America Has an Apex Predator Problem

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Donna Brazile’s article published in Politico earlier today is one of the most important things written in 2017 when it comes to political impact going forward. Many have pointed out that she’s a know liar (true), and have also questioned her motivations for writing this blockbuster article. While it’s important to acknowledge these things, they aren’t particularly relevant when it comes to impact.

In no uncertain terms, Donna Brazile provides detailed claims about how the Hillary Clinton campaign nefariously bribed the DNC with tens of millions of dollars all the way back to 2015 in an attempt to take over the organization. They succeeded. This isn’t hearsay, she discusses specific campaign financing documents and when they were created. Long story short, there’s a lot of meat on the bones to these allegations, and if her claims are lies, this should be easily demonstrated and quickly. I’ll be waiting.

Personally, I think everything she alleges is probably true, and it’s absolutely devastating to the Democratic Party as well as Hillary Clinton personally. We now know for certain that the real reason Donald Trump is President has nothing to do with Russia, but everything to do with Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

Without further ado, here are some key excerpts from this absolute must read article…

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  • Xcutioner

    If Shillery Hillary doesn’t get arrested there is no hope for this country! At this point She looks untouchable………

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      Well, there is no hope then. She’s not going to be arrested. Hell, she probably got a kickback from all those “Hillary for prison” t-shirts they sold.

      • darkhorse

        Hillary…Prison??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

        • Xcutioner

          Then we should all understand without a doubt we don’t pay Taxes we are being extorted and live on Modern day plantations called Cities!

          You lost your Freedom when they killed Kennedy, if we even had it then! The Enemy has succeeded in ruining the only hope the world ever had.

          R.I.P. American Dream

          Dream on
          Dream on

          Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take us away

          • darkhorse

            who exactly IS the enemy you mention??

          • I_P_Frehley

            All the various Reconstruction Acts is when we lost our freedoms

        • Cynical Old Bastard

          It is pretty funny. I still see the shirts on occasion. Make good grease rags. *muttermutter* Fuckin’ sheeple’ll buy anything.

    • Robert Sanger

      the entire thing is criminals no she not be arrested as justice is for commoners

    • Daniel K. Berg

      Her husband was untouchable as well even though he was tied to numerous murders, both as governor and as president. Shows how evil this planet has become.

  • tonye

    Brazile who?

    According to the mainstream propaganda machine she doesn’t exist, all the noise about Hillary is old news and has been rebuked and Putin put Trump in the White House.

  • Phil_Ossifer

    We don’t have an apex predator problem. Our REAL problem is that we don’t do anything about apex predators and let them free-range and laugh at us.

  • SP_88

    The democrats are eating their own. It’s fun to watch them implode. It is however sad that Hillary will not end up going to jail for all the crimes she’s committed. But that’s what happens when the rest of the government is also corrupt. Any of the people who would be responsible for putting her in jail are also corrupt. So don’t expect them to do the right thing.

    • David E

      What would be fun is watching both left and right implode.