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The police state just took a very dark turn. We all know that private corporations tend to side with the government on privacy issues, and they’re more than willing to hand over our information when the government asks for it. Google and Facebook are pretty well-known examples of that, and they’ve been doing it for so long that nobody even bats an eye at their government compliance anymore. What people don’t realize is that this situation applies equally to all major companies, not just the ones that handle our information.

Sometimes, it involves our DNA, which is what Michael Usry Jr. learned when the police called him in for questioning in regards to a bogus hit and run incident. In reality, they were trying to solve a cold case involving the 1994 murder of Angie Dodge in Idaho Falls.

So why did they think he was the killer? Because, his father’s DNA, which was a very close match the killer’s, had been submitted to The Sorenson Database, which is owned by and stores over 100,000 DNA samples from around the world, gave up his father’s genetic profile without a warrant or a court order.

At this point in the story things became even more convoluted. The DNA from the database linked a man, Michael Usry, to the case that didn’t fit the police profile, as he was born in 1952.

The cops then used the genetic information and traced his line of male descendants, ultimately finding his son Michael Usry Jr., born in 1979, which much more closely fit the police profile of the killer.

Once they had targeted Ursy Jr. as the suspect, they began to scour his Facebook page looking for connections to Idaho, finding a couple of Facebook friends that lived in the area of Idaho Falls.

Police then, by Google searching, realized that Usry Jr. was a filmmaker and had done some short films containing murder scenes. Law enforcement subsequently got a warrant for Usry Jr.’s DNA based upon the completely circumstantial evidence presented by Idaho investigators.

The cops then called Usry Jr. and asked him to meet them, under the guise that they were investigating a hit-and-run accident. Thinking he “had nothing to hide,” he agreed to meet with the investigators, without an attorney present. He was subsequently taken to an interrogation room where he eventually allowed them to collect his DNA.

Despite the flimsy circumstantial evidence used to get the warrant, ultimately the test showed that although there were a number of familial alleles shared with the murderers sample, Usry Jr.’s DNA did not conclusively match the killers.

Isn’t that twisted? You can’t even research your family’s genealogy without the government snooping your DNA. What’s worse, is that this is a total break with’s consent form. They promise not to share your DNA with anyone outside of the company, and yet they did it anyway. They didn’t even ask for a warrant. At first, they concealed Usry’s information, but once the police got a hold of the DNA, they forced the company to hand over his name with a court order.

This is the world we live in now. The government lies to gain our consent, and the corporations ask for our consent and then conveniently fail to uphold their own terms. They’re working in tandem to erode our rights at every level, and they won’t stop until they own us lock stock and barrel. It’s just too bad that there isn’t any evidence of their incestuous relationship on

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Guillotine_ready

    It’s sounds like a sweet deal give us your DNA and we will tell you your particulars such as nationalities which have been a part of your lineage.
    Well a little advance thought about who might also like their corrupt, greedy, lying, thieving hands on it would have helped a lot. Alas almost no one thinks before they leap.

    • iPhone fingerprint scanners anyone? Nothing like convenience right? Especially leaving your “key” right on your phone screen in the form of a skin oil print that someone who knows what they are doing can just lift right off the phone and use not to mention the nice addition to your NSA profile that was just added compliments of the Apple corporation. Just like when people use their ATM PIN# as their iPhone/Android PIN#. Now I have a smudge print of your 4 digit ATM code right on your iPhone screen, all I have to do is tilt it in the light to see it… easy pickins(FYI I don’t do these things). Never trust your info to corporations and be especially wary of who you send your biological fluids to. You are absolutely right, people just don’t think.

  • Mike

    never give your dna to anyone.

    • They wouldn’t let me out of jail unless I did and I didn’t have the money to fight them even though I was clearly being victimized.

      • Mike

        Yes, you were victimized, I would sue them for that type of victimization. Freaking sucks man.

    • Solo

      True dat!

  • It’s incredible how stupid most people are. The only way anyone should give out their genetic info is if it’s likely to exonerate them of a crime.

  • Joe Lizak

    At the San Diego Zoo two chimps got into a fight and one of them died. While investigating the incident officials asked Obama for a DNA sample because it was very close . After further review it was Moochelle. She was hungry for a banana.

    • Smarty

      That was a very disrespectful comment of our first orangutan…

      • Another Thought Criminal

        That was a very disrespectful comment to orangutans.

    • EmmettGrogan

      Racist jokes aren’t funny, they aren’t even imaginative and they are insulting as well as being in bad taste. But you won’t listen, people like you never do.
      PRO-TIP: It says more about YOU than about the people you’re making fun of.

      • purrsun

        Sorry, don’t perceive any racism. Bush could also be considered a chimp. Or any number of subhuman psychopathic “leaders”. Politically-correct speech was designed to divide Us. But be annoyed, if you wish.

    • Churchill

      Amusing, the Obama song. Hey Mr. tallyman tally me banana, hey yo, hey yo. Is not living in a Banana Republic stimulating??

  • defund the pretend gov’t . they are illicit and unlawful since the Act of 1871

  • they are satan’s dna

    • Tim Brown used to call them satan’s meat puppets.

      • THAT’S ME !! Haven’t used that term for awhile……. since i went incognito as FreddyIsTheDevil,,,,except Discus changed ALL my posts to this name now,,,they don’t want to lose me apparently in the shuffle

        • Ok okay, this is anonoman, I had to change to this account because they wouldn’t post my stuff anymore. I’m glad you are still on here, I thought you either got busy or caught up in the system, lol. Hey, at least you can see that I always give credit where it’s due 🙂

        • Smarty

          Welcome back Tim !

