America Is Next: The Migrant Swarm and The Predicted Death of Europe

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This article, originally posted at, is based on an an abridged version of Jared Taylor’s Is this the death of Europe, with substantial additions to the text by Lasha Darkmoon.

“If they are not stopped, Europe will die.”
— Jared Taylor


Europe is under sentence of death. The mass rape and murder of the indigenous population of Europe in their own homelands by the unstoppable hordes of the Third World is now perhaps inevitable. We in our ancestral homelands, clinging to what remains of our cherished heritage, need to prepare for a grim future of unparalleled sufferings.

Europe is dying, dying slowly.

There is no way Europe is going to survive the cataclysms ahead unless Europeans take drastic action, without delay,  to reverse the menacing tide of mass immigration—if necessary by mass deportation of the invaders.  It may one day be necessary, as has recently been suggested in a controversial French novel, to bomb the refugee ships and gun the invaders down on the beaches.

This is a scenario too chilling to contemplate. Heaven forbid it should ever come to this.

Whatever the outcome, we need to prepare for violence: violence by the indigenous protestors at the invasion of their homelands, violence by the conquering hordes who have come to settle these lands where they are not welcome, and violence by the police and the Orwellian police state as they do their best  to crush the protestors and hand over our homelands to the invaders.

The conquest of Europe (and America) by these alien outsiders simply cannot be accomplished without bloodshed. Anyone who fails to see this has no concept of history; or the idea that history repeats itself. The same malignant forces that helped to unleash the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution—cataclysmic movements  that swept away the remnants of the ancien regime and brought in new tyrants with uglier faces—is now planning another revolution to eclipse all the revolutions of the past: enforced mass immigration and multiculturalism with their inevitable consequences: White dispossession and mass mongrelization, leading eventually to White genocide.

Listen to the prophetic words of Enoch Powell. These were uttered in  a memorable speech given in April 1968, almost 50 years ago:

“We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependants, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood”. That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic … is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect.

Only resolute and urgent action will avert it even now. Whether there will be the public will to demand and obtain that action, I do not know. All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal.”


Is this the death of Europe?

by Jared Taylor

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

“The proliferation of other races dooms our race, my race,
irretrievably to extinction in the century to come…”
—Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints, 1973

Forty-two years ago, the great French author Jean Raspail wrote a deeply prescient novel. A flotilla of rusty ships packed with beggars sets sail from the Third World. They head for the French Riviera, where a million wretched, brown-skinned people hope to storm the beaches and feed on the wealthy white West. Will the French army fire on the invaders or welcome them as refugees? In the end they do neither; soldiers throw down their weapons and run away as the mob stumbles ashore. Millions more follow, and Europe is snuffed out.

The Camp of the Saints has never gone out of print, and has been translated into all major European languages–and yet the coverage of the European “migrant” crisis goes on as if it had never been written. The masses pouring in from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and a host of African countries are doing exactly what Raspail predicted.

LD: They are invading Europe in unprecedented numbers. And the Europeans, led by pathological altruists such as Angela Merkel—who is not only suspected in some quarters of having Jewish roots, but also of being mentally unbalanced—are doing nothing to keep out the incursive hordes. They are either wringing their hands impotently or displaying  placards that proclaim: REFUGEES WELCOME!  [LD]

The Camp of the Saints put the white man’s dilemma in the harshest terms: slaughter hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children or face oblivion.

The flotilla sets sail confident that Europeans do not have the nerve to kill in order to survive. Today as well, the Third World is crossing the Mediterranean confident that whites don’t have the nerve even to turn them back. Every vagabond who gets a bed in a reception center in Dortmund or Malmo tweets the good news to a hundred people back in Somalia and Syria.

They will come in endless waves until they are stopped, and if they are not stopped Europe will die, just as it does in The Camp of the Saints.

—  §  —

In 1951, the world population was 2.5 billion. It is now 7.3 billion, and the overwhelming bulk of the growth has been in those very countries that are so miserable that huge numbers of their citizens want to leave.

The supply of potential asylum seekers is essentially unlimited. Last year, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said there were more than 50 million displaced people around the world, of whom about 17 million were officially designated as “refugees”.

