Alleged CIA agent leaks inside knowledge of Planet X after viewing it through Hubble Space Telescope

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Originally published by Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub.


Upon recent admissions by NASA and other officials confirming Planet X is real after all, one must question the validity of the information presented through mainline streams which may actually be an attempt to thwart the populace from discovering the actual approaching system.

“This thing has got seven planets and its own sun,” said an alleged CIA agent who claims to have witnessed the ‘mini solar system’ after intercepting image and data transmissions from the Hubble Space Telescope during his employment with the Central Intelligence Agency.

“I think this thing has a planet like ours circling it. This is its own solar system. We are about to have a solar system come through the middle of our solar system — this can’t be good,” the alleged agent said.

The alleged agent also said that the system will pass Earth from beneath the ecliptic plane at a distance of about twenty-million miles, “sooner than expected,” after achieving “breakaway speed from the sun.”

The alleged agent claims that the government has been monitoring the system for years and that in 2008 it could be seen in high detail using modern equipment.

According to the alleged whistleblower, “This planet is 47,000 miles across” and gives off an “iron oxide dust,” which has formed a cloud up to 100,000 miles across.

“This thing is just orange hot. I mean, to tell how hot it is I was told that they estimated between 5 and 10 million degrees.”

The alleged agent said he even witnessed the system’s dust cloud taking on the appearance of “wings” as it rounded the sun, matching ancient tales from history that talk about the crossing planet.

“DCIA guys told me that this pole shift will probably happen from start to finish in around twenty-eight minutes.”

“500 to 1000 foot” tall shock-waves may ruffle the planet as this thing passes, the alleged agent said, also pointing out how it may have an extremely powerful magnetic field.

“I watched it through the Hubble Space Telescope. And when this thing looked like it was across the street the Hubble got cut off and they encrypted it and that was the end of any transmissions we had to watch. And we know that the Hubble, in order to be in the shadow of the Earth, had to be at an angle and so that meant that is was looking downward and this thing was coming up from underneath us. I personally thin this thing is real close to us right now, but that’s just my personal feeling.”

The alleged agent thinks that the planet may “experience a poll shift” when the system passes.

“They have known about this thing forever,” the alleged agent pointed out.

It’s “four or five times the size of Earth.”

“This planet is rolling over to face this thing and when it goes by it’s going to grab our southern pole with it’s northern poll. […] There is going to be a massive earthquake when it locks on to us, as it goes passed us we’re going to follow it right upside-down, the oceans are just going to roaring from poll to poll.”

“We should be preparing and expecting this thing to show up […], the alleged agent said before the transmission cut off.

According to the latest, Planet X researchers and alleged insiders like John Moore maintain the system may pass by Earth around March of 2016.

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  • Smarty

    I hope it happens today…..

  • Broos

    Must be one of Poppy Bush’s Polish double(-speaking) agents; can’t even spell pole, the shiftless skunk! Use your brain (don’t expect the brain creatures) re: “planet x”.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Do you know this video has almost 5 years and was presented at this time as a Nasa employee?
    It smells like BS…
    If Planet X was hot like he says, astronomers should already have seen it.

    • bill lopez

      It HAS to be real, for God’s sake – there’s a YouTube video…

      • Do you believe everything you see on Youtube?

        • Maddog

          Only the porn stuff.

          • none

            Have you ever searched deep throat banana on Utube?

          • Maddog

            There are some places I just won’t go and that sounds like one of them.

          • Mr Reynard

            & even that, you can be tricked with rubber dolls ??

          • Depending on your definition of obscene, that would constitute everything that isn’t obviously rated G.

        • Jeffersonian

          More truth on YouTube then the MSM and Washington DC combined

          • Finding it is like finding a needle in a haystack, if your BS filter is even on, let alone operational.

          • It’s very tough.

        • bill lopez

          listen, I read it on the Internet, that people aren’t allowed to post anything that isn’t true on the Internet or YouTube.

          • The problem is, then, that you believe everything you see on the Internet. The only place such a prohibition could exist is in the TOS for the individual services, and the Internet is nothing but a communications platform.

      • D.Moore

        that is sarcastic right you aren’t for real, lol

        • bill lopez

          disqus_3BrONUAJno couldn’t figure that out either I see….

          • Your flag was not posted, and it is impossible to determine what you won’t believe.

    • Sir TuberKopf

      Actually if your Google worked! You’d be able to verify that NASA working with Cal Tech have verified the existence of Planet X.

      Stupid git finds it easier to sling stupid insults than check the science.

      Yes, Planet X has been discussed for years, but it has been confirmed in the last few months.

      And this is not the first time If called you on being an abusive troll.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Distraction achieved. Next phase initiated, hysteria is limited at this point more attention needed to produce desired results.

  • If it orbits a sun, or star, it would be easily visible within our solar system, because the presence of another star would make ours a binary solar system.

