After His Tearful Farewell Speech, Sycophantic Celebrities Boo Hoo to Twitter Because Obama Is Leaving*

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*See Hunger Games for more details.


“My fellow Americans, it has been the honor of my life to serve you.”~ Obama’s farewell address

Well. It’s really happening. Obama is leaving.

In just a little over a week, he and Michelle and Valerie and the gang will all be headed out of the White House. (Of course, they’ll just be jaunting over to the rich neighborhood just a couple of miles away, but hey, at least they’ll be out of the actual White House right?)

WRONG! say these worshipful celebrities who love them some Obama soooo much, they are acting like he just died instead of Prince after his tearful farewell speech last night.

Wait, is he their God?

^ Says the guy who obviously knows all about class and dignity from hosting a show with episode titles like, “I’m a Breeder for the Klan”.

Or how about this? Kind of a strange thing for an actress to say, no?

This is just too rich (pun intended?):

It just goes on and on…

They really are acting like the man died.

A large swath of the people of Panem of this country, however, remember it just a smidge differently and continue to show these celebs just how disconnected they are from their audience all locked up in their Hollywood echo chamber.

In almost every Tweet listed above, the responses range from sarcastic to scathing, and the real reason Trump got elected after eight years of Obama politics shines through like an eyeball-stinging neon sign.

So while celebrities are tearfully lamenting “O Captain, My Captain,” back in REALITY the rest of the “little people” had things like this to say:


Are you going to miss him?

We here at The Daily Sheeple probably won’t miss having to write about something corrupt, Machiavellian, or just downright horrible he or his administration did on a weekly basis like we have for his entire presidency.

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