LD: The interesting thing is that few other countries, apart from those in the EU, feel under any obligation to recognize these displaced persons as “refugees”, nor are they under any legal constraints to offer them hospitality. China and India completely ignore any pressure to take in migrants. Their populations, at 1.3 billion and 1.2 billion respectively, are the largest in the world  and they see no reason why they should add to those enormous numbers by taking in more mouths to feed.  In 2014, Japan accepted only 11 out of 5,000 applications for asylum. Mexico, which sends the US millions of people, accepts even fewer.  It now has a total of 1,677 refugees to Japan’s 2,649. [LD]

Countries just do what they please, because the conventions have no enforcement mechanism. The only price for spurning refugees is accusations of heartlessness, and so long as a country isn’t white, there isn’t much of that.

News reports routinely talk about Syrians “fleeing war and turmoil in the Middle East,” but it’s not as though the Syrian civil war suddenly turned brutal, and shell-shocked families are fleeing war zones with only the clothes on their backs. Many have decided they are just tired of refugee camps–and the ones in Lebanon have cut back somewhat on handouts. Those coming straight from Syria just want a chance at Europe, too.

As one 35-year-old woman who brought two young children with her from Aleppo explained at the Hungarian border, “I decided to leave Syria because I want my kids to have a comfortable life, to study.”

In any case, it’s hardly the poor who are making the trip. Smugglers charge as much as $2,000 per adult to ferry people just a couple of miles from Turkey to a Greek island. It takes money to travel on to Germany or Sweden–though some European countries are laying on free travel, food, and shelter.

These newcomers are not the needy; they are the greedy.

—  §  —

Finally, this “refugee crisis” is not just an absurdity; it’s absurdity on stilts. Syrians don’t qualify as refugees under the conventions. As noted above, a  refugee has to have a well-founded fear of persecution. Being caught in a war zone is not persecution.

A government can choose to treat Syrians as refugees, however, and most European countries have promised them special handling. People are therefore throwing away their identity papers as soon as they get to Europe and are claiming to be Syrian. There is now a brisk market in fake Syrian passports; German authorities have confiscated hundreds of blanks. A Dutch journalist in Syria paid $850 for a very convincing-looking custom-made fake, and they are now offered on the Internet. Syrians have been getting into fights with imposters who, they think, make it harder for real Syrians to register as refugees.

In any case, it is wrong for the press to call these people “migrants,” as if they were Canada geese. Every one of them, wherever he came from, is an illegal immigrant. Israel calls such people “infiltrators.” It would not be incorrect to call them “invaders,” since they are an army of aliens come to occupy and transform Europe.

Waves of illegals are coming because they can.

They saw hundreds of thousands of Africans from such places as Senegal and Nigeria–without even a fantasy claim to being “refugees”–swarming across the Mediterranean from Libya.

Not only did the Italian Navy save their lives when their boats sank, it turned them loose on the continent to go wherever the handouts were most generous. Firm treatment early on–towing the boats back where they came from as the Australians do–would have stopped them right away. Instead, Europe foolishly opened the door and is shocked that more have followed.

Germany, especially, has been letting in anyone who wants to come, and people from wrecked countries all over the world know a good thing when they see it. That is why only about one in five of the people pouring into Europe over the last three months is even Syrian. The rest come from South Sudan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, and every other hell hole.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany made things much worse by announcing that she expects to take in 800,000 waifs this year. Now the government says it could be more like a million. Mrs. Merkel has even been so stupid as to say that “the right to political asylum has no limits on the number of asylum seekers.”

Mrs. Merkel’s invitation explains why nearly a million illegals have already come to Europe, and countless more are on the way. It explains why 3,000 arrive every day on the tiny Greek Island of Lesbos. And why nearly 4,700 boat people were rescued off the coast of Libya just last Saturday (Sept. 20). And why the crush of “migrants” has so overwhelmed European transport systems that train service had to be stopped between Budapest and Vienna, and between Munich and Salzberg. It explains the mountains of rubbish, food, and feces the “migrants” have left behind wherever the gather.



In Europe they call them “refugees” . . . in Israel they call them “infiltrators”

The spinelessness of the Europeans is perfectly matched by the arrogance and aggressiveness of the illegals.

One might think people who show up without permission in a foreign country would be grateful simply not to be turned back. Not these people. On the Greek islands they fought each other and rioted because they didn’t think they were being treated well enough. On Kos, a tourist mecca, they blocked the main street of the town chanting, “We want papers! We want to eat!”

On Lesbos, with 20,000 surly young men camping in streets and squares, locals were afraid to leave their homes or send children to school. “They have stolen our lives,” said one.

