Agenda 21 – Fema Camps 2013 – Depopulation Plans In America

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Listen to Rosa Koire from the Post-Sustainability Institute talking about the United Nations Agenda 21 plans.

‘This is not conspiracy theory” she states. “This is conspiracy fact”.

Introduced by Glenn Beck, this eye opening video is a must see for anyone who wants to know how the government intends to implement Agenda 21 in the United States.

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    • Hop Sing

      If this Agenda 21 does become law, or better yet, “when” it becomes law, we will need each other. Obama care also has a mandated Data chip” which has yet to be made law. So, let’s offer solutions, and be ready.


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  • Carroll

    There’s another probability that I have considered for this. We as a nation have accumulated a mass of different countries who want us to cease to exist. This was done by our elected leaders and our President. We also owe an enormous amount of money to known and un-known enemy money lenders. Could it be that the government is preparing us for an all out attack that they know is coming and using Agenda 21 as a way to steer us from the true reasons for what we’re seeing. Disinformation and re-direction has been used a long, long time. Our government uses it on a daily basis.

    • Locus

      Yeah but did you ‘like’ it on Facebook??

    • aaron

      I also believe that could be a possibility the us has pissed a lot of people off we could be prepping for WW3 and if you let the cat out of the bag too soon all you will get is mass chaos I also think that it could be another civil war but instead of brother against brother it will be the people against the government the two ideas are both plausible along with new world order all evidence points to any of the three

      • readyandwilling

        Then lets get started because we need to rid this country of all the corruption and power hungry killers

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  • Bob Marshall

    How many of our presidents from George W. Bush forward have spoke of a New World Order. “There will be a New World order. It can’t happen without the United States. It will cause the United states to change its perception.” Henry Kissinger. in August 2007 Zbigneiw Brzezinski endorsed Barack Obama. He stated Obama recognizes that the challenge is anew sense of direction of America’s place in the world. Hillary Clinton speaking to the United Nations General Assembly stated that the number one priority of the Obama administration was population control. This is part of Agenda 21.


    There is no such thing as “FEMA Camps”.

    Investigate this story for yourselves people, it’s completely fabricated with NO evidence.

    There ARE detention centers for illegals. They are NOT FEMA detention centers.

    Sick of this shit. Post something with some accuracy.

    • Tom T

      This will not end well, but then again, they have to catch you first and there are a lot of people who will not go quietly.

      • judaya

        They better shoot me dead because I’m living for god, not yo be controlled by USA military

        • INDIGENOUS

          you white? your people killed the lord and changed his name when his name was never jesus but Yeshua.

    • K.z

      Still have to have take this little serious just in case if it is true as a precaution

    • Maybe you outta look into your facts a little better my friend.

    • QWERTY

      Be sure and write us from the camp to let us know that it doesn’t exist…that is if they will allow you to have pencil and paper. (Don’t you think that the Jews in 1930’s Germany dissmised such a notion too?)

    • Chuck U Farley

      So because it comes from your pie hole its the truth?

      Do you actually believe this administration will detain illegals?

  • NMBC

    The U.N. is mainly to prevent GENOCIDE, to solve lands dispute among nations, and deliver food and medical support to the areas where needed during emergencies, etc….

    We don’t have to follow the Agenda 21 if it violates our charter, and there is no benefit to the people.
    Israel refuses to listen to the UN chief every time he knocks at Israel’s door. The UN chief has asked Israel to stop their expansion, Israel never listens; SO WHY THE U.S. HAS TO???

    The hidden agenda with the confusing legal language in the “Gimmick Agenda 21” that the representatives of nations bought into.

    The intent of the agenda 21 was and can be misinterpreted and used or will be used for the wrong reasons by the NWO’s politicians. 🙁

    When there is NO benefit for the people or the nation involved then IT’S NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED.

    • umx3

      Are you a government disinformation agent??!!
      Everyone knows the sole function of the UN is to spread COMMUNISM!! It was created by communists! Its Charter was based on Russias 1928 Constitution!!
      And what the heck does this mean, “We don’t have to follow Agenda 21 if it vilates our ‘charter'”? What country are you writing from anyway? America has a Constitution which the politicians are supposed to adhere to and the PEOPLE have the Declaration of Independence which states our Founding Principles and advices us what to do when the government no longer listens to us – shut it down!
      Get some education, please.

      • errrrWHAT

        Aint public education wonderful? You go in open and innocent and come out like NMBC. Best thing you can do is teach your kid to pass the tests and ignore the rest.

      • Susan Ervin

        YOU NEED TO RUN FOR OFFICE. Your reply makes the most sense of anything I have read yet. The skeptics would do themselves well to listen to you!! Love your last statement….GET SOME EDUCATION PLEASE!!!!!!! The folks that don’t believe this are the “under informed”……and I
        hate to say it but they Sadly seem to be in the majority. GOD HELP US….WE ARE GOING TO NEED IT.

