Alien Stone Found in Egypt Has Scientists Questioning Everything About Our Solar System

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Hypatia stone

The latest research on an extraterrestrial stone discovered in Egypt has shown its mineral composition is unlike anything found in our solar system. Further, researchers say the formation of the stone predates the sun, forcing the scientific community to question traditionally held beliefs about how the solar system itself was created.

The “Hypatia” stone, named for Hypatia of Alexandria, the first prominent Western female astronomer and mathematician, was first discovered in 1996. By 2013, scientists had proven that the rock, which is broken into pebble fragments, was not from Earth. Two years later, it was established that Hypatia had not come to Earth from any known comet or meteorite.

Now, in a newly published study, a research team from the University of Johannesburg has revealed that even less is known about the mysterious rock than previously thought.

“When Hypatia was first found to be extraterrestrial, it was a sensation, but these latest results are opening up even bigger questions about its origins,” said Dr. Marco Andreoli, a research fellow at the School of Geosciences at the University of the Witwatersrand and a member of the study team.

That team, led by geochemistry professor Jan Kramers, describes the internal structure of the Hypatia stone as something like a fruitcake that’s fallen off a shelf and landed in a pile of flour. The cake dough represents the majority of the stone’s makeup, the fruits and nuts are the mineral grains, and the flour is the material picked up by the stone when it impacted Earth.

To discover how Hypatia formed, the team analyzed the mineral compounds contained within the stone’s fragments. What they found was that the combinations of minerals were unlike anything else known to exist in our solar system.

For instance, Hypatia has the opposite ratio of carbons to silicons found in known types of meteorites. What’s more, this unique mixture that makes up the stone appears to have formed in pre-solar time — meaning before the sun and the planets of our solar system.

These discoveries, which suggest the Hypatia stone formed outside our solar system and long before it was even created, are forcing scientists to reexamine the prevailing theory that the solar system came about when a nebula collapsed into the sun and the remaining material formed the planets.

Future analysis will no doubt provide even more startling details about Earth’s most mysterious rock, but as professor Kramers states, revelations about Hypatia’s origins are already “tugging at the generally accepted view of the formation of our solar system.”

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  • If those who are believed to have an explanation for everything can’t explain a simple rock, how could they explain its origin?

    • David E

      They didn’t explain it’s origin. All they know is it ain’t from here. That’s a whole lot of lack of knowledge, not the excess of it you seem to be deriding.

      • Jas

        Saying they ‘know’ it isn’t from here implies that they know absolutely everything about what ‘is’ here. Just because we haven’t encountered something yet isn’t proof it came from some distant planet or deep space.

        • David E

          I disagree–one doesn’t need to know “everything” about what is here to know what isn’t from here. All that is needed is one factor.

          If we know that our solar system is all “X” then “Y” is not from here.

          If you work in a factory that builds the Iphone, and nothing else, it is entirely possible you know nothing about the Iphone because you work in payroll; you know accounting, not Iphones. Someone asks you where this damn Samsung smartphone came from.

          You answer “Not Here,” and you don’t know anything about an Iphone; no reasonable person thinks you are implying that you know everything there is to know about an Iphone; you just know that “Here” is not where Samsungs come from.

          No-one thinks you have told him you are expert in the code that operates an Iphone because you have told him you don’t make Samsung and you don’t know where they do make them.

          • Undecider

            More proof that we don’t know it all.

  • Smarty

    I still believe in the Gang Bang Theory. None of this will dissuade me…

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    That’s not a rock. It’s a 100 year old Big Mac……..

    • David E

      I told you you should have cleaned out the back seat a long time ago.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Good one! Hi, D!

        • David E

          What’s up? I spent last weekend in hospital. I have congestive heart failure. Woke up and couldn’t breathe. Thank God I was on the road with my boss. I might be still not breathing if I’d been alone.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Holy freaking COW, mon! Are you ok now? Or is it too soon to tell? We’ll pray for you over here, if you want. That’s serious shinola!

          • David E

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            So I’m chafing over the whole deal. Pissed. Still.

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            So Canada (they’ll get some free advertising from me) will get me three months of it for $187. $495 was for one month. But it gets better. Because I mentioned another customer’s referral, I got 25% off that, $140. Better yet, they’ll send it as soon as they get my doc faxing the script BEFORE they get the money order. Am I still in the same world I started in? Nobody ship nuffin fo they gets paid, here, mon.