Africans in Italian reception centers in Belluno, Sicily, and Rome went on hunger strikes because they were tired of Italian food and wanted African food. The strikers in Belluno slashed the tires of Italians who worked at the center.

At the Serbian/Hungarian frontier, migrants massed at a border fence, chanting “open the door.” They gave the Hungarians two hours to let them in, and then launched human-wave attacks on the fence to try to tear it down. When the Hungarians fired tear gas and water cannons, the illegals threw rocks and sticks at the border police. There was a running battle of several hours before the illegals finally gave up and headed for Croatia.

On all the rail routes leading to Germany, thousands of illegals have been sleeping in stations, filling the restrooms and platforms with filth, and cramming themselves onto any train that was passing through, whether they had tickets or not.

Mobs at the Keleti railroad station in central Budapest shouted “Fuck you,” and “Allahu Akbar” at Hungarian authorities.

Most of these illegals are young Muslim men who have never seen a woman in a bikini. There have already been reports of women and children being raped in some of the migrant centers, where Muslims consider unaccompanied women “fair game.” Even when they have segregated dormitories, women sleep fully dressed, and are afraid to walk around the centers. So many have been forced into prostitution that a social worker at a Bavarian shelter called it “the biggest brothel in Munich.”

It’s no accident that in immigrant-happy Sweden the majority of rapists are immigrants–overwhelmingly Muslim. These are the people Mrs. Merkel’s deputy thinks will make good Germans.

This is what Europe gets for its spinelessness. The illegals sense weakness, and they are right. They exploit that weakness, and their success inspires yet more hundreds of thousands–no doubt millions–from every wretched country.

Only force will stop them, the force that any healthy people would have used immediately.



LD:  This picture shows Russian vigilantes going to the rescue of their White Russian sisters who had been groped and sexually assaulted in a nightclub in Murmansk, Russia, by out-of-control asylum seekers. The 51 refugees who were beaten up by the Russians had already been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior.” The refugees are described in an article by Robert Spencer as “Muslim migrants who believe that Infidel women exist for their sexual pleasure.” [LD]

—  §  —

Fortunately, not all of Europe has gone insane.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto pointed out that if Germany is worried about the plight of Syrians it could use a tiny fraction of the money it has budgeted for “migrants” to improve conditions in the camps in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon.

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Victor Orban has been the most consistently clear-headed European head of state throughout the crisis. He has warned that Muslims will destroy Europe’s Christian identity and that Europeans have a right to refuse to become minorities on their own continent. His determination to keep illegals out has made him a hero to his people.

Slovakia said it would let in 200 Syrians but they had to be Christians. Interior Minister Ivan Netik explained that Slovakia doesn’t have a single mosque and that Muslims aren’t welcome.

Dutch political leader Geert Wilders has warned of an ‘Islamic invasion’:

“Masses of young men in their twenties with beards singing ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is greatest) across Europe—it’s an invasion that threatens our prosperity, our security, our culture and identity.”

He’s right. Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, speaking at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, encouraged the illegals to pour into Europe and mate with Europeans:

“We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries,” he said. “We will trample them underfoot, God willing.”

Ironically, it is former Communists, who lived under an overtly anti-religious, anti-nationalist ideology, that are still able to think in terms of national and religious identity. When Mrs. Merkel said she wanted to assign mandatory “refugee” quotas to every EU member, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic refused. Communism protected them from something much worse: “tolerance” and “diversity.”

Perhaps the greatest irony, however, is that emasculated West Europeans are accusing East Europeans of not being European. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that Hungary’s efforts to keep out illegals shows it does not “respect Europe’s common values.”

It is only because Europeans fought Muslim invaders for 1,000 years—from 732 at the Battle of Poitiers to 1683 at the gates of Vienna—that Europe as we know it even exists. Incredibly, Mr Fabius wants to throw it all away in the name of what he calls “Europe’s common values.”

Laurent Fabius could have stepped right out of the pages of The Camp of the Saints.

As Jean Raspail wrote in 1985: “The West is empty, even if it has not yet become really aware of it. An extraordinarily inventive civilization, surely the only one capable of meeting the challenges of the third millennium, the West has no soul left.”

He put it even more pithily in The Camp of the Saints: “The white race was nothing more than a million sheep.”



“We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries. We will trample them underfoot, God willing.”  — Sheikh Muhammad Ayed, speaking at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

This is no idle threat.

