Anonymous Calls for Civil War to Overthrow the US Government

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anonymous wikicommonsIn the latest video from Anonymous, they have called for the most aggressive action yet. They’re asking the American people to join them in a “call to arms” for the destruction and overthrow of the US Government.

In the statement, Anonymous says the government is calling them “terrorists” because they truly fear a people’s uprising.

“The United States Government insists on labeling us as terrorists. The question is, “who do we terrorize?” Is it probable that the United States government is truly afraid of we, the people?”

They are not calling for denial of service attacks on government websites or protests as is their normal modus operandi, but for freedom activists to join them in full blown war to overthrow the US Government and return it to the control of the people.

“We are not calling upon the collective to deface or use a distributed denial of service attack on a United States government agency website, or affiliate. We are not calling upon the people to once again occupy a city or protest in front of a local building, This has not brought on us any legislative change or alternate law. It has only brought us bloodshed and false criticism. For the last 12 years, voting has been useless. Corporations and lobbyists are the true leaders of this country and are the ones with the power to control our lives, To rebuild our government, we must first destroy it.Our time for democracy is here, Our time for resolution is here, This is America’s time for revolution, To restore our constitutional rights, to once again, be free therefore, Anonymous along with the American people have decided to openly declare war on the United States government. This is a call to arms.”

The hacktivist collective lists a long train of abuses that can no longer be allowed:

  • We refuse to be a police state
  • We refuse to be brutalized and dehumanized by the very people our tax dollars fund to protect our cities and streets
  • We will not allow the government to control our destiny, our right to build a life for ourselves
  • We demand freedom from government control, taxation, repossession and death
  • You will not come to our doors and take our guns, our property, you will not force the citizens of this great country to participate in the unlawful act of government mandated healthcare.
  • We the people refuse to put in your control our health, our bodies, our minds, our lives.
  • We will not grant permission for the government to deploy drones over our homes and communities.
  • We must end the federal reserve. A private central bank should not issue our currency, set interest rates and run our economy. Rather, we need to return control over the currency to the American people where it belongs.

They claim that all peaceful attempts to affect change within the system have failed and the time for action is now.

“Our peaceful actions, patience and restraint have been demonstrated as we watched and waited for our Congress and Representatives to speak for the American citizens and protect us from the tyrant that sits in the oval office and happily strips the American people of our rights, one by one, executive order by executive order. We have waited long enough.”

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  • umx3

    Too bad anonymous doesn’t know we are a REPUBLIC and that our forefathers didn’t grant us any freedoms because they knew and understood that our rights don’t come from any government but from our humanity and are God-given. Other than that, they are correct about the Declaration of Independence. I consider it the Peoples’ Constitution.

    • Cara

      Anonymous was set up by the White House and funded and run by international unions. They are a trojan horse to divide the people. A gift from the great divider himself, the Nobel Peace Price recipient and US president Obama. Welcome to the matrix people.

      • Anonymous

        Lol, Obama created Anonymous…stfu, just stfu

  • mijj

    > … freedom activists to join them in full blown war to overthrow the US Government and return it to the control of the people.

    The root of the problem is that the government itself is governed by corporate power. That is what should be attacked. An attack on government itself isn’t an attack on the problem. If the government wasn’t under corporate control, then the people would be the influence which mattered.

    The attack should be on whatever channels of contact and communication there are between corporate power and government.

  • Cody

    Locked and loaded…bring it on.

    • tommyboy

      Your write, F the gov all there good for is taking all our cash and spending it as fast as they can print it I say lock and load.

  • Cody

    CNN studios in atlanta should be shut down.

    • cire512

      This, this is the piece of the puzzle most people overlook. The media is the real enemy of the people. They are rotten to the core and they prop up the corrupt politicians and let the lies fly with impunity.

      Remember when the media used to actually investigate and find the truth of a matter? Now they just make up lies and push an agenda. They let the politicians spew their filth unabated while they purposefully look the other way and distract from the real issues with more half truths and distortions.

      • Burrow Owl

        No, the media isn’t the ‘real enemy’….they’re just one of the tools- as was Joseph Goebbels was in his day.

    • Patriot247365

      Make that ALL zion media headquarters. They will be burned down when the Revolution starts, with lots of bodies inside – just like Waco.

  • Justcause

    Let the arrest of the enemies of the people begin. Those that resist should expect what they give the people when they resist…no quarter!