            Down side, they only take American Express for credit cards.

            And it gets weird. All my other poison costs $4 at wally world, they ain’t no problem, But each of them is $45 in Canuckistan. WTF?

            It got humbling. I felt compelled to apologize for referring to Canada as Canuckistan in the past.

            And it was funny. Canuck chick kept calling me “Sir David” and I asked her after a bit if I was hearing her right, like I was a knight or nobility; Canuck-i-chick does know, right, Kansas ain’t in the commonwealth, eh? Right.

            So I’m answering her “Yes. Ma’am, and she does me one back and says did you call me Ma’am?

            Well sure that’s what we say in Muhrica, ya know, but I offer to call her “Lady…*whatever) if she will tell me her name again. I didn’t catch it before.

            Girly. (Gurly?) she says.

            You want me to call you Lady Girly?

            Yep. Canuckichick wants to be called Lady Girly.

            No luck getting any medical cannabis out of her. But she was FUN.

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    • Mystick

      Actually, someone did an experiment and kept a Big Mac in an isolated container. Over ten years later, it looked exactly as it did on the day of purchase. True story – look it up!

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        And independent testing confirms it was just as delicious as the day it was made……..Ok, this is the only time I’m ever gonna ask: Was my sarcasm evident enough?

  • justaminute

    earth as a globe is a theory and it has never been proven, Morley/Michelson, Airies are a couple of the scientists who have tried to prove the earth rotation among many others and guess what all they proved was that the Earth is stationary. Look it up

    • David E

      I have proved the earth moves. It ain’t hard, and there’s a number of ways to do it.

      Some good advice for you would be to quit watching dumb youtube videos and instead go prove it for yourself.

      1) Go get a high powered telescope

      2) Learn to use it

      3) make parallax measurements

      4) six months later make complimentary measurements

      5) Feel really stoopid for EVER saying something so dumb with a naked face in public.

      Or maybe you can think about why you cannot see the Southern Cross from Kansas and You can’t see Usrsa Major from New Zealand. Go there and look.

      It ain’t spending a shit ton of dough to prove to yoruself you’re stoopid. Call it a vacation. Don’t bring any devices that connect to wifi.

      • justaminute

        you first einstein

        • David E

          I already have. Of course in my case I didn’t have to do step five. If you decline to prove things for yourself, you are exercising what is called willful ignorance.

          Look, there are plenty of REAL conspiracy theories. It only detracts from the real ones, and makes us all look stoopid when some idiot comes along trying to make a conspiracy theory out of the earth being an oblate spheroid and that it moves.

          Cui Bono for a flat unmoving earth? It is to no-one’s advantage.

          • justaminute

            I used to believe in globism(sun worship) but I noticed when I went out in my backyard (the Ocean) that it was always flat,no curvature we did experiments in High School proving water always levels itself, Is water like that where you live, maybe it is different where you live, maybe water runs uphill where you live to, maybe you should go check the Nile river because that starts below(on the Globe model) the Equator and ends in the Mediteranean Sea. I have heard all this crap that you spout before and I laugh because I know you are the willfully living in your brainwashed ignorance. you don’t have to go far, just look at the properties of water. you could fill a bowl of water and that is how water behaves everywhere. So keep on with your insults, they are laughing at you for believing such a ridiculous notion

          • David E

            Well I guess it is time to stop trying to help you. You just can’t fix stoopid.

          • justaminute

            you just hurt my wittle feelings, I don’t recall asking for your help, why would I want help from someone who is deaf, dumb and blind

          • Dr_NOS

            Don’t forget to mention that the moon is made of cheese

          • …. green cheese in spite of its yellow color …

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Whoops, showin’ yer age there, Colonel? Hey wait, I guess I just showed MINE too……

          • … and while you were observing the ‘flat’ ocean did you ever see a ship of any size come over the distant horizon??? – about 14 miles or so from the shore??? What do you think was hiding the hull of the ship as the bridge and rigging come into view: a painting from Sears & Roebuck???

          • justaminute

            get a good telescope and that ship will be in full view

          • It is not Paranoia

            Isn’t it funny how ballers always use the same argument with ships over the horizon? And we always give them the same answer – zoom in and you’ll see it again.