When uncontrolled mass immigration, leading inevitably to the mongrelization and eventual extinction of the host race, is openly described by a prominent Muslim cleric as “trampling them underfoot”, only an extremely foolish person could view this process with complacency.

This is more than White genocide. To stand by and do nothing is tantamount to signing one’s own death warrant.

A time may come when the now “inconceivable” occurs: this is when the unstoppable hordes of illegal immigrants are finally seen as hostile invaders and are forcibly stopped by declaring war on them. The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party (AFD) has in fact recommended this hawkish approach. Just weeks ago, we learn:

“AFD chairman Frauke Petry provoked outrage when she advocated border guards open fire with live ammunition on illegal asylum seekers. Days later, a poll found 29 percent of Germans agreed with her.”

Think of those alarming statistics. Almost one in three Germans, if asked, would now agree that it is a sensible policy to bomb the refugee ships and shoot illegal immigrants on sight.

Here is Muslim political commentator Sukant Chandan, explaining on Russia Today what he has in mind for Europe: a veritable tidal wave of immigrants from Africa and Asia, hundreds of millions of them, until Europe turn black:

I’ll tell you one thing: black and Asian people should come here in the hundreds of millions. It’s not right that for 500 years, imperialism has looted our countries of all our wealth, has destroyed our countries. We will come here, we have been coming here, and WE WILL CONTINUE TO COME HERE IN THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS until, indeed, as Gaddafi said, EUROPE WILL TURN BLACK!”

(See this 40-second video clip)

There you have it clearly stated. The total destruction of Europe and its indigenous White population is payback for imperialism: “You’ve looted us for 500 years,” this impudent Muslim radical is telling us. “So here we have come to get our revenge, hundreds of millions of us, and turn Europe black! In a hundred years time, God willing, there will not be a single White person left in Europe!”

— And America? What about America? America is next in line, be sure of that. As the sheep are led to the slaughterhouse in Europe, the sheep in America are slowly getting the message: It’s our turn next.

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    Didn’t DC create all this mess ?

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  • Mike

    A few good missiles into every muslim terrorist training camp in the USA would solve the problem at least in the short term.

    • Razedbywolvs

      The people with all the really cool missiles seem to be encouraging this.

    • Why would you want to attack our domestic military bases?

  • Frank Energy

    The totally incredible thing is that almost no one on the entire
    internet has yet realized that there is nothing remotely accidental
    about this muslim flooding of Europe.

    It was not – as everyone, so
    sadly, seems to think – a ‘mistake’ by Merkel, at all. Her invitation
    to the entire Middle East (and far beyond) to pour into Europe was a
    calculated, totally deliberate dramatic ramping-up of the EU’s plan to
    pour muslim into all EU countries formulated by Peter Sutherland when he
    was EU Commissioner – which was adopted by the EU’s Polituro, the ‘EU
    Commission’, as policy.

    • It is not Paranoia

      “The totally incredible thing is that almost no one on the entire
      internet has yet realized that there is nothing remotely accidental
      about this muslim flooding of Europe.”

      We must have different internets…

  • Nexusfast123

    Many people will read this and cry racist – its a tide of utterly useless people. This is reality and the dimwits in Brussels have signed the death warrant for the EU. The EU will break apart as individual countries seek to save their people. As this crisis mounts the UK will also leave Europe.

    • Cracker122049

      Europe will soon be the new killing fields for the Military Industrial Complex, just think of it as a garden growing right now!

    • Richard Martin

      They are not useless, they fulfill a NWO purpose of making the EU “partners” so unassimiluated, so effed up, that they can’t organize enough to break up the NWO EU.

  • BasicRules
    • We have the guns and we aren’t giving them up no matter what the ruling class has to say.

      • BasicRules


      • The sheriff of the country I live in says that he believes that every home that has a gun in this country has at least 4 or 5, some having over a hundred. I guess I am just underarmed.

        • lol, me too but I wish I lived in an area like that.

          • Why can’t you move? You’d be welcome. I need all the intelligent and knowledgeable people I can get to counteract the failed Free State Project.

          • I am fortunate to have an incredible opportunity to be where I am and I get to be around some of the best/most talented professionals out there(some famous) and I have so much more to learn from them still + since I am a criminal on paper(I use cannabis for health and own weapons for defence which means I am just the worst society has to offer, apparently) most of the time I cannot even get a good job, I’d probably have to be in business if I didn’t have my current gig, I’m not hireable because I’m “bad.” I would make much more money being in business but I would have much less time also + I wouldn’t be around very high net-worth individuals anymore and that is a big advantage I currently have..

