“Allahu Akbar!”: Machete Attack on Ohio Restaurant Was a Downplayed Muslim Terrorist Attack

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The media is quick to jump when a political advantage for the Establishment can be had from a terrible event… as Obama pal Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

But what happens when the crisis doesn’t help fit the narrative?

Case in point: recently, a man walked into a restaurant in Ohio with a machete and wounded four people. Precious little was reported on the event, which definitely did not make top news anywhere in the country.

Here is what the Associated Press reported just after the event:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio restaurant where an attacker with a machete wounded four people has reopened to the public with limited service in a step toward getting business back to normal.

The owner of Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in northeast Columbus hugged and chatted with diners who streamed through a buffet and donation line Monday, four days after the assault.

Owner Hany Baransi says he wanted to make sure employees and patrons are OK and show appreciation for the community support. He told The Columbus Dispatch he planned limited food service Tuesday, too.

Authorities haven’t released a possible motive for the attack or many details about the suspect, 30-year-old Mohamed Barry, who was from the West African nation of Guinea. He was fatally shot by a policeman after the assault.

That’s it. Nondescript. Short, sweet, to the point. How often is the media this short, sweet, and to the point about mass violence in a public place?

Authorities haven’t released a possible motive or many details for the “attacker” named “Mohamed Barry” from Guinea? Because the media can’t release details until authorities say so, otherwise typically known as journalism?

The details that have only been released quietly well after the fact are this:

Mohamed Barry was a Muslim immigrant here on a green card who was screaming “Allahu Akbar” as he slashed at random people with a machete. The scene was literally referred to as a “bloodbath”.

The owner of the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli is an Israeli and he and other patrons immediately reported that they felt they were being targeted specifically because of this.

Oh, and Barry was on the terror watchlist, a fact that of course authorities knew at the time.

Neither authorities nor the media called this event what it was when it happened or afterward — by all definitions, a terrorist attack. It was downplayed in the media with tiny little articles, but it was a terrorist attack on American soil nonetheless. The FBI quietly admitted later it was a terrorist attack, but by now the event is basically forgotten.

The system is forcing mass immigration and silencing anti-refugee sentiments. This event doesn’t fit into the pro-asylum narrative of peaceful refugees or the gun control narrative, considering the man’s weapon of choice was a machete and a legal gun owner could’ve stopped him in a moment. Because it would only make Obama’s immigration policies and gun control look bad, the media buried this story and shaped the narrative to make the story fit the agenda instead of reality.

Think about that the next time the media and authorities freak out over “terrorism”.

(H/T: Tom Sawyers)

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  • Reverend Draco

    Really? A machete? Were there no men present?

    • whiteberry

      REAL men are far and few between these days, there is an overabundance of gender benders and bitch boys though. Sad…

      • BW83

        The wussification of America….

        It would have made headlines if someone did do something though. Of course the actual hero would have been labeled a racist but why nitpick details lol

        • whiteberry


        • Tom Sawyer

          The guy who fought him off by throwing chairs at him was on local TV news not a secret.

      • Tom Sawyer

        I’m from Columbus and there are alot of men and women who are great fighters.

        • A measure of a man isn’t how much MMA they practice at a gym, it’s weather or not they have the stones to stand up and DO something when the balloon goes up.
          Greetings from Dayton.

          • Tom Sawyer

            It’s been a long time since I saw the in side of any gym, but I did box and practice martial arts when I was younger. I’m 47 now and work alot but I always travel with my friends glock and sog.

    • BW83

      Exactly my thoughts. For that matter you’d think the Israeli guy who owned the place could’ve stopped it. I know I’m assuming he was there, he may not have been, but don’t all Israelis have military training?

      I’ll be damned if some third world trash would walk onto property I owned and try something of that nature.

      • Reverend Draco

        I wouldn’t let someone do shit like that on property someone else owned, if I was patronizing the business on said property.

        • BW83

          Yep. You and I are a different breed though Reverend.