    • Stewpedaso

      Seriously not trying to fuel this fire, but…they found out years ago that most systems are Binary and ours seemed to be exempt from having one. Not long after they came up with info that our star behaves as though it has a twin but its not visible…the only explanation was that it must be a Brown Dwarf which is only visible in the infrared spectrum. it was years ago but it was an actual subject and I don’t have a link….I guess Google earths binary star

      • Jeffersonian

        NASA lies about everything! Pluto doesn’t have an outline of Pluto or look cgi created! Their images of earth are also fake! Oh, and that July cgi video of the back side of moon was pathetic, I’ve seen cartoons more realistic

        • They are really ramping up their NASA bullshit lately… it’s like they’re losing face or somethin’ 😉

      • The nearest binary system to us is a long ways away, much further than multiple single systems like our own, binaries being quite rare in our galaxy.

  • I forgot

    Is that between 5,000,000 and 10,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius?

    • bill lopez

      Or kelvin?

  • jim_robert

    Yep, Nibiru’s back. Again. And again and again. And how do i know this will be an issues soon? I know this because my Mayan calendar told me so

    • bill lopez

      Niburu loves us yes I know
      ‘Cause the Mayan calendar tells us so.

    • The Mayan calendar only marked the end of an age(Pisces) and did so more accurately than anything we have constructed since. There is no planet x.

  • Montana Man

    Wake up, we are in the 21st century, not the 5th century B.C.! The Planet X myth is founded on the ignorance of physics, and is propagated by the naive who believe everything they read or hear. Somewhere a bored child is giggling, and bragging to his friends about how easy it was for him to deceive so many people with this outlandish fable.

    • NonYo Business

      Somewhere there is someone just like you with their head firmly planted up their own ass. Blathering on and on about something they feel that they know all about with no proof whatsoever. Until I get a telescope in the southern hemisphere, I’ll keep an open mind.

      • Next best thing: – I love this friggin’ thing! I now understand what the hell is moving over my head… finally!

        • sleat

          “(the ages are defined by the distance of Sirus the dog(god) star).”

          Is there a table for that someplace, documenting the relationship?

          • Yes, I learned that from here: – the first 5 minutes will basically sum it up but that’s a great video to watch however it is a heliocentric point of view although the same effect will happen with the dog star’s position relative to earth so that is how I look at it. The Egyptians knew this well, their astronomical knowledge was advanced. The Dogon (ancient Egyptian descendants) still celebrate Sirus B till this day which nobody can even see.

          • A friend just sent me a video I am about to watch and it has the same guy as in the video below and it is interesting to note that he is now a flat earther but when he made the video below he was still a heliocentrist. I commented before that I thought that by now those guys would be flat earthers and having it confirmed was nice to see.

      • sleat

        I have a telescope in the Southern Hemisphere, and since no orbital parameters, or even what constellation this thing is currently in is forthcoming, I conclude it’s bullshit. Tell an amateur astronomer there is something nearby and huge that should be PLAINLY visible in the infrared, only she can’t be seen for some vague reason, the astronomer will laugh at you.

      • sleat

        OK, I have a telescope in the Southern Hemisphere, and you have an open mind. Use that open mind to supply the RA and DEC coordinates for this thing, if there’s anything at all visible in that patch of sky, I’ll photograph it for you. If nobody can supply coordinates for this thing, then it must be BS. If it’s real, it must have coordinates.

  • Maddog

    A pole shift is well under way.

    • Jeffersonian

      So what? It happens every 10 to 12 yrs

      • Teddie

        10,000 to 15,000 years, not 10 to 12. Has happened many times already, with major effects on ecosystems.

        Magnetic north has already moved some, evidenced in a slight change of seasons, if you are paying attention.

        Sadly, they can’t tax the middle class in a frenzy of fear based b.s. about it, which is why no (paid for) researchers or scientists are telling us that is happening.

        The few that are paying attention have no idea what is going to happen. The Midwest could become tropical, or arctic, no one knows.

        But, rest assured, the G-20 will blame the middle-class and initiate some scheme to save us by stealing what little we have left to gift to the elite and their toadies in state employment.

        So, SSDD

      • Maddog


  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    We’ll-it IS March, guess we’ll see soon….

  • Tatiana Covington

    This is complete bullshit. Even amateur telescopes could plainly see something like this from a long way off.

    • Yep!

    • sleat

      And nobody ever supplies coordinates for it. If it’s real, it must be somewhere.

      • 5h 53m 27s,-6 10′ 58 – and it’s still bullshit.

        • sleat

          “and it’s still bullshit”

          Interesting. Where did the coordinates come from?

          • Google Earth, they cut a piece of the sky out to hide it supposedly.

  • Xkeyscore

    How are you preppers going to prep for this thing?

    • RomeoOscOscSierraTangoEchoRome

      Wouldn’t have to…..Just make some popcorn and grab a seat, maybe a Margarita!

    • Planet X shelters 🙂

  • Jeffersonian

    There is no Hubble telescope! Remember they messed up the mirror, not to mention if they didn’t mess up the mirror they have zero technology to keep it up there

    • Not to mention it can’t operate @ 2500 C and never could + it would just fall to the ground, it’s made of metal! – time specific link, watch for 2 minutes to illustrate the concept.