            They’ve already made my pets illegal to transport over state lines in a tyrannical effort to shut down the reptile business(small businesses, what makes America.. or.. used to at least) using false science, global warming, as a weak excuse. One of the main reasons I rushed to buy the species I did even though at the time I couldn’t afford is because I don’t believe they will always be available as they destroy our country just like the guns they want to take from us so desperately, now they are going to take aim at the industry itself because their false flags all failed to do it, what evil creeps they are. I don’t have any savings because of this(I do have my investments though so they count as savings, technically) but I am at least a little bit prepared. That water distiller is in my near future also. Money is flying out the door faster than it is coming in but i am making progress as far as preparation goes. I wish we lived in peace and I wouldn’t need to do all of this but there will never be peace unless we unseat those in power for good. You will be much safer than I am if SHTF.

          • All of that is pretty saddening, but at least it sound like you are living in the best situation you can find, which is good.
            I moved here because it is the best place I could find. The majority philosophy here is individual freedom first. The sheriff is, according to everyone I’ve asked and has observed, a CLEO. I’d like it better if he were an outspoken member of Oathkeepers and/or CSPOA, but he is a native and his family has been ranching here for generations. I think I’m probably safer here than most Americans even if TSNHTF, although the American flags might come down first. I always discount anything I see on WordPress, because their support sucks.

          • I do not trust oathkeepers and believe they are controlled opposition.

          • I am not a member because I have never taken an oath to the Constitution, and I can accomplish more by passing out brochures and PUSH cards. I steadfastly agree with their “10 orders we will not obey” declaration. It doesn’t matter if they are controlled opposition as long as they are philosophically opposed to the current regime,and they are very much opposed to that. I’m not a member of CSPOA because I’ve never been a sheriff or peace officer, but I’d like to see all of them become functioning CLEOs so we can stop silliness like what happened in Nevada and Oregon with bogus sheriffs.

  • Frank

    Yeah. And hordes of military-age male “refugees” all decided to swarm into Europe at the same time? This is an INVASION, and anyone who can’t see that is being willfully blind.

    • DorothyJWilliams

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  • gdnctr

    They are NOT ‘migrants’.
    They are NOT ‘refugees’.
    They are NOT ‘immigrants’.
    They are NOT ‘asylum seekers’.
    They will not assimilate, and are coming to take over your countries, your way of life, and kill you.
    The flood of rapists, mutilators, molesters and murderers is just beginning. It will get 10 times worse this year.
    The murderous islamic caliphate, and its subhuman, lowlife tribal muslim garbage, are on the move, worldwide.
    Wake-up Europe & America!

    • FollowDaMoney

      They are Satan’s minions working towards a one world government headed by Satan himself.

      • Richard Martin

        Even worse, they are just tools of the minions

  • You see, what is good for you is not good for us.

    “We must protect our borders against illegal immigrants and against the perpetrators of terrorism. We cannot allow Israel to be flooded with infiltrators,” Netanyahu added, as quoted by the Times of Israel.


    Obama’s “arab spring” was designed to destabilize the middle east and create the mass influx of savages. This was his striking out at the “white colonialists” he hates so much. My belief is obama would gladly exterminate whites if he legally could , so he uses the migration of savages to do the same thing in slow motion .

    • rhuland

      I think you have hit on the head of the catastrophe. We must get him out of DC before his term is up, before he can do us further damage, and defeat his surrogate bitch who is running to fill his shoes with the same policies.

  • Poke


  • I forgot

    If the German people keep getting pushed around, that’s what will happen.

  • I forgot

    You have to like the picture of the Russian coming to the aid of their women! That’s how you do it.

    • rhuland

      that’s how it’s done is Texas. Wake up, rest of the US

      • I forgot

        The stars at night, are shinin’ bright, deep in the heart of Texas!

      • I see more guns every day in Wyoming than I saw in years in Texas.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I can’t wait to see the reactions from “progressives” once they realize-too late-that their “tolerance” has led them to self destruction. The road to hell, as they say…

    • navre12

      Unfortunately RandyJ, we will also be on that Road to Hell with them and not by our choosing.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Agreed- but I’ll still get some perverse joy by witnessing their epiphany.

