Alex Jones Storms BBC, Confronts Bilderberg Member

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Radio host takes over live broadcast

Alex Jones confronted Bilderberg member and UK Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls shortly before a live BBC broadcast on which Jones was a guest, before Balls was ambushed again in the corridor about breaking the ministerial code by taking part in a secret lobbying meeting.

As we reported earlier this week based on police and government sources, Bilderberg has been under intense pressure to go public about what takes place behind closed doors and a taxpayer-funded half mile ring of steel at their annual confab. Our sources were proven to be correct when not one but two members of Bilderberg were forced to go public.

Bilderberg’s attempt to hide in plain site and have their shadow government come out of the closet without making a splash failed when Balls was forced to downplay the influence of the group live on the BBC, despite innumerable examples where the organization has steered world events. In addition, Bilderberg steering committee member and MP Ken Clarke was forced to address the issue during the BBC Sunday Politics show.

Treasury official Balls sidestepped the question about breaking the ministerial code, which states that MP’s cannot attend private meetings without disclosing details to the public, by claiming that he was not a minister – an overt lie because Balls swore an oath to uphold that very code when he became a Member of Parliament in 2005. Balls attended Bilderberg meetings before he became Shadow Chancellor. Officials are also supposed to have a secretary on hand making minutes, which is not the case at Bilderberg.

Just like the NSA wiretapping issue and innumerable other scandals, illegal activity is being conducted in plain sight at Bilderberg when British officials like Balls and Prime Minister David Cameron attend Bilderberg with no public disclosure.

During his appearance live on the BBC, Alex Jones blew Bilderberg wide open, exposing the organization’s Nazi origins and its central role in coordinating an authoritarian agenda that has zero regard for transparency or the democratic process.

We now have the shadow government on the run. They are being forced to go public and re-brand Bilderberg’s public facade after decades of secrecy which was achieved with the aid of mainstream media complicity.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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  • Barn Cat

    No, they’re not on the run. We know who some of them are but we don’t know what they have planned in the next few years. If anything, all the recent scrutiny might force them to act sooner rather than later.

  • haEarl

    Alex Jones may be a fruit loop but he does get his message out there. Even if you dont like him you gotta respect the balls he has.

    He is right about one thing over and over… things are rotten as hell under the shiny surface. Eventually that decay WILL seep through and we will be the ones to suffer… oh wait thats already happening, right?

    • RickE.

      Good point Earl, but, we are suffering already. Obama seems to be coated with an impregnable patina of iron!
      Nothing seems to be undermining his continuous and many scandals.
      If he were a republican, he would have been imprisoned already.

      Alex Jones is helping to expose the Obama situation and the Bilderberg communists.
      But what can we do about these ultra-rich, ultra-spoiled, and ultra-powerful Bilderberg scum?
      Just like Obama, they’ve got that iron-clad patina of protection.

  • AsianGirlsLoveULongTime

    We already knew he is a fruit loop, that’s why he only goes after Balls.

  • Row Weil

    A few things:

    8:52 was (after a second or so) the part of the video that made really my hair stand up, specifically when Alex goes “You tell me to shut up? I’m here to Warn People! [+details]”

    Well said – and Dammit he’s right:

    > Here goes this other clown (the Brit interviewee) muddling about at 5mph, soothingly saying NOTHING, taking up show time with more of this ‘present-no-facts-but-say-sweet-nothings-to-put-the-people-to-sleep’ crap.
    > Ya know… Alex is right. Our country IS GOING TO HELL. This is not a time to stand in line behind the fool who is going at 5mph – to let that tool have his say.
    > To be honest, Alex looks crazy (i.e. really intense)… but he also sounds *sincere*, and when he speaks about the hard-hitting issues “Why Isn’t he dead yet etc.”, he REALLY gets to the uncomfortable, hard-to-listen-to heart of the issue, and makes people wince… BUT then I bet the message hits home for many of the viewing public.

    Having said that:
    > I wish Alex would NOT rant when people are going to commercial break (it makes him look a little ape-ish).
    > I wish Alex would let people finish their first (flimsy) sentence…. THEN jump in and *demolish* them. Just more polite, and i think fewer people would write him off.

    This is just like the Piers Morgan thing – you watch it at first, and cringe… but then realize how right Alex was (and how justified he was in freaking out) in the following months.

  • anon78

    AJ is part of it, he became NWO member a long time ago.

    • anon78

      You cannot tell what side he is on anymore. He only good for beginner who want info. Now their are better 3rd party news.