      • sleat

        So, the moon is in orbit round Earth just like Hubble, why doesn’t the moon do all that? Shouldn’t it melt and fall down, too?

        • Well it’s not made of electronics if that’s what you’re asking..

          • sleat

            Both the hubble and the moon are made of matter.
            Your link, and opinion, indicates that any solid object in space should somehow heat up to a high temperature. You mention 2500C.

            The melting point of rock, including moon rock, is about 1200-1500C. If you’re correct, by this logic, the moon, along with all the other solid objects in space, like Earth, and all the asteroids, comets, and planets made of solid matter, should melt. Why don’t they?

            Can you explain what it is, exactly, that you believe can heat the hubble to the melting point of metal, but not heat the moon or any other space object, like our planet to that point?

            You also say “+ it would just fall to the ground”.

            Why would it fall to the ground, and what does this have to do with temperature?

            “Well it’s not made of electronics”

            Besides oxygen, silicon is the most prevalent element in the moon. Modern electronics are also made of silicon. What’s your point?

          • Well I am not going to sit here and mix theories together nor teach science but I will say this: There are different levels of the atmosphere and the Hubble and moon are at different levels thus different temps. Here is one about the levels of atmosphere: – and here is one of where the hubble is supposedly located:

            Temperature has to do with computers and the fact that we have never invented one that can operate at 2500C and likely never will thus it is impossible to send or even take pictures from an object that is so hot and yes it would fall just like you or I would if we were up that high and our propulsion systems stopped.

          • sleat

            OK, so you’re saying that it’s 2500C where the Hubble is, but NOT 2500C where the moon is? How hot is it where the moon is?

            And if the Hubble, in orbit, would fall when its “propulsion system stopped” then why wouldn’t the moon do the same? Does the moon have a propulsion system?

          • You have a whole “space” agency with answers you are happy with so why torture me over it when you have them to defer to? I already linked to the data anyway which you obviously didn’t even look at to come back with a reply like that.

            I don’t know what holds up the sun and the moon but it surely isn’t the disproven, non-existent force called gravity which any diligent researcher can easily discover. The only force I am aware of that makes objects float is magnetism, gas also “floats”(rises because the surroundings are more dense) so, to you, certain gases are “anti-gravity” but to me they are just less dense than the surrounding air.

          • sleat

            So, you say you don’t believe The Hubble exists in orbit, but you say you DO believe that the temperature where The Hubble should be is ~2500C. What makes you believe the one and not the other?

            I’m not trying to “torture you”, but it is you making the claims the Hubble couldn’t possibly exist in orbit. Are you seriously complaining now that people are questioning you about that? Did you expect different?

          • What makes you believe the one and not the other?

            I don’t believe either but I am well aware of what type of individual I am replying to so I am constructing my answers as best I can for someone like you which, yes, creates inconsistencies and even logical fallacies but I cannot un-educate then re-educate you, you would have to do that yourself hence my answers are my best attempt to bridge that gap so I am doing the best I can with what I am provided to work with.

            The temperature data is provided by NASA, not me, so defer to them for your temperature data, not me.

            Are you seriously complaining now that people are questioning you about that? Did you expect different?

            I’ve been tortured daily about this for months so it can get tiresome and sometimes I would like to share my views on other topics but my time always gets dominated by this one topic and nothing else… must be how “false” the info is causing the uproar, lol.

            BTW these are good questions, sleat, and I do apologize for any attitude in my answers to you, you don’t deserve that but others absolutely do and I get more from them than from people like you… real deal people who just want to understand something so again apologies from any shill-frustration of mine bleeding over into my replies to you. I do remember you from previously also, we’ve spoken about this before, you said you were going to do a water experiment with a lake because you live in Australia if my memory serves me correctly.

            I use the word dense because I place density where most place gravity… the attribute of an object which determines if it will rise or fall. Is the surrounding less dense than the object(ie. an anvil) then it will fall, if the surrounding is more dense then the object will rise(gases like He or H ). What this means is that:
            *nobody floats around in space at any point, you will fall to the ground, all objects fall
            *no satellites floating above your head, they would just fall to the ground
            *He and H are just gases that are lighter than the mixture we call “air,”(the surrounding environment) they aren’t anti-gravity gases by any means
            *People around the equator aren’t walking around sideways but can’t feel it and people in south Argentina aren’t walking around upside down but can’t feel it, that’s impossible
            *Water doesn’t bend, ever, not even around really big things
            *Water doesn’t flow uphill

            Why are denser objects drawn more strongly towards earth than less dense objects. How does density cause more-or-less attraction to the earth?

            That is a heliocentric question but you must remember that I am not a heliocentrist, I am a geocentrist. Gravity doesn’t exist and was never even proven to be true it has just been repeated ad-infinitum thus we accept what we hear to our own detriment. The only force I am aware of that deomstrates attraction and repulsion is magnetism.

          • sleat

            “but I cannot un-educate then re-educate you, you would have to do that yourself hence my answers are my best attempt to bridge that gap so I am doing the best I can with what I am provided to work with.”

            In other words you’re a long-suffering selfless super-genius who’s deigning to answer my infantile questions regarding your claims, and you have to “dumb down” your answers so as not to melt my tiny brain. That about right?

