Anonymous Hacks NASA: Leaked Documents Expose Chemtrailing Operation

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(This post originally appeared at Tru News.)


A Private hacking group named Anonsec has leaked information they claim originated from NASA’s internal network, showing evidence of an extensive drone weather modification program.

Anonsec released a zine, a self published paper, containing a detailed recount of their hack,  as well as an analysis of the data they recovered and their driving motivations behind the operation.


In their leak, information regarding NASA’s connection to weather modification research was found in a log of a DC-8 jetliner, which was conducting a flight in accordance with their “Alternative-Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise EmiSSions” project.

Anonsec Admin Dêfãult Vírüsa leaked the information early last week to Mikael Thalen of Infowars, before making a public release Sunday.

Also released Sunday was a 276 Gigabyte (GB) data package of  631 aircraft and radar videos, 2,143 flight logs and the personal data of 2,414 NASA employees.

In Anonsec’s zine, they claim that they were discovered and lost access to the NASA servers after altering the flight path of a $222.7 million US Drone flying across the Pacific. In the hijacking the group planned to crash the GlowbalHawk drone into the ocean.

NASA officials have not yet commented on the information leak, nor confirmed its validity, but the released NASA employee information has been verified as real and a drone flight log has been discovered which coincides with Anonsec’s story.

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  • Anonymous is not Anonsec is not Anonymous.

    • SP_88

      I thought Facebook was against anyone who has anti-government beliefs. They have removed some posts that are right wing such as pro-gun and pro-life material, etc. And they recently stopped allowing private firearms transactions. If Facebook tolerates their presence, do you feel that it casts doubt on their agenda? Facebook certainly seems to be sympathetic to the government’s agenda.
      I’ve never heard of Anonsec before, so I have no idea, but I can’t imagine that Facebook has no idea who they are.

      • I didn’t say anything about anybody’s agenda, just their anonymity. Facebook is rigorously attentive to political correctness, so if you don’t understand their agenda, you need to study political correctness.

        • SP_88

          I know you didn’t say anything about their agenda, I was just asking because it seemed like it would affect how believable Anonsec is.

          • Given how anal Facebook is about knowing the true identity of its members, being anonymous would seem to be unacceptable, but I guess if the organization is known, the individual members could be anonymous. It seems a bit like a standing army that never acts to me.

  • Mike

    Well, those of us that have been paying attention and have done the research know that the government has been manipulating the weather in may ways. Con trails is just one of them. HAARP is another one.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    In all probability, the information they uncovered is genuine. The next time someone brings up the “man-made, global climate change” bullshit again-refer back to articles such as this. IF man-made climate change were real, it would be because of the efforts of governments who seek dominion over anything and everything they can touch-not the mere existence of the human race, as we are prodded to accept.

  • I believe not only in global warming, but also GLOBAL MELTING !! This joint is gonna’ get smeltered …..

  • mirageseekr

    I am not buying it. First because no legitimate Anonymous would leak to the shills at infowars. Second I think we should all be concerned that they are doing a hell of a lot more than weather modification.

    • It is not Paranoia


      Everytime I see “infowars” I know it’s bullshit.

      If only they got the information that there’s no such thing as going into outer space.

      • sunshine

        Van Allen radiation belts….YEP. I like to see someone else who knows what’s going on 🙂

  • posercom

    Geo engineering is very real and is happening all around us. Solar Radiation Management is just one form of Geo engineering. There is a congressional recorded report called : Geoengineering Governance and Technology Policy. the record does not reveal that these technologies are being used but in a Geoengineering conference in Calgary Canada, scientist revealed that they were in fact using this technology and that they had no idea what effect it could have on public health. Look at sky on a bright sunny day and watch the planes spray mist that morphs into unidentifiable clouds that last several hours. They are trying to reflect the sun rays back out of our atmosphere. They are scientist who believe they are Gods and they are creating a very dangerous situation for all of us.

  • Ellenssimmons1

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  • It is not Paranoia

    I believe Alex Jones is controlled opposition. But who cares what I believe. You decide.

    • sunshine

      I believe you’re right but Infowars is a good gateway site for those that are very new to the “conspiracy” world. I have heard that Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks…this stuff gets very interesting the further down you go into it. Not saying I necessarily believe that, it is just interesting.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    I’ll tell you what, do not get Anonymous pissed off at you.