  • The Arizona Patriot

    AMEN, Freedom is not FREE

    Has the day finally come? Are Americans truely able to take our nation back? The constitution is the law of the land, that is what we must fight for. LIBERTY OR DEATH

    • G-DAWG

      The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

  • Rick45

    Its a older video, but we are UNDER A DECLARATION OF WAR. I recommend you spend the time and listen to all 3.

    Let the Governor of Nevada fill you in.

  • Cody

    All fed buildings in your areas should be considered a target.
    All employees of fed buildings be warned.

    • johnd24

      I agree they do work with globalist and the bankers. Anyone, who works for the any fed gov’t is against us and must be dealt with. Ground Zero (D.C.) is where the war begins.

    • Patriot247365

      Yeah, though I walk through the Valley of the Patriots….Good luck fedscum.

      • tommyboy

        Everyone can talk about our gov till there blue in the face but there is only one solution we need to get rid of all of it and start over!!!! IT MAY BE TO LATE

  • Zee

    I personally feel we have one person to blame and he sits in our Oval Office. I also believe that BHO is being directed on his policy issues. Obama is too spineless to fly solo, he has a backer(s). Crony capitalism run amok. IF, and that’s a huge IF, we can secure BHO’s documents, we just may have found a very peaceful solution and rid ourselves of the first Muslim president AND his minions. We are living in the most perilous, dangerous time in American history. It is frightening to say the least!

    • bayleigh

      It goes so much deeper than BHO………

  • Zee

    Free stuff or freedom, you can’t have both!!

    • SKIP

      Right, also say that we can have a civilized, progressive, motivated and advanced civlization OR we can have DIEversity, we CANNOT have both.

      • Robert

        Like a nest of Cockroaches if we could expose them.

  • This story is the quiet little fact that patriots and militia have been saying for years. That the federal government has so overstepped its bounds, that it is so corrupt that it cannot be reformed or cleaned up, that a Second American Revolution may be the only thing that will restore liberty. But such an undertaking, to be sure, is going to be very costly – both economically, socially, and in terms of human life itself. No patriot craves to see this happen, but if this is what must happen to restore liberty, we accept the necessity of watering the Liberty Tree…and the fact that it either be watered soon or perish.

    But there are some points expressed in this article, and generally by Anonymous, that are in error and must be gently, but firmly corrected in the spirit of Americanism.

    FIRST – America was founded and existed for over 100 years as A REPUBLIC. AMERICA WAS **NEVER** a democracy! That is a LIE peddled by COLLECTIVISTS in government who wish to impose a totalitarian global order, and doing so depends heavily on smoke and mirrors. The militias of the several States, the patriot movement, and libertarians all know this already. Those who insist on calling America a ‘democracy’ either do so out of ignorance or out of malicious intent (the domestic enemies of liberty). So unless you are a marxist, peddling the socialist and collectivist “progressive” agenda of the Democrat (marxist) Party, please stop.

    SECOND – Before there was Operation Wall Street (a leftist false-front movement), before the Tea Party was co-opted by neocon fascists, before there was Anonymous (in its current iteration), there was the patriot movement, informed by the last 100 years struggle against globalization (aka The New World Order, but not the wrestling variety). Information previously researched by various pro-liberty organizations from the John Birch Society to the libertarians to militia groups in the 1990’s have culminated in this diffused database, put on the internet, and now has entered the mainstream consciousness. But the cause championed here was not the sudden epiphany of Anonymous; they are rather just the latest group to come to their senses. Militia groups, not the racist ones you’ve heard about but the true liberty loving Constitutionalists, were arguing 15 years ago that unless the American people moved quickly to restore liberty, we would have no alternative but the cartridge box left as the last best option to restoring our REPUBLIC.

    THIRD – The political organization that worked with the militias of the states to achieve a restored REPUBLIC was the THIRD CONTINENTAL CONGRESS FOR THE UNITED STATES (3CC). Their assessment was no less grave than it is now, but the GRIEVANCES OF AN OPPRESSED NATION today are compounded by over 10 years of police state legislation and over 40 years of UNCONSTITUTIONAL, therefore ILLEGAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS. We The People will be soon convening THE FOURTH CONTINENTAL CONGRESS (4CC) to move forward where the 3CC left off in 2006. IF YOU DESIRE TO RESTORE LIBERTY, YOU NEED TO JOIN. Visit PREPARE TO TAKE AMERICA BACK on Facebook, but be sure to bookmark the soon-to-be launched official website at – which is the home of PTTAB, The United American Militia Advisory Council, and the discussion forum where THE FOURTH CONTINENTAL CONGRESS(4CC) will start organizing for delegates.

