An Angle the Media Will Report on: Syrian Migrants Stop 7 Year Old from Being Raped by Afghani at Greek Border

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When a seven-year-old Syrian girl was taken behind the portable toilets in Northern Greece’s Idomeni migrant camp by an Afghani man and people heard her start to scream, a group of Syrian refugees grabbed the guy and frogmarched him to the police.

He had been attempting to remove the little girl’s shirt and pants.

Via Daily Mail:

The men rushed to secluded woodland behind a row of temporary toilets as the girl’s father shouted ‘he’s trying to rape my daughter’.

They got there to find the Afghan refugee with the girl in a state of undress.

First on the scene was Bashar Al-Ali, 29, a chef from Deir ez-Zuor, Syria, who was sitting drinking coffee outside a makeshift cafe when he saw the alleged paedophile leading a seven-year-old girl by the hand.

‘The Afghan man took her behind the toilets and then she started to scream,’ he told MailOnline. ‘I ran over and saw that he was trying to remove her T-shirt and trousers. I grabbed him and started kicking him.’

Dldar Sedo, 24, a Kurdish tailor from Aleppo, added: ‘We all heard the screams. People wanted to kill him but we said no, it’s not our job to kill him. We are in a civilised country and we need to let the police take care of this.’

The vigilante justice group was reportedly set up by a bus driver named Ali Sheikh, 35, known to everyone as “The Boss”.

The Daily Mail made it clear multiple times these are the horrible lengths the migrants have to go to because Greek authorities do not police the migrant camp accept for if and when an asylum seeker tries to cross the border.

Mohammad, 27, a DJ specialising in American country music and traditional folk songs from Chefchaouen in northern Morocco, was next to arrive. ‘I was dozing in the abandoned house when I heard screams,’ he told MailOnline.

‘It was the sound of a girl crying. At first I thought it was a father beating a child but then I realised it was something serious. I shouted to my friends and ran towards the noise.

‘When I saw what was going on, I grabbed the attacker to stop him from running away.’

As the commotion started to attract attention, the crowd became more and more violent.

Syrian Mohammad Al-Ahmad, 19, was one of those who believed the man deserved a beating.

‘He was Afghan and we are Syrian, so that made me really angry,’ he told MailOnline.

‘He deserved to be kicked. He deserved to have his legs broken. Otherwise he will do it again and people will think it’s OK to behave however you want in Idomeni.’

The group has been dubbed the Syrian “have-a-go heroes”.


Then again, considering the stylized pictures of the procession and the public relations-esque media response to this event, one cannot help but wonder if this whole highly publicized response is just a way to shine a positive light on the myriad horror stories of rape and sexual assault that continue to spill out of the migrant wave across Europe, an attempt to push a story in the media that for once doesn’t feature migrants raping women and children (although it still kinda does).

The media has already been caught time and again attempting to cover up migrant sexual abuse and rape.

I mean, come on. Look at this.






Can’t help but think it looks just a tad bit… staged. No?

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