ALL Bluefin Tuna Caught in California Are Radioactive

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Editor’s Note: This shouldn’t really surprise anyone. The ocean isn’t a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


Via A Sheep No More:

Three years ago they told us they were surprised to find the fish contaminated after limited exposure to radioactive water. As this article points out, all of the bluefin tuna being caught now have spent their entire lives exposed to radioactive water. If you didn’t hear the warning  years ago, please hear it now.

Every bluefin tuna tested in the waters off California has shown to be contaminated with radiation that originated in Fukushima. Every single one.

In May of 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported on a Stanford University study. Daniel Madigan, a marine ecologist who led the study, was quoted as saying, “The tuna packaged it up (the radiation) and brought it across the world’s largest ocean. We were definitely surprised to see it at all and even more surprised to see it in every one we measured.”Another member of the study group, Marine biologist Nicholas Fisher at Stony Brook University in New York State reported, “We found that absolutely every one of them had comparable concentrations of cesium 134 and cesium 137.”

That was over two year ago. The fish that were tested had relatively little exposure to the radioactive waste being dumped into the ocean following the nuclear melt-through that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in March of 2011. Since that time, the flow of radioactive contaminants dumping into the ocean has continued unabated. Fish arriving at this juncture have been swimming in contaminants for all of their lives.

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  • doucyet

    So…….once again the governments silence on the matter is a collective “go f u c k yourself” to the people. Love what transparency means to some………

    • Kula Farmer

      Be sure and send in your taxes and returns though because they are doing soooo much to take care of all of us…..

    • This is why I believe they have another place to live with clean water and soil, they are trashing this place indiscriminately so it doesn’t make sense for them not to have a place like that. I doubt they would shit in their own backyard they have to live in after they kill off the useless eaters.

      • sunshine

        That makes sense but it could also be that they have the technology to clean it up when we are dead, and the technology to keep it from affecting them. But who really knows, it’s not like they’re going to tell us.

      • eddysach

        Maybe nefarious ET/ED lizard’s are terra forming the Earth for their buddies to come & live more comfortably…after we’re gone….pure speculation of course…but plausible

        • Well mine has much more verifiable facts backing it up, troll

      • How Not To Play The Game

        They’ve got an antidote for radioactive destruction. In my opinion. It is an opinion.

  • Mike

    The oceans are dying because of the global elite and nuclear power. shut down all nuclear power plants now.

  • rsdallas

    So….How contaminated are they???

    • StevetheHun

      Exactly. What’s the dose rate for a “portion” of tuna.

      • Rick E.

        It’s tantamount to the debt situation in our government, as they keep raising the level of debt limits, so they also raise the so-called “safe” levels of radiation whenever it is expedient for them to do so.
        One of my cousins is a nuclear physicist, and he says there is no real safe level of radiation exposure.

        • StevetheHun

          Define safe.

          Ask your cousin about background radiation, cosmic rays, and other “natural” sources of radiation.

          • Rick E.

            I am unable to define safe, nor can anyone with any kind of scientific certainty. But I WILL have a discussion with David at length on this subject in a couple of weeks.

        • bozotoo

          It’s a moot point, all you need to do is smile! Just don’t worry about it! Listen to this “expert.”

          “If you smile, the radiation will not affect you. If you are not smiling you will have radiation effect.”
          Shunichi Yamashita-Radiation Health Risk Management Advisor

  • StevetheHun

    Work in a concrete building? Have a concrete basement? yeah, radiation. Not enough to harm you.

    Standing outside? yeah, radiation. Not enough to harm you, and you get more the higher in altitude that you live.

    The devil is in how much.

    • Codrus

      If you get a particle of radioactive material lodged in your tissues or bone marrow, it sits there killing everything around it and blasting apart the DNA strands, 24/7.

  • Chir

    Woo Hoo! This is Rad!!

  • Mr Gadget

    Well no worries, they’ll have technology to stop the radiation from leaking by 2050 or so….was it really caused by an earthquake…… level zero!

  • Gearmoe

    How much have I already eaten? Great. :/

  • AZBlackDog

    Per the Obama Administration — if we don’t think about it, it’s really not happening. Like revoking visas because the individual is a possible terror risk, then LETTING THEM WALK AWAY and not keeping track of them — if we don’t think about it, it didn’t happen. So when they asked the Administration WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE, their spokeswoman honestly answered, “I don’t know.” which means in doublespeak…if I can’t remember it, it didn’t happen.

    And for the record, THIS HAPPENED ON OBAMA’S WATCH. Let’s all make sure it’s a part of his Presidential Legacy!

  • eddysach

    Mother Nature… vs…..’Greed’… as the consequence of the imaginary construct of $$$… by a relative few….that created this miasma in the first place…Let’s build ‘dirty’ nuclear reactors on an earthquake prone Japanese Island right beside the Pacific Ocean…underwritten by the Queen & the Rothschild’s of course…what could possibly go wrong???

  • bozotoo

    …let alone the mercury levels in tuna, best just not to eat it anymore.