AMC Theaters Issues Orwellian Message to Moviegoers

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It’s amazing how fast certain ideas can spread. What starts out as a repulsive idea promoted by the authorities, can quickly spread into the general consciousness of the public, to the point where the authorities no longer have to spread the message themselves. It starts to spread like a meme, and before you know it, the certain people and institutions are sending the message out at their own volition. The sheeple begin to police themselves.

That seems to be the case with the “see something say something” campaign, which started out just a few years ago as a bizarre Orwellian message, but now companies like AMC Theaters are rolling out their own tailor-made version of that message in the wake of several theater shootings that have happened in recent years. A Florida news outlet recently did a report on this message, which has been playing before movies in several Florida theaters. You gotta love the sheepish responses of some of the people they interviewed.

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Jeez. In America, paranoia sure runs deep.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Hopefully, anybody with any sense would walk out of the movie and demand a refund.

  • USMC0311

    “bad agendas”!!!??? wtf does that even mean. the insanity just continues and the American sheeple just go with it. Good God!

    • mirageseekr

      The CIA has never been known for their language skills.

    • They’ve dumbed down the language for the simple-minded populace that regularly visits theaters.

      Also, it’s open-ended to mean a whole multitude of things, from people who bring in their own food and candy, people who try to record the screen, up to the least likely, a violent individual in the audience.

    • Alex Dubois

      An “agenda” is a list of things to be done. So I am supposed to believe that a gunman walks into a theater with a LIST of things to be accomplished.
      1. Get into theater with gun – check
      2. Select good shooting vantage point – check
      3. Make certain no one sees my list of things to do – oh crap, someone saw my AGENDA. Got to run. Plan is blown.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    if they stopped making movies that basically have everyone killing everyone else…all in the name of entertainment.. maybe some sanity would return..

    • There is so much hidden mason crap going on it is ridiculous.

      • gingercake5

        more obvious now

  • sunshine

    Nobody should be going to movies anyway, how do people think the “Chosenites” make their money??

    • They get nothing from me. Just use with a open vpn. Youtube has the best content but it is controlled by “them,” so came out to fight it

      • sunshine

        You always have the absolute best info, thanks!!

        • You’re welcome. I know an easy, valuable little trick but we would need throw away emails so I could tell you. If I put it on here the gig will be up and I use it so I don’t want to lose it but it works and it’s free…

          • sunshine

            Remind me tomorrow ok??

          • Yeah, sure!

          • arahn

            spoken like a true pirate ;-}

          • We have our own political party in Sweden!

  • I’m glad I pirate my movies… arrrghh!!!

  • Gearmoe

    More than a little concerning a theater chain would be suggesting behavioral societal roles. It is beyond irresponsible to openly promote hysteria and fear for what is completely inconclusive.

  • patriot156

    a lot of inocent people are going ot get killed becuase of this makes me sick!

  • mirageseekr

    AMC just doing their part to keep the masses in fear.

  • Mike

    LOL, got to love the tattle tale crew. Heck, if someone passes gas the wrong way they will get told on now.

  • ligersaurus

    “If you happen to see any suspiciously strange characters or bad agendas, check your mag, safety “off”.”

  • jim_robert

    Strange characters or bad agendas? Gee, in the theatre, that would be ALL of leftist Hollywierd.


    This is exactly what big government would welcome…a sheepified public ratting on other people so the authorities can pounce on innocent citizens just like Nazi Germany. How about just abolishing gun free zones or staying home and watching a movie on line?


    It’s easy AMERICA keep packing your gun and kill any tool they send in to do these shootings.

    It’s all about brainwashing and conditioning the children you will soon see TSA aka nazi at mall and movie theaters.


    Boycott AMC