Affluenza Teen Might Get Actual Jail Time After Authorities Catch Him Sporting Bad Dye Job with Mom in Mexico

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As previously reported, Ethan Couch, the so-called “affluenza teen” who got off with only 10 years of probation (and juvenile probation, as he was only 16 at the time and was not tried as an adult) after he killed four people and injured 11 others driving drunk with the “affluenza” defense, skipped out on probation a few weeks ago.

What’s the affluenza defense, you might ask? It’s something experts hired by the millionaire Couch family cooked up to try and get their client off the hook after he stole beer from a Walmart and mowed down four people with his dad’s truck on a dark Texas country road with three times the legal alcohol limit in his bloodstream.

“Affluenza” — a term that combines influenza with affluence, and is defined as “an inability to understand the consequences of one’s actions because of financial privilege.” Basically because Mr. Couch had access to daddy’s money and was coddled all his life — raised as a spoiled brat who could apparently do whatever he wanted whenever he felt like it with no regard for anyone or anything else — he grew up so disconnected from reality because of his rich “privilege” that he could not possibly be able to comprehend how his behavior might effect others.

A affluenza precedent has been set. This pathetic excuse is now an official legal defense for committing heinous crimes in America. If you didn’t already realize before that a person’s guilt or innocence means absolutely nothing in the American criminal justice system if a person has money, the reality of what a sad joke our “justice” (or “just us” for the rich people) system truly is has now been shoved down everyone’s throat.

Well as mentioned Couch ducked out on his probation officer a few weeks ago. Many speculate he ran because of this video posted on Twitter wherein he’s clearly seen playing beer pong…

(Although a spokesman at the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office tried to claim the video is blurry and grainy, it’s quite obviously Couch laughing it up in the black shirt who shows up on screen on the left after the guy dives onto the table of red Solo cups.)

Playing beer pong is kind of a big no-no when one is still underage and, you know, on probation for drunk driving that killed four people and brain damaged one guy so bad he is paralyzed for life.

Obviously Couch feels a lot of remorse for what he did. So much in fact that he dyed his hair and goatee and ran away to the Mexican beach resort town of Puerto Vallarta with his mommy.


Here’s what Ethan looked like before he dyed his hair and took a timely trip to Mexico.

Authorities are alleging the whole getaway plot to Mexico was planned. It is even being reported that Couch threw a going away party for himself before they left, and, they used at least one throw away cell phone. Then again, it wasn’t planned all that well; a local butcher in Puerto Vallarta says Couch openly told him he was from Texas and they stuck out like a sore thumb eating at places Americans don’t normally go in town.

Couch and his mom Tonya have now been caught and detained. Couch might even face actual jail time (albeit, only four months but in an adult jail, not a juvenile one) for once in his privileged life. His mom will likely be charged with hindering apprehension as well, for which she could get between two and ten years in prison.

This will be a first for her if she goes to jail; despite the fact that Ethan Couch’s parents have 20 criminal offenses and traffic violations between them, neither has ever spent time in jail. Perhaps they suffer affluenza too.

Prosecutors are talking about requesting to have Couch’s sentence transferred to the adult system now. We’ll see if that actually happens. Considering that if Couch had been poor, he would have likely been tried as an adult to begin with even if he was only 10 years old, this whole thing seems like a ridiculous afterthought brought on because the justice system now has not only national but international egg on its face.

And by the way, with all his family’s money that supposedly caused his affluenza murder empathy “problem” in the first place, Couch didn’t have to pay hardly anything for his probation services because the majority of Couch’s $700-a-day court-ordered rehab was put on Texas taxpayers’ bill.

“He has not been held accountable yet,” Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson said Tuesday, voicing his frustration at the system. “The tax money that we have spent [on him] is tremendous. We shouldn’t have spent this money in the first place.”

Gee, you think?

Well, at least people have had their say leaving comments on Facebook and some pretty interesting one-star Yelp reviews for daddy’s sheet metal business.

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  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Why does society coddle these lawbreakers??

    • SpunkyBunks

      It sucks, but its a moneymaker for all those involved. Repeat offenders keep everyone in the legal system employed: probation officers, judges, cops, lawyers, private corporations that feed off of the service contracts, etc. They must keep the money flowing, even at the taxpayer expense.

