America 2025: Will This Be Our Reality?

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By Susan D. Harris

Note: The author has framed this in the context of a diary entry in the year 2025.

We’re living off-grid in a hidden community in Idaho. We’re Christians and Jews living side by side as modern desperados; illegal refugees in our own country. We are constantly on the lookout for the drones that seek us out. Although we try to stay positive, there is always a foreboding that our time is short. Still I can’t help but be inspired by a quote I heard once:

I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out.

Some of us ventured into a city the other day, and I was overcome with an urge to make a record of what life is like now, in case some future generation becomes curious. I will write the things that have impressed themselves on my mind the most. So Dear Diary, this is life in America in 2025:

  • We live as we do because I and the people I am with are considered terrorists for adhering to fundamental Christian or Jewish beliefs. We are peaceful but refuse to relinquish our guns.
  • When we entered the city, we had to sneak past the National Military Police (NMP). They consist of men and women that used to be local police, sheriff’s or state troopers. They were retrained and weaponized by the U.S. government and they’re the only people allowed to have guns — except for the criminals and gangs who occupy the “Free Zones.” These zones occupy about 1/3 of the country and are called “free” because the NMP abandoned them. They are monitored only by drones.
  • The Islamic State of America (I.S.A.) controls another 1/3 of the United States. Similar to “Free Zones,” the military police do not enter these areas, but allow Sharia Law to govern as the I.S.A. sees fit. This was determined by the Supreme Court who said the I.S.A. had such rights because they were given them by the Constitution…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court operates under the aegis of the United Nations. Any ruling the Supreme Court makes can be overturned by the U.N.
  • The majority of “marriages” in the United States are between those who practice sodomy. Many of these abominations are between three sodomy practitioners, three heterosexuals, or both. “Marriage” between three people is the accepted norm, and a group called “People for Marriage Equality” is petitioning the government to increase the number of partners one is allowed to “marry.”

Fertility clinics are injecting the sperm of two or three sodomite men into a single egg; lesbians are having multiple eggs mixed in a similar manner. The most popular news story on the day we visited the city was about a man who “married” both his male and female lovers. Now a trio, the two “husbands” and their “wife” had their first biological child. The picture on the internet shows all three embracing their son. It’s amazing how the little boy looks like all three parents! Most people reading the story were weeping with joy. “Nothing Can Stop True Love” declared the headline that dominated internet news screens that lined the streets. (The government provides interactive internet screens on most public thoroughfares. They determine what we are allowed to see. The news is reviewed by a government agency before being displayed to ensure it’s fair and balanced.)

  • Some states are allowing adults to marry children as young as five. They say they can’t help who they love; they are born that way and no one has the right to stop them from being happy. Love, they say, cannot be regulated.
  • Jesus Christ is no longer considered the Son of God to most “intelligent” Christians. They say he was a great man like Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Confucius. Most Christians (though there are some hold-outs), consider the Bible to be nothing more than allegory — like Aesop’s Fables. A true Christian today draws from all faiths – spokes in a wheel all leading to one god.
  • There are some radical Jews still calling themselves “Orthodox;” but most of those are in Israel. Most American Jews consider themselves too smart to be sucked into such narrow-minded dogma as adherence to Torah or Rabbinic law.
  • Israel is a tiny country that borders the much more respected State of Palestine. Still, most countries find Israel to be a continual annoyance because they exist. Most agree that if the Jews would just keep quiet and stop making impossible demands, the world would be a more peaceful place.
  • Iran is head of the United Nations Security Council. They became a nuclear power and threatened to bomb Israel if they did not give up large swaths of their land and divide Jerusalem. The United Nations mediated and the Zionist Union in Israel agreed it was time to make major concessions; the world sighed as a crisis was averted.
  • For years China had been buying copious amounts of U.S. real estate, energy assets and businesses. When we were at our weakest, they called in our debt. The biggest economies in the world could no longer trade with the worthless U.S. dollar. We now trade exclusively in Chinese Renminbi (RMB).
  • China maintains our infrastructure.
  • North Korea used tabun and mustard gas on South Korea, killing tens of thousands. A small amount of U.S. military personnel were also killed. Luckily we had pulled most of them out prior to the attack due to lack of funding. At the urging of China and in light of its ownership of our economy, the United States did not respond militarily. Besides…
  • The United States military is largely symbolic. At the request of Russia, China, and Iran most of our aircraft carriers, fighter jets and bombers have been eliminated so that we would no longer pose a threat to global peace and prosperity.
  • In accordance with Planet Sustainability Laws, the United Nations has imposed a partial moratorium on the number of offspring humans can have in certain geographical locations. Maps that help people identify what “reproduction zone” they are in are posted in local Sustainability Centers where free birth control is also available.
  • The majority of people in America do not own their own homes.
  • The majority of television programming consists of live sex shows, live murder shows or sports. Millions of people are entered in the national lottery to appear on the sex and murder shows.
  • Neutrality laws have eliminated political discourse on radio and television. Violations incur heavy fines or imprisonment.
  • There is still a two party system, but there are so many more registered Democrats than Republicans that it’s pointless. A law requires anyone who registers Republican to pay twice as much in Federal Income and property taxes. They also face death threats from their neighbors.
  • Private transportation is being phased out, but many people cannot afford the federal fee for disposing of personal vehicles; large, illegal car dumps are popping up across the country. People are forced to use “green” bicycle paths as their main form of transport. Many of the old or infirmed have died because they were not able to cycle. People say it’s just as well; they were a drain on the planet.
  • Most Americans can no longer afford the expense of old-fashioned burials, so the government maintains a “Forever Field” in every county in the country. Consisting of mass trenches dug by inmates, they are based on the great, anonymous trench system used on New York’s Hart Island.

