Another Deep Underground Military Base? Google Maps Shows Something Hidden Under the Gulf of California

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While The UK Sun is reporting that UFO spotters claim this is a giant alien city (*eye roll*), it makes a whole lot more sense if it is anything that it might be the outlines of a deep underground military base, or DUMB.

Check it out:


Almost looks like an airport, doesn’t it?

As reported just a few weeks ago, the military began discussing under-ocean military bases back in the 1960s:

For example, in 1968 the Stanford Research Institute discussed the construction of dozens of undersea bases. The study was titled “Feasibility of Manned In-Bottom Bases.” It’s important to show you the abstract here, because it clearly reveals what the military-industrial complex was considering, and what they could do within their technological reach at the time — more than four decades ago.

*I obtained this abstract from the source listed below, if you would like to see it yourself, you can find it HERE.


The construction of thirty manned in-bottom bases within the ocean floors is technically and economically feasible. However, it will be necessary to establish some successive types of experimental facilities before a full construction program can be started. This could take 15 years. The major technology for a land-linked station in-bottom is established now; only adaptations are needed. The remaining experimental phases will require further development of equipment and techniques applicable to remote sea access. There are useful assignments for a succession of three experimental stations other than advancing in-bottom construction techniques. Science and engineering concerned with the oceans and their resources will be furthered and military tests of undersea base functions complimenting deeper operations can be accomplished. The costs of the experimental phase, called here a demonstration program, can be surprisingly modest: approximately one half-billion dollars, spent over 15 years…

Considering that was published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics nearly 50 years ago, there’s absolutely no reason to think they haven’t been able to accomplish this by now.

Whatever is on that Google Maps image, it definitely doesn’t look “natural”.

And, let’s face it, the military has been rolling out ye olde alien excuse to cover up anything it wants to do in secret since Roswell, 1947 (coincidentally the same year the National Security Act was passed, hm, fancy that).

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  • Tim the Plumber

    and another one off the south coast of Puerto rico I found many years ago.

  • Red Tick Alert

    I don’t know why this should be a shock to be honest, because underwater submarine bases (pens) were utilised in WWII and certainly are today. It is just a step forward.

    • Sarah Rivers


  • lernin

    Well of Joogle would stop airbrushing the ocean bottom, we could see a lot more too. There are strange geographical patterns off the coast of the Yucatan as well. I doubt they are military, but certainly not a natural occurring pattern. My bet is evidence of ancient civilizations.

    • Sarah Rivers

      A distinct possibility–too bad world history is seldom taught in public schools today—or are they now indoctrination stations now?

      • lernin

        It’s world history from the department of propaganda; History written from the viewpoint of the victor – not real history.

  • SP_88

    It’s an underwater alien UFO landing base. And our government is working with the aliens to take over the world. And Obama is a pod-person, alien hybrid who will soon shed his skin and become the next president disguised as someone else. The same alien has been president since Jimmy Carter. All this information came to me through a memory implant I got during an abduction. I think they can hear me think.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Nutjob. there is no way Theodore Roosevelt was human.

      • SP_88

        Could have been a different shape shifting alien though.

  • looks like a bad crayon drawing of a tugboat.


    Can’t be a government facility, there’s NO “Your tax dollars hard at work”

    sign visible!!

    • g.johnon

      just another elitist hidey hole for when the shit hits the fan.


    Why would they establish a base right in an area which are prone to big earthquakes?? Sounds very stupid doesn’t it ??

    • navre12

      The Federal, State, Local governments and private corporations spend and invest 100’s of Billions annually in the state of California.
      We have housing prices that have far given away to absurdity but it continues to increase why? Nobody is concerned about end of the world earthquakes happening here.

      The US Defense Department can not account for some $2.4 Trillion in defense appropriations, we have wasted $1Trillion on the F-35 fighter, so, do you honestly believe that our military would think that the chance of a cataclysmic earthquake would prevent the construction of a desired military asset?

      • LUCIFER

        It would be like building big cargo ships and put them right in the middle of the Nevada desert and wait for the ocean to arrive ! It sounds like all the bogus bull dust NASA wants to sell the world, but doesn’t realise that not all people on this planet are idiots !!

        • navre12

          Doesn’t matter what you think makes sense our government waste $Billions every year so it’s no surprise that they would do this.

    • Jerry Mael

      They are not on the fault line.. their low-profile section would just move.

    • Jeffersonian

      Our govt does not discriminate where they spend OUR money! To people like Nancy Pelosi, that’s just another Stimulus Package! They put infrastructure where the Senator with the most clout demands it!

  • I_P_Frehley

    Constructing a DUMB, underwater, near a fault line…yeah no issues with that. Honestly, that makes it a little more believable, seeing as these people may be powerful but not all that bright.

  • Bobby Hopkins

    runways?kinda hard to take off in a plane under water i would think,but what do i know.

  • jal64

    This might be more believable if it looked like something other than an airfield. Submarines don’t need runways and airplanes are not submersible.

  • MA Deuce

    I got one in my basement.

  • mayday911us.

    When what type of base that is I can’t tell you. But it really looks like an airport to many straight lines.

  • Jeffersonian

    Yep! Definately looks like an airport, and I should know! I’ve been designing them for 20 yrs!