Alien Enthusiasts Believe The Mars Rover Photographed Alien Thigh Bones

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The one-ton Curiosity Rover, which has been roaming the surface of Mars since August of 2012, has spotted and photographed an odd rock formation. But alien and UFO enthusiasts think it’s actually the thigh bone of an extraterrestrial being, and not weathered rocks, as NASA claims.

Not long after the Rover sent back the images of the “bones,” the alien-hunter group Martian Archaeology presented the images in a video with several others claiming the photos are evidence of “signs of life” on the red planet.

“After years of research and study, I’m convinced now, more than ever, that there[‘s] much more to Mars then [sic] what NASA admits to,” wrote T.J. Devereaux in the comments section of the video. “I’m certain life, including water, and intelligent life forms once occupied the planet, and … big leap here … that both still exist, in much smaller quantities.”

The group claims to have discovered the photos after scouring through hundreds of public photos uploaded to the NASA website. The video shows what appears to be a thigh bone and a hip bone and the group believes that this is proof that aliens do or did exist. While many people agree that the photos are irrefutable evidence of life, some are not so sure and believe that the photos show nothing more than a pile of rocks on a lifeless planet. –DiscloseTV

The short video gathered so much attention that it elicited a response from NASA. But government controlled and taxpayer funded NASA disagrees that the find is anything other than a few weathered rocks. In the photo description, NASA explained that the “Mars rock may look like a femur bone,” but it’s not the remains of a dead Martian. “Mission science team members think its shape is likely sculpted by erosion, either wind or water,” NASA explained.

Nigel Watson author of the UFO investigations Manual says, “The vast majority of these images are as vague and elusive as those posted by UFO witnesses on Earth, and many have a fairly mundane explanation.”

If nothing else, these videos which appear to be “discoveries” made by the public, prompt responses from NASA.

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