  • marlio

    These people are nomads, and will not mix with civilized society if they are muslims. I think Christians could, possibly adapt because in america, most people are Christians.

    • I found a chart of religious adherence. 33% Christian, 21% Islamic. If most Americans are Christians, the rest could be Muslims, and leave half another.

  • Bruce Regael

    I’ve already chalked up 50% of all Europeans around the world will have to perish before this mentality plaguing Europeans will begin to change and balance can be restored. Liberalism has corrupted the Western soul to such a point it’s going to actually kill them. We’re not talking just outside forces, the ideology itself is breeding the very idea that they and their own people should die. The only way Europeans worldwide can be saved is by purging that mentality and ideology from all of society.

    A large amount of people are going to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. The foreign hordes conquering and slaughtering them, and their own people removing the weak links from society who contribute nothing of value and are thoroughly destructive. Maybe I’m being over-dramatic, but it makes the situation more manageable if you consider 1 out of ever 2 white people is going to have to die. A figure that at least you can understand as a consequence for our current attitudes. I envy people still trying to see this utopia vision of the world, as childish as it may be, but eventually you’re going to have to deal with reality, which rarely aligns itself with idealistic dreams.

    • rhuland

      Let’s make that 1 liberal to die and 1 conservative to live, then we can take care of all the rest of the scum the liberals have let in

  • Alleged Comment

    It is not an immigration problem. It is a political problem. You have put in BASTARDS and B*TCHES to rule you.

    THAT IS THE PROBLEM. They see you as PLEBES like the immigrants they send to you.

    Now you need 2 revolutions. One to oust the BASTARDS and B*TCHES that rule you and the other to remove the invaders they sent to you.

    • rhuland

      Let’s start with all the liberal professors who are teaching our kids to become cattle. Eliminate the “white guilt” courses and meetings, and start playing the Star Spangles Banner at the beginning of every class. Any “students” who don’t like it are welcome to leave and go back to the gutters they crawled out of.

    • Given that less than 25% vote regularly, they probably put themselves in.

  • Steve

    Are you guys ready for the surprise of a lifetime? This has the Camp of the Saints beat because it systematically shows what 99.999% have missed in actual prophecy. It systematically and progressively walks you through. It is very America-centric, but you can see why he saw it this way before Europe became flooded with invaders! Please give me your response to this amazing article …..

  • HENK-2

    This is NOT a refugee crisis.

    This is NOT an immigrant crisis.

    This is a war which was planed centuries ago and has been attempted several times.

    In a war the object is to beat the enemy and one tactic is to destroy their weapons.

    If the enemy holds up a baby as a weapon, shoot.

    The baby you shoot won’t kill the baby YOU have now, in 15 years time.

    Every European should have a gun and be trained.

    A good motto would be “Kill a banker per day”.

    The bankers are the warmongers and making money both ways.

    It was ever thus.


    “Russia does not need minorities, minorities need Russia.

    If you are not prepared to speak Russian, if you are not prepared to live the Russian way, if you want Sharia law then go to the countries that practice it.

    You are not welcome here”.

    • Mark Owen

      There are times when I wish Putin was our president, The things he says and does would fit our country better than Obama and his minions could ever, they make sense to the American people just like they do to the Russian people. They do not want Muslims there either. And we do not want nor need any more of them here destroying out culture, just like Obama had it planned all along!

  • Tommy p

    Target Rich.

  • Johnny Paytoilet

    This has all been planned out by the NWO architects since the end of WW2. Saw thousands of these savages in Western Europe back in the 1980’s, most from the host country’s former colonies. It will get worse unless globalization & its adherents are stopped dead!

    • Mark Owen

      Not too many countries in Europe if any have the cajones to expell them or keep them out in the first place!They are being overrun and they do believe they can do it to us next. Islam is nothing but a death cult, Death to anyone who will not join them!!!! Obama is probably making a deal with Castro now to funnel them through Cuba to the US under the guise of being Cubans.

  • mabera19

    There is no place in the civilized world for the religion of Islam _ Liberals Backwards Think.mhtml

  • Mark Owen

    Any country that welcomes Islam in on a sure path to cultural destruction. It is happening in Europe and it soon will be coming to a neighborhood near you, if it has not yet. We do not need any more minarets with some idiot wailing in it several times a day. Obama might like it but the vast majority of the American people do not. Course then again Obama is not an American.

  • Frank Energy

    eff them