          • Oh, so you want to talk shit? Keep spinnin’ then, asshole, I surely don’t GAF… keep on spinnin’ lol

          • sleat

            So, in addition to your other admirable traits, you’re also very sensitive?

            No ego here with me, sister. I’m nothing much. Nothing but curious about how your cosmology fits together.

            So let me revise my take of what it looks like you’re saying:

            “I don’t have the time or inclination to explain anything to you in your current frame of reference. In order to talk about anything meaningful, you must first drop your frame of reference, and adopt mine. Then everything will make sense. At that point you will no longer question my claims (Melting, falling Hubble) that started this conversation.”

            Does that cover it?

            It’s often said that the best teachers are patient. Do you consider yourself patient?

          • Getting tired of billshit makes me sensitive? I don’t know about that, my feelings don’t get hurt like in other people and I lack sensitivity, so says my woman. I’m not admirable, I’m a criminal but I’m just tired of bullshit, personally, and yes I DO have a lot of experience with assholes so no I don’t have much patience left even when the person is real and not a paid shill. Sometimes I can’t tell, others it’s very easy to spot and I will say this, I have NEVER seen a topic being co-opted so heavily by shills and front groups, it’s SATURATED like they are pulling out all stops to make sure to take the leading voice and thus misinform people to turn them off and away from the subject, case in point, The Flat Earth Society, which is a total shill/front group, why do you think Obama mentioned them in 2008? They exist to make the flat earth ridiculous so people will turn away when they read it because the info is absurd, the real Flat Earth group is the International Flat Earth Research Society: – just take a quick look at the enormous amount of info there… THAT’s why I couldn’t answer you in one reply + I don’t even know half of that info yet.

            I use to study with and I am buying a telescope and an astrolabe to learn more but where I live right now there are no clear skies so getting a good view of the sky is impossible until I move so I have the stellarium software for now, which is awesome software IMO.

            So as far as the moon goes, this is what I understand so far:

            The moon is much smaller and much closer than we’ve been taught, one can use sextants to prove this.

            An eclipse is NOT the shadow of the Earth passing over the moon and proof of this are the multiple recorded instances throughout time that show an eclipsed moon in the same sky as the sun at the same time thus 100% proof that it’s not Earth’s shadow causing the phenomenon.

            The moon is approximately the same size and distance as the sun, estimated to be 32-33 miles wide and about 3000miles up and again, this can and has been measured and used to be common knowledge before “they” took everything over.

            Moonlight is different than sunlight, at night it is warmer in the dark than it is in the moonlight, the moonlight actually cools what it shines on which I thought was very interesting(have not verified this personally yet but I intend to, I have a temp gun already for my snakes).

            Sun makes a full rotation in 24 hrs. Always.
            Moon makes a full rotation in 24 hrs 50 min 28 sec
            Stars make a full rotation in 23 hrs 56 min 4 sec

            – One thing I am still trying to fully understand is the movement of the dark rift, it’s at the 5minute mark of the above video(when she’s paging through the book it’s the faint white line across the page). The Dark rift spins, bends, and warps overhead in the night sky so it’s tough for me to determine what the shape of it is that causes a warp like that. It’s like looking at yourself in a fun house mirror but not knowing the shape of the mirror that causes your reflection to warp in that way, very tough to get my head around it.

            Amateur moon footage, close up!:
            (dude took a cheap web cam and rigged it to a telescope.. genius idea!)

            I don’t really believe the temperature data from NASA so I have no idea what the temp of the moon is, I was just using a NASA example for the hubble because NASA’s own data contradicts what they say is happening. NASA is really sloppy, they just got caught using a blue screen which many people already suspected they’ve been doing all along. See here: – + no real picture of a satellite no matter what search engine you use, they’re all cartoons/cgi graphics. They were a sci-fi invention in the 40s(by a freemason) and then started getting reported on as fact shortly afterwards.

            I don’t consider myself a teacher, just a dude commenting below internet articles hoping to get people to think because they need to wake up. I am not an authoritative source either, I’m just learning myself and have been studying this for only 2 years now so I have a handle on the subject but am far from an expert. This subject is huge, it redefines almost everything we know and the cover up is just as big(studying the cover up is very interesting).

            Here is what we live on: – that is a map that can be used for navigation unlike a globe which will cause big problems below the equator because everything is warped so bad in order to wrap the map around a sphere, elongated continents and completely inaccurate, misshapen longitudinal/latitudinal quadrants and such.

          • Al Mather

            How would you explain the fact that the USA is 3000 miles across… I’ve driven it NY to SF many times…Australia …according to Australians ( and maps) is about 2500 miles across… but by your map it would be well over 6000 miles across???

          • sleat

            “What you believe is radically different than what is happening so how could I explain that to you in one reply?”

            Because you’re extremely clever! Only you know how you could explain it. If I knew, you wouldn’t need to.

            OK, now tell me what I believe.

            And you’re right, I’m only speculating, based on your complaints. I just pulled baseball OOMAA (out of my asshole’s asshole) as a random example.

