ALERT: Government Freezes EBT Funds: Orders States to Withhold Transfers to Food Stamp Recipients

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welfare-state-300x201This weekend America witnessed a limited crash in the computer systems that manage electronic benefit transfers across the country. Within hours of the crash panicked food stamp recipients who were left with no way to feed their families rushed grocery store shelves to obtain everything they could while the system was down.

The outage lasted less than a day, but it proved what many already knew, that America had become a nation so dependent on government subsidies that any glitch in the system could lead to total pandemonium.

But if you thought that isolated incident was bad, imagine what could happen next month.

We say next month because the USDA, which oversees the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), has just issued an order to SNAP agency directors calling for their respective States to implement an emergency contingency program because of government funding issues. In a letter obtained by the Crossroads Urban Center food pantry, the USDA is directing state agencies to, “delay their November issuance files and delay transmission to State Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice.”

What this means is that should Congress fail to increase the debt ceiling this week, come November there will literally be millions of people in the United States who will have exactly zero dollars transferred to their EBT cards.

What will happen to the nearly 50 million people who depend on these benefits to survive?

Think this past weekend and multiply it across the entirety of the United States of America.

In the State of Utah the immediate effect of the USDA’s contingency plan will be a freeze in benefits for 100,000 people. Richard Phillips, a homeless man who depends on the government’s monthly distributions, warned what would happen next:

It’s going to cause problems… because then you’re going to come to find out that you’re going to have people starting to steal and do what they have to do to survive. 

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Here is the USDA letter in full:

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  • Hammerun

    There is not a chilly chance in hell this would be allowed to occur. It would be like the 1994 riots on a magnum dose of steroids. Assuming the 50 million number is correct, lop off 90% and 5 million go rioting. The damage would be nearly unrecoverable, and of course all blamed on the republicans. Who’d a thunk?
    This report is a BOO tactic and nothing but… This is barely worth the time and energy to read it.

    • Ray Rittenhouse

      I agree I have yet to se anything that I haven’t all ready seen on FOX News??A this so called Plan of Obama taken over the World is really out there friends…

      • AntiRay

        you’re the damn sheep. only a sheep could believe the shit spewing out of Fox New’s mouths everyday

        • stone tuttle woman

          i don’t belive our food stamps would be cut off for good because obamo ‘s the present can’t just turn off like this .there is a lot of people higher up than him to do this .iam sure it won’t be pass by the house .sentence or others .they are just trying to scard people so they will do what obama want u to do .,by doing health care to buy it .obamo just can’t tell peple to do this or that .it is should be up to u or me to choose to do that not what obamo wants u to do .it is like saying u have to buy health care or ill cut your food stamps off if we don;t do this . the present is scaring people to do this .

        • vince


        • Bigjohn

          The US is defnetly not doing well we just had a goverment shut down I amm a disabled persone trying to do what i can and I can tell y were heded for at the lest another goverment shut down. I have not received my benfits this munth and know the econmy is to blaim in this regard. If we want to fix it then we need to start freezing gas then let every thing Else Kech up.The people will ethere speek up or loose all we know and have grown to like now is the time to say What y want or as they say pay for the farm.

          • billsport

            How are we supposed to take you seriously??

        • Tina

          Really? Well, you’ve been proven wrong. I know people that didn’t get their benefits this month, jerkwad.

    • vince

      so you think trillions can be spent without repercussions?stay in schoolkid

    • Anonymous

      Well it happened. Our cards are loaded by the 5th.. Nothing this month. I don’t know what we are to do. ..

    • It looks like my EBD card never got debited this month!!!! I am completely messed up now……!!!

    • Trisha

      This is in fact very much true. I am a EBT recipient, & have yet to receive anything. I am being told over & over by the local DSS that it is simply because the workers are behind. I work full time & do everything I can to make ends meet. It was definitely a struggle to provide Thanksgiving dinner for my entire family with the only income I have. We made it, but I am unsure of how much longer we can. I work almost everyday for very little pay. I am ashamed of the assistance I receive from the government, but I know I could not make ends meet without it. I am a firm believer that a riot will start if the funds are not sent out to the mass majority that do receive government assistance. People will do what they have to do to ensure their families are fed. Myself included.

  • Marie

    I agree.

  • old guy

    Im not worried. I wont go hungry no matter whut the gubermunt does or don’t do. I actually wish that it would happen . Its eventually going to occur. The longer we adhere to Kickcanistan politicks the worse it will be when it finally collapses. I would just as soon get it started. I hate the fact that my hard earned cash must compete with so called free food stamps at the grocery store. The fact Is there hasn’t been and never will be a political or ballot box solution. So where does that leave us?

    • RickE.

      I agree old guy, let ‘er rip! We need a reset anyway. It’s inevitable anyway.
      The USA surely would be a bit different for a bit, but so what?!
      The USA lived just fine without welfare, the federal reserve, and income taxes for a long, long time before the socialists got their grubby little brains in on the way our country was run.

      • april

        But you guys aren’t looking at the homeless it really is a godless world.. As a new mom and homeless is hard. I know I won’t be voting for Obama again..his babies aren’t going hungry..he doesn’t worry about where he’s going to put his head at at night, it’s crazy the Bible said only the wicked will go to hell.. If this isn’t wicked then I don’t know what is..

        • Working Poor

          How does a homeless woman have access to a computer or phone to be writing in this blog? Did Obama give you a phone? If he gave you a phone, don’t worry, he will give you food. It will come from my taxes.

          • annon

            It also comes from my taxes that the real “working poor” pay. We work our behinds off and still need help to make ends meet. Don’t be so judgmental that people are lazy and riding the system not everyone is like that. Have you not noticed this country is going to hell in a hand basket?? Bottom line is benefits have been frozen and people who depend on it (like the elderly and disabled as well)are going hungry.

          • annon

            Oh and by the way… a homeless woman has access to a computer via A PUBLIC LIBRARY . Educate yourself

          • sendy



            MIND YOUR OWN Business.

            HAVE TO PAY THE SAME TAXES duh!





            GET A LIFE.

          • joe

            have you ever heard of going online at the local libary?????

      • Anonymous


        • index

          You should also be careful what you write. I hope English is your second language. If not, I recommend to re-visit spelling and grammar.

          • Pumpkinhead

            Fuck all you losers

        • ELEAZER

          the bible says that a fool will speak with a forked tounge so u need to be careful a lot of folk cant work people wont hire others and stilke me we dont get paid that much so we need assistance and learn to help others not the guy in the street holding a sign

    • Indeshadows

      We won’t be going hungry either, because we can fish, hunt, grow our own fruits an veggs and do for OURSELVES. I do feel for the ones that are in true need but for the rest suck it. Get a job, and get the f$#@ out of my wallet. Less government will do us all good in the end.

      • jim

        Agreed, I am on EBT, disabled and can not work. But, my wife and I are not stupid, We grow a lot of stuff, have plants inside for winter, can fish and hunt. I have been as many have that this would happen. Honestly, my wife and I wish we could work like the rest of you, but, like you, we are ready for this and we will survive. screw the politicians

        • anonymous

          disabled but can hunt and fish???????????

      • kathy

        i wonder what yo going to do when the bank with hold your check and tell you what you cant have although you worked for it

      • sendy

        You will always pay the government

    • Bellyfull

      that is grubermunt not bubermunt as in grub get it?

  • cabinfever

    What this article leaves out is the fact that these people who were at the grocery store caught wind that there was unlimited funds on the EBT cards and when the cashier told them no, they were then told that they should be allowed to purchase whatever they wanted … like stealing. Only those EBT card holders probably didn’t think that somehow it would affect them the following month. Just imagine when this really happens…I predict they won’t keep stores open. They will close down.