            And they always ignore it! Or they give you some light-bending shit explanation. It’s hilarious.

          • justaminute

            or they use the argument “you are so stooped or you are an idiot” those are the best arguments by far

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            “Stooped”, huh? Just give it up now, before you REALLY embarrass yourself. That one was pretty bad already…..

          • It IS Paranoia Where did you get that “light bend” DELUSION???
            I was Communications Officer aboard the Coral Star – a freighter out of Takoma, Washington – that not only had some excellent radio, radar and DF equipment, it also had THREE sets of 20×300 (TWENTY by THREE HUNDRED mm) binoculars mounted on the bridge!

            We damned well know what we were looking at and where it was compared to where we were!

            Had YOU or justaminute EVER been to a sea shore or on the bridge of anything larger than a bathtub rubber duck you’d know how ludicrous your ignorance really is!!!

            BTW, there’s still a Flat Earth Society – theflatearthsociety (dot) org (if you have enough sense to replace the space(dot)space with a period) – with a growing membership that still can’t produce either a corner or an edge!!!

            Just in case it’s not beyond all your ignorance, the only object that doesn’t have an edge – like a table – is a sphere!!! It’s surface IS its edge according to its size – like a potato!!!

          • It is not Paranoia

            All I understood from your comment was that you’re angry. What are you trying to say?

            btw. Flat Earth Society is controlled opposition, no thanks.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Oh my GOD!!! We’re ANGRY for using exclamation points!!!!! Bye-bye, snowflake libbiot.

          • David E

            Done the same with binoculars. The ship gradually came into view. Or were my binoculars not good enough? How come I can see ANY part of the ship if I need binoculars to see the hull?

            I see for this you will accept an “it is too miniscule to easily observe” argument but cannot apply that to the “levelling” of water. (Wzater in a bowl DOES have a curved surface, it is just too small a difference to see.)

          • No it won’t! Below the horizon is below the horizon – the degree of below the horizon – 16-17 miles, depending on the size of the ship – will not be visible because it’s behind water! — like the backside of that ball!!!

          • David E

            Is that an admission that you already own a good telescope, yet you refuse to do a parallax observation

          • Ralph Signorelli

            Tri-axle oblate spheriod

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            ‘Axial’, isn’t it?

          • Ralph Signorelli

            Your right. I’ve always sucked at spelling.

          • David E

            No, no no!!! when someone points out your mistake on the internet, you have to get mad, cuss, and get really stoopid trying to cover up your mistake, as well as invent a minimum of two new and unheard-of insults to direct at the person who pointed out your error. And it don’t hurt to cyberstalk that person waiting to pounce when they themselves err.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            I see you didn’t have the heart to tell him it’s “you’re”, either………

          • David E

            He’s just too polite about admitting his flaws….

          • Ralph Signorelli

            You’re right. Maybe I should take Mark Twain’s advise “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool rather than speak and remove all doubt.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            That was my Dad’s favorite quote, and he never let an opportunity slip to use it on me……as far as ops go, I have my own take: “Opinions are like assholes. Everyone ELSE’S stinks.” Btw, it’s ‘advice’. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I’m feeling playfully feisty this fine foggy morn. Consider your newbie hazing complete, if I may speak for the rest of the regulars on here. Welcome HOME!

          • Ralph Signorelli

            Thanks, if I contribute anything in the future I”ll try not to sound to stoopid. I really need to do something about my spell checker.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            The very best thing you can do is to stop using crapola like that. It’s ‘vehicles of convenience’ like this and shartfones and their myriad idiotic ‘apps’ that are precisely what turns people into mush-brained sheeple. And much worse yet, those are just that particular realm’s “gateway drugs”, if you catch my drift.

      • It is not Paranoia

        Show me a real footage from space with no bubbles or camera tricks where I can see THE WHOLE, “ball” Earth and I will believe it’s a ball.

        To me, it’s very stupid to think it’s a ball if I’ve never seen it with my own eyes and all the supposedly real pictures are just computer graphics.

        • David E

          but the problem is any picture of earth that is a ball you are shown, you will claim that the ball shape is proof of camera tricks. You do not accept any evidence of photographs from space. That being the case, you could do the parallax experiment proving the earth moves, and observe the constellations as proof it isn’t flat, both as described above. If you do it for yourself, then your only possibility of deception is that you deceived yourself, thus eliminating any claims you’ve been tricked.