    POLITICS, LIKE NATURE, ABHORS A VACUUM. Anonymous has the right idea, but lacks a framework to restore representative government according to the heritage of our nation’s founding fathers – where all people are CREATED EQUAL AND ARE ENDOWED WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, among these are LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY. That NO ONE can claim ownership over the life, liberty, or property of another! That government MUST be kept SMALL if we are to REMAIN FREE.

    The patriot movement understands that just as the internet gave back our Free Press, bypassing the elite-dominated establishment media; and just as the militias of the states represent a restoration of the the executive power outside the County Sheriff, who (fortunately) remains the supreme law enforcement authority in EVERY county in America; the Continental Congress represents the bypass of a utterly corrupt and debauched corporatist Congress of (the bankrupt holding company called the United States of) America. The citizen grand jury represents the judicial branch. Through a united patriot movement, backed & assisted by grassroots organizations throughout America, we can carry out a true revolution that replaces the criminal structures of a corrupted, subverted past and replace them with new guards for our future liberty!

    But it depends on you, the American citizen, and whether you will resolve to see it through to completion. Commit yourself today. Not for your own self, but for your children or the children you would like to have, or for your relatives and their posterity. Commit yourself and never waver. Because those who stand against what we seek are among the most evil people that history has ever known, and the most insidious aspect of it is that they believe their intentions are good… which makes their evil all the more absolute. The road to hell has been paved in this way, and this struggle is nothing less than a war to decide whether all mankind will be enslaved by the technocratic elite for the rest of eternity!

    FOURTH – I am NOT calling for the overthrow of the USA or of our FORM of government. The true masters of the United States, We The People – not the government – have already been overthrown. We have systematically over the last 40 to 50 years lost all of our peaceful avenues of redress taken from us, culminating in the arbitrary and random denial of our right to protest, or engage in acts of free speech. The federal government has spent billions in pursuit of technologies to suppress the exercise of our inalienable rights, and even more money in preparation to deny us our final absolute right, the right through the 2nd Amendment to throw off tyranny by force of arms.

    In so doing, those who would enslave us are creating the conditions whereby they’ll be held accountable under the Nuremberg Principles for crimes against humanity; for their plans not only have affected American life and liberty but have also criminally caused the deaths of millions of people, around the world, over the last 65 years. If they create the conditions whereby criminal trials are made impossible, the firestorm of righteous fury they are stoking may cause them to be dealt with summarily by whomever they are found, wherever they are found. Just as it was for certain Nazi war criminals who thought their escape perfect, but were found by Israeli operatives many years after the war, they faced sudden death because Human decency demanded it!

    Nor am I calling for the murder or assassination of certain public officials. I am simply stating historical fact and the certitude of human behavior in certain circumstances. Unlike the squatter who has taken up illegitimate residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and assumed the illegal as well as unconstitutional power to extra-judicially kidnap, imprison or kill American citizens without due process, appeal, or independent review… Unlike the political party of marxists currently wielding power, who recently called for the genocide of more than 4 million Americans that just happen to belong to the National Rifle Association, or the marxists who called for the internment in concentration camps of the nearly 100 million Americans who own guns… no, if you’re looking for criminal acts, do not look to me.

    In conclusion, allow me to share with you the words of English statesman Sir Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

    • johnd24

      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the terrorist organization. That shouldn’t exist those people deserve to be slaughtered as well as all in DHS and IRS agents and employees.

      • Patriot247365

        As they shall be in the Revolution – all alphabet soup targets.

    • Patriot247365

      @ MG William, Expertly presented and spoken set of facts, fellow Patriot! Yes, the “occupy movement” was a controlled opposition cia hoax.

      This will not be a civil war; it will be a Revolution. There are not two sides of any measurable strength, but rather one. There are the People, OUR military and LEO’s, some 80,000,000 of us armed to the hilt, v. a small group of a few hundred thousands zionist insects and their collaborators, who we will cheerfully annihilate within a couple of weeks.

      The enemy whom we capture will be executed by torture, after their families are killed in front of them, just as they wished upon us.

      Let it begin today. I am ready – to kill any many enemy combatants as I possibly can.

      • Jim25

        OWS was not a Hoax thats what they want you to believe. I followed those people and have solid proof in videos and documents to prove they are pro-capitalist and anti fascism. Do your research before making judgement on those having a right to protest. Their was only 25% that were paid or under cover cops to mislead the movement and make them look bad. The FEDS demonize them so people won’t care when they throw them in fema camps or detention centers.