There’s so much more, but I have to go because one of our lookouts thinks the bird he saw may have been a drone. I don’t know what else to say except I wish more people had tried to save the country. It all happened so fast; but I remember how it was before. Dear Diary, if anyone finds you, let them tell the story…

Don’t let it be forgot,

That once there was a spot,

For one brief shining moment,

That was known as Camelot…the United States of America

Susan D. Harris can be reached at

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  • Joe Lizak

    What? No Dancing with the Stars?

  • molon_labe

    I won’t live to see it. And if I do, I’ll be different.

  • RE

    One day, all of us who remember how good it used to be here in America will soon die off, leaving the younger generation who wouldn’t remember anything. At that point, they will have their “perfect” society.

  • Nexusfast123

    Anyone can make up fairy stories.

  • 2026: DC IS VAPORIZED, along with every major city

  • Kevin G.

    I don’t intend on being here! And NO! I am not referring to the Rapture as I do not believe that!

  • ? How so?

    • NS is probably one of the multitude of Christian apologists who believe in the absolute right of the Zionists to commit any crime to insure their continued existence in the stolen land known as Israel.

      • Nexusfast123

        Even to nuke most of the world.

  • Solo

    They forgot the emergence of the reptilian race.

  • This is so self-contradictory that it wouldn’t even qualify as good fantasy. How could Iran, with one warhead and no delivery system, defeat Israel’s hundreds of warheads with the best delivery systems they could obtain from us?
    Why would it take until 2025 to accomplish the impossibility of creating a fertilized egg with three sets of DNA? There is a current experiment to install the DNA from one couple into the egg of another woman, regardless of the questionable ethics and feasibility.

    • I never said Iran defeated Israel militarily; maybe you should read that part again.

      It wouldn’t take until 2025 to fertilize an egg with three sets of DNA, it’s already all over the news. I only suggested it would be commonplace in 2025 – big difference. The only thing that was “new” in 2025 was two men and a woman – all married lovers – having their DNA in one child. The odd thing is I took all this info from the headlines and many still think it’s far-fetched fantasy.

      Plus, whether Iran has one warhead and no delivery system is anyone’s guess, unless you have inside information.

      • I didn’t say anyone had defeated anyone.
        A normal fertilized egg has 3 sets of DNA, with one coming from the father, one from the mother, and the third in the mitochondria. What the scientists are trying to do is take an egg with its own mitochondrial DNA, and insert DNA from two other people. The success they will have is unpredictable, such a combination haven’t never been tried before.
        FWIW, Alex Jones says that Iran has 4 warheads. He doesn’t say whether they made them themselves, although he infers that. They could very easily have bought them from Pakistan or others in the far east.

  • Reverend Draco

    But without the literacy or inventiveness. . .

  • Reverend Draco

    Please, and or all gods who may or may not exist – please say you’re being facetious?

  • Reverend Draco

    Dear Susan: Please lay off the adulterated dope – it’s making your brain do weird things. . .

    • Do you mean “weed?” You’re showing your age.

      • Reverend Draco

        No. . . not weed – weed has never, nor could it ever, cause such spunionization as evidenced by this execrable story.

        I’m guessing Meth cut with something even more toxic.

        • you use big words. must be mighty smart feller.

          • Reverend Draco

            Much smarter than you, obviously.

  • Gil G

    And “Back to the Future 2” had a few bright ideas of what life will like in the mystical year of 2015. At least wasn’t as bad as an episode in “The Simpsons” that took a mock futurist view of life in 2010.

  • Nexusfast123

    Really big asteroid hits earth in 2024….future prediction irrelevant.