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Feds Arm Up Against the Threats of Old People and Fishermen

Kimberly Paxton
August 15th, 2012

The United States government appears to be playing hot potato.

However, they are not playing the game with well-warmed root vegetable – nope – they are playing it with ammo.

Hollow point bullets and explosives have been solicited by various areas of the Federal government lately, but not the ones you might expect, like the Gestapo DHS, the alphabet soup club or the military.  You may be surprised to discover that….

…the Social Security Administration has ordered 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets.

… the National Weather Service ordered 46,000 rounds of hollow point bullets, but then refuted the report as a mistake, quickly passing the buck to…

… the NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement for the order of nearly 50,000 rounds.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but what on earth do the SSA, the NWS and the Fisheries Office need with hollow point bullets? (This ammunition has been illegal in international warfare since 1899, by the way)

Are they in fear of rowdy elderly people once they finish stealing the Social Security funds?

Are angry mobs coming after ineffective meteorologists over a few bad weather reports, requiring that the scientists be able to defend themselves with deadly force?

And don’t even get me started on those fish people – a real domestic threat if ever there was one.

The real deal here is rather obvious.  The DHS has ordered millions of rounds.  These orders are a government shell game, ala Fast and Furious – it’s a game of “Hide the Ammo” combined with “Pass the Buck”.

Keep in mind, the government is buying up ammo, weapons and riot gear while also making every effort to restrict civilian access to these things.  Don’t forget the lurking threat of the UN Small Arms Treaty and the recent false flag shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin,  all engineered to disarm Americans.

Unfortunately, the real losers of whatever game is being played are the innocent civilians who will be the victims of the deadly hollow point bullets.

We are being billed for our own enslavement via every tax dollar that we pay.  There needs to be a call for accountability with these recent purchases – the government should not be allowed a blank check.

Whatever is hurtling down the pipe, it’s not going to be pretty if this kind of firepower is to be aimed in our direction.

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  • Evie

    Do you think they are gearing up for a war and want to put the ammo on the budgets of these gov agencies? I do not think people will conduct protests where they know all of that security.

    • SKIP

      I’d say the gubmint is gearing up for some serious civil disturbance from mostly White citizens that are finally getting tired of being prey animals for non whites and money cows for the gubmint and it’s various welfare programs for those same non whites.

  • bowlan

    they are preparing for the collapse of the derivatives market in europe that will bring down the entire banking system,they are preparing for civil unrest that they know will follow.

    Europe Investors and Banks, companies and investors are preparing themselves for a collapse of the euro.

    U.S Banks Told To Prepare For Total Collapse late October early nov 2012.

    Moody’s downgraded nearly 300 U.S. municipal issuers in the second quarter.

    George Soros exited a number of financial firms, such as Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS) and JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) and invest in hard gold.

    Leading members of the Group of 20 nations are prepared to trigger an emergency meeting to address soaring grain prices caused by the worst U.S. drought in more than half a century and poor crops from the Black Sea bread basket.
    any one following these red flags daily can see whats going on.
    Martial law being prepared for possible banking collapse in the late October early Nov 2012.

  • http://T Evie

    So it sounds as though the effort to save the banks has failed.
    They will not be able to control the people here. Not enough military in the whole world.

    • SKIP

      Machine guns will help. I just hope most of the military will refuse to enter action against U.S. citizens since one of the articles of the UCMJ is that a soldier is not obliged to follow an order he knows to be unlawful. BUT! if he chooses that route, he better be correct. I believe there is some law on the books prohibiting the use of U.S. military on CONUS but all of those laws are obviously “VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY OBAMA”

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