          I live by the standard that people capable of action in a situation carry the responsibility to act, especially in th defense of others. Whether that be an a-hole trying to chop people up, or someone bullying a weaker individual. A woman or child I understand not acting. Any man, that actually calls himself a man (barring disability) should have put that situation to an end. I’m willingly to bet it would have taken ONE person to attempt to stop him to spur on the others to help as well.

        • After doing something like that you could kill him and not go to jail.

    • Kula Farmer

      For God sake start throwing shit at the arsehole at the very least, Salt shakers, sugar bottles, plates, freakin table ware,,, WTH

      • It was a restaurant, all kinds of weapons in the back 🙂

    • FollowDaMoney

      Machete vs. Man with a chair. Better yet person with gun. He would have been dead long before a cop showed up with a gun.

      • Reverend Draco

        I disarmed a person who was thwacked out on meth and armed with a butcher’s knife in each hand – didn’t use a gun, didn’t get hurt, didn’t hurt them, their intended victim didn’t get hurt. . .

        All it takes is having balls that have dropped. . .

        But then. . . Political Correctness demands that nobody do anything, wait for the authorities, and don’t you dare say something that offends anyone!
        In other words, PC culture requires non-dropped balls.

        • FollowDaMoney

          You never know until you are presented with the situation. My best guess is that “if” I was present he would have died of Chairitis. That would all depend on if someone was closer and had a higher powered chair. Hopefully there are still males around suffering from Maleitis.

          • Reverend Draco

            The sad part is. . . those masculine traits that allow men to act in a crisis are the very traits despised by the fembots and manginas.

            Men have been systematically emasculated, and those who resist are labeled “misogynist.” The very men who actually love women for being feminine females (also demonized by the fembots and manginas – go figure), are reviled as “teh Patriarchy.”

            I think that, as a part of every “Women’s Studies” class, John Norman’s Gor series be required reading. All 34 books.

          • FollowDaMoney

            Just look at what happened in New Orleans when they had 10+ day warning that they may get wet. If something happens like a prolonged power outage they will all die. NBC host didn’t even know what essentials were after they did a 3 minute story on how all the grocery stores were out of eggs, milk, water, bread, and canned goods. She thought her priority would be beer. God help us.

    • Machetes are a lot like guns, having a well known tendency to act on their own without human assistance:-)

      • Reverend Draco

        Oh. . . right. . . same with cars driving drunk on their own volition. . .

        Thanks for waking me up – I almost dozed off. . .

        • Not quite, as there are no “smart” guns or machetes yet, unlike self-driving cars, which will get their owners sued for public endangerment just for owning them.

    • Tom Sawyer

      Yes actually two men fought him off and got him to leave, one by throwing chairs, then the police caught up with him and do what they do best.

      • Reverend Draco

        Good deal. . . there is still hope for the future.

    • EnemyOfTheState

      OK tuff guy. Having been a bouncer for 5 years, I’ve seen every type of weapon you could imagine pulled on me (including a machete). I backed the fuk up and called police. It’s not as easy to disarm/disable someone swinging a machete as it looks in the movies. After police tazered the guy they found out he was HIV positive to boot. Life or death, sure, I could do it. I doubt most could tho.

      • Reverend Draco

        It’s actually easier to disarm someone wielding a machete than it looks in the movies.

  • Maybe it should be required that those on a watch list be watched or removed from the list, just as those in Gitmo should be prosecuted or released.

  • Tom

    This was a local incident for me. First thing I heard on the news was “There was no indication it was a terrorist attack” (which means it was)… The community POURED into the reopening day to show support. The owner, a highly respected Israeli, has sadly been considering, if he has not already decided, to close down the business he has dedicated so much time to establish and move back to Israel. A terrible incident, terrible experience for those victims and observers, and a loss to our community and country. The community is on heightened alert and those who carry are carrying daily now. A friend that frequented this place often, is getting his CCW license now too. These acts will not be tolerated in this community. The sleeping giant is awakening

    • BW83

      The giant shouldn’t have slept while its borders were raped and pillaged. Easier to stop a threat at the walls than fight it once it’s rooted into the cities….

      I know it sounds critical, and it is and isn’t, but we as a country should have never allowed things to get to this point in the first place. Prevention always trumps reaction.