      • L O

        Meat Puppets are a band.

  • fatwillie

    Should have known better,

  • L O

    I’m Adopted, my DNA is lost in the fray

    • Good. Now all you have to do is stay out of the system at all costs.

  • sparksfly

    I’ve seen those commercials where they say they can use your DNA to map your family tree and the first thing that came to my mind was “This is how the government gets you to voluntarily give up a DNA sample.” It’s sad when your paranoid thoughts turn out to be spot on.

  • Defiant

    I’m glad to know this. I’ve been curious about my family history for years (who isn’t, right?) and have been mulling over a membership to Ancestry. NO WAY now!

  • EmmettGrogan

    When I bought my laptop a year ago from Best Buy, they gave me a free anti-virus disc. I put it in my laptop and noticed an odd notation in the bottom right corner of the screen. I didn’t understand it but couldn’t stop it either. Months later, when needing to download another program I ended up calling a reliable tech service. They told me that my computer had been hacked into. It could only have been from the antivirus software, which looked funny to me to begin with. It was BEST BUY’S OWN SOFTWARE and they hacked my computer! Why would they do that? Well I’ve since learned that such things as private/personal info can be sold to other corporations for ads and also to the government.

    • Here is the best free setup I know of, I set my whole company up this way and rarely ever see a virus: 1. download microsoft security essentials then download malwarebytes free edition. 2. Uninstall any antivirus and anti-malware programs you currently have installed and then restart your computer. 3. install microsoft security essentials then install malware bytes free edition. Security essentials will keep your machine virus free but in the event one sneaks by it which does happen but not often you can just run malwarebytes and it will get it right out, no need to pay a tech guy. Malwarebytes is the best anti-malware on the market. Sorry you got taken advantage of.

  • How do you think the rich elites like Cheney find their closest and healthest organs, when they need transplants?
    Only the healthest, best cross-matched, blood type & cell marker compatible candidates are considered in the government databases, cortesy of your tax dollars.

    • That’s a good point. I wonder how many have died to keep that bag of shit alive.

      • I_P_Frehley

        Cheney is small fry compared to the supremely evil and disgusting David Rockefeller, who is on his 6th(?) heart transplant…

        • Damn really? Wow, I didn’t know that. I wonder how many of those donors were voluntary.

        • I heard about him too….. The big database underground at Area 51 holds lots of biological/medical information about everyone that most people don’t know about.
          The police are also being used to get peoples’ DNA by forced blood draws and government political targeting.

          • I_P_Frehley

            In the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Illinois (and Cook County), we have a wholly insulting (and illegal) implied consent law that you unwittingly agree to as part of getting a driver’s license, so refusal to submit to roadside fishing expeditions automatically get your DL suspended.
            Rockefeller is one of the main globalist scumbags that is responsible for the NWO, as I have read, are the North American Jesuits, driving us all into bondage; bankrolling all sorts of wonderful, benevolent organizations.

  • Ulysses Noman

    There’s no pushback. Nobody suffers for their transgressions and treasons.

  • ALHL


  • Fr. John+

    So much for EVER using or funding “Ancestry for”

    These folks are UTTER BASTARDS! RIH (Rot in H….)
    I say this as an imprecatory prayer.

  • PoliPsy

    Who didn’t see this and many other troubling issues coming by putting your family tree online?

  • BigBarneyCrocodoc

    Hopefully, he learned from this. NEVER, EVER, EVER talk to the police! Though our rights are being stolen daily, we still have the right to remain silent. Use it! The police can and do lie, and it’s perfectly legal.
    Worst case scenario, have a lawyer do the talking for you. If they want to screw you, there’s nothing that can save you. But, please, for God’s sake, don’t help them!

  • Churchill

    Actually, they didn’t beat no one at their own game, as they were the game. It’s been open season on us for a rather quite long time.

  • Gearmoe

    The more definitive information you turn over the greater the risk. Just like people who fill out personal profiles on Facebook or other sites, honestly.

  • Steve

    Hang on. The cops are trying to solve a murder here. They had DNA evidence from the crime scene and a close but not perfect match from his father. Would you want them to say “Oh, well, dead end here”? Or, since the males in a family tree have very similar DNA, maybe they should check the male relatives DNA? Maybe do their jobs? Find a murderer?

    • cama9

      Steve, read the article again. They got the father’s DNA from without the father’s consent. It was an illegal seizure. Or doesn’t the 4th Amendment matter to you anymore?

      • Steve

        The article doesn’t cite any court finding of illegal search. The fathers DNA record at Ancestry was a company record, not his any longer. Ancestry is only bound by the Privacy agreement, and then only if sued. I don’t see a 4th issue.

        • cama9

          Steve, here is the quote from the article:
          “What’s worse, is that this is a total break with’s consent form. They promise not to share your DNA with anyone outside of the company, and yet they did it anyway. They didn’t even ask for a warrant. At first, they concealed Usry’s information, but once the police got a hold of the DNA, they forced the company to hand over his name with a court order.”
          Wake up.

          • Steve


            Still don’t see a search and seizure issue. Cops asked Ancestry if they had a DNA sample that matched the crime scene sample, and when Ancestry said yes, the cops got a court order. Please identify the illegal action.

  • joanne nilsson

    I don’t really believe the DNA thingything. I know we don’t get anything unless theirs a catch so what is it? Martial law has something to do with it, I see it almost happening oversees in France & America. For some reason they don’t want us liking middle eastern folk, is it cos they fight their gov? I think it is. Their is so much I’d love to know but not with DNA well DNA they can get hold of.