  • Michael

    The timing of this is suspect. Just a couple days ago we had Wal-Marts ransacked due to faulty EBT’s. And now they release this??
    Obama has just added gasoline to the fire.

  • SteadySteve

    Obama needs nationwide rioting to impose martial law. And he will do anything to bring that about. The result will not be as he planned though.

    • Dani

      Thank you Steve! Thats exactly what he wants.

  • I

    It’s what Obama does best – divide.

  • Iron Angel

    HOW Bout Shutting Off All The BOMMA PHONES??? Elderly & Disabled Need Their Food But You Can’t Eat A PHONE!! OMG!!!!

    • sendy

      Why is someone’s else’s phone YOUR BUSINESS.
      Cut your mom’s phone off.

  • Apex predator

    im not concerned about starving as long as theres plenty of sheeple to feed on..

  • JGO

    I am sure this is going to happen. There are a lot of people who need food stamps but there is a lot more that are taking the system for a ride.
    One site had this lady who had 12 kids demanding she get her food stamps her words ” someone has to be resposible for feeding my kids”. That’s what these people think. Once the EBT’s are cut, the criminal government will ask all these people to head to the nearest FEMA camp for food and a roof over their head. These will be the first group to be exterminated, next the government will go after the unemployment checks. This nation has become a lazy, good for nothing, feed me, and give me everything for free country. People have to understand that this is part of the “Elite’s” plan.
    I am sure it sounds crazy but just wait, we will soon find out what the FEMA camps are really for. By the way the only way you leave these camps is in a plastic coffin.

    • old guy

      JGO I agree its all a part of the UN NWO &Agenda 21 plan. Cut the food stamps. let the folks go hungry for a time. Then bring on the FEMA buses. Promise free food and care and thy will fight to get on the bus. Then its Hi Ho Hi Ho off to the Fema Prision -slave & Death Camp We willingly go. We are on the cusp of a mega end of an age earth changing clatyclismic event. Time is running out and the NWO is desperate.

      • bekki

        I would like to say to everyone who thinks everyone takes the system for a ride. I work 45 hours + a week, on disability AND yes, I get help and we still can’t make it. I do NOT rely on the government and sit on my ass. If you bad mouth people like me, you have never been in my shoes. The state I live in, well city, there are strict rules. Hunting? Yeah, ok. Single mom hunting? I don’t know how and like I said,I’m in a big city and I can’t just pick up and move where it’s allowed. Fishing with a license is ok. No guarantee you will catch enough to feed a family like mine. Garden I can do even though I suck at it. All I’m saying is don’t judge most of Americans that need help just because you supposedly heard some dumb ass make an ignorant statement. How about the greedy landlords who suck the system dry??? Ther rent on their house will be $900, they find out one has Sec. 8, so he ups the rent to $1300? Now, is that the fault of the person on Sec. 8?? Or the greedy jerk off land lord? That happens ALL the time. So, that really sucks the government dry. Oh, to make it so bad, he was a Corporal in the military and a republican. Damn. This happens in all areas of assistance. If you were affected by the shutdown and it lasted for a year and you finally ran out of money and not able to pay your health ind. from your job, your kid gets sick, you can’t afford the mortgage because you need to put food on the table, what would you do? Me personally, I swallowed my pride and asked for help. For a lot of people, myself included, it’s embarrassing to pull out that EBT card or that medicaid card or go pay my reduced rent. So, don’t be so quick to judge and kick a person when they’re already down. If you ask me, it makes everyone hypocrites on teaching to not bully because that makes YOU the bullier. Taxes will go up no matter what. I know when I paid my fair share as well. Stop being so hateful and judgemental. A question, how and the hell can you say “Let the kids and the rest go hungry?” That is the most horrible thing I have heard. Thank God my son is going to college. He WILL be better off than the way he had to be raised. And be careful! It may be YOU he ends up filling prescriptions for.

        • vince

          why section 8,,cant make it on your own?

      • Anonymous

        Hank Williams jr said it all for me! I am ready for this to happen in many ways if its a riot they want then we should give it to them right on capital hill!

    • asia

      This is true many cant see the trap set for them there blind in there own greed time to eat off the and ppl are going be lost with out a drive threw miky dee or bk this will help the lazy ppl get up and move

    • f*** the New World Order Rise Up America and fight for freedom and stand up for our constitutional rights

  • Michelle

    Seriously? Just goes to show what wasteful idiots are using food stamps now. When I was on them years ago I was told to budget wisely and put a little extra away each month so that when I got back to work I’d have a little something in my cupboards to tide me over til I was back on my feet. If these people had nothing left at the end of the month, it’s their OWN fault, NOT the taxpayers! Quit buying junk and start buying staples and necessities that will last longer and stretch farther like the rest of us have to do that are on a budget instead of whining because you blew the whole shebang on higher priced cuts of meat and junk food. Buy generic and give us more bang for the bucks you’re taking out of our pockets to sit on your tushes and do nothing. Try cooking REAL meals instead of high cost ready to eat things at higher prices and quit complaining it’s not good enough for you. If you don’t like it… Get a job and spend your OWN money! We’re tired of working our tushes off to survive while paying for your free ride doing nothing. And if you’re too stupid to realize what’s going on in this country it’s time to wake up… The US is broke and deep in debt and sooner or later your trip on the gravy train’s gonna end so you’d better start preparing now before it’s too late cause when that happen… feeding OUR families will come way before we worry about yours and you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t lump all Food Stamps recipients together. Yes, there are people who abuse the system, but that isn’t true of everyone. I don’t think we should judge others, because you never know where they are coming from and how they got to where they are right now.
      My husband had a well-paying professional job and we were fully responsible for our family’s medical and grocery needs. Then he suddenly lost his job, and it was almost 2 years before he was able to get hired for a new job (even then, he had to settle for whatever job he could get, which was a low-paying blue-collar job).
      We did not want to receive government assistance, but when faced with the choice between getting assistance or our family going hungry, we chose to apply for Food Stamps. Our mentality/goal was to temporarily use the welfare assistance as a tool to help us through a rough spot until we could get back on our feet. We hate being on assistance, but we would never have made it through without this help!
      Every conversation that I have seen online or overheard in real life about Food Stamps includes judgmental stereotypes of lazy welfare recipients that sit around doing nothing all day, refusing to work.
      This is hurtful, and not true of everyone. My husband is a very hard worker; he works as many hours as his employer will allow him to, and we still can’t make ends meet. He is doing everything he is capable of to provide for us. We have already used up all of our savings, started selling off personal belongings, and we mostly shop at thrift stores and discount grocery stores… What else can we do?

      • Wondering

        Can’t YOU get a job? By the wording of your post, only your husband works. “My husband had a well-paying professional job” “he had to settle for whatever job he could get, which was a low-paying blue-collar job” (which by the way is VERY insulting to blue-collar workers) “My husband is a very hard worker”. What else can you do you ask, why don’t YOU get a job to help your husband provide for your family, even if it is just a low-paying blue-collar job.

        Not against helping the needy, but totally against funding the lazy. You make yourself sound to be “the lazy”. Just saying.

        • barbj

          Who are you to judge this woman, whether she is able to work or not, and dare call her lazy? Do you know her personal situation or health conditions?? No, you don’t. So don’t think you have a right to judge anyone with your narrow-minded stereotypes and assumptions if you know nothing about them!!!!!!!!!

          • khill

            Wondering is probably one of the people paying for their food and has every right to question the integrity of those using the system. I doubt that anonymous has cut down on everything she and her family could. That’s the point of entitlements. The dirty secret of means tested entitlements is that they exist to give the poor a middle class lifestyle that they would have to give up if they ever got out of the system. Human nature makes that very difficult. That way the corporations have a customer for life that pays far more than the free market.