        • I know that there were real people involved, Jim25. I watched this unfold myself. But I think what Patriot was trying to say is that the OWS steering committee – the half-dozen core leaders of it – were organized, funded and directed by a Canadian hard-left (marxist?) front group for George Soros. OWS was essentially a project of Soros’ Open Society Institute.

          Soros is a globalist. Globalists and their new world order are the disease.

          But now I have to take ‘Patriot’ to task because the militias of the states WILL NOT commit war crimes the way the illegitimate federal regime has done. We will not torture, or murder noncombatants or any of that BS.

          Mr Patriot, get your head screwed on straight and get with the program. If this is what you really want then you’re one of the domestic enemy and we will see you on the battlefield. The militia exists to defend liberty.

          Those who have committed crimes will face a court of patriot jurists and judged accordingly. They will receive the appropriate punishment. Others may face deportation. But we will NOT TOLERATE anyone to commit crimes in the name of this movement, to destroy what we are working to restore. So this message goes out to the racial supremacists of all types, black/white/hispanic. You go there, and maybe you’ll end up getting planted by the militia. You have my word on it.

          • Jim25

            I should correct you, their are many who don’t deserve court and will never see that day. So its “Justifiable” and falls under “Just Cause” to remove them from society with execution (Anyway possible). If you truly understand GOD’s common law the Constitution and his Declaration of Independence. Whom he passed through our forefathers. Then you would know this, and you would know and understand theirs no reason for court for those type of people. For those who are treasonous, guilty and against the Republic, and showed this. And against GOD and his laws of the land.(Constitution) Don’t deserve a day in court..

          • SKIP

            “But we will NOT TOLERATE anyone to commit crimes in the name of this movement,”

            CRIMES is a matter of perspective, that perspective being whether or not your side won or lost. Had we lost WWII, Patton, McArthur, Truman, Churchill, Bradley etc. etc. would have been tried an Nurnburg instead of Nazis. So, in the final analysis, I believe that the end justifies the means and only the losers need worry about trials and executions.

    • Thank you MG Flatt,

      You’re contribution to the effort has not gone unnoticed. Hats off to you, sir.

      Norm Olson, Co-founder Michigan Militia
      Acting Commander, Alaska Citizens Militia
      Kenai Peninsula Division

      • Hi Norm! Hope all is well there, I see you got some good press lately. Keep up the ship and we’ll see you at the Liberty tree!

        Maj Gen William A. Flatt
        Board Member, UAMAC

        • Jim25

          The Militia is a joke, they are gov’t controlled. (work with sheriffs) I’m a Wolverine and pro-constitutionalists.(Militia are only constitutionalists Or just oath keepers, and the majority don’t even read it.) I know what has to be done. The Militia sits back and lets their country get destroyed. The majority are nothing but has bens and liberals out dated and aged. The underground-militia takes it more serious, but still out dated.

          I was in one, now I’m on the “Wolverine” network. We are the ones who will make the difference because we are the ones who will go offensive and make mass slaughter (for those who are against the republic and who work in the fed gov’t) and take out single targets with groups or by ourselves. You Militia’s just keep sitting back day dreaming. Let them label you whatever they want we know whom you are and what you do if you go offensive and many of us will be at location to jump in. Soon my network is going to form and then you will see shtf. Even if its in DC by us. Time is short that I can tell you.

          • Then you sir are a criminal. But more likely you are a government troll misrepresenting the patriot movement, which means you’re in organized crime. Either way, STFU & GTFO! You are NO patriot!

          • Jim25

            Maj Gen William A. Flatt, you are a idiot. And only a true patriot would make the difference. You are no patriot. Troll I am not..The problem is with you government controlled militia’s is you can’t handle the truth. Point has just been made by your response.
            You prefer to run and hide between your tails and I seen this repeatedly.

            Rest assure you definition of criminal doesn’t fit the patriot movement, which I’m part of. You are a pathetic joke of a patriot who hides behind his gov’t controlled Militia, which will never make a difference. But yet brags and talks about his movement and war games in the woods. What good is that going to do you when your rights are being taken away. Ya, I see a lot of patriotism there!

          • Jim25

            What a joke you are sir.

          • Jim25

            Do the rest of us true patriots a favor whom are willing to make the difference. Sell your gear and weapons, because your groups are nothing more then obstacils when some of us actually go offensive.

  • ZombieDawg

    Well, you’d better get this civil war underway while you still have access to weapons to fight it with…

    • G-DAWG

      The fix is beyond the ballot box.

