Alaskans Quietly Told to Prepare for a North Korean Attack

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By now everyone is tired of threats from North Korea and the attention of the public has been diverted to other more “important” things, such as sexual harassment charges in Hollywood, against members of Congress, and against every man alive in the Continental U.S. The public is still focused on GQ’s “Man of the Year,” Colin Kaepernick, and the who the new “front man” is for the band Stone Temple Pilots.

Once again, the North Korean threat has been downplayed and deflected. So, how about in Alaska? Not quite the case there, according to an article in the Mirror entitled “Alaska urged to prepare for North Korean nuclear attack as residents told to have emergency stash of food and water,” by Michael Havis on 11/15/17.  Here is an excerpt from that article:

“Alaska is being urged to prepare for a North Korean nuclear attack – amid fears that a warhead could reach residents in 20 minutes.”

Now as it runs, take a look at this “sagacious” advice from a guy named Jeremy Zidek from the Alaska State Disaster Planning Team. Here’s what Mr. Zidek advises:

“We have the missile defense system here. We have missiles and radars in a number of different locations. Perhaps there would be some type of attack on those military facilities to try to hinder our ability to react to any missile launches.”

Mr. Zidek also warned that Alaska no longer retains bomb shelters and that there would be no new measures to deal specifically with the nuclear threat.

“There could be evacuation notices put in place but are we going to be able to get that amount of lead time to instruct people to actually evacuate an area? Really the recommendation for people during a nuclear attack is to shelter in place and find some type of secure location that will protect them from that blast. So, with a mass evacuation, if people leave their homes, schools and businesses to try to get out of the area, we may be putting more people at risk. What we’re recommending people do is the same thing that they would do for any other type of disaster preparedness. That is: have a family emergency plan so that they can get in touch with their families quickly, and have an emergency supply of food, water, and first aid.”


Zidek (on left) giving an interview during flooding in Alaska in 2013. Photo by Adam Dubrowa, FEMA

No biggie, huh? This is the “State of Readiness” that is not just to be found confined to Alaska, but to the entire United States.  Zidek’s “advice” is for those who may be in a target area to “shelter in place.” That ought to be effective, right? Along with the nonsense of a “family emergency plan so that they can get in touch with their families quickly.”

That should run well, considering an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack will knock out all of the telephones and electronic equipment.  Also, Zidek did mention an attack prior to the actual “nuclear attack.” See, he knows! The North Koreans would drop off several teams of saboteurs from either submarines or via parachute to destroy or disable radar stations and missile early warning facilities.

Zidek is privy to all of the intelligence that the state of Alaska can muster. He knows the threat capabilities of the North Koreans and doesn’t care how many people die…just as long as a panic doesn’t ensue, and (even unto the very end) the existing social, economic, and political order is maintained…without any “waves” or “glitches.”

But Zidek will be either out of the strike zone, or on his way to one of the shelters that does still exist and function…the ones for government in line with state directives and with COG (Continuity of Government). Here’s the punch line: Jeremy Zidek is a member of FEMA and the DHS. The bottom line: there is no Civil Defense Program and no shelter system in place for the U.S. and Americans to turn to. There is nothing of any use, and the only emergency measures are the ones we maintain on our own.

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  • Jurgen

    They would just be wasting a weapon and blowing up some tundra. Hawaii would be a much more lucrative target.

    • bendo’er

      McGarrett, Dano, Kam Fong(as Chin Ho)..da da da da da da..

      • mangomuffin2

        I miss them…

  • Occams
  • Masdar

    Just typical BS put out by the war monger society as North Korea has no intention to attack anyone unless N.K. are under attack.

    • darkhorse

      isn’t NK’s mommy China…?

  • bendo’er

    Al Franken groped me before I ever got to Alaska

    • darkhorse


  • TrevorD

    Let`s throw this one out there. Is it possible that Kim and hence NK are already under direct control from the Rothschild/NWO/Globalist lunatics?.
    I only mention that because I can see that the Elite are losing badly in the Middle East. They have lost the `Russia is the cause of all things bad.` These psychopaths that are running most of the planet need a war now to survive and to push the NWO plan. Has Kim been `bought` and hence always the back up plan?

    • darkhorse

      Isn’t EVERYBODY under JEWISH/TALMUDIST/ZIO control…?

      • TrevorD

        Well I gave a question and you answered with a question. You are either Jewish or we are agreeing. lol.

  • Steve Coldrick
  • Frank

    I expect better from you JJ. How did you confirm Mr. Zidek’s employment status with DHS/FEMA ? I’m not finding his name listed in the current directory.
    Forces from North Korea won’t get anywhere near Alaska, with all of the US submarines trolling around in the waters of the Pacific and all of the USN and USCG surface ships out there watching the surface and sky. Add to that the Air Force and NORTHCOM assets keeping a keen eye on anything flying towards or over the US.
    The most credible threat, while not mentioned, would come from sleeper or sabotage units inserted into the US through other geographic points and converging on key targets in Alaska (and California). If they’re going to go to that level of effort, they’ll send enough agents/troops to attack targets (with kinetic or EMP weapons) along the whole Pacific seaboard – just prior to an “all-in” missile launch from the Hermit Kingdom.

    • jimmy joe

      Not to mention, practiacally EVERYONE in alaska is armed, so, I highly doubt anyone is worried about some petty “warlord”!

  • Beyond ridiculous.

    And what a shabby way for government to treat its citizens, instilling them with needless fears.

    • bendo’er

      Creepy Joe Biden is in the Groing Children, Wives HOF


      Netanyahu wrote this scirpt..

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    “By now everyone is tired of threats from North Korea…”

    Once again I have not been included. Nothing new there.

    I’m actually enjoying all this. It amuses me.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Then North Korea needs to be quietly nuked, and Kum Dung Bung sent to LA to be used for (Un)Holyweird’s ‘sexual pleasures’…..

  • Frank

    Okay, Thanks. He may be the “FEMA representative,” but from what I am reading he works for the State of Alaska, not DHS or FEMA – and other sources don’t show him as being a FEMA employee.

  • Frank

    That point wasn’t lost on me at all, it’s just so low-ball and for the uninformed and uneducated on the subject of national and individual preparedness and what the masses are and will be spoon-fed when some real SHTF. Zidek’s recommendations are nothing but soothing words and worthless half-measures. Scared people don’t spend money with reckless abandon, they hoard it or buy things like food, tools, guns, ammo, etc. – things that are durable and will help them survive and not a bunch of useless electronics or other “feel good” garbage. Anybody with a lick of awareness will know that if they’re anywhere within the blast radius of a surface, near-surface, or atmospheric (EMP) detonation of a nuclear warhead will already know that they are (burnt) toast – either immediately, or within days or weeks as they freeze (in winter), starve to death, or are killed by other starving zombies.