        • Anonymous

          How dare u call that woman lazy….do u know whats going in her life?? No right, so I wouldn’t be judging until u have walked in her shoes!!!!

      • Michelle

        Don’t judge? Sorry, but you don’t have to be a lazy welfare queen or deadbeat to spend your food stamps unwisely. One cheap roast along with veggies can provide dinner for a day or 2 and sandwiches and soup for lunch and it costs about the same as a few bags of chips and a case of soda. If you choose the junk over the food, that’s YOUR fault. Many discount stores have veggies on sale once in a while at 3 cans for a buck and beans and rice go a long way and aren’t that expensive… great for supplementing a meal and making little tummies full. If you aren’t budgeting wisely or bothering to watch the sales, you’re wasting our money and yours. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have a minimum of a few cans of something left over at the end of the month and if you don’t I’d suggest trying to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Food stamps are to help you get by during a rough time, but that doesn’t mean you should expect to live the lifestyle you had prior to them. It means you’ll probably have to give up all those prime cuts and brand names or do without or end up short to have them. That’s YOUR choice and falls back on YOU, not the rest of us when your cupboard is bare. Furthermore, relying on and expecting the gov’t to always be there to provide for you in times like these like Mommy and Daddy did in the past is the height of stupidity and you’re setting yourself up for a fall. Aim high, settle for anything, and get a job if there’s one available and then you won’t have to worry about that snap card not working next time you go to the store. Never fear… a minimum wage job will probably still let you keep your gov’t housing and medical, but at least you’ll know you’ve got money for food and you’re contributing to your own keep too.

        • Pam

          It would seem that most of you have not been on Food Stamps or used the system.

          It is not the food stamps or day care assistance that is the problem it is the process of getting off of them that is the problem. If you get a job you lose the benefits and you lose them immediately. That job kills your chances of being able to survive until you start getting paid. You can’t afford day care, rent and food on minimum wage and no you don’t get to keep them if you get a minimum wage job. The only way to survive is to stay unemployed and keep taking the handout. The only way out that I could find was a live in job. Fortunately I did direct care jobs and was able to take my child with me to work and live in so that there was no rent or daycare costs. Otherwise I would still be caught in this trap.

          We need to stop blaming and realize that this is a trap and it is purposely put up so that people will be relying on the government. Obama wants a revolution, he wants riots and chaos and now he knows how to get them thanks to those in OK who rioted over EBT last weekend. We are in for it now. He will use this for sure and we can either stand together and resist the Tyranny or we can keep blaming each other and fall quickly to the communist way.

        • anonymous

          i have a job an i still dont make enough to buy food my bills match my income an i do recieve snap an i do budget an i do make it through the month but i pay taxs out of my low paying check just as well as u ppl that make enough to where u dont need assitance good for u but dont juge ppl who are doing what they can, ann i am aware there are ppl that abuse this beneffit, but that is not all of us

        • bekki

          wow. you don’t have a clue. I use coupons, buy cheapest meats and fruits and veggies and discounted foods. You don’t think it’s ok to reward OUR children with something special once in a while just because you don’t think THEY’RE worth??? Hmmmm, Did you EVER struggle single with children because the sorry father walked out, left them with nothing, took the car, the house, and you with no job because he wanted you home with the kids??? Shit happens and you people need to realize not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth or have the blessing to be able to get up and walk or move their bodies even, to work!! You people are so worried your taxes are paying so much for us when you need to look and see what your city, state, politicians are befitting. Our case, a new light rail while we were in deficit. Cost the city millions!!! Yeah, we aren’t the one invading your pockets. hm, smh

      • bekki

        omg! I practically wrote the same thing. God bless you. We shop at thrift stores, too. My children haven’t had a pair of new, decent shoes in a looong while. I just got a paper today saying the were lowering my stamps. Household of 4, $292 of food stamps. Nothing has changed in my household. I’m freaking. I can’t feed my kids, pay bills, clothe my kids and pay medical on my low paying job AND disability. How bout lower some prices on essentials? o yeah, right, let us starve and load us up on the busses and let us die. That’s the answer. Smh.

      • Anne

        That’s true for me too. Averaged out over a week the three of us receive $4.24 for each meal. But now that’s stopped too.


      i agree with you 100 %

  • MMN

    I would love to see who these people are. Oh wait, I already know who these people are…a bunch of immigrants milking the system while they do work for cash on the side and steal from us and badmouth us when we have our back turned. God help our country.
    I know of an accountant who is losing her eyesight so the govt. is paying her to take care of an Hispanic family which is all on disability and food stamps. The mother is 61 and has 50 grandchildren already and none of them have ever worked or ever held a job. They brag to her how they steal things and think it is great while their stolen pit bull is abused in the side yard and not even fed, forced to live on rocks. Where are you Chris Matthews when we need to hear the real story? Oh sorry stupid question, trembling up and down his legs when Obama speaks…

    • Jean

      Not necessarily.
      I had thought so, too – and I have no doubt that ILLEGALS (f*ck “immigrants”) are helping bakrupt the system…
      But I read just yesterday (forget where, but a conservative/libertarian leaning site) that the WHITES are taking more benefits than the blacks. WTF? Puts a new face on things.

      (Please note I DO identify as racist, having gone to school with and lived among blacks; being non-racist as a child, and trying to maintain that non-racist voew through adulthood, until I finally had to admit the truth: Blacks en masse are different from whites. More violent, less intelligent, less willing to work. That’s AS A GROUP. Known plenty of hard-working Americans and foreigners who HAPPENED to have black skin, too. But you meet them in professional settings, not walking down the street. Trenton, NJ is different form Erie, PA or Washington, DC or Boston, MA.
      I’d guess there’s a certain parallel in the Mexican/Latino side, though they consistently outscore blacks on those “racist” tests, and are generally looking to better their lives – thus willing to work, as well as work the system.)

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you MMN! Someone as stupid and retarded only focuses on racial issues. This streams across the whole board of nationalities. Dumb ass!

    • Laura

      It is really easy to judge, but hard to see the truth. You don’t know any of the immigrants personally therefore you have no right to judge NO ONE!!! I hope you pray good & thank God for the healthy food you eat everyday.. Oh yes, I almost forgot! Think about those “immigrants” as you call them, while you eat your fresh made food because they are the ones who picked them and work HARD DAY AND NIGHT, to get paid $7.25 per hour Cash in order to meet their needs and your needs as well MMM. Just think before you judge.

      • Pam

        So True! Georgia learned the hard way what happens when you send away all the immigrant farm workers. Peaches will be sky high this year for sure.

        On a side note those who think that immigrants are bad should go back to wherever their family came from. This land was not ours to start with and since I am not Lakota Sioux or Nez Pierce I have no right to ask anyone to leave for racial reasons.

    • anonymous user

      Hey MMN Then u shud go back to Europe bitch cus ur ancestors were immigrants as well!!! How dare u blames illegals for ur problems!! They actually work as hard just like everyone else damn fucking racist bitch!

  • Hoagy

    According to the USDA website:

    SNAP and WIC and the major programs are funded through 2014 – the minor programs [farmers’ markets and the like] are not funded [but are pretty much over, here in NY anyway.]

