Amazon Looks To Eliminate Thousands of Jobs With Alexa Office Assistant

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This is just more evidence that A.I. is coming fast and furious for more jobs. No more kicking the can down the road on this one.

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Source: Amazon Brings Alexa From the Home to the Office in a New AI Push

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  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Soooo, what EVER is to be done for poor,poor Alexa when all these offices close their doors permanently, just like ALL THE THOUSANDS that have ALREADY CLOSED, as described here on DS ad nauseum???

    • nothing. robots dont go on welfare or unemployment, and dont riot in the streets for perceived social injustices of minimum wage so who the fk cares?. Bring on the robots.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Oh YEAH. EVERY worker ”riots in the streets”, DON’T THEY? You are a motherFUCKING Damage Controll AND a traitor. To HUMANITY. Btw, urine idiot, also.

        • I always love it when someone misses a point then degenerates into blustering, broken English, misspellings, and insults, complete with caps, then calls ME an idiot. You can almost picture the spit flying from your lips as you flail away at the keyboard, 🙂

          where did I say “every worker riots in the streets”?

          fact is, cheap, unintelligent labor will be replaced by machines. Simple tasks will be make faster and more effective by technology. You personally would benefit from the ability to dictate your posts to a personal assistant, have have them translated into proper English, clean up your grammar, misspellings, and improper insults etc.

          Accept it and be prepared, or don’t and follow the path of the Luddites, I don’t care either way.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Yuppers. We gots us a TRAITOR here, fokes! Btw, what’s ‘rep’ ‘laced’, anyhow? And are you Funk, or Wagnall? Nevermind, WE don’t care. Fuck off. And die.

          • these are great, keep ’em coming!

  • taxpayer22

    The real and eternal lesson is that political wage-setting hurts the least skilled .

  • taxpayer22

    The real minimum wage is zero when low skill people get replaced by a self directing kiosk or robot.

  • darkhorse

    WHY don’t we just eliminate Amazon?

    • why? so you can go on doing unskilled labor at union rates?

      • darkhorse

        If a company eliminates humans let’s eliminate the company…then..restructure things…by the People. The thinking portion of your brain needs stretching …

        • That makes sense, lets stay wage slaves and never use technology to improve the workforce or working conditions, or better still… move on into skilled labor. All of the “office assistants”, secretaries, receptionists, file room clerks, etc should have seen the writing on the wall with the advent of verbal dictation, word processors, and digital storage over a generation ago. Mine is not the brain that needs “stretched”. Your thinking is steam-age ludditeism. Change with the times, understand, control and utilize the technology, or be replaced by it.
          Frankly, this story is somewhat alarmist anyway, and you took the bait. There will always be place tor humans in these positions except in places of convenience. The ATM was slated to replace human tellers and never completely did for this reason. I dont hear you moaning about the advent of online banking, ATM machines, or transacting financial business digitally from your home…

          • darkhorse

            you, TALMUDIST FILTH want all humans deleted from the planet… except for the 500 million to remain as your slaves… jew fantasy

          • uh sure thing. whatever you say

  • Will putting a tiny sweater on the unit, then telling it it looks sexy give grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit..?