    • AnonSix

      If they ban any firearms… they still aren’t banned. From my cold, dead hands.

      • johnd24

        But stops the sale of them other who want to join the cause its illegal to do so.

        • Patriot247365

          Illegal? HAHAHA – What is illegal is the entire government, as it has been for over 100 years. There is now law by them anymore.

          WE are the Law, as they are beginning to realize.

          • Rick45

            If they ban them how are you going to build them with what parts? They will stop all imports and parts? How would you maintain the weapon? How can you even build one from scratch? There only one reason why the government is going to ban weapons, stop sales, or make it harder to buy them. BECAUSE THEY HAVE BIG PLANS FOR EVERYONE. The people explained above from Johnd are the threat. you can either sit their and say their not or you can plan on making a difference and doing something about it when things go down. even if its one person or a group attacking. Go their and back them up.

        • Johnd24, The tyrants can ban the sale, possession, etc. of screw & bolts if they want, but I can assure you that most of the 100 million gun owners in this country have more than one gun, and more than one box of ammo. I have a former Marine Corps sniper who literally has a trainload of arms & ammo. He can arm an entire COMPANY of 100 men, give them all the ammo they can carry and STILL have enough left over to raise some bloody hell!

          I know plenty of people who have plenty of pieces, parts and assemblies to make stuff out of nothing. I have machinists and fabricators in my militia organization who can make “liberator” style firearms and ammunition for those who weren’t prepared for this because they weren’t listening to us.

          And let us not forget that somewhere in the USA, either in one huge stockpile or even spread out in many locations, are 1.8 BILLION rounds of ammunition & arms, purchased by the federal tyrants to enslave the American people. We have our own intelligence network. We will find it and TAKE IT FROM THEM. That IS a promise!

          Don’t fear; just join the militia. We’re all about teamwork!

          • Johnd24

            Maj Gen William A. Flatt, those gun are just sitting in cars I don’t see him handing them out. Especially to people whom want to fight. He could create a website of some type of movement to those he can build trust. And if any of them gets caught by the NDAA. No one will know his location of gear. Regardless whom has what. It doesn’t do any good sitting in one location without forming movement to give to those who are in need of them. Its impossible to create bolts I don’t care if you are a machinist or a black smith. You have to have a machine that makes them to begin with. High price. Not enough patriots out their whom have that equipment. Let alone whom advertise it to those who need the parts. Using the Term somewhere isn’t going to make anyone believe that their is.

      • Patriot247365

        Ditto that some 80,000,000 times, Brother in arms. Molon Labe…

        • Rick34

          Its not going to be a large crowd it maybe a lone wolf. Either way the next gun man that isn’t targeting schools but fed buildings will be a patriot. Remember that and support his cause.

  • G-DAWG

    The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

    • SKIP

      It is moving into the ammo box now.

  • Locus


    Until and unless we can manage to come up with a 2/3 majority of Congress and select a President, over one thousand persons from all states, who —

    take the oath to uphold the Constitution seriously; can clearly see the issues which divide us and who take positions that reduce the power of Federal government what was originally envisioned, though they may not be as popular. And —

    Until a clearly resounding TWO THIRDS MAJORITY of Americans feel this way, not just a fifty percent plus one where the moderates and undecideds are pawns in a game of emotional manipulation and false flag tactics —

    Until that two-thirds point is reached any armed insurrection is not the way.

    So far only the sheriffs seem to have come forward with a form of direct rebellion within the lawful framework of the Republic.

    But unless we can ‘clean house’ in DC through impeachment and recall and responsible votes, and somehow find those one thousand Ron Pauls to occupy those seats… we’re just deluding ourselves, we’re just demanding that the Constitutional framework be dismantled. Because we don’t like what it is doing today.

    Does anyone think that an unfocused general uprising would magically result in a replay of 1776-1787? Get serious.

    It is time to declare a National ‘Ron Paul Constitutional Party’, decide on its platform and it’s time for one thousand people to step forward who would uphold it.

    If Congressman Paul himself could come out of retirement long enough to come up with some PLAN to End the Fed in phases with some do-able series of steps like reinstating Glass-Steagall — instead of just declaring the whole thing a bust and suggesting it could be fixed overnight… that would help a lot. Economic reform is an intractable problem and many people who are hand-in-hand with Paul on every other issue laugh hysterically at ‘End the Fed’ because they imagine he wants it to end ‘immediately’. It should but it won’t, and who will come up with a real plan?

