Al Gore Blames Global Warming for Cali Wildfires — As Serial Arsonist Is Arrested for Starting Them

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Al Gore, still busy working on becoming the first “carbon billionaire,” has been caught in yet another global warming fib.

Back on July 29th, Al Gore said:

“California is experiencing the type of wildfire season that is symptomatic of a warming planet.”

He repeated himself on Twitter.

That same day, Scientific American, which is obviously scientific because their name says so, put out the article Climate Change Fingerprints Are All over California Wildfires. Following this concerted effort to pin the global warming on the wildfires, people have blamed everything from global warming/climate change to drought and high winds because of global warming/climate change as the culprit behind these fires, eating up Gore’s propaganda and the Scientific American’s settled “science”.  Fast forward a couple weeks, and Damin Anthony Pashilk, age 40, (mugshot below) has now been charged with a whopping 17 counts of arson for starting the California “wild” fires… after having been under investigation for starting various other fires in California for a year now

Damian Anthony Pashilk

That’s right. Pashilk was under investigation for a whole year while he continued setting fires, apparently. Pashilk, thy real name is Climate Change? As Thomas Richard of Blasting News reports:

Without Pashilk setting the fires, this likely would have been a normal fire season. Many of the problems facing California are self-inflicted from decades of fire suppression, a naturally occurring drought, and mismanagement of water resources. While some have tried to blame global warming, studies keep disproving their alarmist rhetoric.

So, without a serial arsonist skipping around lighting up the state, it would have been a normal fire season in Cali. But he can’t let the truth stand in the way of a good story, so Al Gore has already moved on to deceiving people about what caused the Louisiana floods.

It’s amazing anyone still listens to this guy…

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