    “Specific program impacts of a lapse in funding are provided below. These impacts assume that the lapse is of short duration (i.e., less than one month). Should the funding lapse be longer, the FNCS contingency plan and these associated impacts will be re-visited and updated:• The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will continue operations and eligible households will still receive monthly benefits for October. The authority to make October benefit payments comes from the Recovery Act, through which Congress provided “such sums as are necessary” to finance the SNAP benefit provided for in the Recovery Act. In addition, about $2 billion in contingency funding will be available and could be used to support State Administrative activities essential to continue the program and issue and process benefits. These contingency funds were provided in the FY 2013 appropriation and do not expire until the end of FY 2014.• USDA is working with WIC State agencies to use all available funding resources to provide benefits to participants. FNS will be allocating both contingency and carryover funds to State agencies for use in operating their FY 2014 WIC Program, in addition to other available funds. Should a lapse extend through late October, federal WIC funding may not be sufficient to cover benefits. • The Child Nutrition (CN) Programs, including School Lunch, School Breakfast, Child and Adult Care Feeding, Summer Food Service and Special Milk will continue operations into October. Meal providers are paid on a reimbursement basis 30 days after the end of the service month. Limited carryover funding will be available during a lapse to support FY 2014 meal service. Once an appropriation is enacted, we expect additional resources will be available to reimburse October performance. In addition, most State agencies will continue to have fiscal year 2013 funds available for State Administrative Expenses (SAE). SAE funds are awarded to States for a two year grant period and they are permitted to carryover up to 20 percent of their allocation into the second year of the grant period. • No additional federal funds would be available to support the Commodity Assistance Programs (CAP) including the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) administrative funding, and the WIC Farmers’ Markets Nutrition Program (FMNP). Similarly, no new funds will be available to support the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR). While there would be some inventory available for use in food packages, no carryover, contingency or other funds would be available to support continued operations.”


  • Randy

    Maybe some of them will turn off Jerry Springer and get a job, the real parasites will reveal themselves.

    • sendy

      You stupid maggot.

      Even if every American wonted to work
      There is no job for everyone 18teen nd older

    • Joey Marie

      You are a mindless automaton. Veterans recieve food stamps as well as ; seniors, disabled, displaced families. My husbands pay in the military was so crap that we qualified for food stamps and without them we would not have had enough food. We lived in Navy housing and still needed food stamps. People who work hard still need food stamps because we get paid crap wages. Climb down off your high horse you ignorant clown!

  • The Arizona Patriot

    Mathew Bracken a former Navy seal commander and now a respected author wrote of this exact thing a couple years ago. under articles. There are also many other articles worth your time to read..

  • Harvey1

    These people did not panic because of hunger for food. They “panicked for free food just for the talking. This is idiotic to think that for a simple computer glich that EBT card free loading people would starve to death in one day. The criminals saw another way to screw the government or Walmart and took advantage of it as fast as they could. Each and every one should be charged with the appropriate criminal statue and then they can get free room and board too. Except this time the free room and board comes with bars.

  • Merrygold

    I’m kind of shocked by some of the replies-yes, there are people who milk the system, buy lobster on food stamps, etc. but we have had 20% unemployment in this country for 6+ years, the gov’t has nicked away at social programs, mental health funding, children’s services and education for decades. People are hurting and all you can say is “they deserve it” and “I got mine…”. It’s disgusting. Humanity, wake up. We need each other and we’re going to have to put labels and judgements aside if we’re ever to save this country. We the people, are all in this together. Act like it!

    • bekki

      Exactly. It’s a civil war. I work for my kids, and people don’t know the true story and so eager to pass judgement. Then I BET turn around and call themselves Christians! HA, yeah, ok.

  • Roger Dodger

    Border routes will be busy with illegals bailing back across the border. Wonder if the gubment will be able to find those little suckers then?

  • Angry wife

    I think its sad how all this has come to play!i do recive food stamps and my spouse works his ass of but our bills match our income and we have children to feed when all the bills are paid and there’s nothing left over we rely on the states assistance!if this happens they will be taking from those who abuse it yes but also from those who turkey need it and rely on it.there will be many deaths from starvation there will be many people who turn to stealing and many stores who close do to no business!i think this is sad.if they would stop giving millions of dollars out in the lottery maybe the states wouldn’t be in so much debit.

    • Jean

      Actually, the lottery systems benefit the state. more like a 50/50 than most people realize, PLUS there’s the taxes after someone wins, and the interest while the state holds the winnings…

      Lottery isn’t the enemy (though I never play rigged games – house ALWAYS wins.)

    • Real talk

      Agree same here

  • Chris Paige

    I love how some of you are like quit spending my money, get out of my wallet, turn off the t.v. and get a job… Not ALL people are abusing the system, I am a veteran of 2 tours in Iraq, a 31 year old with the back of a 60 year old. I do receive food stamps because I can’t work, and my wife has to work for our family. I was once a proud man who worked 2 FULL time jobs so my wife could stay at home with our children, as my back and nerve issues progressed so did my inability to work. Now I’m a stay at home dad, who sometimes can’t find the strength to walk while my wife works as hard as she can, and you find it right to not only judge us but punish us as well, Thank God I fought for your freedoms…

    • Jean

      Truth be told, you DIDN’T fight for our freedoms – you fought to expand a corrupt kleptocracy/cartel state, the United Socialist State of Amerika.

      I’m sorry you dedicated yourself to such and got damaged because of it.

      Any option to get involved in computers / IT? Programming, load testing – these don’t require much mobility, though they do require sitting for long periods, and that can be an issue. But you’d count towards the company’s quotas for Vets and Disabled. You’ll bring the discipline and leadership of the services. If you can plan and execute, that’s a trip to management. Don’t need to be great programmer for that.
      Just saying, it’s an option to try for, so you stay feeling “capable”, if you follow my meaning. (you should regardless, but we humans are, well, human. 😉 )

      If you can find an inversion table, it might help with the back, too. Teeter Hangups are top of the line; most decent-size sporting goods stores should have, them, too, but the cheap ones are still like $200. Maybe a friend has one, you could get some of the benefits by “borrowing” for 10-15 minutes a day? See if it would work? Teeter does an in-home trial, too, that might be an indicator.

      Good luck – but remember that you’ve been exploited by those in power. The last war the US fought for “truth, justice, & the American way” was probably WW2. We have no business with the others – but war is profitable, and if a few hundred thousand troops get crippled, maimed, killed- there’s plenty more in flyover country, so who (in DC) gives a f*ck?

      Sorry, Sir: I voted for what seemed best, until I realized they are BOTH anathema to Liberty. (BTW, I could’t enlist: US Army, Eyes: Nystagmus -> Disqualifying condition. Stupid thing like “flat feet,” but I didn’t write the rules. I just was born with the nystagmus.)

    • Buster17A

      From one veteran to another…God Bless ! I too am a veteran ( GW1 )with a with an ill back, mine was a work related injury, 2 surgeries and on severe restrictions, my wife is wheel chair bound from a drunk driver and can no longer work. I’ve worked since I was 14 ( 50 now )and have always provided for me & mine, but with the current dictator and his uneducated administration it’s almost impossible to survive with out government assistance if your disabled and physically unable.

      • bekki

        One dis abled to another. Same for my dad. Don’t criticize. You all served our country and get treated like crap. Has been like that for years. I see so many HOMELESS vets it makes no sense!!! They should get every know assisted program know of. God bless you and your family.

  • Locus

    You need a contingency plan for anti-social behavior, period. If’n when the Reset comes, you reset your own beliefs, take every person as they present themselves to you as you encounter them. No generalizing about the motivations and character of ‘certain’ peoples or relying on ‘social profiling’.

    There are many people out there who by circumstance and bad choices cannot find work, yet would be capable and willing to work IF there is a PLAN. What I am saying is that there must be individuals — preppers at heart — who rise up out of the chaos and help everyone focus on the task of common survival.

    You need groups that come together to grow food (it takes many in an agrarian economy). They have to organize for the common defense against invaders (inevitable).