    We need two-thirds and one thousand congressional volunteers. It will be difficult. JFK said it best,

    “We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.”
    ~John F. Kennedy

    • cire512

      Well stated Locus. Thumbs up!

    • You assume that the electoral process hasn’t been subverted totally. Tell me, would you, how you intend to get past the problem of the rigged electronic voting machines?? I worked for the Board of Elections and I’ll tell you I have seen the vote being rigged. The man behind the curtain isn’t the Wizard of Oz, it’s the Diebold man!

      We have already lost every peaceful avenue of redress left to us, and anyone who argues otherwise is ignorant or delusional!! Free speech and protest is no longer allowed, proper petitions of redress are utterly disregarded, and the corruption in DC is a political cancer. DC is the tumor. The cancer cannot be partly cut out, you have to remove the whole damn thing and everything around it that is tainted!

      Read my comments about the Continental Congress. That is the way to go, and people can either support it or oppose it, but it will inevitably be how we get our republic back.

    • SKIP

      Congress is of no concern any longer, they will do nothing and have done nothing except to facilitate the black muslim socialists’ take over of Amerikistan and convert it to a black muslim mecca. Stop thinking congress is going to do anything constructive, look at today’s capitulation in the debt ceiling surrender…keep kicking the can down the road 3 months at time while they (congress and senate) continue to rob and pillage the riches, liberties and freedoms of American citizens.

  • Leon H

    Their movement has fallen short publicly in some ways. It should be one of EDUCATING, not disorienting sound bites.The message to the public has been a sloppy mess. Understanding how the system works behind the scenes is important, such as info about The Fed. Promoting violence should never be an option.
    If you want to promote something eyeopening I suggest this clip.

    • Putting an end to the federal tyranny would be a HUGE reduction in violence, both here at home and especially around the world! I have no doubt that we’ll have significant international support if we were to put an end to federal aggression and foreign interventionism.

      As for promoting peace, you will NEVER get that from the criminal class that runs DC (District of Criminals) – you’ll only get it by supporting the 4th Continental Congress!

      • SKIP

        INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Gen? like that coming from Saudi Arabia to turn America into a huge mecca for the ever increasing tide of hostile, illiterate, nasty and murderous muslims, mostly from hostile, illiterate, nasty and murderous African muslim countries!

  • SKIP

    A truly sad thing about the crumbling USA is that when “THEY” come for us and some of us choose to shoot and kill “THEM” We must know that “THEY” and “THEM” are US!!! In most cases though not all, “THEY”

  • SKIP

    Laptop sent it early: TO continue. “THEY” and “THEM” are US, in most, but not all cases AMERICAN CITIZENS that for some reason or another are going along with “THEM/THEY” to take our freedoms, liberties and rights which will ultimately take THEIRS TOO!! WTF is wrong with “THEM/THEY”? Sadly too, most of “THEY?THEM” in da gubmint are black or multicultis intent on making America something that it cannot and was never meant to be. History shows without exception that multicultural “Empires” cannot stand and this one will not be an exception.

    • The ‘they’ you speak of have a name, if I’m following you correctly. They are called LOYALISTS. Too craven to stand with the patriots when it’s difficult; that if we were to suddenly find ourselves in power and running things, these loyalists would flip and suddenly be cravenly loyal to their new bosses.

      These people, if I may be blunt, are dogs. Cowards.

      And you sir are wrong to lump all black people with the problem! I know blacks who are conservative, self-sufficient, well-armed, and completely uninterested in getting anything from the government or willing to give anything to the gov’t!

      I would rather have a racially diverse but culturally united America that embraces LIBERTY everywhere, than have idiots here whose sense of liberty is so twisted that they think that certain races, ethnicities or religions need to be removed or excluded. That sort of Klan thinking is an affront to the memory of our nation’s founders and the memory of every champion of liberty who has come after.

  • Mojo Nixon

    It appears that my fellow citizens need to look deep into the mirror.

    What’s to come after a revolution? The same citizenry that allowed the current state of affairs to occure are still of the same mindset (consume, greed, corruption, etc).

    Blaming others for the state of the Union is just shifting the blame. The US citizenry needs to change before the government can change.

    If the people will lead, then the leaders will follow.

    • You do realize that the demographic has been artificially altered when the District of Criminals decided to allow millions of socialists from south of the border to come into this country unimpeded, allowed to stay; even given schooling, jobs, food, medical care and MORE even though by law not only are they not supposed to get that but shouldn’t even be here in the first place!!! Policies like THAT are the reason why you have so many socialists here!