          • Starting another fight are we? Ya know, finding life is more productive.

          • sleat

            “Ya know, finding life is more productive.”
            Maybe, but finding disqus hiding your most recent comments until just today, after I wrote that last one, has a tendency to confuse. I guess maybe long posts like your last long one might take longer to vet and appear in public. I only just saw it.

            I would really rather try to get how your cosmology hangs together and can be tested, than fight. And if you want to live in a place where the sky is often clear, try Sydney!

            “I have NEVER seen a topic being co-opted so heavily by shills and front groups”

            Can you identify the core message they’re pushing about Planet X? What is it?

            Oh, and as far as measuring the distance to the moon, can you elaborate on how you would do that? Did you come up with the scheme, or maybe you have a link to the technique?

          • Can you identify the core message they’re pushing about Planet X? What is it?

            As far as I understand it, it is some gigantic heavenly body off in the distance but approaching fast and google blocked images of it for some unknown reason. They say it will rain down fireballs as it passes by causing much destruction here on earth. They also attribute seasonal anomalies to it, basically, anything out of the ordinary with our weather they like to blame on this approaching object.

            Oh, and as far as measuring the distance to the moon, can you elaborate on how you would do that?

            You would use one of these:

            “Regiments of figures are paraded with all the learned jargon for which science is famous, but one might as well look at the changing clouds in the sky and seek for certainty there, as to expect to get it from the propounders of modern astronomy. But is there no means of testing these ever-changing never-stable speculations and bringing them to the scrutiny of the hard logic of fact? Indeed there is. The distance of the sun can be measured with much precision, the same way as a tree or a house, or church steeple is measured, by plane triangulation. It is the principle on which a house is built, a table made or a man-of-war constructed … The sun is always somewhere between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, a distance admitted to be less than 3,000 miles; how then can the sun if it be so many thousand miles in diameter, squeeze itself into a space of about 3,000 miles only? But look at the distance, say the professors! We have already done that and not one of the wise men we have so often challenged, has ever attempted to refute the principle on which we measure the sun’s distance … If the navigator neglects to apply the sun’s semi-diameter to his observation at sea, he is 16 nautical miles out in calculating the position his ship is in. A minute of arc on the sextant represents a nautical mile, and if the semi-diameter be 16 miles, the diameter is of course 32 miles. And as measured by the sextant, the sun’s diameter is 32 minutes of arc, that is 32 nautical miles in diameter. Let him disprove this who can. If ever disproof is attempted, it will be a literary curiosity, well worth framing.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (114-120)

            Did you come up with the scheme, or maybe you have a link to the technique?

            I am not making anything I type about up myself, it is all researched material. Here is a link: – that is the main resource for all of the info I post and it is one of the few authentic resources concerning the flat earth.

          • sleat

            “You would use one of these:”

            Great! A sextant!
            So, how exactly do you measure the distance to the moon with a sextant, in a way that doesn’t make flat-earthers upset? Have you got a link to the technique?

            I’m keen you should get one of those sextants! If you do, you can do an online astronavigation course for virtually nothing. You’ll learn how to pinpoint your location to within 0.2 miles on the Earth. Once you master doing that, you can explain to me how celestial navigation hangs together if the earth is a disc.

            I know another way to measure the distance to the moon, using a Yagi antenna, and some amateur radio equipment.

            If you tell me roughly (within 200 miles) where you are, I can put you in touch with a HAM operator near there who might like to do EME bounce, and you can measure the distance using, essentially pulse RADAR yourself!

          • So, how exactly do you measure the distance to the moon with a sextant, in a way that doesn’t make flat-earthers upset? Have you got a link to the technique?

            I don’t understand, how would I use it in a way that doesn’t get ball earthers upset? I didn’t know there were different ways to use it. Here is the info about it:

            That sounds really cool, I would love to learn astro-navigation. I am buying a astrolabe also which is an extremely accurate instrument.

            Never heard of a Yagi antenna but that also sounds very interesting as well as the Ham radio stuff.

          • sleat

            “I don’t understand, how would I use it in a way that doesn’t get ball earthers upset? I didn’t know there were different ways to use it.”

            Well, if I just knew exactly how you intended to use your sextant to determine the distance to the moon, I could ponder and see if I can see any problems with it.

            “That sounds really cool, I would love to learn astro-navigation.”

            The best way would be with a sextant rather than an astrolabe, since they’re optimized and modernized for navigation accuracy. People use them in life-death situations, so they’re quite serious instruments.

            “I am buying a astrolabe also which is an extremely accurate instrument.”

            It’s quite accurate as an analog computer, (think rotary slide-rule) for determining position and various things, but a sextant has dedicated navigation optics which generally make it more accurate for taking shots of the sun, moon, and stars. It doesn’t try to do any computation like an astrolabe, you use software, or tables for that.

            They overlap, but are optimized for different things.


            “Never heard of a Yagi antenna but that also sounds very interesting as well as the Ham radio stuff.”

            A yagi is just one sort of directional antenna you can use to get a signal from Earth up to the moon (and back).
            Whenever you feel like it, I can try to find a HAM, or group in your general area who does EME bounce.