    Many of the persons who will help get this done are presently on the welfare rolls. Society as it stands is not working out for them, and I think it is logical to assume that when reality sets in MANY of them will JOIN with you to help deal with the few who just don’t get it. IF YOU HAVE A PLAN.

    So in addition to all those personal/family prep scenarios, try to include some mental what-if scenarios where YOU (yes, YOU!) are addressing a crowd of confused and distraught persons at a makeshift meeting. You are telling them how we must prepare for Winter, organize teams for perimeter defense and pool resources like manual labor, child care and food storage and preparation.

    That proverbial welfare mother we make jibes about will be lovingly watching our children. That ‘homeless’ man is actually a bad-ass diesel mechanic, who’da thunk it.

    Statistically it is an unlikely idyllic fantasy that your preps will see your family ‘safely’ ensconced in some lonely place where your dealings with others of your species are few and manageable. It is more likely that a successful survival strategy will involve the formation of a new, ad-hoc community from the old. Be ready for that too.

    Be the one with a PLAN who is ready to make a SPEECH about it. It may be the only thing that keeps hungry persons from seeing you and yours as (merely) their next meal.

    • Pam

      Check out your local Oathkeepers.
      They are starting to organize survival teams in alot of the large cities and some smaller places also. We do need this for sure. Also I am hoping to involve Aquaponics in our Oathkeeper teams plan. It is better in alot of great ways, and there are alot of good instructions on youtube about it.

      • Locus

        The OathKeepers plan is pretty good sketch of the ‘plan’ I am speaking about, where a group of non-governmental persons have an organization formed already when TSHTF…

        Civilization Preservation Teams
        or (my term) a Citizens’ Militia Construction Kit

        But glad as I was to see this, I would be a bit leery to see this particular plan become a nationwide focus. GRANTED this is a veterans group, so naturally they will gravitate towards SOME form of central control and clear chain of command so their message does not become hijacked (like Ron Paul’s message drifted away from the man himself, in places touching on actions that the man himself did not endorse.)

        They are reserving these core positions for those with a military service record. There is no restriction proposed on ancillary citizen-‘deputies’… and they are seeking to align their regional groups with County Sheriffs (excellent).

        Think of the total materials package, describing the formation of local groups with plans for community-level survival, a a type of prepper’s ‘Agenda 21’ document. Not one whose purpose is to cede authority away from the community, but take steps to make that community prepared to become self-sufficient, with a plan of operation to be implemented during any collapse.

        Something that includes an organized defense against attempts to consolidate power in some ‘martial law’ imposed from without, as part of a larger focus on survival that fills many more pages. The scenario itself may not be political at all, it could be a natural disaster that puts us past the tipping point.

        We need such a document, feel free to link to any works in progress you know of. The criteria is, if I was a concerned citizen chairing a meeting, is this something I could take my talking points from?

        On a trigger event, group announces “Going to phase 1. Check your handbook.” (WIN)

        After some event which some think is a trigger and some not, several people announce “We should really get together sometime to discuss what we do next.” (FAIL)

  • Whatever!

    Love the talking about the “bama phone” ect, no welfare, you all do realize there was government food given out before food stamps ??? You are aware that the phone started under BUSH????

    • Milo Mindbender

      I agree with the phone program, but it needs a reset. Go back to land lines, and that will limit the abuses. Food supplements should be run like WIC you get vouchers that entitle you to these items and these items only. Your choices should not include luxury or premium items, brand names or special cuts. No ready to eat food should be avaiable, chips,cakes,cookies,candy should not be in the system. If you want better earn more and get better, but while receiving assistance you get by and no more. Get caught gaming the system or fail a drug screening too bad no bennies this time, screw up 3 times sucks to be you, and means testing semi-annually to the limit of 3 years total assistance. No increase for additional children, not my problem!
      These are my suggestions, and have no force of law or value, but I support this message

    • Real talk

      Truth you are so right

    • Locus

      > You are aware that the phone started under BUSH????

      Actually Raffie kicked it all off
      sing along, feel free to sing ‘Obama Phone’ instead

      Excellent point. The cell phone thang ‘started’ under Bush ONLY in the because it was at that point in time that prepaid cell phones were dropped into the deal. Cell phone companies were lusting after Lifeline subscribers (who invariably upgrade their plans from entry-level Lifeline service as circumstances permit). Prior to that Lifeline Service was in effect for land-line phones only. The program has its genesis in the Telecom Act of 1996 and the “Universal Service Fund” it’s paid out from was created in ~1997.

      Some ObamaFone clarifying background here,

  • usaSkateboarder

    fellow americans. you’re seriously gonna rip on other americans.. eating is eating people need to eat to live no matter how they get food. you call it freeloading,stealing,whatever. I CALL IT SURVIVAL. beause of the idiodic government and stupid americans like you calling people who use ebt freeloaders. YALL GONNA DO YOURSELVES IN!when crap hits the fan. everyone will pay. except for the elite. so stop acting like you’re better just cause you got a job and a paycheck.. just wait until they figure out a way to cut your work cash some more and you have to go on ebt. whos the fool now?

  • Evie

    The letter is dated the 11th and the system had its “malfunction“ on the 12th. Humm.

  • Freespirit

    The REPUBLICRATS will give in at the last moment because this EBT affair is only a TEST RUN for the REAL takeover by government, which is coming soon with RIOTS by the people and Martial Law by the Establishment psychopaths

  • old guy

    In Reply to skate boarder. I haven’t worked for another man in three years. I havent drew any unemployment comp. and shure as heck havent drew food stamps. Im old enough to draw from the social security scheme but haven’t signed up. All during my working years We saved paid cash and put ourselves in a position to be self reliant. We are productive. I don’t want or need the government to do anything for me. I just don’t want them to do anything to me. The fact is if whatever you do does not use the natural resources of the planet to make build & grow something that adds to the GNP your a parasite. If your so helpless & pitiful the government has to feed you now. How the heck do you plan to survive what is coming in the near future? If you expect you & yours to survive You best get away from the entitlement mindset. you have been brainwashed into the wrong core concept. You believe that your well being success or lack of it is dependent on other people things or conditions. That is a myth far from the truth. If you become self reliant and Learn Know How you will never have to depend on the pleasure & time of the government or another human ever again. There is food all around you. You just need the Know How to make use of it. Ouit being a parasite the producers can no longer afford you.

  • old guy

    Any person who goes on food stamps today is very likely to never get back to work and earn enough to ever get off again. The USA is in decline. Today is as good as it gets. Tomorrow will be a little worse. In the near future we will look back and wish we had the robust (in comparison) economy we had on Qct 16 2013. I know this because of the fact That most of the US production jobs have left for third world places. They did so because the cost of production is much cheaper. Until the US cost of production falls and the cost elsewhere rises to equal levels. There will continue to be loss of the good paying jobs. So If your planning on someone else providing a job for you the odds are stacked against you.

  • concerned tax payer

    Some people on here is still so Illiterate about who’s at blame here. They say its obama (NOT). No people its these old republicans that want to see us divided again. Vote them all out the white house. And I stand by President Barack Obama. Tell those republicans stop trying to hold our nation hostage, stop hurting children and infants. These republicans want to stop benefits and take hard earned paychecks from citizens. But they still getting paid!!.

    • old guy

      Actually Its harry reed and Obama. The house sent a spending bill to the senate. And harry reed wouldn’t let it come to a vote because it didn’t fund Obama care. Obama Is the problem. There is a movement afoot to start impeachment proceedings at this very moment.