  • Andy

    This plan was dreamed up by the communistic NWO folks,the environmental folks are a big part of the agenda seekers that are undermining our sovereign rights,we have already been told that we are going to have a cold winter,and also that there really isn’t global warming,but these environmentalists keep going with the agenda as if they haven’t heard,part of the takeover.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.


      you are going to die as you better hope there isn’t a war.everyones ready and has their 30′ round clips ready oh and not to forget explosives.whites are dead!

  • NoTimeForLies

    FEMA camps are fact, calls for the NWO go much further back then just Bush and it is time to wake up people. Here are the facts about history, we have all been lied to……. It wasint Japan’s fault. They got hit with H.A.A.R.P. because they did not want to hand over their financial system to the Rothschild Banking Cartel / New World Order. Its time to wake up people and do some homework. America is just a puppet. Id bet most of you still think a few arabs with box cutters did 9/11 too rite? Do your homework on the swastika, its a sign of peace, Hitler was not pushing for a NWO, we was trying to stop it. He was trying to stop the Rothschild Cabal that took over the Turks, let them to falsely believe they were Jews just to take over their land, Israel. They funded all sides of every fake war & that is why we protect Israel. Its all a scam. look at the colors Of the U.S. & Australia flags, they are really Britain flags & colors. We are owned & controlled.…34322.41145.5.42104.….0…1c.1.27.psy-ab..9.41.5457.acN3BcLlo8M&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.52434380,d.b2I,pv.xjs.s.en_US.RJfod4swqLE.O&biw=1024&bih=461&dpr=1

    • Eldon Cordrey

      Hitler was a tool of the new world order. WWII is why we have the UN. You need to do proper research.

  • Cliffson

    Keep this comedy skit alive, it occasionally makes my day. One question: why do all the people who sell guns and gold want payment in U.S. dollars?

    • ComradFrank

      Because US dollars are legal tender – gold is not (in the US. Simple huh?

  • Nobama

    Who gives a f$%k about Faceboooooooook?!?

  • matta

    Agenda 21 has already been implemented globally. It is not an American idea. It was thought up by global leadership in order to get rid of the population of undesirables. They want everyone dead.

    • Susan Ervin

      When is all of this gathering us up suppose to start???? We will not go quietly into that good
      night. Just can’t see good ol’ boys not putting up quite a fight. Why hasn’t the main stream press started putting this on their news cast??????

      • ComradFrank

        Because the mainstream press is controlled by the same people who want us dead.

        • NB



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  • Will Grey

    Read: The Patriot Remnant: Return to Freedom, by Siara Brandt, to see what may be ahead.

  • rrubydoo1

    Facebook is tied to government. Get outside and enjoy nature instead of your social networking. Agenda21 is a real fact and cannot be stopped by your social networking shit only talked about. Actions not words. For the Obama lovers, what the hell is wrong with you. Do you hate America. You ashamed of yourself now aren’t you.



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  • Ra-Heru

    This is disgusting and lightweight horrifying. How could anyone think this is a good thing? I’m BLACK! I know who lives in the inner city???? Who fights for the people in the orange and red areas of the map?

    The world gluttons have gone to far, I know all white people aren’t bad. It is time for those who are not evil to form an allegiance with the inner city to create a world order that doesn’t exclude anyone from being killed or enslaved. But first, the blind, greedy, misguided ones must go.

  • Paul

    Fucking IDIOTS abound. I’ve READ the materials on Agenda 21 (without the conspiracy conjecture).

    Sustainable is deemed “bad” by you fucking fools. Goddamned idiots – why do you THINK (if that is even possible for your assholes) the world is falling apart under the onslaught of humanity?

    FEMA camps are FAKE. Look it up goddamn it. What is claimed to be a “Fema camp” simply ISN’T.

    Frankly, I support getting rid of you fucking idiots. You are unbelievably blind to the destruction you are all a part of. You go around making up shit, conjecture, straw arguments and endless “conspiracies” without doing any REAL research to determine the actual fucking FACTS.

    Yeah, round up you dumb-fucking fools and put a bullet in your head – humanity would be better off.

    • wormdirt

      Paul, are we supposed to believe that you are the intelligent one here when you have to riddle your post with profanity and threat of violence to get your point across?

    • Chuck U Farley

      And just what makes your pie hole the oracle of truth?
      Violent Vulgarian!

  • She

    Maybe their watching the blogs to all if these videos to see who is believing it and who isn’t so they know who to watch more closely, lol

  • daniel garcia

    this is bullshit

  • daniel garcia

    I support agenda 21 !!!
    agenda 21 rules!!!


      depopulate and nuke all honkys back in Europe!

  • snickers

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  • NumbNuts

    I think camps are a wonderful idea! Will they have McDonalds and “Dancing with the Whores”? My mommy and daddy used to send me to summer camp to get rid of me. That’s where I smoked my first crack pipe and lost my virginity to a 28 year old homo! Oh, what great memories!

    • Aaron Brincefield

      You took that comment to a very dark place.

  • Tony

    I came across this song called “WAKE UP” on youtube the other day, and what a way to reach our younger people. All about Food Stamps, the government, Fema Camps, etc. You have to check this out!

