Alternative Media Journalist Broke a Story Before Local News, So She Was Arrested, Charged With Felonies

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An alternative media journalist reported a story before her local media did and so she was arrested and charged with felonies.

Laredo, TX — If you report a story before the police department is scheduled to release it to local media, you can and will be arrested and charged with a felony. For those that seek proof that alternative media is under attack, one needn’t look any further than the case of Priscilla Villarreal.

Villarreal runs an alternative media platform out of Laredo and operates it on a news page on Facebook called LaGordiloca. Earlier this month, Villarreal was arrested and charged with two counts of “misuse of official information,” a third-degree felony for operating that page.

As Texas Monthly reports, Villarreal, 32, turned herself in to Laredo police on December 13 after being charged with two felony counts of “misuse of official information,” stemming from her reporting on a Border Patrol agent’s suicide last April.

Villarreal denies that she did anything illegal, and her attorney says the police department is simply trying to silence her because it does not like the way she reports. She often swears while she narrates her live-streamed footage, and she sometimes captures graphic images. She has been known to verbally spar with police officers in public.

Villarreal did nothing illegal. She stole no secrets, was not some NSA whistleblower and the information she reported did not cause anyone harm nor place anyone in danger. Villarreal, who runs the Facebook page LaGordiloca—with nearly 84,000 fans—simply published the same information the police department published publicly—only before they did.

Yes, that is all she did and the police actually admit this is all she did.

“(Villarreal’s) access to this information and releasing it on ‘Lagordiloca News Laredo Tx’ before the official release by the Laredo Police Department Public Information Officer placed her ‘Facebook’ page ahead of the local official news media which in turn gained her popularity in ‘Facebook,’” states the criminal complaint filed against Villarreal.

The horror.

According to the Laredo Morning Times, the Laredo police department began investigating the case July 10, when its Office of Professional Standards received information stating that Goodman had been communicating with Villarreal, the affidavit states. The document says that some of the information published by Villarreal on her Facebook page was not available to anyone outside of law enforcement.

Investigators obtained subpoenas for Goodman’s and Villarreal’s phone records. Police said they discovered that the two “contacted each other on a regular basis and on specific dates that coincide with law enforcement activities,” according to the Times.

In what appears to be an extreme case of butthurt, the LPD seemingly became enraged at the fact that someone would beat them to a press release, so they acted. Villarreal, after receiving information, would go live on Facebook to report details of an incident that were not public at the time, the arrest affidavit states.

To reiterate, the police department would later release this exact information to the ‘official’ local media who would then report it. However, because Villarreal was first, she is now facing felony charges.

Naturally, Villarreal’s case is garnering the attention of those worried about the implications of First Amendment rights in her case, and it should. This independent journalist is the first person in the history of Webb County to be facing misuse of information charges, according to the paper.

Villarreal, who turned herself in voluntarily last Wednesday, says that the department is trying to silence her for criticizing its officers and beating the public relations department to the punch.

“All this is just a personal vendetta,” she told The Washington Post on Friday. “And I have all the proof I need to prove it.”

According to the Post, department spokesman Joe Baeza didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment early Friday. In comments to the Morning Times this week, he said: “We have no personal vendetta or ax to grind with anybody.”

However, if you look closely at the facts of the case, it becomes hard to believe Mr. Baeza.

As Reason noted, Texas law says a person can be guilty of misuse of official information if they solicit or receive information from a public servant, the official “has access to [that information] by means of his office or employment,” the info “has not been made public” yet, and the person receiving it does so “with intent to obtain a benefit or with intent to harm or defraud another” (emphasis mine).

Villarreal was clearly not trying to harm or defraud anyone by publishing local news to LaGordiloca, so police must show that she did so “with intent to obtain a benefit” in order to make the misuse-of-information charge stick.

The “intent to obtain a benefit” part of the law is why the LPD is claiming Villarreal released the information to garner Facebook likes—a stretch, indeed—especially considering all the news she’s put out in the past.

“I strongly believe that censorship only hinders the advancement of a society,” writes Villarreal on a GoFundMe page she started since the arrest to pay for legal help.

“I strongly believe in freedom of information and freedom of speech. I am in NO way a scholar of a higher learning institute but I am in my own way a graduate of the school of life most importantly the curriculum of what is right and what is wrong. … I continue to be adamant that transparency in the political and law enforcement theater is the base for trust.”

Sergio Lozano, Villarreal’s attorney, says that he’s confident the state will be exposed as the aggressor in this case and noted, “We anxiously await for the case to go to court for her name to be cleared.”