  • old guy
  • Bellyfull

    SNAP food stamps for a household of two receive a max of $11.50 a day ($347 month) to feed both, that is if they had zero income, ugh.
    The income limitations, say we can’t earn or be paid non-wage income more than $2,133 (gross income) per month and after deductions no more than $1,293 per month.
    The benefit is reduced by $1 for every $3 of income. So if we were at the top $1,200 (net income) per month we’d get $16. In food stamps.
    Not exactly generous.
    A family of four income limits are gross $2,552 and net $1,963 max benefit level $632

  • SaveOURnation

    This is all by design.They want to create civil unrest to activate martial law. They have been planning this for decades to have masses dependent on the government to be easily controlled. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  • Vic

    This is a Prelude to martial law.
    The Niggs will start a civil war, and before we can wipe them out, Onegro will declare martial law.
    But we still will win this hands down. No more Niggs Beaners and Towel Heads roaming our streets.

    • heather

      Do start with all tht prejudice shit get a life

    • Real talk

      Bitch you need watch your fucking mouth this not like back in the fucking days you will get fucked up!!

      • Shaniqua

        Yet your behavior and talk is exceptable? Shit, pot – kettle – black?

      • bekki

        o wow!! can’t believe all that racial crap just came out of his mouth!! Or comp, that is awful!!!

    • none of your buiness

      you see it is stupit white people like you that is going to make it bad for your kind (WHITE PEOPLE) you think that shit that happened back in the days will happen again guess again you people do not stand a chance so watch what you say you fucking stupid bigot burn in hell

  • Heather

    This is all ridiculousness. I applied for foodstamps last week and received them today, along with next months allotment. And for all you public service recipient bashers out there, I DO work, and I still can’t afford to feed my TWO children and myself and pay my housing expenses. And no, we DO NOT live extravagantly, I have a college education, drive a $500 car, and access the computer at the library. Times are tough.

  • someone

    “Not enough to feed their families”.. Idea, How about laying off the drugs and alcohol first? yea? Not everyone who uses stamps are druggies but they are out there and this message is to them.

  • lisa

    How many of you critics actually know any one using EBT? I sit at a table at a farmers market to assist folks with SNAP to purchase fresh healthy locally grown food–food that they have to cook to make a REAL meal. All of them are in need, due to disability, having jobs that don’t pay more than minimum wage, and many of them are also students. If you don’t work in the system and actually see who these recipients are you should not be judging them! I’m sure there are some abusers out there but the people I see are truly in need and would never judge you all as harshly as you are judging them without even knowing what you’re speaking about.

    • Real talk

      The Truth

    • Shaniqua

      Yeah like having 9 kids by 9 different baby daddys and being 3rd of 4th generation welfare sponges justifies EBT. I also sit and watch the illegals and familes of 15 sucking our tax money up 6 days a week and have for years. I see the out of work families with 14 dollars on their EBT but watch the ghetto trash with hundreds of dollars buying twinkies and coke and pringles. I see the illegals that cant speak a bit of Engrish with 5 kids buying hundreds of dollars of fodder at a time. I have friends out of work that have lived responsibly and conservatively, married with 1 or 2 kids, that have been forced onto EBT and they are lucky to get 27 dollars a month.

      Yeah tell me again how it works sunshine?

  • Typhon

  • not true.

    quit trying to scare the shit out of people. sheesh.

  • Real talk

    Not everybody that get foodstamps lazy.Most people. can’t get jobs because a lot of people not hiring people. I have a degree and been looking for a job and still looking for a job.Everyone want to call them self a boss’s got their head so for up their ass they don’t want to hire no one so hell yeah i need my stamps. So i will have food to feed my babies on way or another.Am a hard worker i no how to grow food and get meat.But this mean one thing people the world have yet to end.

  • Real talk

    Real talk we don’t have to go to war with other countrys we going to go to war with our on peoples Because a lot of people did not want a black male in office. But understand this people. he is a person just like Bush Clinton or any other person that been in that white house

    • RickE.

      Real talk, Obama IS a person. He’s an evil, communist, would-be dictator!! I couldn’t give a flying crap what color the jerk is, I just wish that he didn’t hate the USA like he does.
      He’s transforming the USA into a 3rd world, substandard, cowering, crap hole with NO HOPE.

      Blacks are worse off now than they were at the outset of the Obama administration, and the food stamp usage increase verifies that, AND that all folks of all colors are worse off now!

      Is this what you and many other progressives want?? A country that’s PROGRESSIVELY getting poorer and with less and less liberties as time goes by????

      By the way, WHAT exactly, is your almost incomprehensible point???

      • Real talk

        No that not what we want.we want to have jobs we can gt we want so called boss or owners to give people like us to give us jobs am talking people that want to work.I live in a state and city where they not try give a job no matter if you call them day to day or show up day to day.I have Brothers and Sisters that was in wars for this country i am not trying to live off no one taxpayer money to be real with it

      • Tiffany

        No that not what we want.we want to have jobs we can gt we want so called boss or owners to give people like us to give us jobs am talking people that want to work.I live in a state and city where they not try give a job no matter if you call them day to day or show up day to day.I have Brothers and Sisters that was in wars for this country i don’t want t o live off taxes payer money but why do it hurt tax payers to help people that be your mother or father or children or grandparents you rather let them not have foodstamps because of your selfish ways.

        • RickE.

          I understand what you’re trying to say,and I know there’s folks that legitimately need food stamps. I have made enough money during the past several years to have to pay considerable income tax. (and other taxes).
          I would simply like MY tax money used for the best and most honest reasons.
          There’s lots of people that misuse and fraudulently obtain food stamps, and I have a problem with that!

          I was homeless when I was younger. I KNOW what it’s like to have no home. No food for several days.
          I know what it’s like to eat out of a dumpster.

          And after a while, I got the hell out of the street and got on my feet slowly but surely.
          Now when I see a homeless person when I’m near a restaurant, I’ll offer him/her a hamburger or something. But I won’t ever offer money.

          Now I live off of the grid in a remote area. If I ever get hungry I’ll knock down an elk or other tasty wild critter. To hell with the government or the damn food stamps.

  • anonymous user

    First of all…the jerks who blamed the illegal aliens, they don’t qualified for food stamps and they don’t have tons of kids. I am tired of fucking ignorant people who like to blame others for their problems!!! Get ur history right…all of you white people come from immigrants. White people need to go back to Europe where ur ancestors came from…dnt be saying illegal immigrants are taking over jobs and food stamps IDIOTS!!!!!

    • Pity

      Really? Have you ever been to SoCal and seen the undocumented Hispanics in line for benefits? They are and they get them because we cant let the kids suffer because the parents are undocumented. Loop holes bro. The idiots are the ones that cant see the forest because a few trees are in the way ….

    • Anonymous

      If I could go “back to Europe” to get away from all you hateful fucking dumb asses, i would. Not that I’ve ever been! I’m so fucking tired of stupid people talking shit about “whites, blacks, immigrants, ect.” Get a fucking life, the nonsense coming out of your ignorant mouths, that’s whats wrong with the world today. Stupid people who wanna sit and judge people and run their mouths all day, and not do shit to fix anything!

  • already divided already conquered

    Everyone is going to kill each other when shtf! Lazy or hard worker, boths graves have the same depths. Boths stomachs growl for food, boths body needs shelter and warmth. Based on arguments on here and else where on internet, we are truely already divided, therefore already conquered! If u have compassion lazy or hard worker, u make it! If u will not possess compassion, lazy or hard worker, u will not make it! What non compassion ppl band together to kill out the compassioned ppl to survive, only to find themselves killing off their own division to survive! Ppl are stupid! I can’t wait for “I am” to come and show us ALL how stupid we really are!

    • Pity

      Oh geez you fell victim to the “I am”. I am soooo sorry for you. Be sure to say your decrees and affirmations to the AM and maybe one day you too will wake up and realize that you are the master of your own brainwashing.

