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Amendment to Protect Americans from Indefinite Detention Passes

Activist Post
Activist Post
November 30th, 2012

Last night, the U.S. Senate voted on Amendment No. 3018 to the National Defense Authorization Act sponsored by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), and co-sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul, which protects the rights prescribed to Americans in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution with regard to indefinite detention and the right to a trial by jury.

The amendment passed, 67-29. However, many Senators, including McCain and Graham, voted for the amendment because they made the argument that the amendment authorizes indefinite detention.

Moments before the vote, Sen. Paul took to the Senate floor to again voice his support for the amendment and inspire his colleagues to do the same. Below is video and transcript of his floor speech.

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  • Geronimo

    I’m in favor of locking up McCain and Graham indefinately!

  • Bill X

    It doesn’t matter. Obama ignores the law at will and nothing is done about it. You can bet that any US citizen that’s illegally detained will never be heard from again. Don’t expect your relatives to be notified if you’re detained. Don’t expect to be able to call a lawyer.

    • Ed_B

      Lawyer? You need a lawyer? Lt. Jones here will be your lawyer. Don’t worry about him being young, not an attorney, and in love with having a long and splendid career.

  • Fluoridated

    Did not change a thing, read it again.

  • Sir Vile

    when it comes to tyranny, deception is the rule, not the exception – as bad as oblahma, hitler, stalin, or mao tse tung are claimed to be or have been…you are not right in the head about history if you think that any of the above guys did the actual detaining and murdering of people.
    IT WAS THE PEOPLE THAT SERVE that butchered innocent people by the millions and millions, and if that’s going to happen here in the U.S., just like in the past, it will be the people that “serve” that are going to detain you and murder you by the millions upon millions of innocent people!

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