Anonymous DOJ Sources: 4 FBI Agents May Be Indicted for LaVoy Finicum’s Murder

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At least two sources are confirming that a Grand Jury has been called to decide if there is enough evidence to indict four FBI HRT team members in the coverup of LaVoy Finicum, who was shot and killed on January 26, 2016 by Oregon State Police.

Guerilla Media Network reports:

Guerilla Media Network received information 10 days ago that a Grand Jury had been called to decide if there was enough evidence concerning a coverup by “FBI HRT” Team Members on the ground in Burns Oregon, to formally charge them with a crime.  Members of HRT, (Hostage Rescue Team) have been accused of shooting at LaVoy Finicum as he exited his vehicle on January 26, 2016 with his hands in the air.

Legal sources in Portland told GMN that they were aware the Grand Jury had been convened but did not have information about an actual indictment, at the time the information was passed down to us.

GMN went on to report that Bob Powell of The Truth is Viral stated that he confirmed with sources at the Justice Department that an indictment may soon come against the 4 agents involved in the coverup.

“In all there were 4 shots fired at Mr. Finicum by these rouge agents, before and after he exited his truck,” Powell said.

Finicum’s widow, Jeanette Finicum, also confirmed that she had heard about the convening of the Grand Jury as well. She has also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Oregon State Police and called on American Patriots to stand against the growing tyranny of the central government.

“I’ll believe it – When I see it,” said Mrs. Finicum on Wednesday.

Though the Oregon State Police were apparently responsible for actually shooting Finicum to death, the FBI claimed to investigate several of their agents concerning failing to report that they fired shots at Finicum and his vehicle. They apparently disposed of the bullet casings as well.

Listen to Bob Powell’s report on what is taking place.

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  • endofwatchersbegan1/28/2011

    As an American, I want ALL the background of these SCUM. Where they came from, who taught them, and every place they ever walked. And all who ever whispered in their ear. There WILL be accountability to the People. Those that serve the GLOBALIST Banker Cabal will be EXECUTED, swinging right beside their Banker masters. Seems many have come to see themselves above all, as if they are little gods. They serve those who subvert, rob and murder the American People. SNAP the bastards necks at the end of a rope, all who wage these acts upon the American People, to subjugate them as their slaves. Treason has a due. God does not bleed.

    • Spirit of Christ

      Like Lon Horiuchi was held accountable? Not!

  • .44 Magnum

    Indict all 4 of the murderers.

    • Ned Carbine

      If the FBI wouldn’t take down Killery they aren’t going to bother with their HRT.

  • frankw

    Indict the FBI? You mean like Hillary was ? I’ll believe it when I see it. The power structure takes care of its own unless its expedient to throw them under the bus.

    • The FBI cannot indict, being an investigatory agency. Since they have long since forgotten their remit and are acting like the state police, it is time to add them to the list of those whose attempts to arrest should be treated like assaults and batteries, and resisted with the requisite force.

  • Ohhhh Sure, Then maybe some weee little fairies will fly out of my Bum!!! This the same source that said Hillary would be indicted? Believe it when I see it.

    • You’ll just have to wait and see what happens if and when Trump gets elected, but I trust that is one promise that he will keep, and it will be hard to resist an executive order appointing an independent council to investigate her and all possible prosecutions to ensue.

  • john folger

    paid hit men [fbi]

  • guest

    I still expect them to get promotions like the Ruby Ridge sniper ….Houriachi (sp?)

  • mpow66m

    sorry,but will never happen.just ask hilliary

  • Maddog

    “HRT, (Hostage Rescue Team)” What a crook. More like hit team.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Mockingbird Justice Porn.

    They did the same shit at InfoWars, posted stories of “insider” information from souses whiten the FBI.
    This is designed to maintain the illusion of accountability. To keep us inactive, sitting and hoping for Justice that will never come.

    • Ned Carbine

      You got that perfect.

  • BigMG

    Just like Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi?
    Shoots a woman, holding a child, in the face. Charges dropped.

    • Ned Carbine

      Thank you. Never forget Ruby Ridge. Do not forgive, do not forget.

  • ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥

    Finicum’s wake

    Lavoy Finicum lived out in the west
    A cattle rancher strong and kind
    For family and friends he did his best
    And shared with all his Patriot’s mind
    Now Lavoy had a bit of a stickler’s way
    For the love of the Republic LaVoy was born
    When he saw the Feds were gone astray
    He loaded them with well earned scorn!

    Jump from the car with your hands raised
    Chased to the ambush in the snow
    The assassin’s volley fired unfazed
    Cold blooded murder we all know!

    When Oregon ranchers took a stand
    Against bureaucrat’s land thieving scheme
    LaVoy went to offer them a hand
    In a peaceful redress not extreme
    He told them it was plain to see
    The rancher’s rights had been ignored
    The Feds played double jeopardy
    To insure the rancher’s ox was gored!


    The Feds start fires all the time
    That jump to private property
    But ranchers face an arson crime
    If they so much as singe a federal tree!
    You see, the Clintons have a long term plan
    To sell the Russians the uranium underground
    With a “Hostage Rescue Team ” for their hit man
    They’ll insure the landowners won’t be around!


    The patriots moved to the refuge
    To see what records they could find
    To help expose this subterfuge
    And prevent uranium from being mined
    The Feds realized that they’d been trumped
    Their land theft scheme had been exposed
    This patriot group needed to be jumped
    So murderous tyranny could be imposed


    LaVoy said they needed the Sheriff’s aid
    To help preserve the Patriot’s right
    But the ambush had long since been laid
    ‘Cause Feds never stand for a fair fight!
    Into the ambush they were led
    An massacre for all to see
    Now LaVoy Finicum, well he’s still dead
    But his blood has watered the Liberty tree!


  • The ‘Rule of Law’: Everything the elites do is legal. Everything we do is illegal.