In the land of the free, reporting on information before obtaining permission from armed agents of the state can result in your persecution and subsequent loss of freedom. Hopefully, for the sake of the freedom of the press, Villarreal’s case garners enough attention to expose the LPD as the tyrants they are and this face of modern media is allowed to walk free.

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  • darkhorse

    it’s not that “alt media is under attack”…it’s that the TRUTH is under attack….

  • Underestimated

    Seems like a clear First Amendment case to me. Where is the ACLU? Where are all the pro bono legal foundations looking to make a name by defending this citizen journalist? That’s rhetorical…I don’t expect an answer. They likely don’t care and she will be abused by the system because she can’t afford a big defense.

    • Todd Burgess

      None of that’s going to happen. She identifies as normal, so, no story, no pro bono help, no validation by media whoores, she gets clipped and just becomes another statistic.
      Like that dude in Alaska who was tased numerous times to get him out of a courthouse where his case was exposing a corrupt judicial system.

      • Dooley Knoted

        Isn`t that the precise reason for the second amendment.
        My pitchforks are sharpened, just waiting!

      • g.johnon

        gotta link to that alaska thing todd?

      • Uncle Hormone

        Stay out of Alaska; the PTB there are now shifting their attention to harassing the Patriot Movement, those who seek self-sufficiency and off the grid living, and who are deemed to be ‘social outcasts’ and ‘political dissidents’ .
        Alaska is in lock step with Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.
        Receiving a $3000,00 check each year in oil pipeline residuals isn’t worth it; your legal fees will add up to be 20X’s that amount if you become targeted!

    • Uncle Hormone

      She isn’t a Zionist, or a Zionist-supported entity

  • KreepyJoe

    Texas’, Israeli trained police are battin’ 1000 in the media this week..didn’t they also gain fame for murdering an unarmed, 7 year old child, fail to charge their in house killer, start their public whitewash in support of their actions?


    What? No $$ for those weaponed drones? Do make haste and relocate your Texas Command Post to your historical home, Jerusalem.

    • g.johnon

      only historical back to 1947. give jordan back to the jordanians!

    • Mark Belk

      You are right, police are being trained to be brutal and expect no reprisals.

  • Undecider

    There’s a reason why people do things anonymously.

    • Phil_Ossifer

      Even the Founding Fathers wrote their political tracts under pseudonyms in order to avoid persecution by their British rulers. The bullies hesitate to take on someone whose power and influence are unknown. Our rulers like to do their dirty work under cover of darkness so let’s return the favor.

    • Uncle Hormone

      Or, under a false name…
      BTW it is against the law in the US to pose as an alias on-line, or to remain unidentified.
      But we all must continue to do it, to avoid malicious prosecution, lawsuits, etc. It runs parallel with Freedom of the Internet to post an opinion without legal repercussions and hand-in-hand with Net Neutrality. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is aware of this, & shutting down alternative news, web opinions, etc. is all part of the plan to destroy free speech, thought and opinion. & those doing these things are un-elected servants of the FCC.
      & there is NOTHING the PTB can do about silencing alternative media, methods and thought!

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Attorneys for Criminals, Losers and Undesirables won’t lift a finger to help Villarreal. Regardless of what they say they believe that the government has a right to curtail an individual’s First Amendment rights if the “interests of the state” warrant it. Otherwise they would have sought her out long before now.

    Courts have ruled time and time again that a reporter who obtains information from a source, even if that information is classified or was stolen by the source, the reporter cannot be held liable for disseminating the information. The source, on the other hand, can be held liable for his actions in obtaining and providing it to the reporter. Going after Villareal is simply an attempt to persecute alternative media. If Villarreal had worked for, say, CNN or CBS News, nothing would have been done about it. It’s all about making an example of a relatively soft target.

    Well…they’re about to find out that the “soft target” (that is, the alternative media), has a hard center.

    • phicrappazappa The joke is on us.

    • Rebel w/out a Cause

      But this chess game is multi-level. The government (you the taxpayer) will pay for the prosecution. Villarrreal will have to pay for her own defense, which will most likely bankrupt her in the end. So even if she wins her case, she still loses. See how that works?

      • Phil_Ossifer

        Yeah, unfortunately. The idea behind things like this is to clamp down on citizen journalists and discourage any non-Zog-controlled media from reporting anything that Zog doesn’t approve of. Remember, too, that back in 2014 Diane Feinswine proposed what amounted to federal licensing of journalists, saying that the First Amendment was a “special privilege” reserved for legitimate journalists (“legitimate” as defined by Zog, of course). If we don’t remain vigilant one day soon we might wake up to hear of a blogger being busted by the feds for “practicing journalism without a license.”

        • g.johnon

          don’t ya just love how them leftoidals can keep such a straight face when they fuck around with the constitution like that?

