American Patriots – A Fringe Element?

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by Henry Shivley

There has been a lot of debate back and forth about the publishing of the addresses of registered gun owners in New York by The Journal News.  The mainstream propagandists have latched onto this exhibitionism in an attempt to keep the issue of guns front and center in the mainstream.  They are putting forth the question, should the newspaper be allowed to publish the names?  And of course the counter question, should bloggers be allowed to publish the names of those who publish the names?

Divide, divide, divide.  All are missing the muddy elephant in the middle of the living room, which is the map pointing out the residents containing the registered handguns.  This is New York where it is hard to get a concealed carry permit, yet look at the map.  And remember, these are just the people who have concealed carry permits and handguns.  How many more have long guns?

The mainstream propagandists have been desperately attempting to put forth the ridiculous assertion that American nationals who support the 2nd Amendment absolute are a “fringe group”.  Again, look at the map.  It would seem more like the body of the population.

I have heard the most ridiculous assertions coming from the commies in their attempt to bolster the appearance of their minute numbers.  I heard one putting forth the idea that more people are arming in areas where violent crime is dropping, indicating the exact opposite of what the reality presents.  The commies are saying that the crime is dropping, so what is the need for further armament?  This dribble is beyond bogus.  I shouldn’t have to say it but I will.  The crime is dropping because of the armament, in fact in direct correlation to the armament.

Traitors like Michael Moore, who are international communists by definition, need to be arrested and charged with constructive treason and insurrection.  And when convicted, via the videos of their treachery, they need to do some hard time in a federal prison and then be deported to China or Russia where they belong.

Any of these communists speaking out in opposition to any article of our Bill of Rights needs to be arrested and prosecuted.

I heard the communist Chris Matthews put forth the assertion that we the people cannot oppose the dictator Obama because he was elected through a popular vote.  Is there any dictator out there who is not elected over and over again for life via fraudulent elections?  Every American, not a part of the socialist insurgency, knows that the 2012 Presidential so called election was nothing short of a banana republic, dictator perpetuated, in-your-face, blatant fraud.

When the 2012 NDAA with Sections 1021 and 1022, military arrests and indefinite detention for American nationals without due process of the law, was signed by the insurgent Obama, he declared himself dictator of the United States of America, and in doing so declared war on we the people.

The power of rule in the United States under our Bill of Rights and Constitution resides in the hands of we the people.  There can be no dictatorship without a pacification of American nationals and the removal of our authority through force of arms.  Now that the dictator has declared war on us, he wants to sign a dictate for us to disarm.

Anybody who supports this shit had better take a long hard look at that map in New York and imagine it across this country.  Remember, this is only those with concealed carry permits who do not represent a drop in the bucket of our armed population.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  • wolf

    Traitors need to be killed, period.

  • Kulafarmer

    On CNN there was an article that said that the negotiations supposedly going on this weekend between Reid and McConnel to ” avert the cliff ” are not even going to be between them but their staff? really? their staff? and they are not even expected to be in the capitol according to the article,

    then on newsmax there was an article about how obama just gave biden and the reps a raise,,, yep thats right a raise. Did you get a rise this year?? do you feel particularly represented in washington these days??

    its time for some real changes, we are all being played by these assholes in washington and at all levels of government, our state alone has an unfunded pension liability over the 2 billion $ level,,, where do they think that money is coming from,,
    Wake up folks, its time for a change, and this time the change needs to be a total purging of all government officials and agencies, its time to see just what the TRUE patriots of this country are made of and to see where our brothers and sisters who have been gving their lives for the country will stand.

  • It’s time for all of our good men and women in the Armed Services to search their conscience. Will they be used by the vipers and internationalists to suppress their homeland? Whom do they serve? The elitists and bankers – or the US Constitution, to which they swore fealty? Will they shoot their brothers and sisters or be as true as the Minutemen at Lexington and Concord and aim their sights at dual-passport lobbyists and influence-peddlers in Washington, DC? And what of the mass-media scum-spewing Quislings that push incremental erosion of our Bill of Rights and outright destruction of our Second Amendment? A reckoning is coming. Let us pray that our military is with us. We can’t do it alone.

    • SKIP

      Like you, I feel that the military and those in law enforcement are going to have to make a difficult choice in the near future/.

  • Turd Mountain

    Though I agree with you to a point, if you want to wrap yourself up in the rightous second ammendment, which I believe in, to the letter, you might want to review the FIRST ammendment! If you will,,, remember those shit bags have the same right as you do to spew projectile diarrea! The same as you want the “communists” to respect your second ammendment rights, you in turn must have the flexability for their twisted views. So, if you are unhappy with the “communists” in the press, or in the “office” then you can always move to North Korea, I’m sure they would love to hear your opinion. Dress warm jackass.

    • Kulafarmer

      The difference is we arent trying to remove or infringe upon their rights Troll

  • Smarty

    Danite, I think that 2/3 of our military will be with us..maybe more. Most police forces will be too. They all have families, and they all have brains and something to lose.

    I’m ready. “They” underestimate us. We will provail.

    Keep spreading the word.

  • Ohevi


  • The military and the police will do what they’re told. TAKE OUR GUNS. Just like they did in New Orleans during Katrina.

  • aahrats

    It’s simple; Come and take them!

  • Jean

    If it is “open season” on the populace, it must be de facto “open season” on LEOs. And Military.

    Sorry to be so direct, ladies and gentlemen: We’ll pray for the good ones. There must be at least one good cop out there… And lots of good soldiers, who are being conditioned to “obey orders” above all else. Not sure we’ll have the backing our Patriots hope for… We’ll be marginalized first, dehumanized, and labelled as “evil” for daring to question “Our Great Leader” Kim Jong Obama.

    Manchurian Candidate, without the mind control (BO). With the mind control, USA, USAF, USMC, USN.