After CIA Smart TV Spying Revelations, Samsung to Release New TV That “Never Turns Off”

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Samsung’s new smart TV “The Frame” which never turns off and doubles as electronic wall art.

Just like we’ve recently been seeing ads all over the place for Amazon’s Echo following the Wikileaks Vault 7 revelations that internet-connected electronics in the home can be exploited by government agencies and turned into covert spy devices, Samsung is picking a really strange time to announce the release of its upcoming new television that never turns off.

One of the more disturbing Vault 7 revelations related to a CIA exploit named after a Dr. Who villain called “Weeping Angel”. The exploit puts a television owner’s set into a “fake off” mode so the person thinks their TV is off, meanwhile the agency can remotely operate the microphone and listen in on anything going on in the person’s home within earshot of the television and send those recordings to an agency server.


(Source: Daily Mail)

Samsung smart TVs were specifically mentioned in relation to “Weeping Angel”.

So, why now of all times, is Samsung announcing its new television set “The Frame”? It’s called “The Frame” by the way because it never turns off and doubles as a piece of wall art (“art mode”) when not in direct use.

Is that just to make the spying easier or…?

”The Frame empowers you to think about TV in a new way, bringing art and entertainment into new parts of your home. This is how television transforms—and becomes an essential part of your lifestyle,” said Dave Das, SVP Consumer Electronics Marketing for Samsung Electronics America.

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  • Fuck Samsung. TV is a waste of time anyway; you’re better off spending that time enriching your mind or watching educational videos on YouTube.

    • What is the practical difference between whatever you are going to watch youtube on and an Internet television, like Samsung’s?

      • Well, for one, the internet is much more enriching in terms of content; just a quick browse through Wikipedia will give you more learning than a week of school. Plus you won’t have some fucknut masturbating to the sound of your wife and daughter.

        • If you think Wikipedia is accurate or reliable, you better start super-vetting everything that you read there. I’m not formally educated pass a high school diploma and several years of techschool, and it is easy for me to see through the falseness of much of what is published there. I worked as a radio newsman for a while and one of the most important things I learned in broadcasting school was to corroborate everything at least once before using it on the air. The more things are corroborated in the news room, the less likely they will find their way into the paper or on the air. You need to fine tune your BS detector before you regard anything online as truth.

          • I know for a fact that Wikipedia isn’t reliable; in fact, I have never used it when citing a source or defending an argument. It’s simple reading that introduces me to new concepts; I also use it to read up on American legends like Rockefeller and Schwab and use it as a base to continue my reading through books. It is rare that I accept anything online as fact before intense research. For example, I was poking around The Daily Stormer and saw a comment from a user stating that “n!ggers couldn’t do mathematics, nor had they contributed to the field.” A simple DuckDuckGo! search yielded me many black mathematicians who have made contributions of a certain caliber and even won the Field Medal amongst others for it.

            The problem with corroborating facts is that while facts may appear objective, they are subjective to the narrative of the speaker. The most common example of this would be the “1 in X” myth that feminists use to justify their insanity on college campuses. The media has continuously referred to this, even though it has been debunked. The Brown shooting is also another example of the media choosing to deliberately ignore facts and remain in solidarity with Brown, although evidence came out that he had committed strong-armed robbery a few hours before. A lie becomes a truth if enough people repeat it or justify it without questioning the validity of the ‘truth.’

          • Legends never lived. That is why they, originally, were called legends.

          • Not in a mythical sense. I’m referring to outliers like Rockefeller and Morgan who were lucky obtained a massive amount of wealth. They did live.

          • It is because they lived that they aren’t legends, by the first definition.
            Since the second definition of legend applies to great men, we’d have to assume that you think that the devious rather than lucky Rockefellers and Morgans were great…
            “In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

          • I defined it as part of the second definition, but success does not come from luck entirely; it is rather a combination of the former, grit, and innovation. They were somewhat devious, yet they DID put in effort.

  • Emily Summer

    Just don’t buy that crap from them.

  • james ha

    doesn’t turn off? just unplug it.

    • Milly Vanilly

      Right, the plug is your OFF switch.
      Then they will DESIGN it so that you MUST have it Hardwired into your home from behind it so no plug accessibility.

    • Joe Blow

      “I’m sorry dave, I can’t do that.”

    • What you gonna do if it has batteries built inside like the new smartphones do?

  • Rayven Wrathchild

    “So, why now of all times, is Samsung announcing its new television set “The Frame”? It’s called “The Frame” by the way because it never turns off and doubles as a piece of wall art (“art mode”) when not in direct use.”

    It’s called the FRAME because that is what they plan to do to you!

    • Joe Blow

      And make you watch “programing.”

      • Why do you think that they call it programming?

        • Joe Blow

          My point. 🙂

      • james ha

        oh MAKE you watch programming, as if y’alls mind is so feeble that you are susceptible to such.
        oh wait, i forgot; the sky is always falling on y’alls.