      • g.johnon

        lets not go overboard with doom here. if she wins, she can counter sue them idiot cops for at least malicious prosecution, she is actually standing at the door of opportunity here.

        • Rebel w/out a Cause

          That is a possibility, but it seems like usually the courts side with the prosecutor/police.

  • Howard Beale

    Cops are Criminals.

    • rouge1

      Stupid criminals who think they are the hero’s. Then one day figure out that they are really the bad guys. That’s why more cops commit suicide than are killed in the line of duty.

    • Dooley Knoted

      Domestic terrorists, chickenshit cowards and GOD DAMNED TRAITORS hiding behind a thin blue SWASTIKA!

  • moTrouble69

    I’m surprised they didn’t send those Bexar county deputies to “execute” the warrant.

  • Dave

    Her being exonerated is not enough. Those who arrested her and put her on trial need to be arrested and convicted of false arrest and abuse.

    • g.johnon

      if and when she is exonerated, she will have an indefensible case against lpd
      for malicious prosecution. if her lawyer is worth a plug nickel, i am sure she already knows this.

  • Richard Dean Anderson

    The pendulum needs to swing harshly the other way. Arrest everyone involved for misuse of power, lawsuit against everyone involved etc etc etc.

  • gazoo3

    Keep digging pigs.

  • Not only should the ‘court’ throw this case out in its entirety – setting a solid precedent – the ‘court’ should order a full restitution of all costs incurred by the defendant, a generous sum for defamation, fine the hell out of the officers and administrators who enforced this fiasco; and issue a permanent cease and desist STOP order with some real teeth in it!

    But I doubt the ‘court’ – and certainly the police department – has ever even read the First Amendment or any of the remainder of our Constitution or Bill of Rights!!!

    • Phil_Ossifer

      I noticed long ago that most cops do not even know the law they are supposed to be enforcing and, even worse, do not care. “I AM the law!” and “You WILL respect mah authoritah!” are all they think they need to know to do their jobs. Their idea of a heinous crime, worse than even premeditated murder, is “contempt of cop” and in their alleged minds this “crime” justifies the use of deadly force. This is exacerbated by how their organizations (I didn’t say “superiors” because that would be the majority of humans) will defend even the most egregious behavior by a badgeman.

      Czar Alexander II of Russia said, in 1856, “It is better to abolish serfdom from above than to wait for it to abolish itself from below.” Governments would do well to remember this.

      But they won’t. As the philosopher Hegel said, “History teaches that we do not learn from history.”

      • We’re on the same page!!! No other common sense place to be!!!

        WARNING to all Bastards That Be: The War of Restoration by Sovereigns overthrowing corrupt, murderous politicians, bureaucrats, educators, courts, police, manipulators, all Marxists and as many media liars as necessary is one less trigger away ….

        Again, we have seen the current crop of elected Bastards That Be are Marxists and Islamic SYMPATHIZERS and have nothing but their own welfare in mind and the Marxist Agenda progresses ….

        Thus the War of Restoration is now irrevocable …
        http://akupressllc (dot) com/141017WarofRestoration.pdf
        http://akupressllc (dot) com/120201WarofRestoration.pdf

        • Howlingmad

          . . . its really going to just SUCK, Col !

          • Sure is!!! … but we’re going no-where fast until we consider Black Robed Bastards on the Bench as gravest enemies as all the Kommrade DNC and their ilk combined …

          • COMPU-TRON

            THIS is what you’re doing on Christmas eve? Wow, man. Very very sad.

          • Uncle Hormone

            The problem here, Colonel, is that the Militias will not accept ‘radicals’ or those who are politically IN-correct and who want to ‘take to violent means’ to over-throw the Government (which the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights instructs us to do should Government become a tyranny, which it now is…).
            The Militias in fact, report persons like what I described above to the FBI. That agency has infiltrated ALL Militias as well as Un-Organized Militias!
            This is why Lone Wolf tactics scare the shit out of everyone, especially IF the Lone Wolf has weapons and combat skills.
            Watch the trailer for Gray State, as the producer and his family were assassinated for exposing the plans of the murderous & tyrannical NWO.
            & NOTHING will ever be handed down against HRC, the DNC or the subversion of Justice by the FBI.
            & the continued undermining of our legally, lawfully and duly-elected President will continue unabated by the demonic cabal of the ‘Powers That Be’ that pose as the DNC, etc.

          • I wish you weren’t absolutely correct: BUT YOU ARE!!!

