of
          All the WORLD (PEOPLE) …

          As far as Killing anyone I pray to God I’ll never be put into that situation, but if I am may it be someone that really hates True CHRISTIANS and is in GOD’s eyes authorized because that person is indeed evil and lacks mercy and compassion towards another fellow human being …

          Were all going to be ” TESTED ” in the very near Future how we conduct ourselves among others, as I said GOD is ” WATCHING ” ALL of US and the time for being the
          BEST that you can possibly be is ” NOW ! ”

          My advise for all who still have Goodness and true Love in their Heart & Soul is to Read God’s word, pray for his
          guidance and wisdom to lead your life through these Very DARK DAYS that are upon US ALL …

          Because the GOD of ALL the UNIVERSE and CREATION is tired of all the BS that he has had to put up with from US and Now that were living in the LAST DAYS of this Planet (EARTH) and the HOUR GLASS is Half Full, we better get our Priorities Right if we ever want to be Spared of the EVIL that is being “UNLEASHED ” upon this WORLD ..

          There’s no Stopping ” SATAN ” from entering this Realm,
          he’s ‘ ALIVE ‘ and he’s coming soon, and OBAMA , HILARY, CHANEY, ROMNEY, and many others are doing what they can to CLEAR THE PATH FOR HIS ARRIVAL .

          Prepare Your Hearts,Souls and Lives Now for the SAVIOR (JESUS) he is truly the Hope of ALL …

          If he is only going to SPARE 144,000 ISRAELITE’S , the
          12 TRIBES of JUDAH , what does that say for all the
          HEATHEN NATION’s those that are supposed to be
          ” BORN AGAIN ? “

  • HongryHawg

    And what will come of it? Nothing, given the number of traitors seated in the US Government. Makes one almost believe this nation should go down.

  • Mindy Robinson

    hillary and obama have openly committed treason , high crimes against this nation and crimes against humanity , this is fact, proven. Yet nothing has been done. There is only one way justice and freedom will be restored to this nation, prayer and action by the people.

  • Lakshmi

    Google: Four star admiral accuses Barack Obama of treason. The guards at the compound were ordered to put their weapons in another building. Chris Stevens was set up for murder. All email evidence has been deleted

  • patriotism-matters

    1Although Billary used the hidden server for her own foundation corruption, it was originally setup for communique between her and Obama to go around the “Public Records Act” whilst she was orchestrating the killing of Gaddafi and destruction of Libya.

    It worked so well they used it for the Benghazi program where they organized, funded, and armed, via Turkey( for assist in phony coup to usher in Islamic rule) and Iranian ports( for 400 million PLUS) ; ISIS. Weapons including MANPADS were purchased and stolen from Libyan rebels by CIA Special Activities Division and 1st SFOD-D US ARMY personnel.
    Russian Intel found out in NO TIME and fed it to IRAN who then hired and lead (thanks to they already having IRGC INTEL folk inside as cleaners) local Libyan gang which attacked and killed Americans in the CIA OP center.

    Since both sides of the DC duopoly gang were in on it, as the original OP was approved by the Intel committees of both houses of the 112th congress and their ex-officios.
    Everything, absolutely everything since has been smoke. So much so that all of our sphincters could sue Phillip-Morris!

    That is why the emails will never appear nor will Benghazi truth come out. Nor will that female dog Hillary Clinton or her useful idiots ever be held to account.

    The deal worked fine with Trey Gowdy a past prosecutor who knew exactly what evidence and questions not to ask so as not to out the rebloodlicans involved and Obama, with an assist from Eric Holder; knew exactly what to hide, release and not release.

    The conclusion of the deal is the 2 year budget debacle for Obama with no BENGHAZI IMPEACHMENT and Boehner leaving with his Speakership intact with NO BENGHAZI IMPEACHMENT”S” . For Rebloodlicans the IRS held back 501C3 requests just long enough so the crooks of congress could get reelected back into our orifices, er… offices.

    Now Boehner part deux named Paul “LYIN” RyanO, will pay all the useful idiots in congress that were Boehner’s boys, after Boehner leaves; with committee chairs and bills turned to laws that they THINK will keep them in our orifices. er.. Offices (dang freudian slips). Look at their voting records since the Benghazi debacle…

    Everything in between and since has been coordinated. See the membership lists.
    112th Congress (2011-2012) US SENATE Select committee on Intelligence/
    Dianne Feinstein-California-Chairman
    Saxby Chambliss-Georgia-Vice Chairman
    Republicans-Olympia J. Snowe Maine, Richard Burr North Carolina, James Risch Idaho, Daniel Coats Indiana, Roy Blunt Missouri, Marco Rubio Florida,
    Ex Officios Mitch McConnell Kentucky, John McCain Arizona, Harry Reid Nevada, Carl Levin Michigan

    112th Congress HOUSE Permanent Select committee on Intelligence
    Mike Rogers Michigan, Chair, Mac Thornberry Texas, Sue Myrick North Carolina, Jeff Miller Florida. Mike Conaway Texas, Peter King New York, Frank LoBiondo New Jersey, Devin Nunes California,
    Lynn Westmoreland Georgia, Michele Bachmann Minnesota, Tom Rooney Florida, Joe Heck Nevada,
    Dutch Ruppersberger Maryland Ranking Member, Mike Thompson California, Jan Schakowsky Illinois,
    James Langevin Rhode Island, Adam Schiff California, Dan Boren Oklahoma, Luis Gutiérrez Illinois,
    Ex officious John Boehner, Ohio, Nancy Pelosi, California, Ben Chandler Kentucky

    She should be tried for treason right next to Obama the IslamoMarxist.
    Ever notice that we switched Islamic sects/ religions(Shiite, Sunni) as soon as the CONMAN-IN-CHEAT took office?

  • reagangs

    Hang every ones criminal ass that was involved. We are getting tired of this crap from both elected and unelected bureaucrats and their IDIOTS