          • Thanks for the info sleat, you are obviously very intelligent and know a good deal about this subject hence I will defer to you for any questions if that is okay.

          • sleat

            Anytime! You have some interesting hobbies.

          • Al Mather

            Can I get an AMEN!

          • HAHAHA, paid shill needs friends… nobody likes the paid shill but his own sock puppets he talks to himself with 🙂

            psst.. it’s not working, everybody knows!

          • Al Mather

            Funny … the upticks you think are my sock puppets have WAY more active Disqus accts… and way older than mine..and tend to post on totally different topics…. Yet yours find you the day they join Disqus.. & seem to exist only for you.. and you for him. Sweet.

            Can I help it if sleats last paragraph totally nails YOU in a sentence?

      • Al Mather

        The Hubble Space Telescope whirls around Our beautiful blue Planet Earth at 5 miles per second and completes one orbit every 97 minutes. For half of each orbit, the telescope passes through Earth’s shadow, where temperatures plunge to 250F degrees below zero. When Hubble swings back into sunlight, outside temperatures are more than 100F degrees. Hubble is protected from these temperature extremes by an exterior thermal blanket, and layers of insulation,which allow the telescope to maintain a constant temperature.
        The telescope receives its power from a pair of rectangular 40-foot-long solar arrays. The sun light is converted into 2,400 watts of electricity – enough to power two dozen household light bulbs.

  • Andrew Miller

    It’s all lies, the earth is flat.

    • Reverend Draco

      Like your head.

      • Andrew Miller

        • Great video! Undeniable proof is right! The Earth is FLAT!

          • Reverend Draco

            Undeniable fakery and pseudoscience.




            It’s either flat or it ain’t, rev, and we now have the long range zoom lenses to squash it.

  • Jeremiah Revisited

    25 days to go then…… Until another Niburu story bites the preverbal dust…. Loll ma that there story didn’t have wings…

    • If they space it out enough they may be able to get people scared over and over, that may be the point.

  • ExecutorOffice

    Buy buy buy, Comply, Submit, Pay Taxes to stop Planet X ! We can nuke it, send up Bruce Willis and his team NOW !

    • You found a pair of them sunglasses from They Live, didn’t you?

      • ExecutorOffice

        Awesome movie !

        psst: it’s me again,,, i kinda’ got das boot from Discus for something !! I LOVE Proton Mail !! Thanks

        • Glad you like it, it’s the best out there to my knowledge. Watch them make it illegal or something, lol

  • Glenn Turner

    Seems to be a desperate ploy to put everyone into a state of fear and desperation when an actual positive and natural event is about to take place.

    Besides, as soon as someone mentions the bible, is when I say to myself (That’s it I’m out of here!! )

    • Nice link with good info!

      Total Eclipse of the Mind

  • Dunno y

    No worries folks the cylons after the peace treaty of 2001. Say they will protect us.

  • Plasmael Homunculus

    More ‘Fear Porn’ – yawn, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • bill lopez

    That’s about the smartest smart human bran comment I done heard in a coons age. Unicorns is supernatural, spiritual and magical too – and just cause they’re invisible to everyone else doesn’t mean I can’t see them.

    • sleat

      “That’s about the smartest smart human bran comment I done heard in a coons age.”

      Raisin bran may work better than human bran for this type of mental irregularity.

  • Andrew Schnelly

    Well… its March 2016 now and I’m just not feeling it…
    Personally I think our choices for president this year are so depressing
    that the government is trying to cheer us up by making us think there is
    an extinction level event coming :O)

    • lol

    • sleat

      I’d sack the guy responsible for the screenplay. A mouldy burrito hangs together better than that story.

  • bill lopez

    It’s part of a Zeta Reticulan shadow government coverup, under the direction of a reptilian and Annunaki galactic armada who have been planning the terraforming of our planet through chemtrails and Donald Trump’s toupe… Once they’ve succeeded, the Nephilim will return and combine our science with magic, unicorns, and crystal power.

  • Reverend Draco

    Before you excoriate someone for not getting smart – you should work on your literacy – AKA get smart.

    • His/her grammar needs more work than his/her literacy.

      • Reverend Draco

        Grammar is more or less included in literacy.

        • I have encountered several times as many people online who could read (requiring little grammatical ability) as those who could compose a reasonably grammatical sentence.
          Most of those who can read still lack the comprehension to understand reasonably competent grammar (as I believe I am capable of), who will usually take their ignorance out on me, as if it is my fault that they are marginally functional inn literacy. As a result, I have come to regard literacy as nothing more than the ability to read with reasonable comprehension. Since “the deliberate dumbing down of america” is continuing apace, I see no reason to give anyone more credit for bilateral literacy than they have failed to demonstrate in reading alone. 🙂

  • Mysterian

    More speculation and non-scientific BS! Pictures of clouds with light shining through and stories of a friend who works for …………. (put in your favorite secret government agency) has told us that Planet X is due to arrive this year.

    • sleat

      Last time around for this story, I think the “secret friend” worked for NASA.