        • Joe Blow

          And you are who? Representing what?

          • james ha

            you can see my name same as i can see yours.
            i represent myself only and reject govt/media BS.
            at the same time i am not afraid of the CIA listening/watching me play my guitar in the guise of Barney or Mr. Rodgers.

          • Joe Blow

            Not talking about your name buddy boy. I am wondering why you lost your pretend “accent” and if you call “us” y’alls, then again who are you alls?

          • james ha

            ok pally boy either i grew up in texas or it is easier to write yalls than it is you alls. i imagine you have other things in your life to dwell on than my punk ass..

          • Joe Blow

            One of my goals in spending time with potential shills or just people ignorant enough to babble rather than offer interesting ideas is to give them an opportunity to mature. In your case it is obvious you choose an adolescent, snarky attitude, which is OK, your right,, but gotta say bye bye.

          • james ha

            ya because you seem to be just a font of interesting ideas yourself, mr. maturity. all i did was mildly mock the paranoia of a TV being a spy’s tool when all the while they have been spying on us thru the internet from the beginning.

  • scum

    I hope they like them because they should be left with most of them.

    Old “Rabbit Ears” were better than New “Rabbit Holes”..”Get Smart” people…Chaos is no longer just the menace from an old television comedy; funny how real, things can end up being, shoe phones, spies, etc.

    Digital “Bond Age” has arrived.

    • Joe Blow

      “Old “Rabbit Ears” were better than New “Rabbit Holes”

      Cool line 😄

    • You are aware, I hope, that James Bond is an imaginary character?

      • scum

        No Way…Austin Powers Too! 🙂

  • Joe Blow

    If you choose to not follow the warnings, well, as Forest Gump said…”Stupid is as stupid does.”

  • Joe Blow

    I hadn’t watched TV in 40 years or more. Got a flat screen for DVD’s and tapes and last year my landlord gave me free cable. Went junkie for six months on football games, etc. but never sit com stuff. Didn’t know what Fox was, etc. Now I have cleaned up and I’m just back to vids. Worst part of the experience, when the controller was out of reach and a commercial came on 😱 some horrible stuff.

    • StaggerLee360

      Fuck this racist asshole. Comments about “niggers” (his word) and denies the Holocaust. America stands united against jackoffs like Joe Blow.

  • SP_88

    Ok, so people decide not to buy one of these smart tv’s because of the possibility of being spied on. But what about the cell phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, and all the other things with a camera or a microphone? People forget about all the things they have that can be used to spy on them with. Either that or they think, “I have nothing to hide, so I don’t care”. People like that have given up their right to privacy. How many of these idiots have one of these giant “bugs” in their bedroom?

    • Have you ever read about the gift seal that was given to the American embassy in Moscow that contained a non-radiating listening device that they only looked for after being unable to find a radiating one to explain why the USSR had found out about things that had never been mentioned in any other room than the one it was hanging in?

  • Justin Thought
  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, looks like we have to snap the lamp wire down and use the light switch to feed the TV, and when you are done, you just flip the switch and the power supply is gone.

    And I am not impressed by this smart TVs, anything slower then instant is an drag, and the rate of commercials wreaking an serial is starting to be really annoying, and time consuming and above all, f….. irritating.

    The only problem is that Samsung makes good TVs, the rest is not in the same league, sorry, but that goes to the Hz, more than this picsel nonsense.
    And to be honest, I have seen the best TV so far 10 years ago, how is that possible.

    Yeah, my next one will be an good old fashion stereo.
    And that one, will be vintage, because the newest is just expensive crap.
    Because modern stereos have made one massive mistake, and have not even in the more expensive ranges done the same, namely to give the receiver an bloody descent power supply.
    The best sound I have ever heard, and I am not talking B&W but home made, with an pimped up, Electrocompagnie (Norwegian infact) receiver where the person doubled the size of the power-supply.
    If you want quality sound, the powers supply is the single most vitale component, because loud sound need stable supply, most this days cant, and that makes distortions and distortions will make loud, noise, unbearable, and kills the sound quality more than anything else.

    The single most thing you need to remember, is as on rule of thumb, if the receiver weighs an “ton”, then the probability is that its power supply is better than the rest.
    Some cheated with concrete, hehe, so peak inside.

    And old Pure-glass Technics is what I recommend, others will do to, but not new ones, and by the way, vintage (20 years old even older) Technics are an hunted brand, so they may not be That cheep anymore.
    And then you will hear the difference between Digital and analog, the difference is stunning, digitizing singnals, kills dynamics, period.


    • StaggerLee360

      Hilarious. What an ignorant tool! Peace, pinhead.

  • Thanks, Bill. I’m going to buy an unlocked phone and change the SIM card as needed once I get rid of this (((iPhone))) that I have now with (((AT&T))).

  • My last television was stolen in 1987 and it was a black and white bedside alarm clock with a CRT.

  • The only problem is that NTSB signals are extinct.