  • Hanna

    It’s amazing how american goverment can keep secrets like this one hidden from you people. Many here in Skandinavia are following your country’s situation, and are truly worried about how badly your leaders treat you people. Lies, conspiracy, surveillance, irrational laws…This is insane.

    • …..>.>

      Please elaborate on the secrets that you, our neighbors across the pond, know of that THEY won’t tell US, their own people…. because i would love to be enlightened…

  • mallardhen

    I wish facebook would just disappear and as it ever seems to do is cause problems amoung friends, family members, and just people for things that are said on facebook. Several people have taken their own lives from things that have been said on facebook. I know it is a social communication site for people to get/keep in touch with each other but….. in my family it has caused way to many hurt feelings & outright fights for what is posted on there. My opinion if you can’t say something to a person’s face don’t put it on the internet for the world to see.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    Lord! And I thought I was bad. I have zero answer to the posters of conspiracy and Fema here tonight guys. Excuse me while I hang my head in defeat.
    But I have an issue that these places like FB are time consuming maybe addictive. The internet brings out a side of me similar to alcohol so please let caution be your guide.
    I set up a new app called Megapolis believing it cool to build my own skyscrapers similar to the former Twins and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.
    The game is so intricate and there is no real difference to it and Farmville or Candy Crush Saga. You have to pass through so many levels building log cabins before you have earned enough money for a beloved skyscraper. Why dont I just draw a painting of my ideal cityscape then meet a real friend later that evening for a coffee and chess game?
    I also totally disbelieve you are gaining any REAL skills that can look good on a CV if your ambition is to be a town planner.
    Little better on the internet became your debating skills in real life.
    And dont get me started on the even worse dating and pick up artist sites. I prefer conspiracies to that LOL.
    Relax and enjoy life.

  • Charlotta Yvonne Smith

    I am a 9th grader and since I know about microchips and tracking, I am no longer trying to hide anymore. Anyway, I am confused why people just stop being lain stupid. Here is the meaning of Ignorance:
    Ignorance- lack of knowledge or information.
    Now I read some of the comments on here and unfortunately only a few people actually make sense. To people who don’t believe in this.. I like to ask you all questions I would like you all to use these as a eye-opener.
    1. Why do you guys never read the ingredients in your food? Monsanto is the company that controls the agriculture and medicine in over 100 different countries that we all protest to but not on the news??
    2. Why do you ever watch Jesse Ventura’s banned video on 10 divisions in this whole country?
    3. Do you go anywhere to find these camps? Research is the best answer.
    4. Why don’t you ever try teaching yourself how to THINK?
    5. Why mimic to call people “conspiracy theorists” but never seem to care about being aware?
    6. Why do people dare let kids play ring around the rosie but don’t know what that chant is about?
    That is the sound of ignorance. Ignorance carries the word STUPIDITY to other inhabitants in this whole creation. People need to wake up!! Patriots seem to think we are terrorist but patriots why do you get forced to do something without thinking. See this is the problem in our world. No one tries to think. Thinking is now not in our nature. Why do you think people panic and believe in anything told. Conspiracy Theories such as the End of The World by Doomsday is controlled by media so we don’t think. Now I would recommend people to read this eye-opening comment and actually think of what i’m saying. People who choose not to think will still continue to be manipulated and may be on the other side.

  • annonymous

    Has anybody thought about a rebellion? If you think about it, were bigger than the police. Instead of being mistreated by people wearing a badge, we show them that their human too. That their not bigger then the average joe. No matter about race, skin tone, language. Have people forgotten that were all Human? we all bleed the same way, we all feel pain the same way. Nobody is greater then one another. We would never see peace if their is a “President”. We would never see peace if their are “Countries”. We would never see peace if their are “Borders”. We are all Human. A lot of people have forgotten about it. We need to show people that were all the same, no matter what. Pointless wars, and pointless rules. America is coming to a downfall.

  • Johnnie

    Petition against homeless relocation by FEMA —-

  • Jaime G.

    That is how the HOLOCAUST started. Funny how history repeats itself….

  • chris katko

    Just so you know, Rosa Koire is not a real researcher. She lifted the decade of work by Nikki Raapana and Nordica Frederich, then distorted it and abridged it. Now she’s running around profiting from it. For the DEFINITIVE RESEARCH on Agenda 21 and communitarian law, read it from the real source…

    • Proof please

      Is there any proof to this besides Niki’s and Nordica’s singular accusation? Their accusation alone is a cluttered, incoherent timeline of crass ranting. Have any legal actions been taken? Proof.

      • chris katko

        Try READING at least some of their work.
        Knowledge needs to be earned. Don’t be so lazy.

  • julietheartist

    I’m late to this thread, but nevertheless, I have just read quite a substantial portion (as it’s very long) of the Agenda 21 document, and I cannot find anything about depopulation, even hidden in obscure “language”, nowhere. So, what’s this scare campaign about mass genocide, talk about fear, not that I’m frightened, I’m old and I actually agree with controlling the world’s population, my thoughts are that humanity is a blight on this planet, humanity ( in the collective sense) is “evil”.