          To someone who believes all evidence to the contrary is a hoax, it is the only way.

          Get back to me when you prove yourself wrong.

          • It is not Paranoia

            Ok, let’s assume the earth photos are real. Where are the satellites? Where is the space junk? Meteorites and shit? Why don’t clouds move on offical NASA timelapses of Earth?

            See what I mean? I have many reasons not to trust anything from space. Why would I suddenly think it’s real, when you can see for yourself they fake it?? Type “NASA fail compilation” or something like that in youtube.

            ISS is green screen fake shit with freemason actors. And it’s very poorly made! But peple don’t see it, because their brainwashed minds can’t grasp the idea that it’s not real. To them, it’s real. To me, it’s not.

            Why would I trust agency that fakes stuff?? Makes no sense to me.

            You think moon landings were real??

          • David E

            But belief in NASA is not relevant–I haven’t used an argument of authority along the lines of “NASA said so.”

            I offered two proofs you can perform for yourself–and therefore there is no-one to fake the results–two proofs that I have done for myself.

            you can even do it as cheaply as measuring the angles of the shadow of a stick in the ground in two different locations.

            You can do them too.

          • It is not Paranoia

            Thank you for your two proofs. I don’t want to be rude, so I thought I’d give you something back.

            Here are 200 proofs Earth is not a spinning ball

          • David E

            I listened to about 110. These are not two hundred proofs. It is multiple examples of one or two proofs; but they are not proof because the math is wrong.One so- called proof repeated about 80 times is the one involving the height of an object that shouldn’t be seen at a certain distance if the earth is curved. Using a different building doesn’t make it a different “proof.” It is a different example of the same proof.

          • It is not Paranoia

            See what’s happening here? You show me “proof” and I reject it, I show you “proof” and you reject it. I guess we can agree to disagree 🙂 That’s fine with me.

          • David E

            No, that is not what is happening here. I looked at your proffer and did the math for myself; I did not reject your proof out of hand.

            You have rejected parallax out of hand, however, and I know this is true because six months have not elapsed. So the difference between us is I am informed because I did the math for myself; and you remain in willful ignorance unwilling to look at parallax FOR YOURSELF. Nor have you explained why parallax observations might be a faulty proof.

          • David E

            Oh, I have another easy proof that doesn’t necessarily take six months. This proof is retrogradation.

            If you watch Mars, Jupiter or Saturn in the sky, (one of them is nearly always available in the night sky) you will see them slowly move across the zodiac. But after awhile, they will APPEAR to slow down, stop, and then reverse course. After a little loop-de-loop path, they go forward once more.

            It is only an illusion, but it is caused by their orbit around both earth and sun and the fact that earth also orbits the sun.

            This cannot happen with an object that only orbits the earth, like the moon; the moon never seems to reverse course. It cannot happen with an object with an orbit around the sun inferior to earth; Mercury never seems to go backwards.

            It happens because our smaller and quicker orbit sometimes catches up and passes the degree of orbit of a superior planet. When we pass them, they seem to go backwards until we make the outside curve of our orbit.

            This proves both that these planets orbit the sun and that the earth orbits the sun. Can’t happen any other way.

          • It is not Paranoia

            I admit I don’t know shit about stars, I’ll try to look into it.

            Well…let’s say you have this proof of round earth. Can you tell me why is it necessary to fake footage from space then? And do you think moon landings were real?

          • David E

            If there is indeed fake footage from space then I do not know why it is fake. I don’t know of any. Lack of a ring of Antarctica around the edge shouldn’t prove to you the picture is fake; it should prove to you your hypothesis of a flat earth is wrong. There needs to be positive evidence of forgery, not the fact it doesn’t show what you think it should, to be fake, like retaining a so-called “artifact.”

            Yes, I think the moon landings are real.

            You don’t see the stars in pics from the moon for the same reason you don’t see them during the earth during the daytime.

            The flag waved from being weighted and having momentum.

            Moon fakers have other issues but I have never seen one that isn’t explained.

            There are no flat-earther astronomers.

          • It is not Paranoia

            Too bad about the moon landing, to even be able to entertain the idea of flat earth, one has to know the landings were bullshit. You’re simply not crazy enough for it 🙂 (I guess that’s fine with you)

            But no hard feelings, I enjoyed you not calling me names, that gets old so quickly.

