Agenda 21: Opening Its Arms and Welcoming the Climate Change Mob and the ‘Greenies’

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United Nations climate talks are currently being held in Poland. At the same time, the Polish government is hosting a coal industry meeting, something the ‘Greenies’ and their climate change buddies are very unhappy about. They feel Poland is far more committed to the use of coal than it is to preventing further climate change.

I see it somewhat differently. The Polish government has been honest. As a nation they have admitted that coal plays a vital part in keeping the lights on and keeping their people warm. They have admitted that it will continue to do so for many decades to come.

The United Nations, that insidious group that proclaims half the global population should freeze to death in order that the other half can live happily ever after, should be disbanded.

They sit there in their decidedly environmentally unfriendly offices, adjusting the heating and air conditioning to suit their needs, while condemning private citizens that do the same.

They issue their environmentally friendly diktats without a thought for those who have no choice but to use coal, or oil, or wood.

The climate change agenda, the green agenda and Agenda 21 are slowly morphing into one, and the aim is so obvious…depopulation. We have to stop trashing the planet, we have to stop the planet from getting hotter, we have to reduce the population of the planet…it’s getting more and more difficult to see these entities as distinct bodies.

I’m not stupid, though to be fair some people may disagree with me on that. I, like most of you know for a fact that if the population keeps growing and the resources keep getting used then one day they will be gone. They will be there again in a few million years when more coal and oil has formed, but on a human timescale they will be gone.

I know, like most of you do, that we have to develop alternative energy strategies for the long term to enable us to keep the lights on, and our homes warm.

I know, like most of you do, we have to find new ways of feeding the rising population solid nutritious food.

What I also know, like most of you do, is that condemning half the population of the planet to death by freezing is not an option.

I applaud Poland’s honesty in standing up to these people and telling them straight out that this is what’s happening, and this is what’s going to continue happening for the foreseeable future.

It would be interesting to know how many of those who support a ban on fossil fuel usage earn enough money to live in eco homes, to have fully functioning solar and PV set ups.

Better still, I’d like to know how many of these people don’t have solar, PV and other renewables. I wonder how many of them are grid connected and relient, how many have air conditioning and inefficient boilers?

I suspect this is just another example of do as I say and not as I do.

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Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

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  • Marie

    It seems to me that environmentalists can’t have it both ways. They were so for wind & solar energy, and now in California birds ae either flying into the turbines or smashing into the solar panels. The greenies are upset about this. What’s the next move? Refusing all kinds of power? Let the people suffer?

  • The “greenies” (the ‘foot soldiers’ ) are simply the useful idiots that the statist elite use to advance their agenda.
    They continue to whine about “global warming” when all scientific evidence shows that the earth hasn’t warmed in over two decades … It’s cooled … And the solar trends indicate we could be entering a (perfectly natural) extended period (decades) of global cooling (like the minima in the past that are well documented and referred to as “mini ice ages”)
    They will get their wish. There will be significant depopulation due to famine and other effects of very harsh winters. But, as the proverb goes, (they should) “be careful what you wish for” … It is doubtful that many of these environmental wackos will survive because they are too stupid to prepare and ill equipped to survive without all of the modern conveniences provided by the industrial society they seek to destroy.
    That’s fine with me. The world will be better off with fewer idiots. Perhaps Darwin was at least partly right about natural selection.

    • Bob

      the “greenies” have won in our county. every city and county in the country is being pushed by ICLEI representatives to include ominous restrictions into their General Plan. this is the document which determines zoning, land use, water. air and enviro. hobble the General Plan and they hobble the future of the city or county.
      we are agreeing to lower the county GHG emissions by 80% within the next 20 years. this means everyone in the county private, business etc.
      please consider what life would be like at 1/5 energy use.
      hopefully many whiny “greenies” will perish.
      or they may get lucky and the rest of the population revolts against this Bolshevik A21″green” BS.
      please check your city or county to see if they are in bed with ICLEI. I bet you they are, and what I am mentioning will be foisted on you as well.

  • C. Gonzo

    Well, let’s see – the technology is available to replace fossil fuels and nuclear but it’s been suppressed – magnetics, cold fusion, hydrogen from water, to name a few. Organic farming on a planetary scale would feed the total population of the world with food left over. And the temperatures on the planet are in a cooling phase. Population reduction, money and control. I feel that those who are proposing (no, demanding) population reduction should show by example and go kill themselves – that’d be a start.

  • ALL the BELLS are ringing on these guys and americans don’t care BUT THEY WILL,WAR is coming and it can’t be stopped,I had the president of the montana sierra club,tell me we think the BIBLES a comic book,WE worshipp our god lucifer,he gives us anything we want,SO NOW YOU KNOW who these clowns are,minions of the devil,and it don’t matter if you believe in the LORD,cause they follow lucifer,and he wants to destroy the planet.and by the time you have wokeup,it will be ,WAY LONG to late…………..

  • abinico warez

    The bottom line is this: 7 billion (soon to be 8 billion) humans have a profound effect on the environment. If you can’t see this, you are probably drowning in your own poop.