Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

America – The Land of the Police State: 30,000 Drones Will Be Watching You

Tim Watts
The Intel Hub
February 10th, 2012

Once again, another shocking story that threatens the personal privacy of US citizens has been kept from us by our politicians and the mainstream media.

Did you know that a bill, HR 658, the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act, has just passed both the House and the Senate which authorizes the use of 30,000 spy drones over America by the year 2015? Like the anti-Posse Comitatus NDAA legislation that passed in November, this bill was not widely reported by the mainstream corporate media.

Do not feel bad for not knowing about this, because, similar to the anti-Constitutional NDAA legislation, they purposefully tried to hide this from the American public. The corporate controlled mainstream media was once again complicit and was an integral accessory in this crime against “We the People.” The corporate mainstream media failed us all miserably once again.

Think about the enormity of this for a second… 30-THOUSAND drones flying overhead, surveying the US. If you divide that by 50 states, that is 600 drones per state! Most states don’t have even one-third of that in counties, so 600 drones, or more per state is a bit overwhelming. And considering that some state are very small, such as Rhode Island and Connecticut, it won’t take that many to spy on those diminutive territories, leaving far more drones to cover the larger states.

This is an outrage, plain and simple. If you’re not pissed off about this, you’ve got shit for brains. There is no good reason why we should have 24/7 surveillance of American citizens. Of course the advocates for creating this intensified police state will proffer that this is needed “to fight terrorism,” but let’s examine that issue for just a moment.

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  • bill

    I have watched this country go down the toilet since the late 80’s. I don’t believe the american people understand that the constitution and bill of rights are become more meaningless every year. Well, I love this country but not what this country has become so I have decided to leave. The only votes that government understands are feet votes. I have narrowed down my choices to four countries and BTW all four have more freedom than the US. The next step is to spend another 6-8 months in each one and make my decision final. My family and I have lost faith in america.

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable. But hey, we still get to stuff endless amounts of GMO cancer causing feed down our throats and sit in front of that 50″ plasma watching dancing with the stars. Whats not to love?

  • Lost Alone

    Unbelievable. Buy hey, we still get to stuff endless amounts of GMO cancer causing feed down our throats and sit in front of that 50″ plasma watching dancing with the stars. Whats not to love?

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