      Remember that old phrase “America, love it or leave it”?? Well, we are supposed to be a REPUBLIC. It can’t be a republic if you allow all these illegals, their kids, their grandkids to stay and mooch! BY LAW they must GO! ‘Policy’ cannot trump law!!

      SO you deport all the socialist illegals. You can deport all of the people in that have knowingly undermined the republic to institute another form of government. Do that and you’ll have removed the problem. I wouldnt worry about the liberal on the street. The Obamaphone lady no longer supports Obama! That’s on! If SHE can CHANGE HER MIND and WAKE UP, and stop being a useful idiot then so can others! Or, if they don’t like America as a REPUBLIC, if they seek to be dependent on a government, they can move to Europe!!

      If we expect people to “LIBERTY UP or GTFO”, then we had better Liberty Up ourselves, or nothing is going to get changed!!

  • Lutz

    Hey Anonymous,

    Tell us who you really work for.

    • Patriot247365

      They work for the cia.

      • Lutz

        It wouldn’t surprised at all if they are in fact a front group for the establishment.

        • Rick34

          They don’t work for the CIA, I been following them tracks since the beginning. Everything they said has come true or they have done. Regardless whom they are they are on our side. We are all Anonymous…

    • Rick E.

      Sorry, but this is irrelevant.

  • ManCavePatriot

    Oh Yeah! I really trust anything that Anonymous says. The same group of terrorists that Senator Elizabeth [Princess Sackocrap] Warren claims to have been their ideological source. Open rebellion is exactly what Obunghole wants so he can send in the storm troopers and ship all of us to ‘re-education camps’ compliments of Bill Ayers et al.

    • Patriot247365

      @ ManCave “and ship all of us to ‘re-education camps”

      They only thing they will be shipping is body bags for the traitors corpses. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever am “shipped” anywhere. BANG BANG BANG X 80,000,000 alike thinkers.

      • Amen, brother! III% all the way!

        All these people say that a shooting revolution is a guaranteed fail. I disagree! While the consequences that attend it, such as economic and dollar collapse, disruption of services and goods, etc., are all highly undesirable, IT WILL HAPPEN ANYWAY UNDER OBAMA, SOON!

        Their desire to disarm everyone NOW is so they don’t all get strung up by the lamp-posts later when the American people realize that everything that’s been happening has been part of the plan all along!!


        • Rick45

          This guy (Maj Gen William A. Flatt ) is something else now he is agreeing with going offensive, but then he disagrees with Jim25 above by calling him a criminal for wanting to make a difference for the better. Maj Gen William A. Flatt is a Flatt out troll, maybe even one of these automatic Gov’t controlled response trolls. Either-way he lacks the skill of a true patriot to make a difference.

          Wolverines for life.

        • SKIP

          Turner Diaries.

    • Lowtolerance

      When history’s written, occupy will be known as the first ones who stood up to the corp fascists in a meaningful way. Those of us who meant it stepped out when the socialists infiltrated and fake anonymous bigmouths failed to deliver. You clearly have no idea what a patriot is in this for.

      • Actually, I thought it was the 1.8 million Tea Party activists who stood up on Sept. 12, 2009 who were the first ones. Come on. OWS is a Soros front. Tea Party came before and they came in greater numbers.

        But as they say, the (REAL) revolution will NOT be televised. OWS was a spectacle to make lefties feel like they hadn’t been left behind by the patriots.

        It’s not about the corporations or Wall Street. It’s about the people who CONTROL the corp’s, Wall St., and DC. IT’S ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL ELITES LIKE BILDERBERG. Some OWS activists did protest against Bilderberg and the Fed, but their message was drowned out by the Soros-front organizers who pushed the ‘Eat The Rich’ message and the concept of class hatred, class warfare. And you know who invented that? KARL MARX.

        So don’t hate rich people. Hate the oligarchs. Resist not the successful boardroom but the statists that want MORE than wealth.

        Your fight is against those who LUST FOR POWER.

        Ever watch ‘Sneakers’ with Robert Redford? What the bad guy was saying at the climax of the movie? IT’S ABOUT THE INFORMATION, he said. INFORMATION IS POWER both in the villain’s mind and in real life now. So you begin to understand that the Saul Alinskys of the world, and their students like Obama, are whores for power. The sort of power that Bilderberg has and will never relinquish; the best that a whore for power can hope for is to get their invitation to join.