      The people that work hard and take care of themselves are not going to be kind to those that have milked the system. Yes we are divided and until the sponges take responsibility for their own well being we will stay divided. I know the hard workers are out numbered by the herd but it does not make us weak. Bring on the reset. I will happily take as many with me as I can before being over run. If not for the greedy and corrupt this world would be a much better place for your “I am”.

  • Fuck paying taxes

    I love reading the ignorant comments on these news articles. It gives you a true sense of the intellect and humanity of this god forsaken country. Rant begins: first and foremost, I believe the snap system needs a gross overhaul. We are crippling these people, we aren’t helping them. I’m looking at some of the grammar and spelling at you welfare recipients on here, and it’s clear to see where your first problem is: education. You complain about how tough life is, yet you have no real skill set due to a lack of education. Or maybe you’re that person who pursued your dreams, got your dream job, only to realize your dream job showed no potential for growth in the future. A little common sense and some basic knowledge of economics and growing job trends could’ve saved you some heartache, so play that violin elsewhere. Another issue I have is all these single mothers looking for handouts because daddy isn’t around. Whose fault is that? You shouldn’t blame others because you didn’t get an education and relied on a man for income. Again, take that violin up the street. For those of you who whine about not having a job, try being a construction laborer. Get on craigslist, they are always hiring. Here in taxachusetts (Massachusetts) they pay between $10-$12 an hr. Couple that with the fact most jobs are 1099 or under the table, you don’t have to worry about taxes til the end of the year, and you should be able to pay just about nothing if you know how to write stuff off. Or you could always say screw you Uncle Sam and not pay at the end of year. Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot we are an entitlement society. When it comes to working hard, well, we’re allergic to that. Quick! Get the epinephrine shot! For those of you who want to boo hoo about being disabled, let me preach to you about work ethic for a minute. I’m a 27 year old carpenter. I have rhemtoid arthritis that really plagues my right knee, I have a terrible case of tendinitis in both wrists from swinging a hammer and playing guitar my whole life, and I have a bad back that acts up every now and again from throwing it out years ago. I’m a temple of pain everyday, but you know what, I suck it up and go to work. We are mentally weak as Americans. We are all about keeping up with the jones, rather than living within our means.

    • Pity

      YES YES YES, you hit that nail right the hell on the head and buried in one swing !!!

  • evelyn

    I’m a hardworking mom I pay for everything and family helps too. I have two children and no baby daddy. He’s in jail for life. I get 800 dollar checks biweekly or nearly 800 and sometimes I work Saturdays
    If I didn’t get taxes or anything by that matter taken out I wouldn’t have to rely on food stamps. I also don’t fret about helping others out. God bless anyone who I help even if its myself. God knows what he’s doing. In god we trust++++

  • single working mom & college student

    My EBT card did not refill today;I received no letter,phone call or warning.

    It is not being broadcasted on the news-not even locally -that TN has stopped EBT for October…

    • Becky

      From what I heard that all ebts were safe for October Nd in November they are gonna start deducting so much money depending on the size of the family.

  • Becky

    Ok first of all people, not everyone that’s on the system is abusing it. My husband and I have both worked. My husband can’t currently work now so I’m the one with a job. Now, I have a full time job get paid twice a month, and I’m on foodstamps. If I wasn’t on food stamps I don’t know how I would feed my two boys, let alone me or my husband. What some people don’t understand is, it doesn’t matter if the person has a job or not. Cost of living is going up but the wages are staying the same. I’m so sick and tired of people saying everyone who is on foodstamps is lazy. Yes they’re are some people who abuse thr system, but what about those people, like myself and my family, who actually work their butts off and after they pay their bills and set aside money for gas for the I between checks, have nothing left? And that’s just paying my electric bill, water, garbage, phone bill, car insurance, propane for my stove, and gas. It doesn’t matter sometimes that a person has a job, cuz after you pay necessities, your broke and can’t afford to buy food. It doesn’t help I’m a diabetic and can’t afford my med. So I just do without. Btw I pay taxes as well. It must be nice to judge others and belittle them cuz your angry or upset cuz you think it’s wrong for anyone to be on foodstamps. I pray those of you who hate it so much never get to a point in life where you need help. With the way things are going with Obama destroying this country it shouldn’t take long.

  • Anonymous

    It is really funny to read all the comments on here and see how so many people want to talk bad about EBT card users. Do I think that are a lot of people out there who milk the system? Yes. Do I think that there should be certain ways to limit the people on it like drug test…? Yes. Even though I think these things I do not agree with a lot of the comments on here. It is really low to sum up everybody using EBT cards as “lazy bums”. I myself am on EBT I am married and have a son and two step children from my wife. Now I work my butt off for my family. Most of the time 60+ hours a week. I know I am not lazy but of course people have this stereotype that just because you get government assistance right away your uneducated and a mooch. Nobody has no room to judge unless they have walked in the other persons shoes, and all these people who bring race into it sound even stupider. I myself am Hispanic was born and raised in California most of my life. I personally know that most immigrants work very hard for what they got. Have any of you even seen the test you need to take to get into this country? I bet most people would not even pass it. This whole EBT has just gotten out of control. Its just hilarious how everyone is so quick to point out how much money is spent on EBT but not on other things. How about all the money used on those military projects that never worked out? Or the money used for these big time business men/women to go on those fancy vacations? So next time you want to put someone down when you do not know their situation why not look at where else your money is going and question that.

  • Bama

    If the american people would stand together against the goverment, this kinda shit wouldn’t happen, so don’t blame nobody but yourselves. Us whites are the minority these days and its bullshit that I can’t get food stamps like a mexican or black. Illegals can come over here and have their kids anf they automatically citizens, wtf. I hate this country, ofuckhead is the worst president, mind u not even a US citizen!

  • ryan

    I would dare to say that if you asked any 5 or 6 year old little girl what they wanted to do when they grew up, would they say be on food stamps or a single mom…nor would any male child say he aspired to be a drunk or thief. The expansion of government has determined that we the people are no more than a “inconvenience” that has to be focused on at election time. My people were displaced to reservations, African Americans to projects and White people to tailor parks, the whole divisive government, has taken hope and opportunity from a generation. In this nation at one time we knew our neighbors, charity and humility were key words. Pride in yourself, self reliance was taught to children. Now because of the high jacking of the moral compass of our nation. The few that do shoulder the responsibility have become less tolerable with recipients of entitlements. But a the end of the day we all are in the same boat so to speak, I deployed to Iraq for 3 years Afghanistan for 2, the amount of money spent for “nation building” was absurd, but yet the people here of this great nation have to go with out. We dont get to chose our skin color, gender, nationality, mother , or father, but we do get to chose the type of person we will become,the type husband , father brother, sister, mother.We all have a predetermined amount of heartbeats and breaths what we use them for is up to us. I believe whole heartedly in self reliance, but I am also responsible to my neighbors, and when it does happen I will be there to lend a hand regardless.

  • Dale Davidson

    thanks alot USDA n The Govt for screwing me out of my food, what am i going to eat this month

  • dawn

    The date is October 26 2013, I have been receiving food stamps for over a year now. I just checked my account and my food stamps are closed for the month of November. I was receiving $600 a month and my income has not changed at all. This is very real !! check your accounts now so you are not caught off guard thinking this is BS.

  • Tiffany

    That is the greatest thing ever done by US government…No country on earth penalize tax payers for ghetto Mondays….Even 35 year old adult Monday can’t feed the kids by its own….If us needs to war than it must be civil war to laughter those people because it is failure troll even god can’t repair….

