After Latest Mass Shooting, Sen. Feinstein & Co. Launch “The Pause for Safety Act” to Confiscate Guns

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Like clockwork just a couple of weeks after 22-year-old La Isla Shooter Elliot Rodger — who had been taking the psychotropic mediation Xanax for at least six months prior — reportedly killed seven people and injured another 13 — vehement anti-gun Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein joined fellow Dem. California Senator Barbara Boxer and Dem. Representative Lois Capps to introduce “The Pause for Safety Act”.

The legislation would limit a person’s ability to purchase or possess a gun if that person’s family member(s) or “others” believe him or her to pose a threat to him/herself or others should he/she purchase or have a gun.

According to the press release on Sen. Barbara Boxer’s website, The Pause for Safety Act would “empower families to prevent gun violence” three ways:

  • One, ensure that families and others can go to court to seek a gun violence prevention order to temporarily stop someone close to them who poses a threat to himself, herself or others from purchasing a firearm.
  • Two, ensure that a court can issue a gun violence prevention warrant that would allow law enforcement to take temporary possession of firearms that are in an individual’s possession if the court determines that the individual poses a threat to himself, herself or others.
  • Three, ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing state and local gun databases when assessing a tip, warning or request from a concerned family member or other close associate. [emphasis added]

“It is haunting that the family of the gunman who committed this massacre in Isla Vista was desperate to stop a tragedy, and yet they lacked the tools to do so,” Senator Boxer said in her statement. “My bill would give families and associates who fear someone close to them could commit violence new tools to help prevent these tragedies.”

Her statement goes on to say the bill would essentially bribe states via a grant program:

The measure would create a new grant program – the Pause for Safety Grant Program – to help support these efforts. States that take action to enact these preventive measures would be eligible for the grants to provide resources for courts and law enforcement as they implement these measures.

Clearly you can see where this act would (quite easily) lead to potential abuse and outright subversion of a person’s 2nd Amendment rights.

If anyone who is a family member or claims to be a “close associate” can submit a tip that someone else poses a potential threat (whatever that criteria is), that person’s gun purchasing and ownership rights can apparently be (at least temporarily, if not longer) stripped.

Every time someone hopped up on psych meds kills a bunch of people, our supposed public servants use it as an excuse to go after the general public at large’s Constitutional rights.

Sad, but typical.

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  • ccc

    After they get your gun, they will go after your property just like Bundy ranch.

  • charlie tango

    I believe Feinstein is mentally unstable, so if follows that she should not have weapons, nor her body guards, as she could acquire theirs and go on a loony crazed spree.

  • archer

    In other word a totally useless law that will not stop one killing by a firearm, get rid of psychotropic drugs first that destroy people’s minds and you may accomplish something.

  • B.Rubin

    Term limits.

  • I don’t know about that, we keep hearing all these stories in the news about the inanimate objects going on rampages and such. You might want to keep an eye on it, in case it decides to attack people. After all, guns kill people, people have nothing to do with it. /sarc

    • Thomas Parker

      That’s true, especially the Glocks from Austria. Italian shotguns also do this. Buy American, goddamit!

      • Mark

        “You are adam [“man”], but goyim [gentiles] are not called adam [“man”].” Kerithoth 6b

        “The seed of the goyim is like an animal.” Sanhedrin 74b

        “All Gentile children are animals.” Yebamoth 98a

        Israeli Soldier: “They are animals, we are humans!”

  • Thomas Parker

    I’ve a suggestion, gunnuts-compromise. Give liberals something-I recommend solid background checks, maybe beefed gun up registration, y’all decide. That way you can keep your small portable human killing devices for another generation. It won’t eliminate second amendment killings, but it probably would save some lives.

    • Thomas Parker

      Mark, you there? Fuck off.

      • LexiconD1

        Thomas Parker, YOU site troll…FUCK OFF!

      • Mark

        God created them [goyim] in the form of men for the glory of Israel… for the sole end of ministering unto them [the Jews] day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved of this service. It is becoming to the son of a king [an Israelite] that animals in their natural form and animals in the form of human beings should minister unto him.

        Midrash Talpioth 225a

    • Mark

      Rabbi Eliyahu exhorts the killing of women and children:

    • Guest

      That’s two Rabbi’s personal view. They are making it up as they go along and it is just as valid as anyone elses viewpoint on any issue. It is their opinion and nothing more. Interestingly enough, if you read the referenced article you will see that this opinion was picked up by Israeli Police seeking to prosecute these guys for stirring up violence.

    • Mark

      The rabbis teach that Jesus Himself was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], even teaching such insanities as claiming that Jesus worshipped a brick. [Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 67a, 107b] There are, of course, other numerous scurrilous accusations against Jesus in the Talmud and rabbinical
      literature. Though the passages have been denied and expurgated Talmud editions have been published, often using code words for Jesus, Princeton Professor and Director of JUDAIC Studies Peter Schafer has examined dozens of Talmud editions in the original and vernacular languages. Schafer not only adduces the explicit references to Jesus of Nazareth, but he also traces the code words used in the Talmud editions expurgated and sanitized for Gentile consumption. Schafer traces from edition to tractate to folio how “Balaam,” “that man,” “the carpenter,” “ben Pandera” (son of Pandera), the blank spaces, and the rest of the code words refer to Jesus of Nazareth. In his book “Jesus in the Talmud” (ISBN 13: 978-0691129266) Schafer has affirmed that the Talmud teaches that that Jesus was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], was a “mamzer” [bastard] conceived adulterously in “niddah” [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a]. Schafer documents much more, including the Talmud claim that the Sanhedrin justly executed Jesus because he was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b] who worshipped a brick [Sanhedrin 67a], even boasting that the Sanhedrin overcame Roman opposition to the execution of Jesus [Sanhedrin 43a].