        And don’t think that I don’t see the evil in some corporations. Nearly all of the globalists have their base of operations in corporations, be it for profit or for nonprofit corporate foundations.
        Just remember, a corporation is a legal fiction. What makes them evil are the people who run them.

        • Rick45

          Only a idiot who claims to love his country would sit here and demonize Americans for protesting like OWS. Shows his true colors.

  • stevor

    It’s a TROJAN HORSE. Anonymous is a CIA front. How else would their “broadcasts” always be so easily broadcast when others have problems?
    So, o’bama wants to destroy the USA. How best to do it? Divide and conquer.
    Yeah, Anonymous talks about not accepting gun confiscation, but that’s a Trojan Horse, too. O’bama NEVER figured he could do it. It was more about Divide and Conquer.
    So, in summation, Anonymous is a CIA front, the CIA is another puppet (as is o’bama), and the Elite want to divide and conquer the USA so both want WAR to destroy the USA so a New World Order (run by the UN) can be called to “save” us.

    • First batch of foreign combat troops in my AO, I’ll fire the first shot!! IT WON’T BE TOLERATED.

      BTW, those blue UN helmets make damn fine targets!

      • SKIP

        The blue helmets will also be mostly on African troops since black Africans are the majority by far of the UN troops and they are also the cause of a lot of the trouble in Africa…They will do what they are told if deployed in America and to know what their mentality is, try walking alone at night nicely dressed and be WHITE in Detoilet, chiCONGO or any large American city. The words loot, rob, pillage, burn, torture and rape come to mind.

  • Rick45

    Everyone keep in mind all cops are a threat and most are implanted from other countries. Never trust a cop not when they support and protect the enemy. DC cops are the worse of the worse, its total communism their and its been for years.

    • Sorry Rick, that is not so. Ever hear of Sheriff Richard Mack? How about Officer Jack McLamb (author of Operation Vampire Killer)? They were Oath Keepers long before there was an Oath Keepers organization!

      I’ve been a public safety professional for nearly my entire adult life, not counting when I was younger and did private investigations. I have been an Oath Keeper even before there was an OK org. Not just refusing to be a part of tyranny; I’ve physically stopped another officer, more than once, when someone was being abused. So don’t tell me all cops are bad and that there is no one in government who isn’t a freedom-hating troglodyte. THAT is simply NOT true.

      That sort of absolutist thinking is not a militia value; moreover, expressing it publicly gives credence to trash like the MIAC Report. You talk trash like that in front of a cop, and you make an adversary out of him!!

      Why don’t you try doing like Sheriff Mack and work to educate these cops you believe would go along with unconstitutional laws?? The more people do that and keep hammering away at them, even if it’s not tactically wise to publicly agree with us patriots at this time, they will be converted privately – and if it comes down to the wire and Obama finally makes his last mistake in office, they will stand down or rather, stand with the people.

      Assuming that all public servants are bad puts you in the same category, ideologically, as the Hutaree, Watchmen, and for that matter the Klan & some biker groups. You shouldn’t make broad generalizations like that.

      • Rick45

        I’m not Militia, I’m a wolverine like Jim above. I will agree ONLY the sheriffs are on our side, but city cops and state cops are NOT. One thing for certain I will never trust either until I see them aiming their guns at a fed. I’m well aware whom Sheriff Mack is btw.

  • Implying

    >Not co opted by the CIA/FBI
    Pick one

  • Anonymous


  • Lowtolerance

    Sorry Anonymous, if you were who you said you were, you would have moved in Oct/Nov 2011. Occupy lit the fire, you promised the fuel, you failed. Move along. And if you are the poorly disguised psy-op that you appear to be, go f yourself.

  • Jim25

    If they want war, we’ll give em war. Even at Ground Zero..

    The United States Government is seeking to end the constitution; this will endanger thee American people and we will not stand by and watch while this govern…

  • Anonymous

    Ignore the government – the little children.

    Attention to them only gives me more energy. How to beat the system:
    Starve it.
    Start your own.

    Anonymous = al CIADA.

    Hemp Revolution wins.

  • calbe

    yeah i agree. the govenment sucks and i dont want to be a part of this country when im adulthood. oysters you guys.

  • Jared

    You people are so crazy. yes the government is not perfect but you people make it sound like we are living in some kind of brutal dictatorship but we are not. Extremists like you cause problems all over the world. So just Shut up and leave the country.

    • Anonymous

      U r stupid and wrong and u have not seen crazy YET

      • N/A

        You’re spelling and grammar is stupid.

  • anthony polgar

    Think it is time to build a new amerka the old amerafrica is not woking