  • Anonymous

    It’s truly sad how human’s are so against helping each other, especially during a time like this. It is true that there will always be people in the world who are starving, but for those out there living in a nice home with new clothing, electronics, and vehicles to look down on those who do not is sick. There are many out there who work even harder than you but get paid much less. Life is far from perfect and there are many who have been through things that are unspeakable that have led them to where they are. Anybody with food on their table is lucky and if you have enough to share with your hungry neighbor, why wouldn’t you? It has become too easy to simply look the other way. This is the real crisis of the world. The world needs love, not money.

  • Dan

    Alrighty have read several comments on the whole food stamp thing going on here…bottom line is that no one has that right to judge or be judged by anyone other than God Himself!! Noone can say for that that every individual can or cannot work, hunt, fish or grow their own food and that yes according to the Bible that we do have to love one another to be there to support each other- what about our government? They are wanting to cut food stamps from what I have skimmed through to get some of the deficit down- what about all the former presidents that are still receiving pay even though they aren’t in office any longer? Or the fact that our politicians are getting paid, housing provided for them, free vehicle and so on…. we can all sit back and judge those that do get food stamps and welfare and yet no one says a word as to the government!! If they were so worried about the amount of money we owe they would step up and take from their own pockets and give it back to the what is owed- I agree that there are some that do spend them foolishly and yet there are some that buy the cheaper ones so that they can provide meals for their families. It seems to me as if the US is in a world of hurt and that if some of you who have posted on here are correct with the FEMA camps that for those of us who do believe in God may start to wonder as to how much longer the earth will be the way it is today- one thing I remember about the book of Revelations is that one person will come to pass that is going to want to rule the world like God…providing food, shelter and such for those who can’t for themselves under the condition that they do what they are told ( 666 mark of the beast)! Telling us how to live and if we don’t live according to their rules that we will be put to death- so that is something for everyone to think about!! Famine, war, mother against child, brother against brother are all signs of the end of times according to God’s word!!

  • jeffrey paul

    hi friends,

    I am a 50 year old disabled guy, I have worked since I was 10 years old. I have payed into the system my whole life but Social Security Disability says we know you are sick and can’t work but you haven’t proved your condition by the letter of the law. I did not received SNAP benefits on November 2, 2013 so now what do I do ? Thank you for hearing me out, jeffrey paul

  • Sharon

    Uhhhh… There are a ton of white american on food stamps… do you homework and study the statistics. Educate yourself before you speak and it won’t make you look so ignorant!

  • Sarah

    I was unemployed from a 10 dollar an hour temp job for two years and it wasn’t by choice, I am very lucky that i have now finally landed a good decent job with some of the best benefits i have ever had, still don’t make enough money to live someplace other than than my mothers house. I still need SNAP assistance, not as much as before but I’m just not back on my feet yet, and i did not receive my benefits on the 5th like i do every month, even though that’s when they are supposed to be there. For all of you ASSHATS that are badmouthing SNAP recipients, you have no idea what its like to wonder where your next meal will come from… you have no idea whats it like to be STARVING literally have to walk out of the room so you didn’t have to watch your kids eat cause you had not eaten in three days so you could feed them. I have… SO even though I’m going to work in a few hours, i have no idea how I’m going to eat breakfast or lunch today. I had planned on buying a jar of peanut butter and loaf of bread to take to work for the week. that’s not going to happen and i don’t get my next paycheck at work until the 15th. At least my kids get breakfast , lunch and two snacks at school… BTW did i mention i haven’t received Child Support either in almost 4 weeks even though i know the father is paying it? so all you whiners about people who abuse the system can step into my shoes for a week. go hungry for three plus days until you can barely function because your so hungry you eat your fingernails, or eat a wad of paper just to give your stomach something to chew on…

  • Aeri

    People are very judgmental these days. What happen to ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE. If people off of snap, are that furious than maybe chance the regulations? Ensure that people on the benefits, take a drug/alcohol test. I’ve only heard it being approved in a few states. I think that would momentarily calm these people down. It would be like a pacifier for a baby, since all these people are complaining. Honestly, I am not for one to judge. People are all in different situations, so I can’t just point at them as one. Living in this economy, is getting very critical everyday. People are getting laid off here and there. Other people are struggling to pay their rent which has just jumped incredibly high due to maybe new management. We can not judge every single ebt member because of the rotten apples. All I can say is we can make restrictions to improve the EBT system. What else? Help the people w/ no jobs get a good job perhaps? Once they are back on their feet, cut the snap benefits. Problem is the US has changed and it’s not for the better. Government shutdown? I mean that’s proof enough. People need to chill on the EBT because it’s not only the EBT that has caused all this chaos. There are a lot of other programs that have added to this fire. Anyways, I just think Obama needs to really think now… People pretty much killed themselves over the government shutdown. What would happen now if he cuts off EBT w/o a notice? What is that going to lead these people to do? A person dying of hunger would do ANYTHING. I mean ANYTHING to get food. Anyways, God bless people :))))))))))) DEUCES lol

    • sendy


      GET OVER IT.






  • luis

    Thinking taking welfare away would make the goverment take less of your taxes ‘laugh out loud’ they are NOT. That only means they plan on taking more for themselves and less for the PEOPLE. The hungry ! They want more money in thier pocket ! For Wars , weapons, etc..

  • sendy

    You racist idiot maybe you need to get on the phone in do
    A lil more research.

    Blacks are not the highest ratio of welfare

    My family member works at building.

    The highest ratio is Hispanics…..

    Anyhow focus on your Life prick.

  • anon

    The states has been screwed ever since the central bank was reinstated. The ever increasing debt ceiling is there way of sweeping the real issue under the rug, when it comes down to the bankers (both central and others) and big pharma are the ones who have pumped the system up with dirty money, and corrupted our once great country. Most of the other issues now arising are just side effects of this larger deep seeded issue. Just take a look at the way psychological screening tests are applied to younger and younger groups of school children. children 5-9 years old being diagnosed with ADD, depression or other “supposed ailment”. A child has a tamper tantrum and all of a sudden his uneducated mother is taking him to the doctor so that he can get pumped full of psychotropic drugs like ritalin which by all accounts cause more issues at this age. Big pharma would gladly have you believe that every human emotion can be mitigated with a psychotropic..

    Just a little extra tidbit

    A study supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that users of Ritalin and similar drugs “showed the highest percentage of cocaine abuse.”

    Because a tolerance builds up, abuse of Ritalin can lead users to consume stronger drugs to achieve the same high. When the effects start to wear off, the person may turn to more potent drugs to rid himself of the unwanted conditions that prompted him to abuse the drug in the first place.

  • D.B.

    I have to admit, I am a bit frightened not only by the possibility of this but by the reactions received. A number of people on welfare are not out to exploit or abuse the system. I know families who have one or more people working and are not making enough to pay more than their bills. Now days two jobs are not necessarily enough. One surely is not, especially if the pay is minimum wage. So many people too are so happy when minimum wage goes up, yet these same people never realize that when it does…so does everything else. Taxing everything is only digging us deeper into a fast growing hole. What this country needs is prayer, and a lot of it.

  • A Peaceful Life

    Did all the kids who had protested against Mr Trump worry about the food stamp freeze? Well, I believed that the US Government spent a lot of the taxpayer dollars for those kids expensed; particularly, welfare, healthcare, housing program (section-8) and snap as well. Recently, those kids have been burnt America’s flags, damaged the police’s cars and wave the Mexican’s flags all over the places. I have no idea what that mean, actually. It’s sadly : (

  • janet

    i was approved for continuing ebt benefits in may. 194 yesterday i got a letter saying i will be getting..58 dollars. today a duplicate letter was sent saying the same thing. if i was approved for one yr and already got benefits since may how can they take 145 dollars away ?