            Have a good day.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            And there you have their whackanoid junk “science” in all it’s blazing nutjob, er, shell. Nicely done, D.

          • David E

            Oh yes–at one point the guy says we cannot see Polaris and the southern cross from the same point on earth is because they are too far apart. Then he turns around and says it is because we are facing the wrong direction. I busted out laughing.

            Reality, of course is that one cannot see both even if one turns around because a round earth blocks the view.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Thank you for saving me two hours I can never get back, D. Jeezus crust the misplaced hubris of these fucknuts is astounding.

          • David E


          • … when taking a photo of anything earth-bound, where are all the bugs, bees and birds … of course the fish are hiding to avoid being photoshopped ….

        • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

          Sooo, atoms don’t exist either, right? I sincerely doubt that you’ve actually seen one of those. Therefore in your unbelievably myopic ego-centric ‘me,Me,MEEEE!’ pathetic excuse of a world, you obviously have the Big Everything already figured out. GOT it, Einsteinowizc.

          • It is not Paranoia

            Don’t be mad at me for thinking with my own head. Be mad at yourself for thinking the same stupid shit as everybody else, because they were told in school.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Urine idiot. But thank you for proving it so unequivocally for us. I don’t have time for your whackjobbia.

          • David E

            But if he had bigger tits, he’d be a moron.

          • David E

            It is not because I was told in school: It is because I have made sufficient observation for myself, made the measurements myself,a nd done the math for myself, so I am not relying on anything anyone told me.

        • … look at any ball … and tell those of us with intellect what the backside looks like while you’re glaring at the curved front …

        • Go out and look at the moon!!! Is that a sphere or an optical illusion ??? It certainly pre-dates NASA and all earth’s weather, communications and surveillance satellites!!!

          … or did mama paint bubbles in your eyes that changes light to dark and back every 29 or so days???

          • It is not Paranoia

            You’re too upset to talk, man, chill 🙂 You live on a ball, I don’t. We don’t have to be friends! Don’t get me started on the moon!

          • I want you started on the moon! … everything you post reveals another level of your ignorance …

          • David E

            They say it is just a disk; but that is faulty because we actually get to see 5/8ths of the moon instead of just half like we would if it were a disk.

          • Yep! And the LIGHT/DARK across the moon in all its phases other than FULL, NEW and QUARTER are curved just like any ball placed in any light …

            BTW, the Idiots are restless these days … look for dung on the doorknobs …

      • buy1get1

        Is your intellect mutually exclusive to your inbred desire to spew bane insults?

        • David E

          I’d agree that spewing bane insults is not very intellectual. It’s just fun when appropriate.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            So why hold back HERE?

          • David E

            Don’t wanna step on your toes, mon.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Hey, step away. I’m wearing steel-toes today. Tree-trimming some big limbage. Hey hey! It’s 4:20. See ya!

    • Dr_NOS

      … and then I thought to myself: hold on a fucking minute

    • vinnyz

      Are all the other planets flat? Serious question.
      What about the moon? The universe even?Where is the edge of any of these flat things? Why can’t we sail,walk, whatever off the edge?
      If flat does the world have stuff on both top and bottom? The sides?
      Just how thick is this flat surface and are the edges rounded at all?

      These are all serious questions that I wonder if those who believe the flat earth theory can answer. True believers, not idiot trolls.
      Convince me that you are right and the others who say it’s a globe are wrong. Can you?

      • justaminute

        there is a 150′ to 200′ ice wall that surrounds Earth, 70 countries signed a treaty not to allow anyone near it and it is militarily blocked off from people, look at the UN logo, hidden in plain sight is a true map of Earth, Antartica is the outer circumference of Earth. they are laughing at us. why is there midnight sun during the summer solstice and none at the “south pole” dec 21, it should be the same if Earth were a Globe. If the Moon causes the tides of the Ocean why does it not cause tides on Lakes also. Suez canal is 100 miles long and no allowance was made for curvature and there are no locks. those are just some of the proofs, and there are many, many others. see Eric Dubay The Flat Earth Conspiracy, or Ed Hendries book, The greatest Lie on Earth.

        • David E

          Lessee–distance from east to west on UN logo, approx. 25.000 miles. Circumference of antartica (as a wall surrounding the earth) is therefore 36,000 miles plus. Do you realize how many naval ships it would take to blockade 36,000 plus miles?