  • Thomas Parker

    Breaking news! A second amendment killing in Las Vegas. Initial reports say the gunnut had body armor and killed at least on policeman, although that appears to be acceptable around here.

  • Hamsterbelly

    These fine politicians are all for this bill also, like Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Gaddafi, Idi Amin, Mao Tse=tung, Pot Pol, Kim Jong-II, just to name a few. This bill sounds and smells of nazi Germany all over it!!!!

  • Hamsterbelly

    Spend some effort and funds on mental health !!!

  • Jakob Stagg

    What else can she do? Think? That’s not going to happen.

  • Thomas Parker

    I’m delightfully retired, thank you, very much and fucking around with you rightwing-nuts is a hobby. On some of my liberal blogs, you scum break in all the time and shit on everyone. Payback’s a bitch, huh bitch.

    • Mark

      The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder’ applies only ‘to a Jew
      who kills a Jew,’
      write Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur of the West
      Bank settlement of Yitzhar. Non-Jews are ‘uncompassionate by nature’ and attacks on them ‘curb their evil inclination,’ while babies and children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since ‘it is clear that they will grow to harm us.’”

  • Thomas Parker

    In that case, we’ll seize them. Oh, that’s right the “cold, dead hands.” Can be arranged.

  • Thomas Parker

    Update on Las Vegas second amendment killings. Two officers have been killed.

  • Thomas Parker

    OK, you rightwing-nut assholes, two Las Vegas officers were executed while eating Cici pizza. As they left to continue their sacred duty at Wal*Mart, the second amendment killers said “The revolution starts now.” Sounds like some of the sentiments I’ve read around here. Some of you are sick puppies. Blow me.

    • Thomas Parker

      Fuck you Mark.

      • Mark

        “A father may betroth his daughter without her consent as long as she is a minor, and she also remains under his authority as long as she is a maiden. . . . [I]f she is three years and one day old, she may be betrothed by an act of intercourse with the consent of her father.”

        Maimonides “the Great Rambam,” the “greatest” of all rabbis, Sefer Nashim 3:11

    • Mark

      “If a boy under the age of nine perpetrated sodomy upon an adult, the adult is not liable for punishment, for the intercourse of a boy under nine years of age is not legally an act of intercourse. Since a child
      less than nine years old cannot commit sodomy, he can also not be the object of sodomy….This Baraita supports Rav, for it teaches that if a man engaged in homosexual intercourse with a child under the age of nine, he is exempt from liability.”

      Sanhedrin 54b

      • Thomas Parker

        Looking for loop holes?

        • Mark

          As if that perverse custom isn’t already too much:

          Eating foreskins & the Israeli government

          • Thomas Parker

            That’s some fucked up shit Mark.

          • Mark

            Since your potty mouth offers yet another teachable moment…

            At tractate Gittin 69b the Torah teaches that the cure of a catarrh is to “take the excrement of a white dog kneaded with balsam.”

            Is it “anti-Semitic” to quote Jewish “holy” books?

          • Thomas Parker

            Oh, I’m sure you do it to promote Judaic scholarship.

    • LibertyFirst

      What? Nothing about the concealed carry citizen that gave his life in WalMart in an attempt to save others? Oh, right, he must have been one of those rightwingnutassholes you mentioned. Hmmm, if your family had been there, he might have been responsible for their survival….

  • Cracker122049

    Andy,this IS the government that the Second Amendment was made for. This government is never going to be fixed at the voting booth and it is crystal clear to all but the brainwashed and blind that the voting booth is only a mechanism to buy THEM more time! Even a fool should be able to see the police state they have assembled is not for the protection of the citizens but for them to be protected from the citizens. That is exactly why they are going after the Second Amendment because they know this too! Militant cops and sheriffs suck. Add all the alphabet agencies to that also!

  • Cracker122049

    Darkwing it makes the ones wanting to steal it from you very concerned because they do kick in doors at early morning hours while wearing masks like the criminals that they have become!

  • Thomas Parker

    Mark is some anti-Semite who evidently thinks I’m Jewish. The cretin likes to follow my posts with some fucked up anti-Semitic shit. I am not soliciting sex from the cocksucker. Example above.

  • Thomas Parker

    Au contraire, mein Herr. Some of us on the left are quite conversant with weapons. I’m not, I must admit.

  • Thomas Parker

    You turds don’t warrant any social graces.

    • Mark

      Because Gentiles are not human, Gentiles are owed no debt of
      morality or decency – not “social graces,” not honesty [Baba Kamma 113a], not property [Baba Mezia
      24a], not even life! — “The best of the Gentiles should all be killed”

      Tractate Soferim (New York, M. Higer,
      1937), 15:7, p. 282.