  • Oboehner

    Be sure to give up to give up what few rights you have left, and big daddy government will keep you safe, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Bob’s your uncle.

  • Infidel51

    So if it doesn’t happen by the end of March does that mean I won’t have to hear any more of this BS?

  • sleat

    “5 and 10 million degrees…”

    Whoever made this story up didn’t do their homework…

    Considering the sun is only about 5500C (10,000F) at the surface, and that you can’t even look directly at it, this other thing would be quite hard to hide. And hard to look at, if it existed. And give you one mother of an atomic suntan.

    And…if this thing is actually in space, it would be in orbit around something, if even the centre of the milky-way. It would be trackable, with simple parameters. It couldn’t just wander around like some inanimate Death Star showing up when there’s a fear-porn shortage.

    • This is an advanced FE topic so you may not fully understand it but here is what I believe that whole “Planet X” crap is about and this has physical evidence, frightening physical evidence:

      • It is not Paranoia

        This is the single most interesting thing I have read my entire life. I read it a few months ago and I come back to read it again from time to time. I can’t explain the feeling it gives me.

        It just makes sense to me thousand times more than anything that’s considered “normal” in this world.

        • Me too.

          • It is not Paranoia

            Do you have any more information on this topic? Or your thoughts…I’d be interested!

          • I believe it exists and I enjoy Mark Night’s work on the subject. I’m sure you’ve seen:

            Flat Earth, Dark Rift, Dome, Myth, & Cataclysm –

            already and he addresses it a little bit here also:

            Flat Earth – The Edge of Awakening Documentary

   – time specific link to the dome section

            Then we have this for proof from the mainstream academics:
            “It’s almost like theses electrons are running into a glass wall in
            space,” said Baker, the study’s lead author. “Somewhat like the shields
            created by force fields on Star Trek that were used to repel alien
            weapons, we are seeing an invisible shield blocking these electrons.
            It’s an extremely puzzling phenomenon.”
            – – only 3minutes.

            This is what happens when you launch a rocket at it, dead stop:

            Rockets Meet God’s Sky Dome.

            Then this: – and you can see a glow of the same color here: – not sure of the two are related though.

            Likewise, this is one of the most intriguing aspects to me also so if you have anything else on it I’d love to read/watch it!

  • sleat

    The spiritual Former CIA guy magically saw it through the Hubble with its optics in “supernatural mode”. I get it. But the encryption…that was real.

    I for one am glad this thing is invisible and transparent. There is enough up there gunking up the view of the marvellous spiritual, magical sky without this thing also getting in the way. As far as “poll shift” I think that planet is called “Trump” not “X”.

  • sleat

    There is one big thing lately that is “roaring from poll to poll” and grabbing all the polls North and South. But…will it win?

  • The FE movement is real and authentic but it is being HEAVILY co-opted.

    • Al Mather

      Movement… Lol.

      • Shills… Lol.

        • Al Mather


          • I agree, they are both funny and pathetic and should find some honest work 🙂

          • sleat

            “shill front-group called NASA”

            When I was younger, someone who at least called themselves NASA used to launch Space Shuttles and before that, Saturn V rockets very regularly, before millions of eyewitnesses. At one point, there were half-a-million people working for the “space program”.

            I know a very small number of them, and they did real engineering work for real money, paying off real houses, cars, and college tuitions for kids.

            That’s an awful lot of taxpayer Benjamins for something completely fake. This mostly happened before the internet as we know it existed. Perhaps before you were born.

            So, do you think all engineers are just shills, or just the ones that do stuff with space? I know one who used to work for NASA but then did work for car companies. Would you trust him to design critical bits of your car?

            When do you think NASA turned from a legitimate space-exploration agency into a shill-front-group, or have they been one since the 1950s?

            And what do you think about the dozens of other space-research agencies, run by other countries?

          • All space agencies are in on it and I know one of their rocket scientists and no, he isn’t in on it nor ever was. They launch rockets, that’s it.

          • sleat

            “All space agencies are in on it”
            But, in on what, exactly?

            “They launch rockets, that’s it.”
            Who, the space agencies, or the steely-eyed missle-men who work for them?

            So, they are shill front-groups and also launch rockets?
            Seems like the shill-front-group goal would be FAR cheaper than sending stuff into outer space.
            Couldn’t they just do that to save money?

            So, these probe mission team people working at JPL, they get into “crunch” mode when a mission’s running in an active phase, spending 16-24 hours a day at work, monitoring, sending commands, waiting for data, celebrating successes. If that’s all a hoax, what is it that they are actually doing?

            When you talk to them while they’re at work, they’re very into it, happy to tell you all the details, and the details make sense.

            Or is that real?

            And if JPL is real, what is it that the shill front-groups are doing?

          • But, in on what, exactly?

            Fleecing the tax payors out of their money, of course, and fleecing is understood internationally.

            What’s his reaction to your thinking his big bosses are fake?

            I never discussed that with him, I don’t know him well enough, just enough that he recognizes me and we say hi.

            Who, the space agencies, or the steely-eyed missle-men who work for them?