          And what about before there was any naval blockade? Humans are quite capable of climbing 150-200′ so why haven’t any?

          The moon does exert a tidal force on lakes, but usually they are too small to notice. Lake Michigan tides are between half an inch and one and a half inches.In contrast, the bay of Fundy has tides of fifty feet.

          And if you’ll note, you don’t HAVE TO take into account the curvature of the earth to dig a canal. Simply digging allows for the canal to be dug. it doesn’t the dug canal doesn’t simply start shooting off into the sky because you didn’t figure the earth was round.

        • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

          Sooo, how much dinero did you piss away on those fire starters?

        • vinnyz

          Okay……and what would happen if one was to climb to the top of this wall? Was 150′ – 200′ height or thickness?
          I also take it you’re saying everything as we know it is all on one side of this flat disk. What is on the other side?
          Again these are serious questions to a true believer. Is there any hard proof of this theory?
          I’m also curious as to how one comes to believe this, as opposed to the earth being a globe. Was this information something you actively sought for whatever reason or something presented to you without asking about it?
          I do plan to glance over those two examples you gave. Thank you for some backing to this theory as I find it an interesting distraction to the same old day in day out bullshit going on in the world.
          To be honest I highly doubt I’ll ever be convinced of this flat earth theory,but may still learn something along the way. Even if only why people would believe in it.

          • justaminute

            actually the globe earth is the theory(Never been proven) , but the theory never made any sense, the earth is spinning at 1000 mph while it is shooting around the sun faster than a bullet, and all this is happening as the sun is shooting through the milkyway at over a million mph, and while that is happening the earth is on a tilt and has a wobble, what is more incredible is we do not feel it. it is a lie straight from cabala the sun worshippers. When I started looking into it I also had serious doubts but then things started to make sense and I got my senses back. my senses tell me earth is not moving Water is always flat ect. and we have been lied to since birth. I knew there was a conspiracy against God but I did not realize how deep it went. what is the one thing that if you went up to just about anyone and asked most people would agree on. that Earth is a Globe. that is the one world religion(putting the sun at the center), so people have been tricked into sun worship the cabalists dream. if you have read the protocols of the elders of zion, one of the protocols was to take God out of the minds of men and the way they did it started with globism and then evolution and what we have on Earth today is the fruit of those trees Chaos one ring to rule them all one ring to bind them. I hope you read those books because they do a lot better explaining things than I can in this format

          • vinnyz

            I’ll give you credit for trying, it appears you truly believe this flat earth theory.
            But first off you didn’t answer my questions about this ice wall and being able to answer those questions is very important to whether or not the theory is not only believable,but if even possible. Think about that and see if there are any real answers.
            More importantly as soon as you start with the “protocols of the elders of zion” you lose any credit given due to the possibility some of your other “proof” can be looked at from a scientific view point and tested.
            Whether one believes in or gives any credit to the Zionist controlling the world conspiracy or not, by saying the whole flat earth theory is a part of that throws the whole thing out.
            The mixing of two very prominent and well known conspiracy theories together using one to support the other is a stretch and honestly makes anyone doing it come off as a fruit cake.
            Also there is the fact that in my research I’ve found that true believers in either of those theories are never open to debate, but act like modern day leftists refusing to even discus their beliefs and close out all who question them.
            Anyone so close minded in any matter isn’t worthy of wasting time on, never mind believing anything they believe.

            Thank you for at least trying to prove your point without acting like a deranged nut case.

          • justaminute

            all you have to do is look at the world and the craziness going on to see that the protocols are true (Most people dismiss the protocols before even reading them). bottom line is, I believe in and read the Script which bears all of these things out, so all of these things come from that. From reading the Script my only responsibility is to Plant a seed not to convert, that is Gods job, I have done my part of giving the warning. Read the Script, that has all the answers you are looking for, and will answer Questions you never even formulated in your mind

  • Undecider

    They don’t understand it because they couldn’t find the answer with Google.

  • buy1get1

    The requirements for the Astrophysics Ph.D. degree are the following: own a media company


    All unknown objects come from the center of Uranus

  • tonye

    It came from the white hole at the other end of the nano black hole that ate MH-370.

    Soon, headline in CNN! Trump came from an UFO.