            The War of Restoration is now irrevocable …
            http://akupressllc (dot) com/141017WarofRestoration.pdf
            http://akupressllc (dot) com/120201WarofRestoration.pdf

          • Howlingmad

            I hope it holds off for a while yet, Col . . . as I DON’T have all of the equipment I need yet ! . . . ( but its COMING AROUND ! )

          • Me too … but when the call comes, we’ll both make do!!! And the socialist Bastards That Be damned well know it!!!

            That’s why all the FALSE FLAG GUN-GRAB incidents … and the SELF DEFENSE harassments !!!

          • Howlingmad

            Either way Col, its going to be one “Serious Shitstorm” ! . . . I think we BOTH, know that !.

          • We damned sure do!!! … and so do all my fellows including the females …

          • Howlingmad

            Are you “Well Equipped, Col ? . . . or what.

          • As we used to before the socialists: BANK ON IT! 🙂

          • Howlingmad

            Just “Checking”, Col . . . Just picked up some NEW, “Night Vision” . . . it cost me $208.00, check it out on “”.

          • Will do!!!

          • Howlingmad

            Made a slight “Mistake”, Col . . . its $207.00 !

          • 🙂 … not a problem … and one hell of a great site!!!

          • Howlingmad

            Thought you would LIKE IT ! . . . lol ( Lots of “Great Stuff”, an CHEAP TOO ! )

          • Yep!!!!!!!!!!

        • Uncle Hormone

          Remember in Tennessee post World War ll when corrupt local politicians tried to rig the votes in a particular county election?
          The residents of that county grabbed their firearms, seized the Law Enforcement Offices, (arresting the Sheriff & Police Chief) & performed Citizens Arrests on the Politicians and Law Enforcement Officials responsible for the corruption!
          The Governor of Tennessee applauded the act of the Citizenry of that County for taking matter into their own hands and restoring both the US and Tennessee Constitutions!
          Those who had caused the on-going corruption were charged and jailed by the State Attorney General.

  • James

    Cops in America are a terrable thing when running around on personal I Don’t Likes. That is 95% of the time. Yes they need stop for donuts every now & then.

    • Uncle Hormone

      Yes, they do stop for donuts and free hand-outs from franchised restaurants that cater to them for ‘extra protection’ based on them getting free meals…
      I stop for ammo every now and again; been going through a lot of .45 and .308 ammo of late at the range…as well as gas mask filters and anti-radiation iodate tablets….

  • G’ma G

    When did our police turn into snowflakes?

  • Phil_Ossifer

    Lawyers are licensed by the state governments and owe their primary allegiance to the government that allows them to operate. Lawyers like to keep up the fiction that they work for you but they really work for the state. If it comes down to a choice between jeopardizing their license or vigorously defending an unpopular client (e.g., a client who has run afoul of the political powers that be) they’ll sell out the client in a New York second.

    Keep this in mind if you ever need legal representation. No man can serve two masters and the master your lawyer serves is the state – NOT YOU.

    • Uncle Hormone

      Check out the difference between a Lawyer and an Attorney.
      This is why one ‘passes the Bar’. (aka the phrase ‘Bar None’)
      The Judicial System is based on El, or Saturn Worship.
      Texas is so very corrupt with Freemasonry (as are most Southern States…) that one has to study the effects, methodology and goals of the Deep Masonic State there!
      & due to that, many there (especially those ‘in the know’) have a dreadful sense of Texas’s Masonic Entitlement!

  • Uncle Hormone

    Public Servants are supposed to dispense information under FOIA and the Privacy Act when in receipt of the same. That is a Federal Law…
    If the PR Officer is too slow and alternative media beats him/her to the task of releasing such information, then maybe a separate FOIA / Privacy Office should be formed under the usual facade of deranged Texas Laws…
    Texas; where JFK was assassinated…
    Texas; where Charles Whitman assassinated many…
    Texas; where the death penalties continues under Masonic Ritual Killings
    Texas; where illegal road search, seizure, and forfeitures continue unabated.
    Texas; where LE shoots children and then refers to the same as a “terrible accident’
    I always make it a point of never going in or through Texas, lest one lose their life and / or their assets, or both!!!
    I also avoid Oklahoma…a mirror image State of Texas…

  • Uncle Hormone

    Then it’s time to seek legal help from outside the geographical area.
    If these people are unstable (which they seem to be), then action must be taken to have them attend mandatory psychological assessments, medical screening, etc.
    Then, action can be taken based on ‘unfit for duty’.
    In the meantime, if I lived in Laredo, I would have my lawyer notify LE and the Governor’s Office there that I now exercise my Second Amendment Rights, and continue to do open and / or conceal carry for my self protection from these psychopathic goons!!!
    It would be interesting to subpoena the Masonic Lodge lists there to see if all of the LE are Freemasons…that would explain their sense of robust entitlement with impunity!