            So, they are shill front-groups and also launch rockets?


            Seems like the shill-front-group goal would be FAR cheaper than sending stuff into outer space. Couldn’t they just do that to save money?

            They are a military agency therefore they conduct military operations.

            These probe mission team people working at JPL, they get into “crunch” mode when a mission’s running in an active phase, spending 16-24 hours a day at work, monitoring, sending commands, waiting for data, celebrating successes. If that’s all a hoax, what is it that they are actually doing? Where are the space-probes they are operating, if not, say on Mars or near Pluto?

            I don’t know the internal workings of it, I just know if you launch a rocket high enough it stops, as in, not going any farther… dead stop. When NASA launches rockets into “outer space” just look at the trajectory, it arks.

            When you talk to them while they’re at work, they’re very into it, happy to tell you all the details, and the details make sense.

            Or is that real?

            I don’t know if they fully believe in it or they are actors like the astronauts.

            And if JPL is real, what is it that the shill front-groups are doing?

            Since we are talking about a military agency with enormous funding one can only imagine.

    • sleat

      My theory is that there are some people who really believe, and then others who are pushing a version of Flat Earth (and a few related theories) as a psyop to distract from other truth movements that stand to make significant progress against the guilty.

      • Yes, and I am someone who truly believes this because I believe in math, numbers and logic and the math, numbers and logic say it’s flat!

        Always eye-level horizon line no matter what height you are viewing it from(a big ball would cause one to have to look downward to see it no matter how big that ball was), the existence of places like the Bolivian salt flats, the man-made, completely flat and level structures that are sitting there right now, the canals, are also proof for me. Here are 200 proofs:!.pdf

        They are doing all they can to co-opt and discredit this stuff but anything they throw at it doesn’t hold up to the independently thinking individual, that is my take on it.

        • sleat

          Here’s a question that’s been bugging me for a while, that I’d like to ask a clever Flat-Earth type who understands stuff. I’ve never seen a good answer for this question.

          So, on the equinox, at the Equator, the sun will rise at 0600 and set at 1800 exactly. By the almanac, and websites that tell about the sun and moon, and by locals who can see it for themselves, the sun rises at 090 degrees true East, and sets at 270 degrees true West.

          Only if one looks at the model of the disc-shaped Earth at 0600 on the Equinox at the equator, the sun should be visible at 045 degrees true (NorthEast), and should set at 1800 local time at 315 degrees true (NorthWest).

          How does Flat-Earth theory explain this 45 degree discrepancy on the Equinox, between where the sun actually appears, and where the Flat Earth model says it should?

          • If the equator was listed in the same spot then the numbers should be the same also.

          • sleat

            “the numbers should be the same also.”
            Yes! That’s what’s troubling about the Flat-Earth model.

            So, the equator is wherever it is in real life.
            In both models it’s halfway in distance between the North Pole and the South Pole (or southernmost aspect).

            I’m just trying to get the Flat-Earth model to harmonize with real-world observations. Do you understand the question, or should I put together a diagram?

          • I didn’t think there was a difference of the location of the equator therefore how would or could there be an observational difference?

          • sleat

            That’s right. The Equator’s in the same place in both models.

            But if you look at an animation of the Sun on the F-E model, during Equinox, it goes right around the line of the equator, right? 1/4 of a circle between 6am and noon, and 1/4 of a circle between noon and 6 PM. Another 1/4 of a circle from 6PM to midnite, and another 1/4 circle to 6AM again.

            But if you stand somewhere on the equator when it’s noon locally, the sun is right over you, so at 6AM that-day it’s a quarter-circle back from you along the equator. Only the actual DIRECTION of that is NorthEast, 045 degrees on Flat-Earth, to be precise. But human witnesses, the web, and the almanac, all say it should be at 090 degrees.

            And then, at 6PM, 1/4 circle advanced from noon, the Sun is at 315 degrees NorthWest in Flat-Earth. But witnesses, and the almanac, and the web, all say should be at only 270 degrees.

            You can look at this for yourself on
            That’s the same site the guy used (incorrectly) for the Flat-Earth video showing the moon being visible from the GoFast rocket, when he thought that it should not be. Stellarium, however, indicated that the moon SHOULD be visible at the time it was launched.

            Basically you look at March 20 (Equinox) in someplace like Accra, Ghana, near the equator, or Quito, Ecuador.

            The time is only 0600 and 1800 exactly on the prime-meridian, ante-meridian, and the time-zone-lines, every 15 degrees East and West from there, but the direction is 090 and 270 precisely according to this website.

            Use this link for Accra, Ghana to see what I mean. Make sure it’s displaying the whole month of March, and scroll to the March 20th line, and look at the direction of sunrise and sunset.


  • Donna Scott

    OMG! It’s 47,000 miles across yet these idiots think it came between Hubble and the earth??? The Hubble is only 340 miles up!!! We would have been killed a month ago due to it effecting our gravity. We would have been able to see it with the naked eye when it got close as close as Jupiter. Jupiter is 43,441 miles across and can be seen with the naked eye.

    There are a millions of hoaxes out there, don’t get sucked in!!!