      • Tom

        We SHOULD ALL be critical… we’ve let the inmates run the asylum too long… I pray this next election at least starts to turn this ship in the other direction. I think people are still thinking a president will be the answer, when the answer lies within those who understand the responsibilities of a free nation. We have a lot of work ahead of us, if WE wake up and take up our responsibilities.

        • BW83

          Agreed! I tire of people looking to a “new” president for the answer (I quote new as they’re all really the same guy with a different face) or knee-jerk blaming the president/government for any problems. Do they create them? Yes, but the real blame lies on the shoulders of every free citizen that allowed it to happen in the first place. We don’t lose liberty, we allow it to be taken from us. You, me, everyone.

          The fact remains, if a person doesn’t make themselves part of the solution, they’re part of the problem. Too many wait around hoping someone else will fix the problem, life doesn’t work that way, waiting on others does nothing but take the control you have out of the equation. It’s easier than people believe it to be is the kicker. You don’t need to rally outside D.C. to incite a change, or win an election, it’s as easy as living your life to the ideals you believe in and allowing others to do the same. Such a thing is infectious, people see it and it spreads. It’s ridiculed at first, then it’s feared, then it reaches a critical mass where it’s accepted as self-evident.

          • Reverend Draco

            “Too many wait around hoping someone else will fix the problem, life doesn’t work that way, waiting on others does nothing but take the control you have out of the equation.”

            Teaching a child to pray for solutions creates an adult that can’t solve problems. They just wait around. . .

            Liberty is scary – Liberty means you don’t get to force anyone to adhere to your standards (or lack thereof). Liberty means that someone else might *gasp* do something you don’t approve of! Heaven forfend!

            “If it means that just one person is stopped from smoking a joint, I’m willing to give up my right to self-determination, since I don’t use it anyway.”

  • doucyet

    Double standard with an agenda…………

    • Ariellersewell4

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    • Amyekaiser2

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  • Dunno y

    An attack in a Nazareth called resturant. Sounds anti Zionist more than anything. Authorities have not released a reason for the attack. says more. one idiot who didn’t know the right target. Killing of innocence can never be justified.killing of Zionists can.

  • Dan Morgan

    From what I understand, an employee went after this musloid $h!t weasle with a baseball bat, forcing him outside, where he was sent on to his reward by the local PD.

    • archer

      Wow, what a shame, now he won’t be eligible for food stamps, section 8, etc. no hate counseling and the like, we missed a golden opportunity to help him turn his life around. Damn the police for killing this lost soul.

      • Dan Morgan

        Yeah, I’m waiting for CAIR to hold a “Machetes up, don’t shoot!” protest.

  • mirageseekr

    Or another possibility is that it was another false flag and it came out so poorly that they can’t run with it.

  • frankw

    Another good reason to always carry.

  • David

    Because the mooslime didn’t use a gun it didn’t make headlines for barack hussein to pump his gun confiscation agenda.

  • jaguar

    These Terrorists attacks will get worse and more frequent…especially the more Muslims are brought here, then they will gang up on us…it won’t just be one knife wielding idiot, it will be dozens at a time attacking us…the more deaths will occur and not just injuries, like what happened here…it will be like the Paris attacks!!!

    • sunshine

      Just how long will we tolerate it before fighting back?

      • As long as it takes for us to recognize that our own government is the largest source of state-sponsored terrorism and tell it to stop. Muslims are no more likely to commit terrorist or any other violent acts than any equally deranged neo-conservative is, but are far less likely to do so to produce war profits for themselves.

  • fedup taxpayer

    if you are a member of the cult of islam then you are capable of all kinds of insanity

    • Reverend Draco

      If you are a member of the cult of Christianity, you are also capable of all kinds of insanity – since they’re related cults.

  • Vatcha

    Of course he wasn’t yelling “Allahu Akbar” as he slashed patrons, but that makes it sound so much more compelling. He actually yelled that at the police before they shot him. Many “reporters” have modified it, probably for the better dramatic effect,

  • Michael Mathis

    I’m convinced…lets let the refugees in!(sarcasm on!)

  • Deus vult.