An Open Letter to Women Who Want Gun Control

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Dear Women Who Are Fighting for Gun Control:

Please give me just a few moments of your time so I can talk to you, one woman to another. We truly do want the same things. This is not an attack on you or the things you believe in, but rather, a discussion of empowerment.

I am sure that your heart is in the right place when you tell us that guns should be banned for the good of humanity. You see the aftermath of horrific events like the Pulse nightclub shooting and the concert in Las Vegas and you are horrified. I am too.

You are convinced that the world would be a better place with no guns at all.

I am not.

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Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor who lives in a small village in the Pacific Northwestern area of the United States.  She is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy writes about healthy prepping, homesteading adventures, and the pursuit of liberty and food freedom.  Daisy is a co-founder of the website Nutritional Anarchy, which focuses on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Daisy’s articles are widely republished throughout alternative media. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  and Twitter, and you can email her at

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  • dav1bg

    MGM properties is a sponsor for the Ellen show. Ellen has several slot machines located inside each MGM casino. James Murren, the CEO of MGM, sold 294,150 shares of his company (80% of his total holdings in the company) four weeks before the Las Vegas shooting. James Murren is a sitting member of the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council. He’s responsible for getting legislation and regulations passed for security & technology infrastructure in public places, things such as x-ray backscatter machines. Another company he owns manufactures this equipment. Murren is an open supporter of Hillary Clinton. 2 months ago, Murren circulated a memo to all MGM employees asking them to donate to the NAACP, CAIR, Southern Poverty Law Center, League of United Latin American Citizens, ADL, Organization of Chinese Americans and the Human Rights Campaign. So the CEO of Mandalay Bay, the site of a horrific massacre, is a sitting member of the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council, and has donated millions to terror groups? Owns scanner manufacturing companies, sold the majority of his MGM stock right before the massacre, owns the Ellen show which are the only ones allowed to interview the one witness, and others were making puts against MGM stock including George Soros. Their own greed has identified them. And Mueller who ran the 911 investigation is in charge of this investigation, needs to be fired, and tried for treason.

  • SP_88

    A well written letter. It’s too bad that the vast majority of those who read it will not change their minds about it. Those who will read it are either already in complete agreement with it, or will remain perpetual victims who are wholly dependent on others for their security. And unfortunately, with the exception of the Hollywood elite and the extremely wealthy, with their gated communities, monitored house alarms and armed security, most of them are dependent on the police, who will only show up after the fact to write a report and summon the paramedics to clean up the mess.
    It’s sad, and pathetic that so many of the people who are in favor of more gun control are also the ones who like to threaten to shoot, rape and kill people who are in favor of gun rights and the right to defend yourself.
    All too often it’s the same people who want more gun control that are causing all the gun violence to begin with. Most of the time we are having to use a gun to defend ourselves against people who are in favor of gun control.
    It seems that every time there is a widely publicized shooting, the gun control proponents are out there threatening to shoot, rape and kill people who are pro-gun and their children and families.
    I don’t think I need to mention the blatant hypocrisy in that.
    If it wasn’t for all the gun control nuts, we wouldn’t need gun control laws at all. The vast majority of gun violence is perpetrated by people who want to take away our second amendment rights.
    Very few shootings are perpetrated by gun owners who are in favor of gun rights.
    If you are looking for any logic to the idea of gun control, don’t bother, because there is none. There are no gun control laws now, or in the future that will ever be able to do what gun control advocates claim. It simply isn’t possible.
    But that doesn’t matter because they aren’t meant to be logical. They are not intended to solve any gun violence issues.
    The actual target of gun control laws is not the criminals or the bad guys. It’s intended to stop the law abiding citizens from getting guns.
    We all know the deal. We know what they are really trying to do. This isn’t about safety or stopping gun violence. It never was. This is about disarming the American people. Period.
    Only the people who support these crooked politicians actually believe there is an honest attempt to create legislation that makes people safer. These people will argue endlessly against gun rights. They will quote statistics, create anecdotal scenarios and argue about how to interpret the second amendment, and anything else that could possibly be used to support their agenda.
    But none of that matters because no gun control laws are going to change the fact that criminals don’t follow the law. And none of these reasons, scenarios or statistics creates a situation that supersedes our right to self defense.
    And nothing they can say is going to change the fact that the crooked politicians they support are not interested in public safety or crime prevention, but rather citizen disarmament.
    And no law or regulation or claims of public safety or arguments in favor of the greater good are going to supersede the necessity of the second amendment, whose purpose is in fact the greater good, that being the security of a free state from the threat of tyranny and out of control government.

    • Rey d’Tutto

      There are multiple reasons for the Second Amendment.
      Personal Protection.
      Deterring Tyranny.
      Defense if the State/Nation.

      • SP_88

        Very true. But it seems that the anti-gun crowd will only focus on the self defense/hunting aspect of it. They make statements like “who needs a 30 round magazine to defend themselves or hunt deer”.
        Sometimes they will say something about fighting tyranny too. They will try to suggest that it’s impossible to fight against the United States military with civilian owned firearms, which completely ignores the fact that many people within the police and military will stand on the side of the people.
        But regardless of what arguments they make in favor of gun control, it doesn’t change the fact that they are really just trying to disarm the people by going against the second amendment, which is the law of the land.

    • The Tuna Fairy

      +15 upvotes if I could

      • SP_88

        Thank you.

  • Joel W

    Queue the hate. Any woman who cries for limiting self defense literally deserves to be raped, at gun point. Sorry to be so harsh, but that is the reality. A firearm is the ONLY method a woman can equalize an assault from a much larger predatory man. Period. End of story.

    • Doug Mccomb

      And a 6 inch blade at least, ice-pick, etc, for close quarter’s !

      • Joel W

        While the would be rapist has a gun in her face? 99/9% of women will freeze in terror. And how many women would have the mental strength to go through with actually plunging the knife into somebody? Stabbing another human IS NOT an easy thing to do. Merely brandishing a firearm is usually more than enough. If I had a wife or daughter, gun laws be damned, they would be equipped with a firearm, at all times not in my presence. Not a knife.

    • Cathy Young

      Sorry but no one deserves to be raped ever. What if your wife has a gun in her purse and is putting groceries in the car and someone comes up and bashes her skull? What if she is gardening? What good does her gun do? Are you saying that women should have to be carrying every minute of every day? Now don’t get me wrong, women should be armed and trained not only with firearms, but in hand to hand fighting and self defense. Rapists deserve to be hung in public and left dangling until their bones are picked clean, but no women ever deserves to be raped.

      • Joel W

        I would never marry a woman who screamed for gun control. I clearly stated women who do wants guns gone deserve so. And do you really think I was being serious? Obviously no woman deserves to be raped. But women who want guns banned are essentially begging for women to be raped, by default.

        That said, there are some people who deserve to be raped, in the most violent manner. Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Sandusky, and every other demon filth who rape children come to mind. And that I am absolutely serious about. Pedophiles get served to most glorious justice possible in prison.

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    Anyone in favor of gun control wants to see your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister gangraped and strangled to death with her own pantyhose, full stop.

    Anyone who wants you disarmed wants you dead.
    Anyone unwilling to disarm you personally is a coward.