      Lets face it, most of the crimes are committed by repeat offenders. If we really incarcerated repeat offenders with lengthy jail terms, there would be massive layoffs and budget cuts within the legal system. They wouldn’t want that!

      • leevitowt

        Chris Rabbit’s ‘no crime day’ jingle is a hit…but

    • Mr Anthill

      Because some judges can be easily bribed.

    • Mr Reynard

      Guess why ??? Because they are Amish, maybe ??

    • Anti Everything

      “Society” does as the ‘Establishment’ tells it to do. So I ask myself – Who is the ‘Establishment’ and why would I want to be part of their “Society” – that I would coddle law/code breakers?

      • Mr Reynard

        Humm.. The “World”, the “International Community”, the “Establishment”, the “Society” , are the Code Words to designate the Amish controllers…………You know ? Those which name ending by,, wowitz, stein,berg, ect..ect..

        • Anti Everything

          I know funny and that is funny, sorta. I also think you may be on to something here.

          • Mr Reynard

            Ohh.. If you do some surfing on the net, you do find lots of useful informations & it’s up to you how much credibility to give it??.. Up to you ? Not some boofhead or bimbo from the so called “free” media ??
            Like e.g. A NBCCNNABCFOX bimbo reporting, ” Don’t buy Gold ? Buy US $ ! Buy US $ ! Buy US $ ! US $ is backed by US Government, while Gold is not backed by anything? Buy US $ ! Buy US $ ! Buy US $ !

          • Anti Everything

            Too true on all counts, Mr Reynard.

  • Frank

    If he gets 4 months, and that’s a big IF, he’d better be kept in Solitary Confinement – otherwise it will be a death sentence (which I support and think he deserves). This kid epitomizes so many things that are wrong with our society; complete lack of personal accountability, entitlement, lack of social responsibility, complete disregard for law, parents who have abdicated their responsibility to raise a productive and responsible member of society, etc. Befitting punishment would be to stand him up in the middle of the road and let him get run over by a pickup just like his daddy’s – the one that killed those four innocent people and injured the other eleven. He needs to see it coming, so maybe he can repent before meeting the man upstairs.

  • YourMonarch

    Let him go. His daddy knows Judge Jean Boyd

  • whiteberry

    I knew someone who went off the road and his passenger died… he got 7 years! But then again he is poor. This inequality is disgusting!!!!!

    • doucyet

      It’s the lawyers and the judges that are disgusting. Wave a little money in most of their faces and the “code” goes out the window.

      • whiteberry

        Right! I’ve seen the difference between public pretenders and paid lawyers…

  • doucyet

    Put his sorry little ass in prison and the mother too!

  • Jason Calley

    The mother needs to be arrested and charged for knowingly assisting her son to violate his parole. Actually, if there were actual justice in this country, the judge who set this murderer back onto the streets should be punished as well.

    Of course the judge will NOT be punished. In fact, being a Judge is just about the perfect job for a psychopath — maybe even better than a politician. Judges have an automatic get-out-of-jail-free card, as well as a really good paycheck, great retirement, their own parking spaces and best of all, all day long, they can punish the innocent and let the guilty go free. Add in such perks as income from bribery and being called “Your Honor” by everyone. Yep… perfect job for a psychopath.

  • Dan Morgan

    Hey, Mommie and Daddy Couch, in the end, you and your $h!thead, F-tard spawn will burn for this. Karma can be a real b!tch.

  • Mr Reynard

    Ethan Couch has the same look in his eyes as Norman Bates….?
    Maybe Hollycrap will employ him in a remake of Psycho ???

    • lilred

      Lol, no, Hollywood will just make a movie about him. And he will be entitled to even more money.

    • lilred

      Lol, no, Hollywood will just make a movie about him. And he will be entitled to even more money.

  • Scotoz

    The USA for many years has been a plaything of abysmally rich bankers and through the theft of Trillions of dollars they control the USA from the media, government, law system and the military. The only choice the Americans have is a 1776 retake and actually gain their freedom this time as the reality is that the USA is still paying a tribute to the Queen of England through the Treaty of Paris, Wake ip America your land of the brave and the home of the free is a jingle and nothing more.

  • OldPoorRichard

    If “affluenza” defense works, why not “afroenza”, the belief that black culture is beyond the laws of white men?